0:08 Well, thanks for joining, everyone. Today is March 14th and we're going to talk about how to create new cash flow. And we're very fortunate to have a special guest with us today, the authentic sales coach, Jenn Anne .... 0:20 Shannon, everybody? 0:23 All right. So, we're just gonna do a li...

Well, thanks for joining, everyone. Today is March 14th and we're going to talk about how to create new cash flow. And we're very fortunate to have a special guest with us today, the authentic sales coach, Jenn Anne ....
Shannon, everybody?
All right. So, we're just gonna do a little brief overview, and Janice is gonna, we're gonna emulators Jen, and she's going to talk about what her profession is and how she got there.
And maybe you might find some something similar to your situation. Just briefly. So, in the last few weeks, I've been talking about how people can, within their reach, they can create new cash flow.
Just with the technology, the access, we have the communications, things that we didn't really have available very easily, mean, maybe 15 years ago, let's say, 10 years ago, There's some tools out there that are on the internet. Not to say that, we're, we're in that little box, that we can only do that, but there are things you can do. In fact, there are things you can do, like, for example, that's what I told my children like 10 years ago. Don't go to college.
Learn if you need to go to college to learn a thing, go do that but don't think that college is the thing that you need to do to go out and live in this world. Be an apprentice.
I don't care if you went to college also be an apprentice, right? And I said I want you to think about the idea that.
Here's what I told my children out there, in their early teens, And we still have these conversations, I said, imagine.
Instead of going to college, imagine just traveling around the world and paying for it yourself. Don't ask that.
You pay for it, because I'm gonna show you how to do that.
And the way you pay for it is with your phone, because you're gonna be able to run a business on your phone, or maybe it's a little bit of a computer, or maybe you have some people that have computers, but just the same, you can do that with today's technology.
So, sounds crazy, but maybe, you know, I want to introduce some concepts here, and maybe you can start seeing a way to do that.
But, but I would like to have a gentle way in, and just if you would introduce yourself, and, uh, what do you think?
Hey, everybody, I'm Shannon.
It's the Authentic Sales Coach, and all I was thinking when you said that is, I'm living proof that you can do that.
I run my business for my phone and my computer, my home office, and that's pretty much all I have, and so you've done, You've done that since you were 12, right? You never had a job. That were my story. Maybe you grounded giving me that kind of out of the box thinking at the time.
Things would have been a little bit different, but now I actually spent 21 years.
Yay, corporate America.
In Fortune 500 companies as a medical sales rep.
So, I did the whole thing in terms of what it's like to be there.
To be told what to do and how to think and all the things.
And so, even though things are going really, really well for me, several years ago, I just had this inkling. this.
There's more for me.
You know, and so, as much as I tried to shake it, because that you, in particular, I was number two in the country, It was like Janet relaxing just didn't deal with this, but there was just something, it was really Would not go away. That was saying there's more for you. You're here to do something different, And so, that's when my whole entrepreneurial journey began.
And it was slow, because I was one of those, I didn't have a dad like you, for example, telling me to get outside the box.
All I'd ever heard, is work hard, a school, go to college, get a good job, and put your head down important to your **** off, and then, maybe, when you're 65, you can enjoy, enjoy your life. And that's what my parents tell, anybody. That's what my dad told me. And even when I was 12 years old, I had my own business. I had more money in school than other kids, like stacks of $100 bills, literally, on my desk, while I was in junior high school and high school. And, but my dad was that guy that worked at any work hard, and he brought home the brand, and he was reliable, and he did it. And he wanted me to do that. And I thought, it doesn't seem like that's a good idea. I didn't know, I, you know, but, you know, I respect to my dad, and I try to do what he asked, but I just didn't fit.
But, you know, so, So you, at some point, jumped off of that. You said, I'm awakening change of heart, you know, whatever you wanna call it, because I was that person.
I did not want to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to play it safe, which I think, now agree. It's total illusion, no matter what you're doing. But I thought, I just, because I saw my parents financially, go through all of the troubles, and I thought, I'm just gonna do something that's as solid as a rock. So they never have to worry.
And that was really what got me through for many years and then one day and it did truly feel like just one day, it did not feel that way anymore, and you're betting on somebody else.
Did that model didn't work after awhile because I didn't like the control. I couldn't scanned just being in this box. Like, there was just a bigger part of me that was like, Get out of the box out of the box.
Finally, I'm out of the box, and I couldn't be happier. I remember one day I was, I had a job at Albertsons grocery store as a cashier. I was a bad boy than a cashier, and I was still in high school. And this woman came, came. This has been in Florida when they first started the Florida Lottery, and we're supposed to offer a lottery ticket to the customer, sends a dollar. So this woman comes in and she, she was a regular customer. She recognized me, and I offered that lottery thing. And she says, honey, I don't bet on anything but myself.
And that's a Sherwin. And she kept on walking in on time.
Wow, I never thought anything like that, like what better myself. I'm somewhat the lottery you know, but it's just metaphorical and really and so but you're never going to be secure. But no, you can't guarantee your employment, you can't guarantee your income by any means, even if you're an entrepreneur. But at least you're the one that you're answerable to, it's, it's totally on you and I like to live that way. I like to be responsible for failing or succeeding, and I don't want to give credit to anybody. When I worked my **** off, I want to take all the credit for both.
That's the empowering thing of it and sometimes we were put there.
You know, sometimes we end up because we had to be someone fire deaths or whatever, you know.
Yeah, you know, for me, it was 21 years, and it was just time.
And so, it just was one of those very logical next steps.
But, I do love the idea of making your way. You know, I'm now in Circles with all these entrepreneurs.
They're like, well, if I want that, I'll just go generate the income to get exactly a different way of looking at it. Then I would have been corporate, which was, well, I want that.
So I'm going to save up for the next 5, 10 years, and then I'll get back.
This is like, I'll just go, He get it done, and. It's free.
Let me let me share with you a private conversation I have with my wife.
Was it two weeks ago?
Maybe it was earlier, but this is the kind of conversation I have with my family and this, this is just like saying, Hey, we just take out the trash. This is what we do, so, I said to her, OK, so one this year.
I'm just going to buy, buy a house because right now we're renting and now it's time to buy in. I think the markets, you know later on this year, It's gonna, it's gonna be good.
So I'm gonna, I'm gonna produce about one point two million dollars, and we're gonna look for something that's around 400,000, and she's like, OK, Because that's what we do and it's feel a wait a minute. You're not going to get a mortgage.
Yeah, I'll probably have a mortgage, but I just make the money that I need for the thing. I want to have, and, and I hope I'm right. I could be totally wrong and make nothing But I think I can do it. And that's not a big thing. I mean, if 10 million for me, might, that might be a big thing, But a million is a thing that I've done before, and I can do, and certainly 400,000 I can do, but I want to have a little bit more to work with.
And so I think that everyone on this call is crazy as that sounds can actually, with a straight face, have that conversation with the people they care about. There's no reason why you can't. I'm going to show you. There's, there's a couple of things you can do. I'm going to show you a path, maybe a couple of paths.
Jan, did you want to add to that?
Know, I just, I just love it, because it can be In that box for so long as so free To think that way. Because I remember not thinking that way, and it's, yeah, It's just a totally different way to live life.
Yeah, my daughter last year, she wanted to buy a car where she had a car and it's a liability, you know. And you try to tell your children to do a thing.
And my children are different. They're going to say. But dad, I don't feel like doing that.
You know, So she what she she she made a lot of money like a couple of years ago, Schmidt, like $100,000 She's she was 20. She made $100,000 OK.
And, of course, She's she's frugal. But she still wanted to another car. She had a car. The costs are $7000. It was OK. Yeah, deal of work. But she wanted to $30,000, another use car. And I said, OK. Well, just realize you should probably get, in this way. I tell my clients Get some sort of asset to offset your car. And, yeah, get the car payments, because it'll give you some decent credit.
That's a good tool. I'm not saying that's the end in itself. And I don't know if she did that, I have to ask her, but she went back with a car. You know. And so, it's been a year financing, so, her credits grade, and, you know, whatever, but you live and learn.
So, this is what you know.
So, many people I talk with, they're like, they're talking about They want to, they want to talk about protecting their assets. And so, I asked them, What assets do you have? And they start off with, I have a house and a car to cars, and ask, what assets are you actually, you know, wanting to protect? And they don't have any, but they think the thing that they live in is an asset.
It is, but it's not theirs.
And the same with the car if there's dead on the car, I mean, if there's if the car is a clear title, you're still, you know, it's still costing you money unless you own a limousine service, right. And it's profitable.
Then your cars can make you money.
Alright, so that's what we want to talk about.
So, so we're both coming out of, like, the corporate world, and I'm, been there a long time ago sheet. What, how long has it been for you channel? Just two years, OK, just a couple of years. Oh, my God. And so you're, You're just doing it all. Just real quick. What do you do for? So your, your inauthentic sales go to your the authentic sales coach?
Yes, there is nobody like, yeah, And so how do you how do you market what you what services you provide to people?
So, primarily, through networking and would be the biggest way that I do it, I'm meeting all sorts of incredible people. There's so many people now online, really following their heart and doing what they feel is their life's purpose, the work that they want to do.
It's such a beautiful I mean, there's don't get me wrong It can be. It can be a cutthroat space, too, but there's a lot of people out there. See the shift that's going on. It really want to be a part of that solution, so there's just this collaborative effort to work together.
So, I work with a lot of people, a lot of referrals, and we just do all of that sort of thing as coaches, because we all have our different ways of helping people.
And so, for me, specifically, I help entrepreneurs and other coaches learn to sell in a way that feels good. Yeah. You know, another coach I may refer to. It's a great startup coach, right, For anybody honest. I don't even know where to begin.
I'm connected with those kind of people that can help you sort of draw that out, and then you've got you here that can help fund it, Yeah. And, so, that role that you have is kind of terrifying.
I mean, it was, for me, I hate direct sales. She would think. No, but I hate direct sales, and I realized, one day, I was the top salesperson because everybody, ultimately, I have to make the sound. So, not, only do I have to sell customers, I have to actually sell the people I work with on my ideas if they'll work with me. Yeah, so, that is a terrifying thing. And for you, was that, is that your personality like, you'd like to just talk to people?
And, no, in fact, that was sort of my first lesson doing it, the way they told me, to, my first year, year, and a half with terrible. I mean, here, 22 years old, I'm doing what they told me, too And I'm pushing people and I'm having these conversations and I'm feeling really sleazy in salesy and cheesy and all of the things.
It was so bad that I really thought I was probably going to and I have nothing to lose. I'm just going to do it my way.
Right, and as soon as I made that decision, and just showed up, serve the human being, that was in front of me, listened to them, which is so, nobody gets listen, nobody gets seen and heard, and validated these days. We're all just talking over each other.
Yeah, you know, and, and so things shifted quite drastically, and so, you know, I know I mentioned I was in that world for 21 years and it didn't matter what I was selling.
You know, where I was, what company when I took that methodology, which, of course, there's more to it than that, but at the end of the day, just actually caring about the person in front of it. Yeah, right now exerts shattering and not making it just about you and the money and the quotas.
But and so now that I've sort of really developed that map, that methodology, I noticed that entrepreneurs like you were saying and coaches really struggle with that part of their business.
Know, they can set up, they can coach beautifully. They can do, you know, they keep their healers, and they can to interject genetic work beautifully.
But when it comes time to do the sales piece, they really struggle, and so, that's where I saw myself fitting in to this whole equation. Did you have a weakness or nervousness or apprehension?
When it came to that moment where he said, I need you to send me X dollars by tomorrow. I'm set check your Gmail, essentially, Envoy. Is that hard to get, right? Absolutely. one of the things I talk about in my program is practicing non attachment.
And when you can really learn.
And it is a skill that you cultivate, that is where you can actually check those expectations, and that sort of fear and attachment you have to get this, and leave that at the door.
And when you can show up in that way, your energy is totally different, and people are more receptive.
And lo and behold, so much more liable, likable to say yes than they would have been. You come in with more forceful fearful energy, and so it is a practice.
And I would say, the number one thing that clients come to see me about is how to ask for the business, how to ask the business. Right, And it does involve personal development if You've never done that before. By, all means, go, Sell some stuff. Yeah, Sell somebody else's stuff, which leads me to this next point. So my, my son, just, he's learning, he's one team and he, we set up a company, a PayPal account and all that.
And when I went with him to the bank to open his LLC account, and it was $15 a month to keep the account open, so I gave him 100 bucks to put in there, and I said, that's all you're getting. And so it's coming to a point where he's now having to come off whatever money he's made, because he, sometimes, he makes money doing video editing or whatever in PayPal, suspended his account because there's no activity on it.
So he says, Hey, dad, this is happening as well. Get some activity on it. He goes, Well, how do I do that? I said, You have to sell some stuff because I don't have anything to sell. I said You don't need something to sell. Somebody else has something to sell. Go find it, take your PayPal address, go, find an affiliate program, and go sell that guy stuff. He did it.
He did, it took a whole week.
Let me show you How I say one here. This is not what he did. I'm gonna show you one example, I just, while we're before we're setting up, I just pulled this off a memory. OK, now, I did happen.
I talked to the owner this business, years ago, and he's still around doing a great job, so, let me just switch over there. Here we go.
Um, you can see here, this is his website, Gadget, Man Technologies. gadget man, that's what he calls himself, his name is Ron.
And, he has this product now.
Jana has a professional service, I have a professional service, Mostly, we sell services, this guy sells a service. But also a product, it depends on how you interact with him. He's modifying components of your car engine, to increase the efficiency, That's just his product. He invented this.
He's a mechanical type of guy, all right, He solved a lot of problems, and he's got all these testimonials and this sort of thing, but check this out. So, he's got this, here's this copy. He's got testimonials. He's got a video showing what he's done to cars easier customers. These are people that actually came to his house.
That's a video of people at his house. This is how he does things you know.
He's a real down arrow tough guy He's like your neighbor you know he's lives in Montana, I think, But look over here.
This is what you want to look for it's it's now.
I found this guy by searching for other things years ago, 10, 12 years ago, and He's already provided a Package that you can pay him for.
It's a turnkey operation that you can sell his product, that he invented And he'll even, do the service for you if you wanna work that way, In fact, you can even do this with a full-time job, or if you're working 60 hours a week, you can still run this business and still make money, and he'll work for you, as you'll, you'll be his affiliate. So if I were to click on this here.
You see he's got a link, and it goes through And He's going to show you how you can No, Work with them. I mean, there's some copy here, I'm not gonna go into but but anyways. It's an affiliate so that's why I told my son, go get, go join an affiliate program and sell somebody else's stuff, and that's what this guy has.
And a lot of times You can do this without money out of pocket So here's a sales pitch. Kind of you know, it goes through the whole thing I mean it's quite lengthy, but in the bottom. You know, they'll have something like, so he's got two customers, He's got the end user, who has the car, who needs the modification to his engine, right, but then he's got you, who's going to sell it to other people that he's not going to sell it to.
So you're the customer as a business, a salesperson then got the guy who's gonna be the end user.
So there you go, I mean there's a million. There's unlimited.
Whatever floats your boat. I mean that's what you do. You sell somebody else's stuff.
I'm going to show you one other thing here because it just popped into my head. Let me make sure I can do that.
Slide this over. Good. Alright, so.
Here's something else now.
I'm gonna go to a search window here.
And I just happen to think of this now I'm going to share something with you that one of my long term clients is doing an introduced to me. In fact I really want to do this, just don't have time. There's, that's what I'm telling you all. Please do at somebody. I can live vicariously through you, OK.
This, so one of my clients from years ago from like 2002 or something, he had all this debt so he can, he came to me but his whole family. He's like, his dad had problems. His wife had problems. And so I whittled it all away. And I got it away and I totally changes lifestyle. Because he was a very receptive to all the things I showed him and now he was already an entrepreneur.
He was, he was doing things and, And I've known him, since, that time where he's had different ventures, this latest one I'm going to show you, he's had for about, I would say, 10 years And he has such a blast. This guy makes like three to $5000 a day.
Just talking to people and having a blast and he said, John, I can make, I can make as much as I want. There's just so many hours in a day, I can make eight or $10000 and I wanted to.
He's basically a locksmith but he uses this website right here.
So right here, OK, all these components, there's OK so this. This website is his supplier. And this website has courses that teach you how to use how to re key like an F 150 kilos, you know, the electronic key. Like. He did, he builds all these ... for people, you'd be surprised how many times people their key lock that doesn't work or they they lock themselves out or whatever the dealers.
Or they buy a used car and the key lock doesn't work or someone stole the car and it's all broken and he repairs everything. And he's like a locksmith but he doesn't need a license or bonding to be a locksmith because he's actually not a locksmith. He's actually just read between these keys. And like, for example, he can go out. He'll get a call, and he'll go out.
So, so what this company does is it sells Kim, the the basic components, like the key FOB, I guess, is what they call it. And so for 20 bucks, he'll get this key fobs.
Maybe it's less, Or he'll get 10 of them, right? And then he'll get calls that we can heal sell all 10 of them. And every time he sells one, he goes on site. A lot of times, he does fleet. So go on to a car dealership. A used car lot. And lot of us use cars, have broken systems, and he'll go fix it.
And he can charge anywhere from 2, 3, 4, $500 just to go out and fix somebody's key, and they will thank him. And, in fact, he said, he said, People give him a tip. If you charge them, like $500, you'll usually get a tip of a $100.
It's amazing, and he doesn't care about that. He, he makes plenty of money, He just has a blast doing it, and so it's just, it sounds like a fun thing to do, you know. This is what, you know, this is what he does. This is his whole profession right now.
And, yeah, it takes learning. And so, I asked about this. I said, Well, what does it take to get started?
He said, Now, for me, he offered this to me, and I wish I could do it.
I just don't have time, but, he said, for 10 grand now, sometimes, it costs money for $10000, and he wouldn't make any money at this, but, he would show me a lot of what this website does, the supplier. So, you can go to the suppliers website, and you can, you can purchase a subscription to different videos and learn as you go. And, yeah, you might end up spending about $10000, and spread it over like nine months, or something like that. He said, for $10000, you're gonna need that type of equipment. You're gonna need all this, you know, equipment and your, and your van, you need a truck or something like that. And then you go out and you do these things, any market.
He says, it's really easy to market, because once you start, you know, having a good rapport with people, they're just going to call you all day long, like the car dealerships are gonna go. He said he call me a few years, a couple of years ago.
He was telling me, because he has a good relationship with people because this is the kind of person he is, he's very personal. You know, he likes to have fun with this stuff.
He said, Some towing company called him and they said they had a Camaro. Did they head to toe from a parking garage that was abandoned?
The reason why it was abandoned is because, I hate to say, the guy took the, and he died and no one claimed the car.
And so they told it away and no one's gonna pay for it. No one felt probate, right? So it's just sitting there, costing the towing company money so they call it fell. And they said Phil you want a Camaro just come out and pay the storage fee.
It was like, 350 bucks and I think he flipped that thing for $7000 and that wasn't even part of his business plan. He, that's just because he's a nice guy.
You know, just have fun with it.
I'll tell one more story real quick. There's another gentleman, I don't know if he's on this call now, I hope he doesn't mind me mentioning his name. But.
So, he came from New York, as many people come from New York, and come to Florida. And he realized: OK, it's time to have a different profession. I'm gonna have some fun, it's sunny out here, there's Pool's everywhere.
I'm going to clean the pools. So, he goes out any, starts cleaning pools.
And I talked to about this because he was asking about the details, and it was his idea of it.
I said go out there and clean pools and just work your **** off cleaners cleaning tools. Talk to people. See what's out there. And then once you figure out the routine and figure out, what is that, there's all this competition in, Florida. As you can imagine, everybody's clinicals, right areas. Congrats, I'm just going to book. So I said learn. Learn the business. Learn, your suppliers learn how the chemicals work.
Who wants to what the H.o.a.s want certain thing? Residents want anything? Then start buying up the routes and he said, That's exactly what I had in mind. He says, I already know I have to work real hard to learn all this stuff in the beginning, just like employee, but then I'm gonna start buying the routes, and I'm gonna hire people to go out. So he told me and go out and clean the pools when I acquire the routes. So that's what he's doing. In fact, he's probably at that stage right now where he's acquiring the routes.
And maybe it might cost. Maybe each route is worth, I don't know. Let's say $75,000. OK, I'm just making up a number. And a lot of times, the route can pay for itself, like the business that you're going to get into. A lot of times, you can get the seller to fund the purchase.
You'd be surprised.
There's, there's all kinds of reasons why a seller would lend you the money to buy his own business. So don't think that you need money to get started. I will tell you this, So here's a rule. Could you could break it.
It's been broken, But the general statistic is, the more money you come into a deal with, the faster you can start making money.
So if I'm buying a business, whether it's a laundromat or a website, and I put in $10000. Chances are from day one. I'm going to be making some money. I don't know if it's net or gross. But whatever.
If I put it in zero, yeah, OK. It might take six months to start actually producing some money. So the less you put in generally, the longer it takes to make money. Not always true. I did have one gentlemen. He bought a quarter, million dollar business, with no money out of pocket, and this is really unusual, and from day one, he was making $15,000 a month.
That's just how some things work out.
But, anyway, so I just want to give you guys a couple of examples here, we can do a Q&A.
Jana, did you want to add anything that trigger any Dots?
I was just, I was just thinking about how you said affiliate. You know, I was talking about referrals and stuff, but that's a huge part.
My business and their network.
So it's really no matter where you're at all about the networking, those affiliates, Because, in the coaching industry, I don't know what some of the percentages are with some of the things that you do, but 30% even.
Yeah, wow. Yeah. Exactly. And you have a network, and you are, you know, how to network, and just, yeah.
You don't even exactly, be the one running the business, you can just sell.
Exactly, yeah, Yeah. And look around, and you'll realize.
If you think it's difficult, OK, fine, maybe it is.
But, just stick with it, OK?
Somebody is selling something right now.
that you could have sold that person.
You just weren't in that position. But you can get in that position. Somebody is already doing it. It's not like it's unusual, and you're angry. You're going to invent the wheel.
So, if someone else, as well, I guess, if someone else, I mean, I was not a good student in high school. I just figured I was a C student. When I was in college. I wasn't a student.
But, in, in high school, one thing I figured was, I know that if I'm not going to be a good student, I can sit in the front of the class, in the center and make eye contact with the teacher, and be there every day and be on time, and I did, I could do that much.
And yes, that did help me pass, high school, was crazy. I mean, I was a C student, And, if I, if I didn't do that, I probably would have not, I probably would have add another year to the whole thing. You know, so, you know, you can just show up, you can't just go through the motions.
And after awhile, You know, especially if you're afraid, just go to the motions, like the Sales, oh my gosh, the direct sales, the coal coke, you don't have to do that.
You can get other people to make that sale for you.
You know, there's all kinds of ways around that, too.
So, are we talking over your heads? And we just talk smack. This is fantasyland, or what do you guys think? I mean?
You want to have a side hustle. You want to have a new career?
You want to own the restaurant. You always like to go to every other week.
Nobody? Nobody wants anything, OK. We can. We can keep on talking.
So, we can go for short more time. and what do you think of anything, Jannie? want to add anything?
Anything come to mind? Something that you said that I was thinking, oh, you made me think of? In college, I took physical chemistry. I majored in chemistry. I always use this story. Very similar story with my kids because they're like, I don't know. I just can't get in there.
Every day and just in case you know you're trying I would never say yes.
I have no idea what went on in physical chemistry to this day.
I don't know how the tests like it, but I was there every day afterwards. Like, trying to get help, making sure you've passed, All right. How am I? Right.
Awesome pair. You know, true. Just try, just go, just try. Always, and keep on trying.
Harry, what do you wanna say?
My mic working, you hear me? Yep.
Yep, all right, I'm curious, if either of you have comments on the world changing now post scam ..., whatever you want to call it.
If that will change your suggestions on directions for entrepreneurs to go, I mean, we're dealing with all different world, right? So that's what it is.
And this is why I'm having this cause, because what I'm telling you right now is, is, it's easier, it's more likely that this is the future.
OK. That's why I'm even talking about us. And we can be specific about the changes.
I mean, you can see right now, our supply chains are being destroyed, food and and dry goods, at least so the question is, how do we get parts? How do we get materials?
And there are many opportunities. I've done a few calls with this already.
Just to answer that question, in the near future, like starting today, we do already have a need for, like HVAC, plumbing, auto repair.
And you can name, or business needs, physical parts, where they have to order from another place, and have it delivered.
Which, we would know as like, a just in time, you can Actually now, I think that the new thing is going to be just in just in time manufacturing, and not just in time delivery, Because I think we can print the part on site.
So like an auto repair place, this is the future.
This is actually happening. Appliance repair, where you go to the manufacturer and order a part.
Lot of times, we're not going to have the part. And the reason why I know this is because there was a manufacturer, I can't remember the name. But it had directed its customer with no additional cost. There was no licensing on this, which is shocking to me. It directed the customer to a three-d. printing service called shapeways, and it had wired or e-mail the file for this component. This customer needed for an air conditioning unit.
And they couldn't ship it to them. Their supplies were broken down. Apparently, they were getting it from China, or something. And this is a couple of years ago. And, Shapeways was able to print the part and mail it to them.
So, this, you're going to see these opportunities, But, here in Florida, I mean, people still need their grass cut.
That's going on, it's just gonna get more expensive because of the fuel.
No, we can talk about that, too. I mean, there's other opportunities.
I mean, you asked me, I mean, I'll tell you, sir, alright, I'll tell you some of the new world that's coming.
We need fewer Albany parts when he a different food chain food supply chain.
I can show you how to use an H away to replace Costco.
I can show you how to use an HSA to remove your property taxes. You know, there's a whole, There's a whole world out there, things.
But, here's a, I just want to share some basic concepts and let you know where we came from.
You know, we were in the corporate world. I think I had eight managers, I know I said 17.
But, but who needs eight managers, ido? And I knew that was a sustainable, and it was fired while it lasted, and I can say, I work for IBM, but, no, and I left, I left that job in 93 and 2 years later, the whole office was out of business and that was deliberate. There was no Financial Ruin, it was just, that was IBM's plan. I didn't know what the plan was, I just figured this didn't look real guys. They're overpaying us. We're not doing hardly any work at all. And, I'm out of here. Sorry, I had to do something that's the real. So, you know, whether, you know, I've been fired, by the way, I've been fired from jobs, as you can imagine, you know.
Sometimes, yeah. You can figure out the kind of guy that I get fired, you know?
When told my manager sent me to a training seminar in Atlanta after I had recommended a $50,000 marketing system, and I come back and she says, my manager's manager.
And she says, Hey, I debrief me, You know, tell me all that you learned and I said, No, if you hired me to do this job, and that's what I'm gonna do, I have the expertise to do it now, thank you very much.
Next thing I know I'm getting fired for a completely unrelated. They made up some thing, but anyways. So um, yeah, so it's good. I mean sometimes they get pushed out and I knew at the time I was so devastated because I think that was the first time ever got fired, and I was so devastated and I thought this is the end of the world, no, but I knew at that moment I knew that it was And I knew that someday I'll be talking about in laughing.
So we will mercia It's on your mind OK.
Your mic is a little bit muffled.
Yeah, there you go.
That's better OK.
Yeah it's still muffled. I can't hear you that well.
What about Yeah.
That was better?
Last year.
Like he's having issues.
We cannot hear what you are saying.
Do you want to put a note in the comments section and maybe I am concerned Wire.
Yeah, maybe it's not full plugged in all the way or plugged in.
Yeah, probably just check your connections as they say and Perry wanted to make a comment here.
Oops, yes.
Just real quick to add to your affiliate programs, one of the really nice things about those as I've been looking into them and to get going on those is that the company already has all the copy written. They have all the e-mails written. They have the logos, They have the marketing, and you come in and you say, Well, I don't know if I can sell this, and they're like, Well, do you have a bunch of people? Do you have a list, You know, some people? can you? Can you sell a little? Can you try something new, like I think so.
And then all of a sudden, you get all their verbiage and e-mails, and they just send this to your list. You don't know what works exactly like, they've already perfected it. Don't even have the Evergreen webinars.
So, all you gotta do is send a link to the webinar, but use your affiliate link, and if the people buy Between them and the company, you don't have to do anything in between. They just click the link, they go there. They watch the webinar. They buy it, and all of a sudden you're getting the Clickbank or the PayPal or whatever getting deposits, right?
That's how it works, you got it.
one of the things I recently set up with, the xingu, which is my team that set up this call, is.
So I have other interests. But I have many clients that, just, they want some accounting work done tax accounting.
And they don't want accountants being nosy and they don't want. They don't want accounts claiming that there's a crypto tax and all this sort of thing. So, what we did is just find an accounting firm that we basically screened them.
We did all the screening for the client, So that way, the client has nothing to hunt them down and interview them and hope he doesn't right. So, we did all that, and so now we created Cryptic accounting dot com, right?
So, cryptic Accounting is fairly new. It's about maybe six months old, and we're starting to have some subscribers, some clients in there, and they enjoy the service because the accounts do what we want. They do what our clients want, we tell them what we want. and they're going to do just that because why? Because we're doing all the marketing for them, or they gotta do sit there and handle our clients and do exactly what we asked for. And many that made, our clients just want privacy. The CPAs that we use, don't, they don't investigate people, they don't collect records and use it against our clients.
In fact, the people that we have doing our accounting for our clients don't even, they won't even be able to collect information that the IRS could use against our clients. Like Most CPA's.
If you notice, anything, you tell, your CPA, he can and will use it against you to give it to the IRS.
Our accounts will not and cannot do that, even if they wanted to, because the way we have the set, the relationship.
So, anyways, there was a need in the market of everybody's getting accounting, right? I don't care if you fell tax returns or not, you're gonna need accounting, and we have that particular service. That niche market is huge. I mean, there's many niche markets in that market, right? It's a multi-billion dollar market.
We just got a teeny, tiny, teeny, teeny, teeny little slice just like the exercise equipment. You don't need to have the whole market. You just need to sell to 100,000 people, let's say, you know, over a period of five years, so. So, yeah, that's one example. I forgot to mention that. So it's cryptic accounting dot com if you want to see.
Parodies, you want to weigh in on that?
You had your hand up.
Sorry. My hand was still up. No, Yeah. Yeah.
Let me let me check Mersey here. She's saying.
OK, I'm gonna try it again. See if I can hear them OK?
No, I think so.
OK, no.
Which way to go?
Which way to go, regarding Why?
Just try to find out.
I feel like, what's?
OK, OK, so that's a good question, so how do I start? Which where do I go? So let me let me give you a couple of scenarios, and maybe Joanna can weigh in on that. Before I, before I jump in, what do you think Janet, what would someone do? What would you tell somebody Which way do I go? How do you choose?
In terms of affiliate programs, if you want to do your own thing, your own boss, What trends on how you want it to be like, Perry was saying, I wish you reminded me, I literally just yesterday sent out to all my affiliate.
All the e-mail copy. All they had to do was cut and paste into their e-mail list.
All the social media images, everything they needed in their affiliate link, Literally, it's just that hands off. There's no exchange other than they just get the money deposited in their account, because it's an educational products. They know how inventory or anything.
So I guess the real question is, do you want to go in the direction like me? where I just really felt like there was something I really wanted to do that I was passionate about.
Which you can truly do, what, from your home, with a computer and a phone, you know, Say you have some sort of knowledge, but, you know, other people we pay for.
No, so do you want to go in that direction and create a course and do it that way?
Or you can just do the plugin play affiliate thing. And if you are asking, you know, in that direction, how do I choose?
For me, I'm no expert on this, but the only way I choose is whether it do I believe in the product. Do I believe in the program? Do I want to support this person? Do I believe in the mission?
And so, those are the sorts of things. When I'm looking at a coach to support their program, that's what I'm looking at.
So, I haven't done it on the product side.
So, I'm sure, John, you could speak to that better, but, for me, I would imagine it would be a very similar process for me. Yeah. It is. It is.
I always have my client go back and think, in his lifetime, I ask, What?
What do you remember in your lifetime?
So, we've got your professional qualifications, experience expertise, educational qualifications, all these things.
Again, the educational qualifications don't mean anything other than what you can do to produce money and do something if you're never going to impress anybody. OK. Um, but I ask. What is it that you make that makes you feel really good, Like, what, like, what things did you do in your life that maybe you, maybe you did a volunteer job that made you feel great?
Alright, if do you want to do that? Again?
What makes what makes you want to get up in the day? When? What do you love?
That's what I start with.
Then, if the person Hesitates, I'm like, well, OK, maybe it's not what you love. Maybe maybe it's a thing that you don't really care because you have other things that you love. You like parachuting, You want to spend more time parachuting. You just want to make some money to pay the bills, OK?
Go buy a website, sell some stuff, that's easy. So what are you willing to do?
Are you willing to go out of your house and go to a location, and do that do you want to interact with people, or do you want to be on the internet, so, so you could kinda go down on that.
Brainstorming, evaluate yourself. Evaluate your your talents, and don't be afraid to be willing to develop a talent.
But, again, don't re-invent the wheel.
one of the things that come to mind is, Let's say I found a product that that I can sell. Let's say I don't even know what that.
We didn't talk about it Let's just say It's a whatever Thing electronic thing whatever and so there's a landing page, and I want to be an affiliate for it, OK. So yay. I got my affiliate. It's free.
I now have my own landing page Now I can tell my friends about it.
So the first thing I do as I tell my wife she's not going to buy for me, I tell my brother have ideas and care. Well, I need strangers, I need people that want that thing. So, I go to a website.
I'm gonna give you guys a website here, These guys do all kinds of all kinds of things there, Jabbers, OK, they do, You'll see ... dot com, F I V E R R dot com.
There are many of them. There's 12 out there like this, so if you don't like fiber, there's more but fiber dot com.
The reason why they call it fiber is because they do a gig for $5 and it's not always $5 is usually 40. They do eight gigs, you know.
But, anyway, so they can do a gig for 5, 10, $15, Right? So what you would do is go to fiber dot com, and you need someone to place ads.
You can either copy somebody else's methods of how they're doing it and reward them, or you can just invent re-invent the wheel. No problem. And, or, you can actually hire the person to write the ad for you as an how you want to do it.
And you give them a budget.
Like, let's say you get $200 K, and then they go on Facebook.
I'm not saying you have to use Facebook, but they go on Facebook, and they pick your geographic region. Let's just say they have the ability to do that, and they place $5 ads, or $1 as, or whatever they do, right? And so, those people see the ad and it converts.
Or it draws people to that offer page.
That would be an example, OK? Sure. That's risky. I don't know if that $200 is going to convert, or anything, but that is an example of how you can.
Here's the thing, like driving traffic, but then also you want to convert so you want the right kind of traffic so that it converts into sales.
So that's an example fiber dot com, right?
But also find the thing that you love find the thing that appeals to that makes you feel good That makes you whole grain that sounds. It sounds corny but would you be happy with it in six months?
What wouldn't you excited? Would you want to make more money at it?
That's really what you want to do.
So to answer those questions for yourself.
All right?
This is something that, what you do!
Did I do, on what?
You would do one! Yes, I actually coach people, so.
Like, if you schedule time with me, I actually, and I think Jana does this two rates.
You coach people on what Sales, right?
Yeah, OK. So, yeah, I do one-on-one, she does one-on-one.
I actually, I, I actually focused on an opportunity. So, we've kind of figured what that is.
I mean, we might spend an hour fleshing through what things you didn't even realize, you have the ability or willingness to do, the ability or willingness to do. We figured that out and I do it by talking to you.
And then we get a couple of options and then we pick something.
Once we pick something, then either I'll find it, or you'll find it or we'll both go find the thing, or we can even create it.
Jana, do you want to weigh in on that one? Because I know that you probably have your strategy.
It's very similar to me.
Anything that's sustainable, you know good Old Simon Sinek, that Why piece is so important, so that you know, find something that really resonates with you.
There are a lot of things that resonate with. Sure, sure. Yeah.
And so it just it just sort of takes on, as you go through a process like that of clarifying, you know, going within and just really having these conversations.
I don't know if anybody else here can relate. I certainly didn't ask myself questions for a long time.
And I just had my head down. I was doing my thing, that was my life.
You know, when you start asking those questions, again, it's very freeing and it's also like, Wow, I can do whatever the Sky's the limit.
It's a really fun. You know, borderline can be overwhelming at times conversation, but worth every bit of it to get to come out on the other side of that and have some clarity.
So, yeah! It's just a willingness to have that conversation. And it's really a lot of fun.
Yeah, and also, you can brainstorm with your family, people that are close to people that know you. If you have a mentor that helps, I have mentors.
Um, it really helps.
Um, let me just lay out something for you to answer that question again, which way to go.
So in addition to what we're talking about here, finding a thing to sell, selling a thing that you made, you can also create something.
Now, I've done this many times this one tiny how to do it. So there's a website called lulu dot com L U L U dot com.
And lulu dot com is a vanity publisher So you can have a literary agent and a publisher. And you can write a book, and that's an uphill climb. You know, the return on books is like, I mean, 10% of all the books that are taken by publishers actually produce revenue, so they're very leery about, you know, new authors, especially you don't need to take that route. There's a faster route to make money.
And I can I'm going to show you real quick, I'm just going to brush over this real quick.
I can show you how to make money with a book that sells for $20 where you give away the $20.
So you go to lulu dot com and you create a book. You can actually design the cover. You can upload the content and it makes a book. And lulu dot com will place that book on all the retailers. Shelves, if you want, It'll put it in the Brick and mortar locations, Barnes and Noble, whatever. It can show up on Amazon, there's even a coaching program that they can show your book as a bestseller. They can actually create that situation. Now on the content, you're probably thinking, what the heck did you just say, write, write a book. Why write books, but you don't have to write the book.
You can have someone else write the book. You can get the content. And there's many examples. I don't want to go too far into that.
I will say this, though.
My son disused shat G P T which is the Artificial Intelligence Software. You just use that to create a website.
It didn't even that thing. Told them what website, what to call it.
It built the website for him, he just asked for it, is perfect. So if the chat GVT can do that, I guarantee you that you can have chat GVT for free.
Write a book for you, no joke, It'll look like a person wrote it.
So just want to run that by you So you can get the content.
You can put the content together in a week, up to six weeks. Heck, you could take six months. But I can tell you right now, it is possible to put together a book that's reputable, that's credible, This maybe let's say, 85 pages that you can sell, OK, so here's the thing about the book. Now, I did an interview last week and I explained about a particular type of niche market.
Let's just say there is a niche market out there that's new that you can write the book for. Let's just say it's out there, K X, Whatever that is. So you go to Lulu, you create this book. you upload your content. Yay. Now you've got this book. You've got an ISBN number and maybe it cost you $50. Now sometimes Lulu doesn't charge you anything, so the Moses is going to cost you $50.
So you get this book, the Lulu sells it on demand. So you don't have to buy inventory, you just sell the book, and Lulu has a landing page. You don't even need your website. So you bring people to the site right? So you sell the book. Now, the book, let's say, has content that gets people's interests.
And inside the book, there are links and references, too.
A channel where you've uploaded videos, just like I'm doing right now, you just simply talking to the camera on your computer And you recorded it, and you upload it to this website called you demy dot com, ... dot com.
So you demy dot com as much like YouTube, except it's subscription summons free. Someone's not, depends on what you want to do.
And you bring people to that.
So let's say the content of the book is compelling the people and they're like, man, I want to do this thing. Or, you know, maybe it's like, I had a barbecue everything, right? And so on your ... channel, you're going to have 12 videos that are, let's say 12 minutes each or eight minutes each, that shows how to barbecue.
Popular things that people like, you have a grill in your backyard, right? Hey, do you have a grill in your backyard. You're not using it. Why not make a video that, using your grill, put it to use, and then people will see your book. They'll pay $20 for it. They'll say, Oh, heck, I can go watch more. And, so, I go to Udemy and, I sign up. What am I setup? I don't know. Maybe it's a dollars a video. Maybe it's $23. Who knows for the whole course? And, I have a short course, right?
That's the upsell.
The book gives me credibility. It generates leads.
And, I can also use it as a funded offer. This is another concept you want to keep in mind. The funded offer is someone comes in and buys a thing, and that pays for the cost of putting the offer in front of the person.
You don't need that money anyways. So the $20 pays for the money that it costs to bring that one person out of the 100. That bought the book.
That sale paid for the 100, and only one sale came from that you converted 1%, OK? That's called a funding proposal, or funded offer.
So once you have that setup, and you've got your backend upsell, and remember, this doesn't cost you any money because you have infinite inventory with intellectual property, when you have videos and printed material, but in today's world, you can just ship it on the Internet, right?
You don't even touch it, is infinite signing up for that deal all day long. I don't want to make stuff and sell it, I don't wanna store and sell it. I want to, infinite inventory. I can deliver right now.
So the last thing you want to do is, and part of this whole process is, you wanna go find a sales organization. I'm gonna give you a website here, and I'm not promoting it, I'm not making money on these guys. I'm just saying these are tools I've used over the years of my clients have used.
There's an affiliate network website called click, bank dot com, clickbank dot com slash CK bank dot com.
There are dozens of those just like there are dozens of fiber there Half dozen lulus out there I think there's probably more than a half dozen And on Clickbank there are sales organizations.
There consists of, like hundreds or thousands of people that want to sell a product, so you come to that service and you find a seller, or here's what you do, you list your offer. You say, Hey, guys, I've got a book that sells for $20, it's a special niche market, no one else is doing it, or there's little competition.
You can sell it, and I'll pay you 50% commission, and they'll jump all over that.
You can pay 75% commission, they will jump all over that because for you, that's free. Money would have free. Would have 3? 3 affiliates say, I'll take that offer and they blasted out to their down line.
Let's call it, and they sell thousands of copies in 72 hours. What does that look like to you at 25%?
What does that look like to you with the conversion rate of your upsell to the Udemy course? That looks so fantastic when they see your book, right?
Serum serum getting out here.
So, once you, once you have this like jumpstart, let's call it, what's going to happen?
It's gonna, it's gonna fulfill itself, it's gonna add more. People are going to tell people that's going to be, I hate to say viral, but you know, it does promote itself to some extent. OK, so the idea is, you have a funding proposal, it pays for itself it doesn't cost you For advertising. I mean, Or at least you get reimbursed, OK, the front end sale, Maybe you don't keep the revenue that way. You don't want to keep the revenue. You want that revenue to work for you.
You don't want the $20, you want the backend sale, you want the relationships with the sellers.
I want the relationship with the guy who's got 12,000 people as Del M because I have another idea what I'll call next week on Tuesday, That's where the money is.
So, that, I can leave you with.
Jana, do you want to add anything to that?
You just laid out so beautifully. I'll be brief, because I know we've been going for awhile, but that's so, you know, we, in the coaching, are we talking about a value ladder?
And that's like the beginning of a value ladder.
So, if you weren't going to go in the direction of just affiliates, let's say you didn't want to sell your knowledge, then from that, you call you, to me, I've always thought it was new to me, but I've never heard anybody say that. But then you, that, the upsell from medicine into a group coaching, say they want to work? Right, so, then, now you're in quite a bit, so it should go into one-on-one coaching or mastermind. So it's that whole just locking them up the ladder, at least in the coaching role for anybody out there that's like, I want to sell my knowledge. Just touch it.
Beautiful way to do it. It gets them in the door and establishes that relationship and then you just have all these different ways to work together.
Oh, there's lots of messages, I'm gonna get to those messages, but let me ask you one last question there. Have you ever done a coaching session? Well, you know, you've done one-on-one coaching, Right?
And So let's say, let's say you charge like $2000, right, and maybe that's 3 or 4 or 5 sessions. I don't know.
But what have you ever done the thing where everybody pays $99, and there's 50 people in the room?
Virtua? Yeah, So, so there's another way to market that way. You're not repeating yourself and it's live and they can still interact with you. But that's another way, I mean, if you can do hotels, you can do online web conferencing you know, there's all kinds of things. If you have a professional skill or something, that is another way to do it.
So you've done those, Yeah, OK.
Absolutely, excellent.
Let me see if I can I don't want to forget anybody, so I'm bear with me for a second here, OK?
So Yeah, that's right, the money's in the list. Whoever said that P, OK. Look, when you buy a business, most of the time, a small business, the gold, in that, I'm gonna say auto repair shop.
OK, I can get the equipment. Those are all liabilities. I can get the land, I get access to the land, whatever.
The gold mine is the customer list. It's the customer list of 13,000 customers.
But there's only, let's say, let's say there's 1200 customers that came into the shop in the last 18 months, Right. So, that's the gold mine, and so, I want to get to those other customers that have come in very often. Maybe they went to my competitor, I want a salmon offer. I want to do a special then on the weekend you see, but the current owner of the car, repair shop isn't doing that.
That's why I wouldn't buy it because as soon as I buy it, I'm gonna turn it into a bigger goldmine. That's what you look at, but yeah, the money is in the list.
Yeah, exactly. Look, people are going to spend money on stuff.
You want to be there.
But the thing that they want, right?
So, yeah, I'm sorry about that. Someone's trying to get into and they don't have the code. I don't even know if they're supposed to because there shouldn't be a code. Thanks for putting the links up there. Udemy and Lulu. My son calls it ..., I use it for homeschooling. So I just I got what he how he pronounced it.
OK, well, that's technical stuff. Yeah.
Yeah, we could talk about that that we'll get into in our code. But, Yeah.
So there's a company I was fired from, a way, way, way, back, way, way back. I only worked there for maybe a month. Just just a funny note.
I was a sophomore salesman hustler.
It wasn't my product.
Anyways, I got fired and shortly after that, I started making a lot of money and I thought I'm gonna go back and by that company. Fire the bus. And because, it was a small company, and, and yeah, I knew the boss and all that, but I didn't do it, but I'm just saying, this is the kind of thing you run into, you know, you start thinking. So I tell my daughter, she volunteers, and vet clinic, as he, criticizes. How everybody does everything, and I said, Just by the clinic.
Just like the dad, I don't have, you know, three million where they said, you don't need your money. Most investments, most acquisitions, are made with other people's money. You just have to go find the other people's money.
I know I keep saying last thing.
There's a gentleman that I've been talking with. He's, he's in Colombia and he's developed an application for his phone, for people's phones, and I'll get into that later.
But he raised a million dollars with 127 investors.
He's just like us.
It's amazing.
How do you do that? How do you raise a million dollars? And he's using that million dollars to pay salaries. He's not actually. It's not even yet profitable.
127 investors.
We're gonna get that some more.
Worst thoughts, Jana.
Know, just thank you for having me. And I appreciate everybody hearing my comments in sharing about my journey, so thank you. Thank you so much for being on, I really appreciate your time. Thank you, everyone, for participating. And this is recorded.
We'll get the recording somewhere, and I'll figure out a way to deliver. It. Will figure that out, But yeah, it'll be there And cipher Elizabeth, I think she was trying to get on, and she couldn't make it. So, Elizabeth, be here. This.
Sorry about that. But we'll send you the recording. Thanks so much, everyone.
Can I?


1. The podcast focuses on creating new cash flow, with special guest Jenn Anne, an authentic sales coach.
2. They discuss the technological advancements over the past 10-15 years that provide tools for people to generate income without traditional employment.
3. Shannon, a successful entrepreneur who runs her business from her phone and computer, shares her journey of creating a profitable business from scratch.
4. The discussion emphasizes the importance of assets to offset debts, citing a personal anecdote about buying a house and a car to build credit.
5. They highlight the power of networking, suggesting that professionals can help startups create a profitable business model.
6. A particular focus is on the practice of non-attachment, stressing the importance of managing expectations and fears when starting a business.
7. They discuss different business models, including offering professional services, selling physical products, or selling other people’s products or services.
8. The conversation includes the potential for using technology for just-in-time manufacturing, citing the future of 3D printing parts on site.
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