Divorcing the State Video Series

DS1 – The Role of Post-Nuptial Agreements in Divorcing the State from Marriage Read SummaryWatch Now

DS2 – Vol 1 – Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Attack on Privacy and Families Read Summary Watch Now

DS3 – Vol 2 – Arbitration Insights: From Privacy to Practical ApplicationRead SummaryWatch Now

DS4 – Vol 3 – Empowering Families: A Guide to Post-Nuptial Agreements for Privacy in CourtRead Summary Watch Now

DS5 – Vol 4 Part I – The Role of a Father and Husband: Legal Boundaries and Natural RightsRead SummaryWatch Now

DS6 – Vol 4 Part II – Roles and Responsibilities: The Trustee in Marriage and SocietyRead Summary Watch Now

DS7 – Vol 4 Part III – Understanding the Foundations of Trust and Jurisdiction in Family Law: A Deep Dive into Relationships, Nature, and Legalities – Read SummaryWatch Now

DS8 – Vol 4 Part IV – Understanding the Jurisdictional Limits of Family Courts – Read SummaryWatch Now

DS9 – Vol 5 – Privacy and Protection of Marital Assets: The Role of Chattels Trust – Read Summary Watch Now