JJ Singleton is an advocate for entrepreneurs and business owners. He helps his clients avoid the fraud trap built into the banking system. His proven process has been a three decade project in the making. Did you know that creditors can garnish your wages, take money out of your bank account and even put a lien on your home if you don’t keep up with credit card payments? They can, and do to thousands of Americans every day. Protect your cash and assets from creditors using simple, legal strategies that anyone can access. JJ Singleton helps you with life, liberty & the pursuit of privacy.

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1 – Overview – 36 mins

  • Strategies – How to avoid consumer debt
  • The IRS – How to safely receive future cash flow with a small business
  • Protection – Ways to set yourself up and protect your assets

2 – How To Set Up Your LLC – 32 mins

  • Preservation – How to use an LLC to privately manage property and cash flow
  • Establishing Presence – How to register a company outside of your own state
  • Process – Criteria for setting up your company

3 – Using Your LLC – Part 1 – 30 mins

  • Cryptocurrency – Using your LLC for crypto and other assets
  • Bankruptcy – Why not to file for bankruptcy
  • Bank Accounts – What to say and do when opening a bank account

4 – Using Your LLC – Part 2 – 14 mins

  • Trade Name – How to use the company name
  • Structure – How to avoid the reconciliation process for accounting
  • Taxes & Profits – How to safely dispossess assets and own valuable property

5 – How to Protect Your Wages – 32 mins

  • IRS Levy – How the IRS gains access to your property and what to do when it happens
  • Outcome – How to get the best deal from the IRS
  • Win – How to stop an IRS Levy

6 – Friendly Wage Garnishment – 14 mins 57 seconds

    • Equity Stripping – How to set up a friendly wage garnishment
    • Protection – How to protect yourself from a second lien creditor
    • Process – Steps involved in a Friendly Judgement Lien

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Additional and more advanced strategies to structure and protect your income, assets and investments. Collection-proof your life, and set your own tax rate. (includes all content from “Basic” Membership.).  Access All Videos

7 – Self Insurance – 9 mins 45 seconds

  • Financial Responsibility – How to compensate someone who was injured while driving
  • Evidence – How to provide proof of self coverage
  • Liquid Assets – How to obtain “fast cash” when needed

8 – The Post Windfall Plan – 34 mins 51 seconds

  • Refinance – How to borrow cash to pay off an LLC mortgage
  • Loans – How to purchase a liability (house, property, etc.)
  • Crypto – Information on digital wallets vs. paper wallets

9 – How to Change Residency & Why – 25 mins 28 seconds

  • Benefits – How to get benefits and the statues involved
  • Residency – How to establish residency without exploitation
  • Documents – What is required to show proof of residency

10 – How to Respond to Lawsuits – 23 mins 41 seconds

  • Protection – Actions to take to protect your assets
  • Documents – How to write a motion
  • Equip – How to navigate the courts

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Equity Stripping Part 1 & 2 – 1 hour 3 mins 21 seconds 

More Cash Flow Part 1 – 44 mins 5 seconds 

Crypto Profit & Taxes*

  • Crypto Profit & Taxes, Part 1 (Live November 12, 2019)
  • Crypto Profit & Taxes, Part 2 (Live November 19, 2019)
  • Crypto Profit & Taxes, Part 3 (Live November 26, 2019
  • Crypto Profit & Taxes, Part 4 (Live December 3, 2019)

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