0:08 I'll say to my PM. 0:11 9 zero PM and then using it successfully, And the customer gave me a check. 0:16 Yeah, But I, I'm not sure if somebody stole a tremendous place that. If somebody opened an account under my LLC at Wells Fargo, Wow. That's interesting. Is the exact same name with an E...

I'll say to my PM.
9 zero PM and then using it successfully, And the customer gave me a check.
Yeah, But I, I'm not sure if somebody stole a tremendous place that. If somebody opened an account under my LLC at Wells Fargo, Wow. That's interesting. Is the exact same name with an EIN and everything.
Well, they deposited a check. Wells wouldn't give us any information. I didn't go there, I got on the phone.
I didn't go to the branch, but the people who wrote me the check, people come from well said. You gotta take that up with a credit union that your customer at the check from?
The credit union said, No, that's wells. They deposit a fraudulent check.
So I guess I gotta go down there and say, Oh, yeah. I'm the authorized signatory to this account. Can you show me the signature where I opened it, because I didn't open this calendar?
Very interesting.
Yeah, I've never heard that one before, But somebody found that check.
So they must have just gone online and Secretary of State downloaded my articles, use it to open an account. Well, yeah, you can do that. You could do that. Sure. And you can do that. You could do that 50 years ago.
Yeah, it's not that hard to do that, I mean, you're hitting on a path of, you have some serious problems. I mean, You might mess with people's day, but you're eventually gonna have some serious problems. And so, will the bank now, see, here's the thing, the bank has all these KYC to protect the security of your security, right?
Yeah, and so when this takes place, if there's actually a security breach or someone's, you know, pirating your name or whatever, when the bank have some sort of liability if it's touting the security, it's needed your information for all right. Well, yeah. Yeah.
I did speak to a bank or a friend of mine, who's in Dunton, loans for me, Prison construction. And she said she had a similar problems. He works for a small bank.
one of our clients had a similar problem with whales last week and year ago, dog with a bone of fraudulent check.
For 18 Grand Done to me, somebody stole the check out the mail with Bank of America. It took me six months.
Then they denied it, and then I want to kind of crazy on them, And then they The game gave me my money back.
But the bank manager was. I was pretty friendly with him.
He looked up some stuff and said, don't tell me about it. I'm not supposed to walk. This buddy found found that was a fraudulent account. But they just opened an account with a similar name.
Yeah, just be careful about. If you're in that situation, don't be, don't be the one that's trying to prove yourself. I mean, you gotta work with the bank a little bit, but don't submit to an investigation right. The bank should investigate the problem. They already have your information. If they don't have enough information, that's their problem.
They need to fix it and go back to the check writer and have a new account, you know, a new, if someone wrote you a check, You know, it's just. it's just an routing number in a bank account.
Another way to prevent this would be use a clearinghouse. All right, that's all I had to do.
After so many, you know, once we start processing, somebody checks, the bank didn't like me just putting all these checks in the bank.
So I had to go get a clearinghouse, and that's nice. I liked that.
It only cost me like, 35% depresses the check, know, and they cleared the funds, settle them, and then give me the money.
So that might be something to consider if you're going to get lots more checks.
Yeah. It's not that many, but they're, they're high dollar checks. So, if you lose one, I don't know if it gets stolen or lost or dropped out or something but it's anything else going on.
That's, Yeah. Yeah, OK. Anything else?
I'm trying to sort out and I don't know there's a redundant question.
You've had too many times but I've got a lot of properties owned an LLC. Is that paying property tax.
And I'm wondering like, isn't technically legally you just using house for your own domicile shouldn't be taxed. It's not a commercial interests. Well, that's the law, but that's not what people do And so your tax collector, your appraiser is gonna just do what he thinks everybody's doing.
That's what I've found.
So, you have to deal with that. You have to. I'm not sure what the cause of action is yet, I think, I know. But you have to deal directly with your appraisers office on the property tax and I guess, what's the valuation based on, they're gonna say a millage rate. OK, the millage rate is applied away.
What is your interest in taxing something that's private, It's not even exempt. So because what they're doing is they're there, they're not even assessing anything, They're just sending you a bill because they sent the bill to that guy over there too.
OK, but, I mean, is there a difference whether I own an LLC and I'm running a QALY? None of the owner is going to pay property taxes that that doesn't the ownership, doesn't change anything.
All we're doing with, we're affecting income with the LLC because income is specific to who's getting it.
The title holder of the land doesn't matter.
That's a different kind of tax. That's not an income tax.
And, by the way, it's pretty tax.
Well, properties mean, it's all based on array, but it's a property tax.
It's property tax applies to, know, anything is commercial that's not private, non homestead and don't get that confused with homestead exemption. That's That's OK.
Scheme two, treat your property like a commercial property. Even though it says it's not commercial, they're still doing that well. this just kind of dropped If I, if I own an LLC but it's just a disregarded entity and I rented out, he says a rental property.
Is that commercial?
Yes, that would be subject to the property tax.
I would, I would suggest that you gotta pay that, I wouldn't say you have an argument there, OK. But it probably get around that. I'm not going to say you should try. I mean, just, like you're using it, for not just, living as your private abode, as they say, mm. Then, you gotta pay the tax, In, my opinion.
I'm not going to have a few. More that fits your personal home, and you're only using it as a private, Not just personal. Personal is different than private, so it's a real estate that's not real estate dealer.
It's land with fixtures on it and for your private place of abode.
So you live on that, and you should live on that. It's not something you have out there, OK, But if you're living on it and you can build a house on it, and you can build two houses on it. In fact, you can probably have your children live on it to 10 acres away, if it's a piece of land, and they can build their house on it, and it can be one parcel.
OK, and it's still private, But as soon as you start marketing it, or, you know, letting, letting it out to, you know, others for its beyond your private place of abode, Mean, you don't need to run out something to make it a private place. You actually break that 23, which you can have a farm on there.
We have our private abode, but my wife does very little consulting business. That's fine. Sure, OK? So, that's not going to do, right?
I mean, you can run a private business out of it, just.
You can't just put up a big sign over there, you know, say, ice cream for sale. Essentially, to do that, it's for a different purpose altogether. But if people know that they can go there for, things, like, let's say you're really going to make an apple cider, and they just know it. You could sell all kinds of stuff over there, yeah. Do it a certain way. You gotta do privately. But yeah, you could do something like that. It's for your homestead.
OK, All right, Anything else, I hear Lots of noise The hour, bus and mute, everybody, because I'm gonna go into this little thing. I hope you guys fight off the wall, questions like those, how do I find a patent? In service? My mentor died.
And I think he'd love to patent before he died to his daughter, Boos suffering from MS and Severe. But nobody else has a patent to a service I don't know of as possible. That would be probably utility patent look, look through a patent search through the US Patent and Trademark Office.
You can do a search yourself. You can have someone do a search for you, if you want to, if you want someone to do it for you. It's really cheap.
You can just Google it at Google, but I mean, you could just searched on the Internet to do patent searches and have someone do it for you.
All right.
And the other one is where can I go? I it's been awhile since about a year or two since I've known you.
With the PMA talk, I'm getting ready to keep getting cold feet.
And I would just like I couldn't find any case studies with p.m.a.b. and in the State Board with Oh, yeah, Yeah. It seems like all of them are negative, not one, not one went through and they are all constantly threatening. So what were you looking for?
Um, somebody who's doing alternative care to treat cancer, or diseases, and it's anytime you find something like that.
It's going to be where someone's being attacked by the state, or the feds or whoever. In I went through that, but I can't find any successful cases.
Were, they defended it in court?
Yeah, you're not, You're not gonna find what you're looking. Are you looking at case law?
I think I was looking at a case law that I wanted to actually go sit in the cancer in the courtroom, the wonky things, or do research online. OK, did you, did I send you the short, brief of case law regarding ...? I think we did.
one of them was a Dios to the MDs and then looking at, but I couldn't find anything specifically about alternative treatments or things we shouldn't be treating.
Well, I know professionals, including my own mother, was doing that. And, in fact, she worked with physicians that were doing that, too. And, I know physicians now that are my clients, and they are also going that direction, which is new, I never heard that before. But, I'm seeing it more and more.
I'm not saying that just because everyone else is doing it, that makes it great, and I'm not saying that you're not suffer attacks, because the State doesn't want you to be outside its jurisdiction, The State wants to have dominion over everything you do, Of course. That's why you don't want to be involved with them. They're insane. So I don't know what I mean.
You're gonna have, you're gonna have faced that situation, But there's case law, And maybe we can, we can get into more detail on this if I want. If maybe we should have columnists. And I could prep that call and do more research. And do it for you.
If it sounds like you're very eager to know more, What I would suggest is, if, you know, an attorney who, who's working with the paralegal, I wouldn't have an attorney to do this.
I would have a paralegal his, or her Paralegal do research on private associations, and how US.
Laws interact with organizations that are private and have their own rulemaking.
That's what you want to look at, And so it's really what you're looking at as an association of professionals that have rulemaking, where are the, the US.
Government and the state, I will uphold the rule makings. I can give you so many examples of how that works. Um. I posted something on the Telegram.
The other day about captive insurance, just so you guys can look that over.
And that's one of the elements that I'm going to explain to the physicians that are forming their own networks, that they're going to need their own captive insurance. And I got something interesting on that one, but I did the basic research on it just to show you.
In fact, I found a fantastic that video was fantastic. Those guys covered everything, they're selling their service.
But that's great, that they're telling you all about it for free.
I think, I will take a own, like an hour long.
I think it will take about the long term, So you can have prompt that. Yeah, let me, let me do some research, I'm going to put something together instead of just sending you guys briefly and check it out.
Let me actually put something together and show you just, it just says just to go on, but you're saying there. I actually have a very big interest in this, OK, because I manage risk, I show people how to manage risk, and for many years, I've been cruising along doing real simple things for people and it's like, oh, that's life-changing for them and you know. But now we're getting into a situation where it's like, You're saying, the government does want to intrude on I didn't really see it that way back. then I back then I just thought, you know, people are having this all disputes, but now we have all system. I'm, like, OK.
My, my clients are economists saying, Hey, I'm just, I'm getting out, man. They're gonna, they're gonna revoke my, my license and I don't care. I went to med school, and I did all these things and I just want to heal people. I'm done with the pharmaceuticals, right? And so we're in that situation.
And one of the, we can do this. But we need a, we need a way to, to provide indemnification to people.
And this is what I want to talk about later is, how would a network of physicians or other professionals indemnify their patients and have indemnification just for the nature of the business?
Because I think the insurance I know the insurance industry right now is the banking industry and it will not mindshare people that don't have the licensing that they want, which is great. Because you shouldn't, you should not have their licensing. You should do something else.
But you should be accountable to your patient, not to the government, right. Or to your network into your board and you make your own. So anyways, the captive insurance is going to be a key element and also originating funding, OK? And I think we can do this with cryptographic currency.
I think it's gonna be a great tool for for everybody, but I need to delve in and so in the meantime I will I'm gonna make a note here because I'm gonna I'm going to do just that. I'm going to do the research that I think you are trying to do.
Perfect. Yeah, give you something to chew on there. And then that'll help me as well because people want me to talk more about this stuff. So, I do need peace of mind before I make the work, but, hang on one second.
Yeah. Peace of mind, OK. Peace of mind. Give me some of that. Good luck with that. I mean, no, I don't file tax returns. It's not because I'm angry that government! I just arrange my affairs in the same way. I show my clients how to do, and I don't tell them that the file. But, I know that, I don't have to.
I don't lose sleep at night, but that doesn't mean the government can't say, Hey, any day, now, they could do that.
So, they're not going to vote, All right, How much time should I give before a, um, before I contact that?
Have a consult with you, or should I just wait for, Yeah, if you would please wait till next week. I'm thinking, let me just think, in March the first one, maybe it's going to be on the subject.
Because I have been putting materials together on this. I've been invited to do a conference and I really want to cover all the things, and I wanna give some these physicians, something they can really work with anyways.
Appreciate it. Yes, thanks for bringing that up.
Yeah, we gotta do some stuff.
We're gonna, We're going to Now, what I wanted to talk about today is just, I know people have a set of companies for them, and then they do the minimal amount of Whatever, consulting, And that's fine, and then you move on, and that's great. And then maybe call me a year later and stuff, And then we talk about stuff. But some of the things I really like to do, and maybe this is what you guys don't care about. Maybe you just want me for setting up companies And I'm the crazy guy that says, why you don't have to file and that sounds cool, And then I'm not going to do it because he said, so, but I do like to show people, and I have for many years, how to do, how to create cash flow. And I guess the way I got into that may have come for the property taxes back in the nineties because I just I couldn't solve that problem I don't know that I've solved it.
But what I tell people I still kind of do is, if you don't like a liability of some sort, Who cares about the? Whether it's legal or not, if you have a liability, can't get around. Will then use other money to set it up to set off against the liability. So that your mortgage you don't like paying or it's too much or something. Get a cash flows, create cash flow.
And I'm going to explain this. Create cash flow that will set off that liability don't try to paid off, even if people company, with a lump sum, a windfall of some kind. And they ask about whether or not they should pay off the mortgage. And I would say no. Just find some way to make the mortgage payments so that it's not impacting your time.
And so I'm going to show you what I think might be part of that.
I'm gonna show you a couple or a Few ways to go here So I hope this is useful to you. So you can see I've got a screen up.
this guy right, he's got his pen and paper, he's actually still using a computer now.
I get that so you guys see this. OK, so I just, I pulled this off of the internet. This is I'm gonna share with you how I think and how I do things, so I want to do this presentation tonight. This is how I think as an entrepreneur.
I thought I don't want to have some technical things on my opening screen.
I wanted to have some person, a business person, doing something business. Like, you know, there's all kinds of cool. So I went on the Internet and I searched on for an image of business.
And I went through 50 photos, and I found this photo, and I clicked on the link that said, put this in your browser, In my browser, and I put it as the page for tonight.
This is how I do things, right So this comes into play with what I'm going to show you.
So we don't need this guy anymore, But I'm gonna go back to this first thing So I spent to get to this thing here, And I don't know why I go to Shopify, but it's just it's the it's within Most people's reach. OK, it's easy to work with Shopify and I want to show you.
There's you can you can today you can get a website For a Few thousand dollars that makes regular money It just makes regular income And it's very low risk in my opinion. Now, the alternative to this would be, like, let's say, for example, you tried to do this in the nineties.
It would be like you're almost like your lemonade stand. I mean, if you did something in the nineties, maybe it's going to be like one of those food trucks, or you know, it's going to be something, it's not gonna be an Internet website because there wasn't enough market to do anything there, or it's going to be a joint venture.
So maybe it's going to be something like, um, someone who doesn't professional service or residential homes.
Like like landscaping or lawn care, that joint ventures with someone who does pressure washing, you see. And so now there's an exchange of customers and both companies can work together.
And so, today, I can show you how to go get a website and sit at your keyboard and do things 20 years ago and not so easy. So, this is where we are. I'm looking at Shopify, why am I there warmth that I was searching on.
Affiliate programs.
So, My son is a great example, is one team, He's trying to figure this stuff out too. Of course, You can imagine, I'm showing him some stuff, but I leave him hanging, A lot of times. I'm not going to baby him either.
I give you guys more attention than my own son, And he figured stuff out, and that's how you learn.
And so, I just, in one, I'm passing the other day, a few, a few weeks ago, he said, Dad, I got my company set up. I went to the bank with them. I help them with data services, LLC, and he got all that done. And you've got a PayPal account.
Then He says There's no way because the banks charge them 15 bucks a month, and he has no cash. Flow And I said, You, man, you gotta figure out how to pay it, and so he has done our jobs. You know, and it's computers make some money.
So he has the ability to pay for awhile, so I said, why don't you take your PayPal link and go find an affiliate program, resales analysis product, I mean, it might take you a half a day to find that deal. And I'm going to show you 1, 1 way to do it.
He did that, to this day, I don't know what he sold, but he finally sold something and it took them a week and it's, he May 30 bucks, OK, so, he was really proud of that, right? So I explain them.
I reminded him, know that the effort it took to make the $30, it's going to take less effort to make $3000 that same way You didn't have to it didn't get paid by the hour. It didn't have to go anywhere You just sold someone else's product, OK.
So I know he's going to keep on doing that because addictive, You know, you're like Wow, OK. I didn't have to go anywhere and that's what I did.
So Shopify is an Example of Where do they have affiliate programs now Shopify has You can make money.
Do you guys want to say something?
You can but if you want OK.
All right. You can, if, I don't see your hand raising a button, and I'm happy to have a conversation.
But, so, in this example for Shopify, I'm going to show you, if you look through here, you can sell other people's products that already took the risk. These people already took the risk. They might have inventory. They may have spent thousands of dollars for their website. They pay people to set everything up. They got a shopping cart merchant account, maybe the employees, maybe they got an office of a place to assemble products, so they did all that work. If you just want to, you know, get the feel for this.
You can work with these people that have affiliate programs.
See down here, and look, There's a list of all these, Watch this guy's video. He's going to sell you a study. I want to sell you stuff, But that's fine.
Um, lots of times an affiliate program looks like this. I go to a website, I like the product, or I think I can sell the product.
And I see at the very bottom, it says page. It says affiliate program, or something. So, you click on that link, and there's a way to join the affiliate program, and they will generate a website, typically for you, a copy of their poem website, with your affiliate link on there.
Then you simply put in your payment information, or whatever else they need.
OK, and you guys already have companies, I'm just saying, I mean, if you want, if you want to go buy that car that, know, your wife says, that's just for your ego, right?
Mid-life crisis takhar Well, if you've got a website that's making you 2200 bucks a month, or maybe you need more Digest that could be your argument for why not buy the car because my website is going to pay for it, you know.
So This is what I would do before I were to buy something like, know, a liability, a car or a truck or something. I will buy a website or set up an affiliate service. Right.
And do one of these things, I'll deal with these guys are saying, I mean, don't re-invent the wheel, that's another thing about trying to make money, is you always the reason why I'm so confident when you guys talk to me like you, make it sound easy.
I'm like, well, look around, other people are already doing it, It's not like, I'm telling you something you could do if it were possible because the guy next to you is already doing it. The question is, how do you Stephan issues? How do you recreate what he did?
That's all I'm wanting people to understand. So, like, a lot of these times, you can get 100% Commission on stuff. Well, OK.
This, there are, there are affiliate programs, so you get 100% commission, which that has to be a different situation, but I'm saying there's some crazy deals out there, OK.
The quick question here is, if I join an affiliate program, now I have to find customers.
And, yeah, that's true, so your job becomes placing ads made. So there are strategies for that.
Your job becomes drawing people to the offer, OK, you're basically a sales agent, and that can be as easy as you want it to be. You can take all day long to do that as you want and make a lot of money, or no money in, all kinds of ways.
So, Once you know how to do it though, or have some, you know, go through the process even if you fail, OK?
You're gonna understand what's needed and you'll be able to do that, and that's how you succeed, so it's worth it. I mean, if I spent six months, which is a huge amount of time, I could spend a week to do this.
Next week, I could have something.
If I spent six months at my leisure and I set this deal up an affiliate somewhere and maybe I'm making $320 a week, that's huge.
That pays my grocery bill right through to 20 bucks, which took me six months to set that up. And all you gotta do is, make sure the orders are getting filled or make sure my ad budget is still good on Facebook or whatever I'm using a marketing, OK?
It goes on and on.
Now, some people with, uh, of followers, or whatever, you call them, down lines as they call them, those people can go and get 100% commissions on products. You might too, but it's not worth it for you to find those. It's better just to find stuff is gonna pay some anything. I mean, even Fiber has an affiliate program.
So, These are all you have to check them out as well. I'm just saying, this is a great example. It's an easy thing through Shopify now. Notice that Shopify affiliate programs, Shopify, has other things going on. I just wanted to talk about this tonight.
And they'll send you the comp rates, OK. You guys can read that yourself.
So, what did I do?
My 19 year old son, tickets PayPal address, found some affiliate site somewhere, it didn't cost them anything, put it on there.
And here's what he did.
He just, uh, change the price and intermittently until it's sold.
Whatever the thing was. I asked him, I said, did you have to market? It, Is you have to pay money on anything he has now.
I just, I, I put the price for less than everyone else was asking, so he undersold everyone else, is what he did, OK, you can do that, too. That's not, you know, long term, but the thing is, you just want to make it work. If it's not working the best, We can always fix that, but he made it work.
What you want to do is make cash flow is not taken up a lot of your time.
And this is where you can make, you can make, literally you can make thousands of dollars an hour, OK, if you want to measure it that way when you start doing stuff like that though, like when you hear things like I'm making thousands of dollars an hour and I have infinite returns on my money that sounds insane.
What does that even mean when you hear things like that? people have systems in place?
It's it's things like this where they've set something up and it's it's rolling by itself they don't do too much or They acquired something for no money Out of pocket let's say.
They used other people's money and that's infinite returns, alright once they make the profit. So that's why?
Look here So it's the electronic funds later I'll see how friendly they are with PayPal and no PayPal's not your best merchant processor, but hey, That it's the easiest go to to get started and Did your son put his papal his personal PayPal account it?
Can you can you put an LLC in des, whatever you like, OK, so if you want to maintain some privacy Sure, do whatever you want. Yep, I think he has his personal one unless he opened up an LLC.
I don't remember how his setup but it wouldn't matter for him anyways because he doesn't, he doesn't have an SSN and he doesn't file tax returns. You never will, so it doesn't matter. You can get all kinds of tonight. He's different is different than me.
And you guys, my, all, my children, they can get 10, ninety Nine's W twos.
Arizona won't even call them, they don't even care, IRS will never bother them.
It's fantastic.
The only thing they can't do without without a tax situation is win the lottery. I mean, I think you can travel without, without a social security number. Can travel with an SSN? Yeah. It's getting hard for people that actually have been assigned one like me.
So, yeah, the government's trying to make everyone, go into that one, too.
But, yeah, if you don't have one, it's a lot easier to get around, actually.
If you do have one, they want you to say that you never been assigned one. And if you have, you have to tell them what it was. Yeah.
Just shifting where system but a John. Yeah, Who would you recommend other than PayPal to have be a merchant processor?
OK, the first the first one I recommend after them one is a process called Stripe Stripe.
Yeah, OK, just just because it seems to be friendly for small business owners and startups and new people You can shop around me if you don't base it on your credit, OK?
Your your merchant account, which is fine, they're gonna look at your credit, you get out later, and uh, yeah, you can probably shop for rates later once you get Rollin, get venerates. Yeah, it's not going to be the best rate.
Is it strike with a K, or with a P, gripe P as in Paul?
Stripe, OK. Stripe yeah.
John, you mentioned that, the next key part of this. After you sign up for the challenge, you have to find customers. We didn't do anything at all yet. So, what um, what are some strategies for, OK.
Many of the websites I'm looking at and working with clients, on their sellers, are telling us that they simply have a budget at Facebook, They have a placement through Facebook, and they don't go on fiber dot com.
And they'll get that person like $200, or how much, you know, $500. And tell him to play certain type of ad on Facebook under a certain geographic region or demographic. And then that person will go and place the ads.
And, and that's the best use of money, and those do really well.
I'm not saying that's always the way to go, but Facebook ads seem to do really well. Social media advertising seems to do well, and I don't even know anything about that. I would just have someone else do it. Fiber dot com has all the people And these guys.
the job are tough guys.
Distance the people that do stints.
That's one way I'm going to show you, I'm going to show you some more ways.
So, here is, let's take this up another level. Here.
I just was searching on specifically pet supplies, OK? Now this company looks like a, it's like a really cool website.
I just like everything about the colors, the way it's presented. I mean, you can go, I don't want to go through and show you everything. It's not, I mean, it's pretty cool. So what I did find out is, it's got a wholesale program.
You take to get to take a little work if you wanted to do this. Why re-invent the wheel. But these, this company has a good brand recognition, good brand.
It's a, it's a shipper, OK. So I'm not, I'm not going with the drop shipper that I don't know. Well, I don't know these people either, but these people, that's all they do. Not go with a drop shipper. That'll sell anything. Or Amazon that's gonna compete with me.
I'm going with these guys pet, right pet supplies.
And if you go through, they've got now. I hope you can see this, if not, I might have to do a re reset, reset the screen share.
Project, describe it, So so if you look through here, you can become a wholesaler. So this is going to involve you getting a website and you can you can put a website together in one day and I'm gonna show you something about that. I'm gonna show you my Sunday, which was shocking.
I didn't even know he could do this. I shouldn't underestimate him.
But um, You'll need a website maybe caution 500 bucks to set it up if you know how to do it maybe cost you 50 bucks I don't know But if you look down here, there's a wholesale contract applications so that you can drop ship the products of this company Do you see the thing here?
You guys see it?
The wholesale application You did, OK so You're not trying to get credit with them. Basically, they just want your information, OK.
They want to know what you're doing, and they're probably gonna look at your website, or maybe you can ask them for help on the website, OK?
I think you have to have your own website, that's what it looks like. But anyways, this is just another example. Now, this, I would do this on the long term.
Like, for example, I would, if I'm serious about this, I would allocate in my mind a year to develop this into something that's a viable cashflow, So it's going to take some work and it's going to be worthwhile look at it like your, what do you call them, to call me, a side hustle, right? That's what this is really going to be.
The other one I was showing you, you would make money with very little effort.
This one, you put a little effort, but you'll make more money, I think.
And you're with a reputable company, it looks like.
So, that's another example.
And I just found this today. You know, I spend an hour putting together these references today. Now, here's what my son did.
After that, Affiliate link sale or whatever, He used the Artificial Intelligence software at Chat GPG. Are you guys familiar with this?
Yeah, ah, Yes, OK, some of you are. The AI function of this chat, GBT, is kind of scary.
It just pass the bar, and it passed a medical exam.
Some other, high, highly educated Yeah, Professionally.
And so, anyways, but here's what my son did. He said, he went to Chad ...
and he had a discussion with it.
And it told him, the name of the website to use.
It told him the name of the URL he should use, based on what was available and what was suitable for what he was trying to do. You wanted to create a website that sold toys to children.
And then it he used it to create the website, what's the name of it?
again, chat G P T.
CH Haiti. Yep.
You just need an e-mail address and sign up and then you can start using it. And, basically, you have a conversation with it. And it will learn. It's intuitive. So, if it gives you some thing that looks like there's some sort of bias in there, like it's maybe not understanding you, you would just say, please exclude this category, such as, and then, please answer the question again. Or just say, please answer, please, give me a, Please give me another version of your answer. It'll do it, just like you're talking to somebody. Scary.
Um, don't you worry about about getting trapped by these things in your track Please. We're already there. I'm beyond that. I just know they're doing it.
I'm still alive. So, no, I'm not worried about it, I'm just aware of it.
Yeah, this is, If we're seeing this on a website, I can tell you this: What your interaction with it is going to be is going to be used by, it's that software you're using.
It's using your interaction two revise itself, and a new version will be announced soon enough, you'll see, it'll keep on revising itself.
That's the scary part.
But again, it's like, you know, discovering fire's analogy I always give you guys.
Alright, so if we can, let's move on to another website here.
Now, this one, I just wonder that I wanted to find something where I can get a website that's built, that's selling a product. Now, this one is selling. I love this as a product. OK, women's exercise apparel.
I just think that it's a vanity product.
Nothing against women. I'm just saying it's a band-aid product, in my opinion.
And I think it's a really good thing to have to sell, it's low risk, It's kinda like owning an auto repair shop today.
I think that's a low risk in a brick and mortar business also.
So, anyways, they have a lot of copy in here about what they think it's worth and you have to know when it's all bullshit.
So, someone telling you, what something is worth without supporting facts, you gotta just take it for for what it is, OK? Face value. Why the heck would they be selling?
It says potential profit, OK, That is meaningless.
6000 a month that is also meaningless because I want to scale it to 60, right, and they want to sell it for $99 and notice how they haven't marked out.
Then it used to be $5000, That's just all marketing to appeal to your, you know.
... excited, OK?
What they're selling Is it completed turnkey website with no customers?
If you can do that, if you're into that, if you have confidence or you know, people, or maybe you're working with somebody, and you can build out your, your, your customer data, your base, and your set up your supplies and all that. Maybe it already has it supplies.
I can look here.
Then I would say go for it, but I'm just saying here's an example where if I wanted to, first of all, I have to ask, why do they have a supplier list, right? Do they have a drop shipper?
I know I have to get my own merchant processor, so these are things you'll see.
I mean, here, I'd even read the read the description, but you want to check that out.
Of course, you don't need coding skills. It's going to tell you all about it.
I mean, if you're using WordPress, that's not the best platform, but I know a thousand people, I can go and help me modify my website for cheap.
So now, keep this in mind, these types of sites.
Sometimes they're being promoted by the actual drop shipper, so you're so looking at like this.
It's a warehouse, with pallets in there, call them skids and they put products on there. And people sell these products with the drop shipper does, is, it's got all these products.
And maybe, there are people that, you know, came to the drop shipper and wanted that service but then the drop shippers, synagogue. Hmm? This product selling really, well. Let me go to that same supplier and put in five more skids.
And I will sell websites that it is intended to sell more of that product that the other guy selling, like sometimes the drop shippers competing with you. So, you gotta be careful about those things going on, OK?
Not saying it's a bad thing, but just be aware of that possibility. Anyway, so here's another example.
Look, it's already done, Just, they just don't have customers. Now, if you look around and take some time, you can find a website, I know you can find, you can find 20 of these, that are for sale, that are under 10 grand.
That are making money respectively. You know, within the last two years, they have nice sales history to two years is a decent history here in this day and age. Used to be five now's to announce you could do six months into something really good.
So just as an example here right Now, here's Nolan.
So let me move on to something else. This is, yup.
What did you, what were the keywords or phrases you used to search and find these?
OK, on this one, let's see if I still, am I, overall, where you just putting in an affiliate programs? Or how does one, when they're starting, what words would you put?
I did, this one, I did websites for sale, OK.
And that's where I've found websites for sale.
They have no customers, no sales history.
So, then I have to modify it a bit.
So for new people, I kinda like finding something that's already making money, so that when my client buys it, he's already buying cash flow.
Like the day he buys it is unlimited money and it's going to take a couple of months to catch up on from paying off the sales price, you know.
Yeah, But. But, But, still, he's already got inventory. It's rolling, he's got, he probably already has refunds to process. You know, So, it's a running business, those, I like the best, and you, I think, you should look for that.
I mean, that's you can find those for 10 grand or five grand.
What's for sale is that we're afraid to yeah, yeah.
It's a turnkey, It's working and you have to ask ourselves why the heck with someone sell it if it's making that because the seller that's his that's his business, OK?
So, he builds a website, it has the knack for generating the sales, creates value in the site and then he sells the site for well under what he's making every month or could. He can probably sell it for its annual income. He probably could, but it would be difficult to sell because he has lots of competition. So, he already made his money in the, in the year that he took to develop the site, here he made.
Yeah, I mean, a guy like that is going to spend $500 to build a site, and he's gonna make, let's say, let's say he makes roughly $50,000, OK, this is normal.
Wow, that's a clever and make the say, he makes $50,000 net.
Then he sells you the site for five grand and you're thinking, well, it must be a scam, is only signs for five grand, know. The guy already made his money. That's his business model.
That's not always the case. But you gotta understand, there is a business model out there, it's like that.
OK, thank you. Yep, good question. Alright, so this one this is, I love this one for I use this one, I gotta check the other day from Lulu.
It's not impressive.
I gotta check from Lulu. Who could say that? I didn't do anything for that. I don't even know what I sold. It.
I have books from years ago that are still out there.
Anyways, so I use them as lead generation. People call me, they read the book, they go, I haven't talked to this guy, so they call me or they find me somewhere.
So, anyways, I suggested that some people, I was talking to on the phone, to write a book.
Write a book, Everybody should write a book.
Everybody should be reading books, but we should be writing books.
Now, you think, I don't have time for that?
I'm a professional artist spent lots of time in school, and I have too much business.
I can't write a book.
Well, then I'm not saying, You should go off and, you know, go stayed a log cabin in the woods and write a book.
What I'm saying is, make a book written.
You can use other people's work without plagiarizing them, but you can use other people's work.
And, um, just I'll give you an example here.
OK, so two examples, I put together a book on my fasting program just because I wanted to document what I was doing and then I took me one day to put 120 pages of content together of all the content I wanted, and now some of it, I'm not even qualified to talk about, some of that I am. So I put the content together, and I plagiarized a lot of sources of information on the Internet.
But I'm not gonna publish it that way. I'm gonna take my time and I'm gonna edit at, which it's been a couple of years now, so, I still know, going through all that.
But, I took a summary of the book, which is only 14 pages long, and I wrote a complete from the, from cold, a whole summary of that subject matter. so that I could give it out to people, and share with them my experience. So, that's what I did.
Um, what you could do is use chat G P T to generate the subjects, the paragraphs, the chapters, the content for a book, that maybe you really have something you want to talk about, and you want to make it a complete book on a complete subject.
Even though you might only know it really, well, one part of that subject very well, you want to, you know, have more of the subjects in there, so that when you publish the book, people would be wanting to buy it, because it's a complete. No idea.
So, I'm suggesting that you can use Chat GPG now.
A friend of mine used a person in this is, like, 15 years ago.
He used a person in the Philippines to write a book, and I can keep Peter $400.
And she wrote a whole book on how to make scrapbooks of all things. And the reason why he picked scrapbooking is because he first went to Google and searched on what was the most commonly searched term.
And it was scrapbooking of all things.
So he had someone write a book on Scrapbooking, and it cost them $400. And I think he made like $35,000 out of it.
Didn't even write the book.
And the woman who did write it was thrilled to get $400.
That's like a year salary for them, by the way, or more. So.
anyways, For $50 or less on lulu dot com you can open an account right now for free.
Um, you can do everything you want and write a book, and your book can look just like that nice cover. You just saw a book, you walk by the grocery store, or in Barnes and Noble, in your neighborhood.
It'll look just like that, OK?
They'll have an ISBN, they'll have a QR code. They'll do all the things that are supposed to be done.
Loulou can do all of that and Lulu actually works with Amazon and all the brick and mortar retailers books, a million. They're still around.
And you can put your book on the shelf, and I would say if you did it right now, you could have a book on the shelf, like by July.
What's the point of that?
Well, if it's pretty good book, If it's gonna have a good cover design, you might have to pay somebody who set that up.
You might just sell the book and make a bunch of money.
You might get on TV and radio and promote it that way. In fact, you could do that for free.
You can use your book to promote something you want.
You can promote your professional practice with a book. Our pediatrician wrote a book on why vaccines are really bad for you or for your children.
And so, of course, we hired her because, you know, she wrote the book on it.
But anyways, you see, now I don't like their cookies and privacy, you know that stuff. So I may skip past all this. I know that I'm not even logged in.
I'm just I'm just wanting to show you on Lulu.
What loulou does is it allows you to assemble your book. It, it It helps you format your book.
And it even teach you how to do all that.
And then it helps you design your cover and put it all as a package and then send the file uploaded to Lulu and it will hook you up with all the other distributors. It could be your own publisher.
OK, Lulu is great for that. So Lulu for $50 I think lulu's going to sell you an ISBN. You can get those.
There are a lot more money now from ISBN, but Loulou can get you one.
Right, and you put an iceberg on your book, You'll want an ISBN International Standard book number.
Basically you write a book, and most people write book and sell from 19 99, OK. That's the typical model.
And anyway, so you guys can read this for yourself.
This, OK, here's how I would use it.
I use it for credibility. I use it for marketing, marketing myself, not advertising marketing.
I use it to establish my credibility, maybe expertise.
And I can also use it for joint venturing. That's how I've used it over the years.
I never, like, when I first wrote a book, I thought I was going to use it, I was going to sell a book. Like Stephen King, You're just thinking, I was going to be Rich and I was gonna be edit. It doesn't work that way, I mean, I wasn't able to have Because, I mean, I'm not a writer, but I'm an eye is enough for me to get information out, right, That helps people. So what I learned is that, I can get myself on TV and radio, which I've done many times, and then I can use it, I have, I have a book, you know, I can put it out somewhere.
I never put my face on it or anything like that. I just but I, but I use it for credibility.
Now I just do the videos.
Here's the thing that you guys may want to do.
You have a book or get somebody else's book if you don't have one right now or get someone to whatever.
I mean you can work with somebody, get a book out there.
Here's when someone orders a book from Lulu. Lulu Prints the Book on Demand. There's no inventory. I don't have to buy a garage full of boxes of books. I did that.
Know, after I started using Lulu with so much easier, OK, I did that back in the nineties.
But you can take your book and joint venture with someone else who has maybe a similar product or service or idea.
And Your book can be used to promote his or her business while at the same time promoting your book.
Because if you didn't have the book, you couldn't do that.
You say, You bring something to the table to somebody who's an established professional and you bring a book in there to add to its credibility.
And that's how it works.
OK, lulu dot com And so that's really all I wanted to share with you guys.
Um, you know, you can have fun with this stuff.
All right.
If that appeals to you and people talk about investing in the stock market, what a joke that is, what a waste of time.
Probably the only things that would be worth buying, in my opinion, would be like read uranium, OK? Commodities, maybe if that's a commodity uranium or things that, you know, lithium right now.
As much as I don't like supporting the sustainability agenda, it's a total fraud you can't avoid the fact that lithium is going to go up in price.
So that makes sense to buy into it.
That's even old technology to lithium batteries is old technology, but we have a, we have a supply of it from Afghanistan that the US Army stolen and we have it, so that's what's going to be pushed for the next decade or whatever.
She's just showing us old technology, I'll tell you right now, Graphene is that is the battery technology of the future.
I've seen people, there's a gentleman as a patent on grapheme, that the grapheme technology matters.
He made these eight inch plates and they go together like this and he's a metal worker to an electrician. And he, he made them, they've made an array of these plates.
OK, and he may like six of them, then he had this apparatus, but basically he showed you how to generate electricity.
Just putting the place together, generates current, and so he used it with another magnetic Broder state or type setup, but, anyways, I'm getting getting outside there, but I just want to say so.
People talk about investing, and they think of the stock market, and that's the last place I think before I go to the stock market.
And by the way, I've never been in the stock market in my entire I'm 54 um, I would go I would literally go to a casino and play blackjack.
And I've never done that either, I know how to play blackjack. We play at home here, I taught my children. I tell my children For the math aspect of it So they can learn how to remember patterns and numbers. That time, how to count cars and stuff. Because that's, my opinion of schooling their skills. They're not that, I haven't got counting cards but anyways, so so that's what I would suggest is if you want to invest in something, take five grand, not 150.
Not 75 because you have it if you have 75 EA, take five and go put it in something like that. Or take 50 bucks and three months of your time and put something on Lulu.
And work with somebody else you know, or like my son did.
I didn't even show them how to do it. I don't know, I gotta ask them. How I did it. Actually, I didn't know how I did it. I said, go take your PayPal link and put on somebody's affiliate site. And let me know when you make some money. And that's what he did. If my son could do that for 30 bucks. Come on.
Maybe I'll make 300 next time, I don't know, OK, anyway.
So, is that something we can talk about. You guys have any questions. You think I'm nuts who's undeclared. You know, the first, the best way to get attention is to be so obvious. I'm not gonna use my real name. I know I'll put undeclared.
Don't never want to look at them.
It's Mike Palmer. You mentioned your name. I just did that. Like, when you started to call, just mess with it.
I'd say, because sometimes I want to set up identity for somebody, like, I need to make a private, like, sometimes I work with women that are, there's a personal security risk or something. So I'll set up a mailbox and I'll make it look like there's a resident somewhere. Instead of putting in a woman's name as an as an alternate name, I use, like a couple's name, like mister Mrs. Smith, So yeah. Anyways, it just got my attention.
So, hope this appeals to reality. This is like this. What if this didn't exist. Where the Internet stuff didn't exist And what would you do?
My opinion is, people in a neighborhood, people that live in the suburbs Lisc. I live in the suburbs. So let's just say people who live in the suburbs, They go to restaurants, they go to the store. They go to the car wash.
Why wouldn't you own like 30% of the businesses he patronize.
What's the problem now on a chick fil a? OK, now you go thinking, Wait a minute, John, I'm not gonna spend millions don't, know, you don't have to do that. A lot of those are publicly traded. Go buy the stock.
Some of them are local. Don't talk to the owner, you go there once a week, talk to them and say, hey, can I, can I invest in your private company?
Can I, can I invest in for you, like 0.15% of your company?
Here's $20,000.
We can, there's enough business in all of our neighborhoods that everybody can own a large segment of the neighborhood. You don't have to own all of it.
But you can own a fraction of it.
What's wrong with that?
If we did that, don't think people would do things differently mm.
Imagine if we If everybody knew that, it's very likely that we're going to live to be live over 200 years, You think people will behave differently.
Maybe not. Now, but they might.
Again, we're good. Really, John. I'm out of stuff to talk about.
I don't know if you want to talk about this while you're recording, but in the past, you've mentioned special engines, and I was wondering, is there a way that we can join you on that be a part of the?
I love that. Yes. Thanks for asking that.
Yeah, I'm working with someone who has helped me develop one thing right now, just one, and it is the, what we call it.
Paul Penne Tones, Plasma Reactor, Geet, OK, gate, right.
I hate that term but anyways, that's where you'll find it on the Internet GT anyways. You just take it. If you take an engine, I'm going to simplify, this is stupid.
You take an engine and you modify the exhaust system so that you're gonna turn the fuel mixture into a plasma, which takes all the energy out of the mixture, and you actually have clean exhaust. You're actually using up all the energy, or pretty much all of it, and so it's a way more efficient internal combustion engine.
And so we can do a lot of things with that. We can, you know, whatever you can power your house or whatever, I don't know.
But I think there are some good applications from I'm, I'm being told by my partner, he's telling me that we could, well, we could run the thing off of sewage, OK, So, where you're flushing your total every day in the water gets processed.
It should get processed in a way that the engine can run, that's what happens, So, whenever it goes in, your toilet runs, your electricity supply, OK. Plasma reactor.
Yeah, there's a lot of examples. So, yeah, we're developing that. And he, and I were talking the other day, in fact, he's going to come out here, and he was, he was saying, you know, at some point, we're gonna need some capital, and that'll give him the ability to finish this up. So, he's been working on this for a couple of years now.
Can I have, he has, actually, he shows me his garage. His garage looks like this elaborate machine shop.
And he showed me what he did on the engine. I sent him an engine and he showed me and is like, oh my gosh, I said, that looks like a Time Machine. What is that?
You know, he goes, well, it looks like that now because I have to do that because this experimental but once we get everything dialed in and he said it's just gonna be a big box, so. But yeah, thanks for asking. And so that's just one I'm working on right now.
And there's some other, there's some other, he said, we can run that on sewage and well methane and sewage but he said wood as well, firewood and I don't know if you guys have ever seen this but in World War one, the Germans had cars running our firewood is big barrels on the side of the vehicle and they put the wooden there or wood pellets. And it would, it would produce, gas, natural gas, let's call it, and it would run the engine.
So it's like run your car, natural gas, It's just that they had the wood on board and with a burning or something like it was composting the wood in a paralytic reaction.
So it's not like there's this big flame come out of the back to your car, it was a paralytic reaction.
It was producing all the energy.
The gasses.
Yeah, I mean, you'll see those on YouTube, too, but yeah, I will so what we're going to do is I don't want to present it to anybody until I have like something that solid. I'm not gonna, I mean, it's fun to talk about it, and I can show you pictures of it, we'll get to that point. But I want to put together, like, a perspective so that you can look at it and engage whether or not you'd like to throw some money at it, and then maybe all this limited to so many people at so many dollars per person.
And, and explain what you've done. Because what he told me is, with a quarter million dollars, he would have access to a machine shop and he could put it in production.
That's what he said. I should stop my fingers like that because he doesn't say what we imagine. Is that simple.
He's the engineer, I'm not. So.
Zoom user. Somebody's got a hand raised.
John, does he have systems in place to protect himself?
We have discussed this, and for right now, know, he does not exist for the both of us. And so, we have discussed the methods of this, and I think we can handle the going into production.
I mean, let me just share it with you, It's not that unique. I mean, my thinking is the distribution of it and the manufacture of it should not be centralized, so it's going to be decentralized.
And a lot of times, I think we can we can produce this item through distribute distributor ships as a means, a distribution, distributorships, not one location, and we can do it.
We can produce the end product on demand, so we can make it, as it's ordered.
We don't need to make it like the model T was made in assembly, no central location, because that'll just get you killed when you're doing stuff like that.
And he said, he said, that, the engine I have running right now, he said, I talked about three weeks ago, he said, OK, one version of what he was telling me, that he was feeding the oxygen, I'm sorry, not the oxygen, but the.
So, the fuel he put in the engine reduced exhaust, but 20% of that was oxygen.
Now, we brief 19.5% oxygen, it was producing more oxygen from the fuel, and he then ran the fuel back into the engine and he said it kept running faster and faster and faster is that I couldn't stop it. I had to cut the link, I had to cut the flow here to physically remove the flow. He said, that engine was feeding itself.
It was fueling itself. That's what they say you can't do, right?
They tell you that in engineering and they leave you with the cardio efficiency ****, right. Something like they call a self perpetuating engine does not exist and is impossible. Well, there is that, but it's not self perpetuating, it's just that it would last for a long time, like magnets magnets the last like 400 years and what does that to us forever?
But, anyways, so, he said, He can get this thing Right now, right around 35% efficient, which is pretty good. He said, With a few modifications, I can make this run over 50% efficient, and that's going to be competing with the money system, the money, fuel, you know, energy.
That's going to put you in the danger zone. And we, so we kind of understand that.
And so, I'm thinking, decentralized distribution, manufacturing is one way, and then, that way, It can't be really tracked back to anybody. Neither is, it doesn't do anybody any good to do anything to us, because it's already out there.
Yeah. Maybe 35%. 50% efficient.
Yeah, you're asking the wrong person on that one. I don't even remember from physics in college, and I'm not caught in high school actually.
I don't remember how that, you know, the efficiency Miscalculating, I don't know how he's calculating it. No problem.
You feel out, you know, I don't know, but can we get? John Jones.
I have a friend of mine that her husband invented re-invented the bottom of the combustion engine.
So none of the Pistons making a full circle down there, like half, it would be doing like the half of a circle and it, the friction, Jen and all that stuff was greatly, greatly reduced eight miles per gallon in 100 range. And so he has taken that designed to, you've tried to GM, and Ford and stuff like that.
They're more interested in the electric right now, switching over.
But I know that they were trying to sell that. He has a patent on it proved it.
Every which way?
Yeah, Maybe, I don't know. It's us.
It's not the exhaust, but I'm thinking that a combination of the 2, 2 different. Well, it's nothing new, GM and those guys. They have this, they had the Studebaker getting a thousand miles per gallon in the forties. That's what the carburetor. So we should easily be running for a whole year on a gallon of gas. There's no reason why we shouldn't be doing that. But of course, those people are behind what, forcing us into this electric world so that they can track everything and shut this off, and rationale, energy. So they're not gonna, they're not going to want this technology, That's why they went to fuel injectors. People are figuring out how to use a carburetor to make the car more efficient. They they're selling us deficient. A defective car.
Everything's defective.
You think they think you're a genius, they can try to kill you.
But now, people are smart, and they'll get these things figured out, and we'll do it ourselves Amongst herself. I saw a video today. I can, I can show you in a second.
This guy, he was riding A motorcycle is a three wheel bicycle.
It was motorized, and he was running it on a barrel of burning wood.
I'm not sure that's too safe, but on one side of the barrel, he was, he was cooking some shish kebab And the other side he literally had is his engine.
I'm going to show you guys, you won't believe me until I show you, but, anyways, I'm gonna go to Zoom. Did you want to ask me? Oh, yeah, I can ask you if it's just two quick questions.
Oh, I see, no, I know, I'm not going to pay them anything, But, should I offered to pay like the 49 months and say, but I can't pay it now, because my money's been levied or don't, don't offer anything, I would offer something. I mean, can you, is that reasonable?
I do that, I think I could do 49, 49, because if you offer something that's easier, sometimes I try not to offer anything, but they're also going to say if you offer something then you have to permit, submit a payment, though they'll rejected just not getting a book. Can you send $49? And then, they want you to pay their $243 fee.
The application county can't afford that.
Tommy can't afford that. For the reason that we discussed yet.
OK, and then the other thing is, should I limit the documentation of all my expenses to the amount of my Social Security income, or because they do exceed the amount of my my my Social Security, should a document, Everything even goes over, In that case, you disclose what you know that they can see.
So they can see they can see your credit card statements.
This is not an audit.
So I believe they can see your credit card statements, and they're gonna have to figure out, because, I mean, I don't know.
You just said that. Can They can see my credit card statements.
I think they can get your credit card statements Well, he didn't ask last time. I don't think he'll do it this time.
Yes, I mean, now I'm now on coming up to filling out that card and I'm paying the minimum statement the minimum payment due. Yeah, it's getting worse, they've created the hardship, and then all this delay, their monkeying around with is causing more hardship, and this is what you want to tell.
No, they need, they need to come off of their, their, their number matrix.
Know, not not everybody fits in their number matrix.
But, all right, So, even if the amount of my expenses exceed Social Security, I should document it yes, in the LLC, if it's a regular expense, basically, you know, it's health related, it's all helped me, OK? Disclose that, but, but, it's not, I would not include All the Christmas presents, you got to your grandchildren. No, no, You see, I'm saying, So any regular expenses actually gonna work in your favor.
OK, well, I have that.
I have the documentation of the stuff from Amazon. It's almost all on Amazon In the site where I get a professional discount, because I'm a nurse, so I've seen some of those that it saves money.
All right, Yep. So, I guess, we can talk later today. No problem. OK, All right.
Alright, Zoom user. Did you want to ask them? Yeah. I've got a question here.
Yeah, I was wondering the wood that they were using. Were they able to use treated wood as a fuel source or is it just regular? Yeah. You can have. You can have anything. That's treated could have chemicals in there, I mean, you can have chemicals that are toxic, I mean, that's not the best thing put in there.
Well, I was just thinking, you know, I mean, there's so much there's, there's so much treated wood in so much wood at the dump that it would be a great way to, you know, one of the ways that you can recycle it. Otherwise, it's going out into landfills. And that's only the air.
Sorry, I muted. Yeah.
Yeah. I mean, that's what my question was.
Is that the concern is is it going into the air or is it being re-used into the fuel source into the fuel system, or the engine, or whatever else it is?
So then we don't have to worry about that, the whole idea is to get it out of the landfill and be able to re-use it and get rid of the chemicals. That happen. What landfills will become your new mining operations.
You'll see that happen people will go off and get their Flint glass and their plastics, high density polyethylene, and things like that.
And I don't know about word that wood from destroyed houses, you know.
They say it guy, the garbage warrior who collects tires and uses them to build walls for houses with zero walls and bottles and cans. And he said, John, I had another question. The question was is, you know, we've been looking at slurry then But and biofuel and I understand that you are starting. You're starting to do that? And I know that they've got some commercial work. Some commercial ones. I know Ireland's using some some great ideas as far as using Flurries and using their food waste in order to create methane gas. Sure.
Is that something you have going on? No.
But I know that is something I do want to work on, the end methane is a great way to store hydrogen atoms, so methane is the future, so as liquid, so as gasoline.
And yeah, I do, I know I have some technology, I haven't put much effort into it, but again, this plasma reactor would use technology like would use fuel source like that.
I know you use that you were, they were using the septic fitness septic tank and that was one question that I had, and I was talking to a friend of mine, who was an engineer, you know? I live in New Mexico. So there's septic tanks everywhere, you can just plug right into that and use that as a fuel source in the house.
Yeah, OK.
Yeah, wow, OK, I'd like to stay in the loop on that, But I've got some stuff going on out here with that, as well. I'm here to get something to you guys, because I know a lot of you are interested, and I'm gonna explain it as an opportunity, so, yeah, when I have something to solve its respective, I'll show you. But you see Juan Valdez, here, riding his.
He's actually going on the side of the road to get some fuel.
As he put it first, cookies, shish kebab. He's got, you'll see, he's kind of both in their putting water in that tube, John.
Yeah, I think that was well. Yeah, it's a steam engine.
Oh my goodness, that's right. Yeah, it's a steam engine.
It looks like he made it too.
Yeah, yeah, I mean, he got Rim's in any sealed off the spoke and he put his own spokes.
He put, now, this is his arm.
This is for, this is his grill, he's actually cooking shish Kebab on this side.
OK, this is the, this is the Heat Boiler so he's heating, this is the fire for the boiler, then on the other side.
Boy, that's gotta be safe.
Ha, Yeah.
Then, there's this lines, the others.
Mexico! Easy, OK, sorry. But, it's just the first day, because my brain is, this guy is in Mexico, you go? Oh, yeah.
It's amazing. Wow.
I think, Jeff Berwick, why he'd get out there because you could do stuff like this. No one's going to tell.
Course is none of the highways on a private road somewhere, I guess.
But anyways, it just shows you, I mean, we can go through hundreds of those videos. I mean, there's some really smart people out there.
Yeah, right, is really funny.
Check out the plasma reactor in the ...
people, they had a bunch of people in Germany doing that, but I'm just thinking, you can have one of those as a black box and running. It's a generator, you can have a quiet.
You can make it, so it's quiet ish.
We're gonna have to get over this hump of a bunch of craps hitting us, this year, next year, we're gonna hit with a lot of ****, because they didn't Ohio, you know, Vanguard has a financial interest in not only promoting that 1985 movie.
White noise.
OK, along with Netflix, but also in the real estate for east Palestine, which used to be Mechanics Berg, Southern that was Mechanics, South Cleveland's, all the poor people, and older people that don't understand what's going on and they don't have the resources or they can't do anything.
And then they send CDC over there, whoever FEMA, FEMA has not really there officially yet to get people to sign these contracts and they pay him like 50 bucks And they waive all their rights.
So, they can decimate the town and they've done this before.
And then own it, I guess. I mean, it's right there where they've got the trains. And then move people into smart cities.
Yeah, What wasn't a UN able to come? and because it's considered toxic land.
So, yeah, maybe paving the way for the UN thing, Like, yeah, I don't know if they're there now, but my suspicion is that what, by denying that there's any health problems or environmental problems by denying that it's causing people to argue against that and protest and shout out loud and go through any way. They can just screaming out loud. Yeah, we're we're sad, female. And, of course, then team is going to go, You know what? You're right, then, let's come in there, and you can't get rid of him, because you're the one that asked them to come there.
It sounds like we've proven that. And so what are you supposed to do, not say anything.
No, you gotta do something, and you don't know what I mean, You gotta say.
You gotta say something to tell the truth.
Like, tell everything that's going on Like I just did, right? I mean, that's my speculation that's Conspiracy Theory. But that's probably what they're doing.
I think you're right, Sklar close to it, there's a bunch of, uh, OK.
Yeah, thanks for your notes here, I'm sorry, I didn't answer your question, is that?
Uh, yeah, OK.
Yeah, I see here.
So, OK, I appreciate all these notes here, I don't, OK.
Yeah, glad you guys like that. OK. Cool.
Stints. as stint, I watched a futurist about 20 years ago a professor from some university, talking about how, in the future, people will not have 40 year careers, they'll work at stints, short periods of time, within three years, and then I'll move on to the next project. Oh, OK. Dance is a project.
It's a short-term project to make money at it, which is what I've been doing. I mean, this is a long term. I've been doing work for 30 years, and I still centered around the same thing, but I have different ways of doing it. And then, along the way, I find other things that are fun, and, that I can make money at. So that have an interest. And then lately, it's been the land, and then these new systems, which I've been studying for about 10 years now.
And I think I'm finally figuring out how we can get things into people's hands, and start using them, and getting into production.
And then along and then the other one on the, you know, the decentralized corporate structure, I guess I'm going to start calling it that.
You've heard of DDOs. Right? This is kind of what that is, what I'm setting up so that your corporation is on an IP address.
No, not in the States register yet.
T and with D A O A decentralized autonomous organization.
OK, yeah, and so we just had to figure out about the money and so forth, but I think we can do that, but then you have your own accounting, you got your own banking facility, You got your own securities.
And we already have the examples of how Securities management is successful. It's abusive but, as successful, we already have the models. We can adopt some of those those things.
The only thing I'm concerned with is on the professional organizations. And we use captive insurance. We don't have access if we're going to be outside the insurance industry. The way it exists, we will not have access to their trade secrets, which are all the actuarial that they've used to manage risks. So re-inventing that may be risky, alright but we're going to have to do that.
But I think people are more than willing to do that.
John, I got a quick question. You made a comment about the electric cars and the reason They're pushing that, what I'd missed what you said about, well, the energy that can be regulated, the source of energy can be everything. It's easier to regulate If you have a fireplace If you have a campfire in your backyard. That's the production of energy. And I can get that anywhere that I want to travel to, I can go to my neighbor's yard, and I can get debris and I can make a fire OK that can't be regulated very easily.
But if my use of energy is only electric, not gas or something, but only Electric, then, then my use of energy can be rationed. And that's the whole idea behind the Blockchain technology and getting people to everywhere. You go to the people are, saying, download the free app, so you can get this, and you're just being under surveillance, and you're being trained to use the technology. So when they force it on you, you'll already be doing it, and you're like, oh, another app.
And then the next thing, you know, you can't access your money without your friend or your retinal scan or something.
And so that, I think, is what they want to put your current network so that it's not your car anymore and that you can't choose when to use it. That's why I'm saying they want to force us into electric.
Oh, we have electric cars first.
The car manufacturers and the oil companies stopped that, and got us into the gas engines.
That was back if I were making money on it.
But now they want, They can make money either way. I mean, I hate it. I hate to believe that there, that smart, where they saw 100 years into the future, but, maybe I can do, I think, I think that's what's happening right now. That, this mess that we're in started with the American Revolution when the founding fathers throughout the Banks was ongoing. I mean, it's exactly, the Bank of England, but the bankers run everything, I mean, David did for centuries, That's why we have a calling of the population all the time. We've been calling the population forever.
Every war, getting better at it. But yeah, that's why on the electric cars, you can see electric, everything.
So it can be then monitored, and no, you won't be able to even go walk into a grocery store without your phone.
Pretty soon.
Oh, all right, thank you. Still going to use the gas engine. I'll be the last one.
Ray, what do you got? What's going on? I, John, are you aware about the tree that bodies about Besotted with it? Yeah, WHO.
Yep. We're gonna release arbitrary. the US to the country, the telling you. They're going to the heavy heavy. They don't bring some nastiness on us. Yeah. Yeah.
There's gotta be a point where you say a few I'm not doing it.
That's the only thing you can do. That's it. It's going to go, You gotta realize that they're the children. OK, we created them.
We created it in the service they forgot and I was just watching a board meeting school board meeting an apparent went over there.
He was reading one of their pornographic books to the Board members who allowed that to be placed in the library. It's actually a crime to do that distribute pornographic material. He was reading it. And they interrupted him. They didn't want him to read it.
Bright. And then they spent those bloated ******** Bureaux bureaucratic pastors.
Idiots, self righteous, morons, sat there for three minutes and went through a whole voting process to vote that.
He shouldn't be allowed to speak on that eni. And then he went and said, so, why is it that you all get to limit my speech?
But you're, you're hiding behind the First Amendment when it comes to this ****, you're having our children read.
And you're not even letting the parents read it, so, you know, we're headed for some problems. Yeah, this is what it is.
I put a comment, and I said, Look, This is our, this is our children, the Board meeting, Joan, I can't remember off to go back and look at my history. Because I know that there was a woman who did the same thing at another school. Yeah. Many parents, I started to, I'm so grateful for that. But, we have to realize that, of course, the parents know this, we just don't come and say it because we're, we're not, we're not trying to be rude, we're trying to be productive, we're trying to be co-operative, right? But the fact is, those board members are the children.
We freaking put them there. We let them do that, We gave them the privilege of watching our children, what do they do? They say, When you drop your child off at our school, you've abandoned them.
Therefore, we're the parent, we can do what we want.
How dare they.
Yeah, I've seen that.
Yeah, I just say roughly, Guy, John, I filed a criminal complaint.
Yeah, I did.
Fantastic. Yeah, and so, yeah, I was part of a group and I get the information out to a bunch of parents and people that weren't parents.
And, you know, I wrote it all up form so the parents had a criminal complaint and nice. Yeah, and those individuals that, I mean, I have something to say it's my community, it's my tax dollars going in the right, We should do more and more of it.
Yeah, take us to the magistrate.
Do you take the magistrate or to the grand jury?
Know, I request you to Chris, I requested a grand jury, but I sent it to the sheriff and extend it to the AG.
But, first, what I did was, I sent a notice to the, the board of education, the superintendent and those that wrote those things up and I told them that they needed to cease and desist, I was gonna give them 10 days And if they didn't, I sent him an affidavit.
I was requested a response from thereafter, David and, therefore, they'll be culpable. And so, I send a criminal complaint to the Sheriff too.
And to the AG and then a request. I was requesting a grand jury.
Nice. Nice with regard to **** in this in the kids' schools, or something similar.
Well, I mean, the biggest thing that get, I was, I was kind of asked to do it by these people, but it was about the transgender nonsense.
So, I started doing a little bit of research about it, and, you know, they are actually allowing them to self diagnose himself.
And he cut John, it kinda went on, I kinda went off of what you were talking about with the, you know, with, with, with the ADA. And the point is, is that they're self diagnosing and they're practicing medicine without a license. Their days are numbered, we'll get there Yeah, they don't have that, right. And so I told them that you're practicing medicine without a license. You're breaking this law. You're violating the law, reviling me, the rights of the parents, because the kids are the parents property, according, according to the constitute. Well, according to our rights, and according to our Constitution, those are our kids, those, and you have no authority to do these things.
And so, I just listed a criminal violations and civil violations, and then I sent it in, Good, good, good, I'm glad to do that.
But, let me make one comment, I'm gonna add to that, but Zoom, had it, comments you want to make?
Mike, did you, did you wanna say something?
Anyone? Who is that, What's your name?
Zoom user.
Yeah, that's, Yeah, you guys?
Yes, OK, so, um, the trans gender, there's no such thing, obviously, you either mutilate your body, or maybe you have a mental illness, and you need to let your body, but, yeah, yeah. But you're one gender or the others know transgender, as you guys know. Oh, yeah. It's a mental illness. And specifically, it's in a category with mental illness, is known as ... disorders.
Oh yeah, Bellini and yeah, All of them yeah.
There may be. So I look at the DSM III. I go to the DSM five because that was before it was really perverted.
It still has the stupid ADHD **** in there but still the DSM five explains what Tara felt like and it goes into it.
So you have teachers that are being permitted to have government officials too.
That one dude, he calls himself, Rachel now, was Michael well-being or something, Right? He was the Department of Health, now is some government, federal thing.
But, anyways, these people are, they're sick, and so, yeah, you should report the crimes, but also they have mental illness, and they need treatment and they need to be isolated away from other parts of our society, in all fairness to everyone else. I don't want insane people around my children. I don't want mentally ill sick people around my children. I'm not wanting to hurt the mentally ill. I want them to be helped and treated, but don't be around my children.
And my, my friend over there in Atlanta, he's telling me this last year, his sons who, this is a couple years ago, his son was 13 at the time, and he's, one of his teachers, is a private school one. His teachers just began dressing as a woman.
The guy has the beard and wearing makeup and heels, OK, and allowed to do that, and I said, why are you letting your child go there? take him out?
Was this an issue? And he had to do with his wife something. I was like, so, if child abuse is high, but he's like, He's participating, as my friend. And I said, Come on and take your kid out. There was a study done. There was a study done by Kaiser Permanente Permanente.
And they showed that whenever children are around other individuals that are mentally ill, they get PTSD.
Piggybacking on also what one of the things that put in is, you know what?
Whenever you're diagnosing somebody and you are treating them for that diagnosis and misdiagnosing them, and you do not have the authority to do so, you have munchausen by proxy. You got a lot of things going on. I've sent letters to doctors because of some, You know, interactions I've had with people accuse him of literally of Quackery, and I explained what they did. I mean, that is still a classical term. It's L term, but it's still valid.
And, no, they don't know what to say.
I mean, I'm not a doctor but placard when we I mean, I know people tell me all the time. It's stupid. Doctors tell them. I'm working on something right now. I just started the other day and it has is kind of out of this association part. But I had a client who, whose wife, he and his wife had separated for five years, and it was quite amicable. And so they had an arrangement.
And they were happy with it.
According to what he explained to me, and for some reason, the ex-wife they were married in another country. They came to California.
I think it was, and they didn't get a marriage license there. But still, so, I think the state A, recognize it, and so she decided that she wanted 5000 a month. Now.
They're both like triple PHDs and the rich. Maybe they just, that was their new way of relating to each other, you know, let's just keep this drama going. And so the Y files a divorce petition.
And so after I interviewed him, I'm like, well, then you already divorced. Let's just show the Court, why doesn't have jurisdiction because there's already a divorce and I, and I went through all the different way.
He's his life has been set up with his ex wife as already established, and I memorialized it in a written document.
And fell a motion to dismiss, because the court didn't have jurisdiction to conduct a divorce, when there was already a divorce. And it's five years old. And it got me.
If in, OK, so if you already have a marriage or you're getting involving American, why not have a post nuptial agreement?
That excludes the court from your marriage. Or yeah, mmm hmm.
Through binding arbitration and sure enough, it's very easy to do that. But here's the thing I ran into.
The research showed me that the courts will not want to let go child custody issue. Horse. That's not going to fly. Because of show you, I'm doing a brief on this, I'm showing you, it doesn't fly. And the stupid attorneys are still pander to the courts all the time. And they try to interpret this 20 year, 2000 Supreme Court ruling. And there are bunch of idiots, and so I'm writing a breakout. But basically what I'm thinking is why not why not encourage people to do a Post nuptial agreement and I can do a sample one and send it out and you guys can just spread it over. Everybody should do it.
Post an actual that way and what we're doing is we're divorcing the Court, that each other. We're not trying to move away.
Yeah, do that. And they'll see it coming and they'll be like oh there's no we can do about it and they will they will not be able to encroach on the parental rights because like Justice Scalia, in the 2000 decision he was saying and all the terms like well, I guess to change public policy.
Well, if you read it all, Scalia said was parental rights don't come from the Constitution will die.
That's irrelevant.
You don't have constitutional rights. So how does that change? And that give new court, You know, how does the court get itself new rights by making a ruling?
If you don't have any race, the fact that parents have rights allowed us to write the Dam constitution that you operate under, right, great. You can now say that you have greater rates than those.
Where does life come from the parents?
It comes from those who have risk.
Like, I told some parents that, you know, it's because it is because I'm getting, getting some of those cases and I say, Well, look, as the Mom, you're, you're being told this, this and that, OK? And I said, But the fact is, you're the one that's paying the bill and you're also the mom.
So you are the boss, you have the rights, unless you're abusing the child are neglecting.
She didn't, She didn't really get it from that perspective.
And so, you know, this, you go back into the next meeting. with that attitude, You say, Look.
I'm the one that has, although I delta here, who are you? I'm the boss. Now, unless you have evidence of abuse or neglect, get out. You know? But anyways, I want to share with you, because I'm seeing that.
There are foundations and organizations of people that are coming up that I wasn't aware of, that they're trying to deal with this. And we have to get rain back in our court.
It's actually becoming not a court.
And we have to do something about that, and I think we can just do that, if we just look at analyze this thing, it's just one of those other things, you know.
It's like, how do we deal with the good doctors that are getting the license revoked? Because they're being good doctors?
Well, we did their own setup, so forth, and so on. And then we have the whole problem, Western Medicine, which is well destroyed. Everything else.
We're learning are looking at how do you appreciate something that's really good unless you do something that's not so good. You know, or, you know, one of the things I used to work for IBM and that worked for my role as a big corporate hierarchy. being, you know, I did that for a few years and I was like, OK, I'm done with that. And I learned that really bad ideas that you can't outvote like, if you vote against a burly, bad idea, you know, it's a bad idea. And, you know, that people voting for it are just doing it to kiss up to the boss or some stupid thing.
Whatever it is, and you think, Well, OK, I'm just going to be the biggest advocate of this dumb *** idea.
Because it'll fail faster.
I don't mind taking credit for it faster and Go. Yeah, we can stories. I'll tell you stories later. I don't want to give you guys too long, but they'll give you start those stories. Good stories. Yeah. Oh, my God.
Now be expecting it next week. Remind me, because I find a funny stories. IBM especially oh my God.
I love those guys.
Sure, Yeah, well, I am going to go out All right. Thank you. Thank you, John Thanks for joining.
Appreciate the conversation right, well, thanks, should I should I call you after this or tomorrow? Tomorrow, please, and we'll talk by telegram in the morning. Yeah, OK. Thank you. All right.


1. The speaker discussed an issue where an account was opened under their LLC at Wells Fargo and a check was deposited, which they believe may be fraudulent.
2. As the number of checks being processed increased, the bank started having concerns leading to the speaker using a clearinghouse for check processing, which they found efficient despite the costs.
3. The speaker mentioned owning a large piece of land with potential for development, but emphasized maintaining privacy and refraining from commercial use to avoid state jurisdiction.
4. There was a discussion around medical professionals becoming more independent and being accountable to patients rather than the government or insurance companies.
5. The speaker recommended investing in various means to generate income, like affiliate programs, selling websites, and using tools like ChatGPT to build websites.
6. They also suggested utilizing sites like Lulu to self-publish books and use them for credibility or to generate income.
7. They discussed the concept of infinite returns by using other people’s money and talked about creating a system to generate income passively.
8. A concept about modifying the exhaust system of an engine to turn the fuel mixture into a plasma for more efficient combustion was mentioned, but it was stated the idea needs further development and protection.
9. The speaker mentioned Social Security and emphasized on documenting health-related expenses through LLCs, but not personal expenses such as gifts.
10. The speaker concluded by highlighting the importance of maintaining independence in energy use, warning about the potential for rationing if people become overly dependent on electricity.

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