0:16 Hi, everybody, it's John Jay. 0:18 I didn't have a specific topic for this evening, but I wanted to open the floor for discussion on anything you guys want to work on, but I wanted to preface it by explaining that my focus has always been on private property rights. 0:39 The money system i...

Hi, everybody, it's John Jay.
I didn't have a specific topic for this evening, but I wanted to open the floor for discussion on anything you guys want to work on, but I wanted to preface it by explaining that my focus has always been on private property rights.
The money system is designed to exploit people.
And so all I do is show people how to change their property rights, so that they're not going to be exposed to the system, the court system, the tax system, all these things.
And so I hope that.
I guess my I focuses on alleviating people's fear, because once you get rid of the fear, then you can function. Once you get rid of the fear, you can be pragmatic.
So, fear means you'd be afraid of things that you don't understand.
And that's what I've found, and so, when I explain to people, What's going on, it's my, it's my observation that most people, many times are just, most of the fear, it goes away.
I mean, there's still some, a little bit of fear, but, um, so, I started back in the nineties with the, you know, restructuring property rights using a corporate structure of an LLC and I use trust and things like that.
And that allows people to function in a way that they can avoid being exploited by the financial system.
The same thing with setting up a credit file without using a Social Security number. I've done that for myself and my family.
There are things like that.
this system is, um, we're moving toward a situation where the system is when I say system, I guess I'm talking about the banking system, but all your government agencies, they're all like the Muppets. They're doing what they're told, they're not fulfilling any obligation to you, obviously.
And so, what they want to create is a, an automated system, so that your way of acquiring goods and services must be through software.
Right. And I don't know when, I'm not sure that I can address that specifically, because that is such a broad subject, but I can't tell you that.
your money expresses your property, and you should be able to go around this world and do what you want with your money, without people telling you what to do with it. Out, without being a suspect and a crime, OK?
And that's what I'm trying to do.
So, we're coming into a period of time where the money is going to be on a blockchain and it's going to be connected to your biometric data, and I think that we can use that same technology, to make it better, We can, we can get around that.
And I don't think I'm naive.
I know I joke about that a bit, but I think that it's like the discovery of fire. You can use it too. You can discover, fire and use it to destroy something.
But you can also use it to build modern society, and I think that's what we are going to, turning points, like the Industrial Revolution, with the Invention of the internal combustion engine. OK, that was in, like 16 hundreds or something. And the printing press. Right? For the Western world. I'm not talking about the Asian world, and the printing press in the 15 hundreds And the internal combustion engine. Those two things gave rise to what where we are now.
So, I just think that I mean, I'm not afraid of what's coming.
But, um, we just have to be pragmatic, OK.
And so that's why I have these calls, I want to introduce some tools and concepts and I want people to let go of their fears and have some tools that they can use too, to fight this system.
OK, OK, so if you're, if you want to search your name, so I'm looking at someone's chattier, if you want to search and her name, this is what I used to do. I used to hire private investigator and now let's search on my legal name.
I wouldn't give him, I might give him my year of birth or something. And then I would have him. He would find a bunch of data and he would come back to me like a week later and he gave me a report. Now, you don't have to do this today, but back then in the nineties, it constantly like setting top dollar to do this. But you can do this yourself on a website known as ...
dot com or myspace dot com, and search for your name. And whatever information that you don't like out there that's out there, you can actually remove it.
There's some services that allow you to delete that information. I think it's delete me dot com, or something like that.
I used to do that.
I used to go to the PI, the prod investigators, back in the day, and I would have him go and change data, or amend it or remove it, based on what I want.
And you can do that. And I remember the last thing I did it with Google.
Google has a policy, The less you. Correct or change data.
So, anyways, just keep that in mind.
Yeah, if you Google aimed your maker and quit claiming the House to the LLC, even though I'm not selling it. Yeah.
I mean, if you're going to hold title to a real piece of real estate, out of your state, So what is the benefit of that?
Some people just want to do it because that sounds cool, right?
But, really, if you, if you do a quick claim deed on real estate that you own and you put it in an LLC or trust or whatever, that's going to take it out of your state. And I think that that protects it to some level.
All right, It's going to protect it.
It's going to protect it against any personal liability may incur for whatever period of time.
And it's kind of like a blanket protection.
Now when we get into things like biometrics, the PMA is irrelevant.
All right? This is the problem because it becomes your use of money. Your use of money is tied to your biometric data, like your palm.
That's it.
It says, is that simple or your face?
In other words, if you go, there's their stores right now where they're run by Amazon if you go into the store, like, for example, I couldn't go in there right now? You probably couldn't go in there because you'd have to use your mobile phone which I don't even bring my mobile phone with me. It's in a microwave.
I keep this in a microwave.
So I'm going to go shopping for groceries, right? If I don't have this with me in this Amazon store, I can't buy groceries. They won't even let me in the store.
The the barricades will not allow me to pass. So this is requiring your biometric data to go buy goods. This is the mark of the beast.
If you ever wonder what that was, that's what we're dealing with, so I don't know. You've gotta be kidding.
Yeah, I don't know what PMA, legal structures.
I mean, this biometric data connected to your money transcends all these legal structures we're doing.
We're not there yet, But it's coming, I say, in the next two years.
And so what the heck? What do we do?
There isn't a remedy.
It just takes a different level of knowledge.
That's it.
So for the meantime, I mean, at the very least, we can keep property rights out of our state. I mean, that's really what I'm doing.
I don't think it's cause to freak out.
So, let's see, let's hear. So, someone's asking, do you know of any business credit cards that don't ask for SSN? Alright.
Business credit cards, I don't know that you need a business credit card, but if you have a business, what you want to do if you want credit for it, where there's no personal guarantee, yeah, you're gonna have to use your SSN for the account, but it doesn't mean you're the guarantors. So be careful about setting up credit for business. Make sure that you're not the guarantor. It's OK to be there, have the SSN, and all that as Designer. And that's fine. But make sure that your business itself is the one getting the line of credit, and typically it's not going to be a credit card is going to be a line of credit.
They can put it in a credit card, but it's going to be a line of credit. So in the early stages it's going to be between 20 and $60,000 of credit for the business where you're not going to be the guarantor in the way you set it up as it is with a Net 30 account, and that 30 is where you acquire goods.
And then you have 30 days in which to pay for the goods.
There's a process there.
I don't, I don't take 30 days to pay for the goods in the beginning, so I get a nice credit score, then we go from there, So I'd say about six months to a year, you can have a business that Has credit where you're not on the hook for the credit.
You can do that and you need about 3 or 4 what are called net 30 accounts I set those up first then we and then Dun and Bradstreet comes in later and solicitude for credit services. We don't need to go to Dun and Bradstreet first. I mean, some people do that, but I don't. I go to the merchant first, I set up my account getting at 30 status and then Dun and Bradstreet then comes in later, and I'm already running. I'm already.
I've got my credit setup, so, that is how you would do it with business credit. Now, there's a little bit more to that.
Yeah, so, direct indirect business isn't, yeah, So, it's OK to use your SSN, OK, They're going to the bank is going to ask you that. the bank can ask for your personal SSN, your home address, your driver's license, all that.
But remember, This is why I do this for it because we're still gonna have to give up that in the know your customer type process, but it doesn't make you liable for the account.
That's why we're using an LLC or trust.
So you're still going to have to give up your KYC. But you're not the account holder and you're not liable. That's how we get around the system, right?
Yeah. And biometrics certainly is going to be used as an identifier to access your money. I hate to say it. I think we can get around that, but it's going to take a little courage.
It's going to take a little courage.
We're gonna, we're gonna need to re-establish supply chains. We're gonna need to start our re-establish licensing.
The way people work together, We're going to have to establish insurance.
It's going to have to be outside of the government system. The system that we are, OK.
The government system is us, but we can do it.
All right. So.
Yeah. What do you would you have a question regarding crypto and the new question, the IRS form? What does that question once asked me that I can respond to it?
What is the question on the Newton 40, But Kryptos, I can tell you the the way it's been, right? So, the purchase of crypto on your 1040, if you're being asked, Did you purchase virtual currencies what they ask?
I think the answer to that is it depends if you if you use dollars to buy a cryptographic currency from somebody else, that is not a purchase, right?
If I use my knowledge to buy cryptographic virtual currency from a third party, that is not a purchase. So the answer on this in 40 is: No, I didn't purchase coins.
If I use cryptographic currency virtual currency.
My own where I own the private keys, if I use those coins, and I bought somebody else's coins, where someone else had a separate, beneficial interest, who own the private keys, and he transferred those keys to myself, That would be a purchase.
So the answer on this in four is yes.
That makes sense.
Is asking me, Greg.
Go ahead.
Hey, John, can you hear me? Yep.
OK, I've got a couple of questions about some of the banking stuff between the wife just recently at a local more trust, sort of my mother-in-law.
I went down to the bank to get an account open, so we could transfer some money in there, Let's say a little house.
I'm wondering if that irrevocable type can be used as a password.
Sure, sure can pass through means. And the money that's held by that entity is not going to be settled with the IRS. All that means is it doesn't file a tax return.
So you can do that with a trust, a PMA, or whatever, an LLC.
As long as It doesn't follow return, Yeah, it can be a password.
So they're gonna assuming paperwork, maybe next year for interest accrued, and we're just gonna put it in a file cabinet. Yeah. Yeah. You'll get a 10 99 to the Trust, well, so, yeah.
Just scan it, so I do, I scan them and I just keep it a folder, OK.
During the process, we, of course, we were asked for our socials to set up this account, which was no problem.
But the thing that was different on this one was they had a direct link to the Social Security Administration that check the number the name. Yeah. That is what they do now. Yeah, that's new. Becker kinda indicated that's becoming standard procedure.
Yeah, and that's interesting because I have a credit file that doesn't, isn't not linked to the Social Security Ministrations, I wonder how that would work with myself. Like, if I open the account like you're saying, and then they check with SSA and the SSA is getting the women, that's not a social security number, but yet the banks going to check and see and find that. It's a valid credit phone number.
So I'm not sure how that works yet, but either way, you don't really need a separate number because you're outside the liability anyways.
Well, it kind of leads into question with the daughter along who does not have a number at this point. I'm going to try to keep her out, yet, having a lot of good, and before we talked, and, you know, SEO is the route to go.
And I don't know if this was going on, Cause a problem with it or not, Know, I think you're fine and don't be intimidated by what you experienced. But your daughter doesn't need to have an SSN, my children don't have one. It doesn't matter whether the system says, ultimately, I mean, even with the driver's license, the driver license people, they try to frustrate you.
If you don't have an SSN, they try to make it to where you give in and get one, because, appears to be easier to get a license. But.
The fact that you don't have one is better, because if you don't have one, you're not required to get one in order to get a benefit to the government's offering.
So as long as you don't have one that makes it easier if you have one, then it's more difficult to say that I don't want to disclose it.
So just stick to your guns on that one, OK. We're almost at that point where we're dealing with DMV. Will kind of learning learning and lab.
You're not required to go get an SSN get a driver's license. I mean, think about it. It's a, it's an identifying number.
It's specifically used for, for tax purposes.
But what they really want to do is use it for identification purposes.
So, the truth comes out, when you apply for a job or license, and you are willing to pay the tax, because the licenses tax, you're willing to pay the tax, and yet, they come in and say, You need to have this number, and you have to dwell, so let's stop and say, Wait a minute.
I'm paying a tax for the privilege of something that would otherwise be unlawful right, Kind of caught, because what they really want is your surveillance, but they can't sell it anymore if you don't have the number. So, my children don't have a number.
So, I told them as, either go to the SSA and asked for some sort of response and I told them use the fictitious name because I don't want them to ask for proof that they've not been assigned a number.
When the SSA will just assign them a number, right?
Trick them into assigning a number so I said use a fictitious name and ask them what I'm getting a driver's license in the same like John Smith.
Can you verify that no number has been issued, right? So that way it's a process and they'll tell you what to do this. Then you go back to the DMV and you say, look, I've already asked I don't have a number of our credit get one in order to pay tax on the driver's license.
All right. So that's where we are now. You may have, you may have that situation, as well. It's going to become more difficult.
Back at the outcome, we kind of asked them what happens with, if you don't have a number?
But I think the lady said that they had a form to fill out, OK, basically saying that you don't have a form, and you're a non resident alien.
Like, I don't know if that makes sense or not, but now it doesn't matter you're a US citizen having not having a, an SSN and does not mean you're not a US citizen. I mean, that's a different subject, US citizenship, but I'm just saying, the number itself doesn't make you a legal person. I know in the movies they make it look like if you don't have an SSN, you're not legal or something. Or you don't exist, it's ridiculous. But I know, back in the nineties, when I looked into this, I asked my Congressman back in Arizona, and I said, Hey, what's this with the SSN?
Am I required to have an SSN to work and I got a letter back in the letter said, You're not required to have, there's no law that requires anyone to have an SSN to live or work in the United States. Now, I don't have that letter anymore.
That was back in the nineties, but many people had that letter and that just underscores the fact that you don't have to have one. So as long as you don't have one, it becomes easier to interact with these agents.
Yeah. one other question I had about, the best CEOs, try merged mean anything to actually go, well, that's just, that's a convenient way to get your credit file all consolidated together.
From Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.
mean, do they actually do something with a number versus just making one up?
Well, if you have an ..., you're the one that, you're, the one that use that number to get a credit file, Right, So they'll use it, right? Yeah, they'll rely on that number? That's fine.
I do that, My wife does that. My children do that. My children don't have an SSN. They use a nine digit number for that credit file.
In fact, my daughter just bought a car last year.
And she has her credit file?
In fact, she didn't even have a driverless car with it. We used a, I think it was an Australian driver's license, which is not actually the DMV database, but still they accept it.
It's crazy.
OK, well, I think I've taken up a lot of people's time, so I appreciate the answers.
And, touched on the phone a couple of weeks ago, OK, let me know, check. I'm sorry, Sometimes I miss it, but yeah, I'll check.
Hello problem. It was non work related, so it was more like a fun thing.
So, I'll start. Thanks so much already. So my wife and children, but what do you recommend for success? But, OK, so, succession planning, I mean, if you don't have children, I mean, typically, if you're six, if you're, if you want to pass on your wealth, or ideas, or whatever to the next generation that you don't have children. I mean, here's what I recommend, look around for where you can set up an endowment contract.
An endowment is the use of capital for a specific purpose, and usually is tax exempt.
Not that I care.
But, that's one thing. The other thing is, for succession planning is Write a book.
We, as older people, over the age of 50 or 60, we have a lot to teach the people, especially now, but the way they're polluting our environment, I mean, they're almost fomenting.
So, succession planning.
Pick something that you can fund, that is going to benefits society. I mean, that's the way I look at it. So, the way I look at it is right, like right now, I've got a couple of projects. one is I'm producing with the help of an engineer and producing an engine.
That is extremely efficient.
In fact, the engine runs off of sewage.
Now, it's nothing new, and I'm just putting into production, that's it.
All right. It's all technology, I'm putting it into production. That's what I'm doing.
That is my, one of my things, you know, for my, let's call it legacy. If you want to do something like that, the very minimum I would recommend is to write a book.
And if you have content, or a guide line about what kind of, what do you want to publish?
You can actually pull all of the data from the Internet.
In fact, this new, I know it's evil, But this new chat, G P T, I think it's called artificial intelligence, AI, you can pose certain questions to this AI system, and it will generate content, and you can put a book together quite quickly, So something to take about.
Know, if you're doing what succession planning.
If you already have money, and and and resources like land or or tools or businesses or things like that.
Think about how, I mean, I'm thinking, how would I benefit society?
How can I set this up to where I can take this thing that maybe I developed, then make it be been around for 100 years?
So, I don't know what that looks like.
But that's what when I've had this conversation once in awhile, and that's what I tell people, Write a book.
Asked to answer the question. What can I do to influence young people?
Do I write a book? Do I do a video series? Do I produce a product? Do, I start a business.
OK, that's why I, like, you hear me say, once in a while, you hear me say I'm corrupting the youth because I am, the youth is the people that lack knowledge. Right?
So, if I have a certain area of knowledge, I want to convey to those people, because people are smart, I just trust that they're smart, and once I let them know something that they never thought of before, that can run with it, OK, That's why I look at it. If it's my children, succession planning, means my children are going to follow certain moral principles. They follow a certain sound business practices.
And I think that doing that, allows them to develop things that serve other people, in a moral way, OK? Certainly, my first concern is, can I get rich, right? Can I make a lot of money on anything? Yeah, I want to do that. But I also want to, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna invest in like advice. I'm not just investing in gambling. Right. I don't care. I don't care about buying penny stocks on anything.
What I'd like to do is invest in something that is going to support people in the future.
This is going to be something that, you know, it's gonna serve people in the future.
That's why, I mean, I know it's stupid, but I'm not going to invest in lithium.
It's a dumb, it's a dumb decision. OK, I can tell you right now because you're gonna make a lot of money and lithium, but what you're doing is, you're getting involved in the climate change agenda.
So, I like to invest in things that serve people.
So, as far as, you know, plan, going forward, succession planning, that's what I look at. What do I do with my resources? What do I do with my ideas? And, what am I going to do to preserve them?
I can tell you right now, for $50, I can, I can write a book that, I don't know, it could be 45 pages.
It could be 95 pages. I could put that together in a week.
All right.
For $50, I can put that book on the shelf, at Barnes and Noble, and Amazon in a month.
That's how I, that's what I think of when I think of succession planning.
I don't know, I mean, do you guys want to weigh in on that item?
How did we give our assets, stiftung members, if something were to happen to us?
All right, so what is that? You don't need the thing anymore, You don't need the asset anymore, OK?
Well, whatever is controlling the asset, whatever legal structure is managing that asset, you have the authority over. So, in the legal structure, it's going to be the operating agreement or something. It's going to be the credentials. How that asset has managed, right. So, you want to give over the credentials.
Like, for myself, if I disappear today, my wife could go and get my ledger book on paper and it has access credentials to accounts that she doesn't normally use right now. But she can go get that and she can use those accounts.
Now, the question is, for me, I mean, Sure, I can do that, but does she know what to do with that? So that's the other part of it.
So, when you talk about succession planning, you want to bring your family in and get them on the same page. So I have a regular conversation with my children about things. And they always roll their eyes, and they're not interested in their in their teens, and some of them are 22 are intertwined.
What I'm saying is succession planning is really about conveying morality to your children, or to the younger generations, and moving forward.
So, I don't know what that looks like. It's different for everybody.
How do we give our assets, I don't know if you want to give your assets.
But what I would suggest is that your children B, educated and learn how to respect the assets that are there then how to use those assets, OK.
It's not just a piece of paper, that's really what I'm getting to.
All right.
Sorry about that.
I get curious I guess I don't understand about crypto, for crypto being purchased. But, cash for crypto. Currency, yeah. So, I'm just telling you what the IRS is, So if I take dollars and I buy cryptographic currency, Virtual currency, that's not a purchase.
According to the IRS, I didn't say that it's that, then, you can look it up. But what is considered a purchase is taking virtual currency that I own, that I have the private keys to, and then using it to buy other virtual currency from someone else where I acquire the private keys.
That's a purchase.
I'm just telling you what they're saying.
OK, can I ask for clarification on it?
Here, you're, you're using crypto.
Say, you have Ethereum and you have the private keys for it and you're, you're not just having somebody, you're, you're trading Ethereum for bitcoin, let's say.
That is a purchase.
Yes. If if the coin you're the virtual currency you're acquiring with the virtual currency you have is owned by somebody else. Yes. That is a purchase. An exchange is owned by an exchange.
Well no, an exchange is different because like Coinbase for example.
It does not convey the private key so you never acquire ownership.
Oh, so the key is the acquiring of the private keys. Yes. That is the property ownership. So all right.
So does it then, like, you can't have A.
Some something in my computer just screwed up. All right.
So, um, so in other words, if you want to buy a car with crypto, that is a purchase.
Nano a person of way.
If you want to buy a car with cryptocurrency OK. It might be considered a disposition of an asset.
It might be Let's just say it is. So I took cryptographic currency and let's call it a coupon or barter exchange.
Prudential forget kryptos, let's just look at the barter exchange rules.
So if I took a cryptocurrency and I traded it for a car, the car as far as the iris is concerned is priced in dollars. I'm not going to argue with him on that. I could. I'm not going to. I'm just saying.
So, yeah, you're, You're taking crypto coins, and you're buying a car with it, and so, you're spending money. There's a disposition of assets.
So, technically, it could be taxable. They're not going to see this.
But just the same, I would structure the purchase as either alone, or my LLC, for example, is going to take the time to the car, that way, it's not a question.
I still don't understand it, or else. I don't want to take up any more time.
Um, so, um, alright, so, the same would occur if you if you wanted to buy a house with crypto. Exactly the same transaction. So, if I take crypto and I buy real estate real estate, it's just because the IRS is going to see real estate as priced in dollars.
Now, I can tell them, I can tell the IRS, Hey, um, I didn't buy this real estate price in dollars. I bought it priced in salt.
I mean literally sold, right, I'm not talking about crypto clamp so they will say, Ha-ha-ha so funny. We think it's worth this very dollars. Therefore, we're going to conclude that you received this many dollars. That's just how they do things.
So, I give them that. I'm not going to argue with them on that.
So, what I'm saying to you is, if you take a thing that the IRS will later say, has a certain value in dollars, I would just simply title the thing in an LLC.
Or I would use the thing that currency like the Kryptos and I would make it a loan for acquiring the property.
That's how I would avoid the IRS saying, you got this game.
It's a game.
I'm not going to argue with them on that. I could just not going to do that. So then they will assess an amount and you will owe tax on it. Is that what you're saying? They never make an assessment. The IRS doesn't make an assessment, but here's what you're gonna run into.
You're going to run into a situation where, if I take crypto coins and I buy a house, for example, or a car, let's say it's worth, whatever it is.
It's $100,000 and I just put it, well, I took the coins.
And I bought something the IRS says is priced in dollars.
Well, just because I said it's priced in bitcoin, doesn't change. Anything that are still gonna say yeah, it's priced in dollars.
So if I took the title to it and I didn't do it as a loan, and I didn't do it through an LLC, as the owner, it's in my name.
The Iris is going to say that's underreporting.
So whatever fat tax period I reported, if I did not include that transaction, the purchase of the vehicle, let's say for example. The Iris is going to say that you are underreported by the value of the vehicle.
That's just how it is. So how do I avoid that?
Well, when I go to the dealer, and I buy the vehicle, I tell the dealer 1 or 2 things, I say, The money's coming from XYZ Company, That's the lien, though, the loan, the lender, or the money's coming from XYZ company, that's the owner, dealer doesn't care, it is raise up the documents. There you go.
OK, so if I just do that minor thing, now, the vehicle, for example, is not mine.
Or if it is mine, I borrow the money to acquire it.
So it doesn't create a taxable situation underreporting, OK, OK, OK, Thank you.
All right, right, so let me go to stray.
What's going on strike? Hey, how's it going? All right.
OK, I just need a little reminder so for the LLC we have, that's owned by the PNA, of course. We really didn't have a lot going on, but we then got 10 99 from someone.
Um, obviously someone we did business with and so we're trying to avoid creating tax liability.
And so I'm trying to remember if you said that doesn't matter, to file on or we can reboot it or something like that.
Or, I don't remember how to make it to where any reported income, if it's going to be on a 1099, it gets reported to your LLC that doesn't follow return.
You have to do that before their accounting function determines that you have an income.
So one way to do it is you just call him I sent a letter.
You say hey guys, any money or regarding our contract the contract is with this LLC and is here's his EIN, and then I give the W nine.
The W nine certifies the correctness of the EIN so that separates the payment from yourself.
Then you avoid the taxability.
I don't know if you want to, Should I do that as soon as possible?
So we, we did, but we got from the IRS that little sheet.
OK for underreporting?
No, I just said it was the 1999, and that was like, it showed, you know, what we owed or something like that. Yeah.
So, if whoever reported attending an event, if you didn't tell them ahead of time, the monies paid out to an LLC or a trust or something, then they gave it to.
I'm confused though, because we gave them the name. So, it's in the LLC name. Perfect.
Gonna let you go. So, if the 10 99 is in the name of the LLC, hopefully the EIN is on there.
Yeah, OK. Cool, So now, the LLC can have different tax consequences and yourself. If the LLC is not filing return, you literally can do, there's nothing to do.
So there's nothing for us to do already.
No, no tax liability has been created because your LLC got a 1099.
That's what we want, OK?
OK, so, OK, I don't know. I guess I maybe I got mixed up with some other document. I was like, oh, no, wait, I miss something up.
I know I have to start over something. No, no, no, no, I get 10 ninety nine's every year every quarter.
I get it from Lulu from Publishers. Joint ventures They come to my LLC. I scan them, put them in a folder.
Let it go. I don't follow terms.
OK, so this was from somebody we worked with, and that still means: Well, I don't know why they send it to us then. Because that's an accounting function. The accountant is going to say, This is the right thing to do. I'm not going to question him.
Sure. I mean, it's not the right thing to do, but who cares? It doesn't hurt you.
As long as you set up your structure properly and you're getting your 10 99 made correctly, everything else is fine. They can do whatever they want.
So, they're, if they're the ones that second aren't, aren't they going to be expecting something, or only until we file, and that creates that junction? and they know, they're going to do 10 99 because it becomes a right.
For whoever issued the tenant nine, all right, then, for yourself, for your company, there's no reporting issue, because the company doesn't follow a tax return.
Now, if it did file a tax return, it would have to bring that 10 99 in there.
And they would have to accommodate, you know, it would have to claim that's exempt, or whatever, the taxes on that. It gets messy.
It's very simple.
If your LLC receives attending, I don't care if it's a million dollars or $10 million, as long as it doesn't file a tax return, there is no tax liability, that's what I thought, OK? Yeah!
Crazy concept, but, I know.
I've not, I've not had a problem, OK, OK, so that's why you're saying, Yeah, go and put all well. I don't wanna say, all, but the business ideas I've told you about in that.
See, every time, it's like, you know, it's always the LLC that deals with the world to the LLC has an EIN yaz a signer for it. You go to the know your customer process. You give up your SSN, all that stuff, but the liability always falls on the LLC and we can manage it that way.
It doesn't have to file a tax return, if it, if you get the 1099 big problem.
Yeah, it is weird that it showed up at our address.
Because I haven't given that out, and I guess it doesn't even matter though, right? It's still in the company name, and Yeah, but yeah, that's the other thing too.
I mean, you guys should control how people are accessing you through the mail and address, like the other day my daughter got a letter that she shouldn't have received at this, my address.
So what we're doing is, we're just going to file a change of address notification with the post songs, I don't want that address to be associated with her name.
Yeah, of course. Yeah, you have to control that.
So that's another matter, OK?
Yeah, if we do business with this individual, again, what do we just don't send it to that address? I don't know.
Well, I mean, if you can separate the address, you, can you can give him a PO box. You give them a mailing address, right? Yeah, yeah, Yeah, It takes it out, right.
Yeah. You're the boss, you control that. So, yeah, like, you can actually change all that, You can do a W nine. You can do a change of address notification, all these things. You're the one that controls your information.
So, should I have given him a W nine? Because, I mean, I think we just ask for the name and my dad just gave him the EIN.
It's proper, but apparently he did it correctly so he doesn't need it that denies. The only reason they're doing ...
is to shift the burden on the reporting party, and to make them liable. So that if they make a mistake, they're liable.
That's what you could do with the W nine.
OK, so you give that to any third party. Yeah.
Anybody who's gonna remit payment for something that you care about, then you wanted to go to an LLC, you give them a W nine. OK, I'll just turn out 100 W nice, and you can do that, too, yeah. I have a file my computer with an EIN and they're the file name is the EIN for the LLC. Anytime I needed, I don't even have to open the file, the ... right there, and then I can open a W nine. I can I can type out the eye and do all that. print it, sign it, and mail it. I've done that before PayPal.
Yeah, that's what you want to do.
OK, thank you.
All right, questions? All right, JB cap. What's going on?
A gentleman's going on.
I have a couple of questions. The first one is how, OK, So, currently, what the exchanges and the IRS, mostly, the IRS, and looks how they're getting around the exchanges from issuing 299 is to do the John Doe songs.
Right, You haven't seen that, where they just, They request a bulk collection from like, 4 or 5 years going back, and then they started setting through it. And then, they go and then start, I guess, mailing people saying, I guess, we believe you had a taxable event. Who's doing that? Well, the IRS, the IRS is doing why an audit summons, John Doe summons to the exchanges.
So, I'm wondering, how does that work, because I haven't seen that yet, but I don't see a need for you to respond to that right now.
It's my, Yeah, it doesn't create a duty for you, right? Because there's no paper trail, other than the presumption from the IRS based on the information they got from the exchange. Right, because we don't get to see that, but the IRS sees it.
So, we can't, I guess, Heigl challenge that, right. I would like to see the document. Because, if you have a dose salmons that is not legally enforceable upon you.
I've been to many content hearings in the district or on Summonses, and I can tell you, right now, if you have a generic John Doe summons for an audit summons you can ignore it.
Well, the irises, John Doe summing, the exchanges the requesting for five years of data. All right. Well then you have control of that because you get your dear to the coming to Coinbase.
So the only thing you can do is ask Coinbase you know what is your data retention policy, that sort of thing, but Coinbase can give up your data to third parties, then what?
Right, that's the question.
I don't know, because you would, you should be able to see that deer to be able to respond to them.
Based on the accuracy of it Why respond, OK? So, no cares Who cares what? Who cares about all your financial information?
Now, I don't like doing this, but I'm just saying, who cares if the iris?
is given that information by Coinbase, right, what, what does that how does that impact me at all? It doesn't create any legal duty for me, I can ignore that.
So go ahead guys.
Yeah, have at it. Look at my stuff.
Well, wait an OMB number on it that there's that issue but I'm just saying well what consequence is it to you?
Well I just wanted to verify that because I know you know the obligation is once you get a 1099, because it goes to the IRS and you have to basically balance that out, right?
You have to report OK 40 if the 10 99 is issued to a taxpayer, sure it's going to create a need to reconcile but what's the taxpayer? Well it's someone who file the tax return. If your LLC is not for the tax return, then this is of no consequence to the LLC.
That's why we're having people do that.
So what difference does it make?
Right. I'm, I'm asking that because it leads up to the point, because there could be incorrect information exchanges. What we've seen with other options, it is incorrect. Yeah, well, I mean, when we have established accounts, we give them the proper identification like the EIN for the LLC, but somehow, you know, maybe, you know, a low entry, hino data entry clerk puts our SS in, and they're under net.
That's why I give my Debbie nine, because the people like that.
When you give them a W nine, it shifts the burden back on the, these people, the cracking, or whatever, right?
But, if the IRS can can go look at all your information so way, that doesn't create a tax liability.
And I thought it was interesting because I had communicated with Crackin and bit tricks, and submitted a W nine to them. They said, We don't process this. We don't accept this will recognize it because we don't issue two hundred ninety nine's, punchy, idiots. It doesn't matter sen the W nine anyways, because the purpose is to shift the burden of proof on them.
Well, I did. And so they have it on there. Exactly, that's all you gotta do. It doesn't matter what they say in response.
Just sending it to them. It's like A notice there. It is, right. It's like that. Notice you see when you park your car in a public place where there's entertainment that says we're not responsible for items stolen from your car, right, OK with the purpose of the notice is not to help you protect your items. It's to divest the owner of the property from liability, because he told you she's not liable right, So when you send a W nine, now, you're not liable for incorrect reporting on 1099. They are.
OK, so, if they accept it or not, you just give them advice. That's great info. So, I'm just going to go off a little bit further on this idea in case somebody wanted to.
So, how would we what's the, what's the procedure for correcting an incorrect to 99 issued from, like, a bank or another Institute? You can write to the issuer and ask that it be corrected. What I've found over the years is that it's ignored.
When I get those with the kryptos, I usually do a termination letter request, and I get no, I go deal with the IRS, but I also copy the 10 99 issue, or like cracking, or whatever. They ignore me.
But the IRS doesn't ignore me.
Actually, I should say sometimes.
It does, but But yeah, I mean, you just do the right thing, so I Don't know math.
OK, It's changing gears circling back to the the crypto I guess custody question that was asked earlier. I remember from previous discussions Is that it's a disposition of assets are beneficial interests?
So a person the person cryptocurrency transaction is Is not a cell because you have not disposed of your beneficial interests in your crypto because it's a cryptocurrency asset OK?
Technically if you Trade your coins for someone else's and that's someone else is not your spouse or family member in your same household It's a different beneficial interests.
So, if you change your bitcoin for someone else's theory or something, that is a sale. That is a purchase.
It's just is, now, it is not going to be seen by the IRS, right? Just realize that.
So technically, it is a purchase, but it's not going to be seen the IRS right now. There's no reporting on the blockchain.
They're only doing that through Coinbase, right? And all these changes. Yeah.
So just keep that in mind. But technically under their definition, it isn't purchase.
Doesn't mean it's taxable, it's just a purchase.
OK, so I understand the whole concept with it being on Exchange, because they own the crypto currency graphic, But how would that work for most defy applications?
because you have to interface your wallet, and you still own Your private key, OK?
Look at it Just like you have a gold coin in your hand, and you're trading with other people at a meetup group, OK, that's exactly what you're doing OK, maybe it's a tax situation, but Who's gonna see that?
It's private.
OK, That's how coins or coins are treated the same way as gold.
That's why I can say these things this is nothing new It's been around for a century.
Right? That's why I thought since it was cryptocurrency, it's there's no difference, right? You're like I remember you were phrasing it that you're just changing. I guess the flavor of the color of it. Basically, you know, you still own cryptocurrency so you haven't lost it. You haven't sold it.
You still own your beneficial or you're interested in cryptocurrencies. So a trade beneficial interest rate has never changed.
So I can put go to my sock drawer, or I can buy golden my evolve, or I can put gold. I can give it to my daughter and she can put in her ball in her apartment.
But it's still mine.
Alright, so the beneficial interest heparin had been the same.
There's no disposition, but even if there were a disposition like I sold my neighbor, right? He gave me cash!
See that? I didn't see that.
Technically, yeah, I sold it, but they can't see it.
Right? So, Swamping Bitcoin for Ethereum from two different parties, me to another person my beneficial interests in cryptocurrency has not changed. So it shouldn't be assemble or disposition of assets well if you change your coins OK, you exchange them for someone else's coins You mean For somebody else's private key. Yeah, That would be a change in beneficial interest.
That is your disposition of assets and again, no way to see that, right? they're not tracking that right now.
Not trading, not trading but swamping Ethereum for bitcoin, That's not, I'm not trading my private key, I'm just moving Assets wrong.
Well, What do you mean? Are you, Do you have to bring in another person who has another coin that you want?
Yes, That is changing beneficial interests, which is a disposition of assets, OK? That is a taxable event.
But Direst can't see it.
OK, Alright, just see if you, If you're interests change, chances are it's going to be a disposition of assets.
I'm not a fan of the IRS. I'm just telling you, I like to do.
I like to look at things in terms of whatever rules it's farming, all right, because if I can do that, it doesn't matter if I agree with the rules. But if I can get around, the liabilities created by the rules will then everything is legal and great.
And that's why I explain it that way.
Yeah, there is a disposition of asset because there's a change in beneficial interests.
The direst can't see it, it's just like a cash transaction.
If I bought Gold from my neighbor and I gave them cash, is he going to tell me, No, am I going to tell him, do human beings operate and and so let's just say the government was deprived of his tax revenue so what, they're already taken too much anyways.
Right. Now, I agree with me. I don't want to give any more to Ukraine than it needs, Right? Yeah. Oh, my gosh, let's. Not human trafficking anymore. But yeah, just know what you're doing, right? Yeah. It's a taxable thing, but so what?
Right, OK, my last question is work. How do we get a copy of this video and the previous such sessions that you can I have it I will give you the URL.
I'll put it in the ace of coins link I'll put an ace of coins on Telegram.
All right, that's all the questions I have. Thanks for taking the right. Thanks so much. All right, so Truth Rising. Thanks for your patience.
OPM, previously, working on this, can you hear me?
Emily, OK.
You just have to get the answer to the last question about how to get the recording, I'm gonna, I'm gonna give you the link on Telegram to last week's call, and this week's.
OK, thank you.
So, I'm at the point and we've talked about Roundup membership association arad circulating alternative method.
We have tax free, free means of Exchange and I, for one, have not been giving to the IRS for many decades. And I want to go out into the space in a major way and stay that way, because I do not want to support criminality.
So, my question is, I've been looking at where I'm going to file my company.
I actually got a registered Agent, Delaware, but I don't know.
Because, there is this, if you file in Nevada, then you can, they don't report to the IRS, even though it's really expensive.
It's like almost $500, cost $500 every year.
Reporting to the IRS because I saw it's more private.
Do you think that would be good Insulation?
If I truly want to de fund corruption by not supporting the IRS, alright, well, that's irrelevant. No state reports to the IRS, nevada's not special, with the exception of Nevada, requires a business license to get an LLC registration, so that's why I avoid Nevada.
OK, maybe I differentiate it.
Just a site that I looked up that said, that was different, that way.
Yeah, because look at who's telling you that there's an article on the internet on some website, and because they're promoting, it's probably a law firm.
Promoting organizer. Organizing Nevada corporations.
I say. Sorry.
Me just pick a state. I mean, Nevada's not special, it just costs more, and you have to get a license. I mean, I don't want to license to set up a company. I'd rather use Colorado or New Mexico or something, Florida.
Yeah, I'm thinking of doing New Mexico. China, recall the piece about whether I need to use a different state.
Apologize. I know that's really when we set up, when, let's say, live in Kentucky and we set up a New Mexico LLC, We get you an address into Mexico, valid address. And you can use that when the articles are registered. And you can use that when you open a bank account.
But the bank sometimes gives you a hard time, thought by the fact that you live in another state. We usually get around that. But, one of the ways to get around that is by opening the account over the Internet.
If you go into a bank personally, like in Kentucky, the bank won't open the account for the LLC. That's in New Mexico, until it's domesticated in Kentucky. So to avoid that, you just do it over the internet.
Open up an account like this.
Next up.
Yeah. And they should. And it's nice to hear that, so sure. Use that.
Use them OK, OK. Thank you. That's great.
All right.
Questions are in copper, but he got. Hey, John. How are you doing?
So just to just to clarify, what you were saying before, crypto is essentially sends us back into the days of like assault loaning trading companies. No one may be able to see or with the LLC and determine if the beneficial interest is in fact, yours or the LLC's, right?
Like when you're, when we're moving kryptos From person, from person to person. It could be that way. Yeah, it can be anonymous.
Yes, OK, OK, just just wanted to clarify that point that you were making before. After last week's call, I had a light bulb for a way to help like a significant amount of people, and It kinda hit me at like 3 0 AM type thing, and I was like ****, Jeff night awake right now. I probably was, But I want to get your take. And if you're interested, it's not anything that you're not doing already.
But I reached out via telegram.
Is there a better way for us to connect, and maybe have like a 5 or 10 minutes conversation? There's Telegram, but also if you just schedule with me on my calendar, some people scheduled me, and they'd just call me on the phone. So, I'll see their appointment a week later, but they're calling me right now. Pick up the phone, and we talk.
You can do that way. Or text me, yes, OK, all right, Cool.
Um, yeah, I'm always looking for ideas.
I mean, I've got a couple of projects right now, one of which, hopefully this year, we're gonna run the first level of this, which allows us to set up a corporate interest and not have its own banking facility.
So, that means it can set, buy, and sell stock to raise capital. It's outside the SEC that doesn't pay taxes on anything but everybody gets money.
Yeah! Is that going hand in hand with your land situation?
Probably I mean there are two separate projects I mean I've got land I'm basically, I need to put a farmer on there or two and start like a pig farm. So I can get rid of the underbrush because I'm going to produce firewood and charcoal and pellets wood pellets from that from the timber on them on the land. Yeah. and then I have another of an engineer. In fact, this weekend he was showing me, he's got, he built a plasma reactor and this thing is extremely efficient back. He was showing me that he actually took, Let's call it. It's not exactly, I'm speaking of school here, but he took a lawnmower engine and he ran it off of the exhaust from itself.
Awesome, yeah. And yeah, and he tested the exhaust, and 20% of the vapor was oxygen.
Now I don't know if you're aware that our atmosphere is 19.5% oxygen and mostly nitrogen.
That's what we breathe in, 19 78 percent nitrogen. And the rest is oxygen in some noble gasses, OK.
His engine was, he said, It was self, it was feeding itself.
It was running off of ozone exhaust. He couldn't stop it.
That's like, it's essentially an engine that does what trees do, Right. Yeah. Yeah.
I mean, I hate to say, it's uh, What he caught over Unity and stuff like that.
But Anyway, so he kisses engine. It has got these results is like what do I do? So anyways? What I had them do is produce an engine and it looks like a time machine. This is amazing. Apparatus, OK? He took a Honda engine and it converted it and he's taken the exhaust and he's got to a dual system, and he's running the exhaust back into the engine, and he's creating a plasma out of it. So, my thinking is, the money of the future is energy. I mean, money in the past as energy. Absolutely. Yeah, and why aren't we metering our energy and paying a fee for a when we have it, it's already on our property? And this is one example. So, if this works, which I think it will. And so, here's what he told me. He said, we can, we can exceed 50% efficiency.
Now, That's outrageous, 50% efficiency.
So fuel comes in and it produces the energy that we need electricity, whatever, and a 50% deficient.
That is enough to exceed what we're getting right now from natural gas and coal and everything else and nuclear.
That's more efficient, so now we're competing with the whole energy grid.
And so what I want to do is make a product that I can I can at least two people, and so, for example, if a person is paying $200 a month for electricity, you would pay me $100 a month to have the same electricity mm.
Then I can, I can make it to where he becomes the seller of that technology. And then everyone else, actually, people that have land can then produce their own energy.
We don't need the energy companies.
I tell you that the structuring of that is probably the thing that would take the most creative creativity. Just, you figure out who's kind of got what liability and how you can kind of a web. So, this is the back to you. That is the key, And what I'm thinking is, I can produce the apparatus on demand.
OK, I'm not gonna make it like Henry Ford model T mm, and I'm gonna produce with unskilled labor and I'm going to do it in a decentralized way.
So, it's hard to attack where it came from, because 400 places are producing it, love it. Well, yeah, and it's off the shelf technology. That's why another reason why I like it because I go into a Home Depot and make the same product.
And my fuel source is sewage.
I tell you that's going to **** Bill Gates off with Yeah, so I think that's the end game, right? They want to tag all of our energy consumption. Oliver Money use onto our biometric data. We don't have to play that game.
We have that's why they stay created prohibition INO.
It wasn't about people drinking alcohol at barf. It was about farmers making their own fuel.
They wanted to stop that.
That's what it was prohibition was about.
Not, Not bars. Don't care about parks. Yeah. I actually didn't know that.
Yeah. Think about it.
I mean, imagine that farmers, you know, created a product that was fuel, what would the better society look like today? The farmers would be the rock stars.
The school teachers should be the rock stars.
Not the rock stars.
Those shouldn't be rock stars. They're idiots.
Right. The farmers are rock stars. The farmers make things happen. Make things happen.
Yeah, The engineers make things happen.
So anyways, that's the future, I think, is, you know, we can do all this stuff about money, but ultimately it's about resources, 100%. You know what? I'm on that farming note and on succession planning? I mentioned this to you.
Maybe a month or two ago, but on my wife and I are basically, we put together this cafe concept that just buys from local farms and it just it only supports local forms.
And then on the back end, we're creating a content platform to teach people how to essentially sustain themselves and grow their own food and whatnot. So yeah. And you know people, The suburbs like myself, I mean, we should be working with our neighbors.
I mean, I just took my daughters. They can nagging me about going to plan a smoothie for some fruit smoothie, right? Like OK fine, if I take them, desktop nagged me. So I take them over there and I literally get them to small. Smoothies.
It was $20, $20. These are 20 ounce cups. And so I told my wife, after that we got, I got back, I was like, You know, I'm not doing that again.
Because I can literally go get a banana tree from the nursery and put them up. Yup. Oh my gosh.
You know, Foreigners, by bio, that's my dad was a cheap guy, OK? He was poor. He was cheap. Millimeter, I'm not that, I'm rich, but I'm not gonna spend 10 bucks for students through the every time.
I mean, I can, yeah, I can plant a banana tree And I can go to my neighbor and ask for some blueberries.
I don't have to grow blueberries. Millimeter hmm.
Millimeter, hm.
So anyways, This is the near future, I think, you know, we should be using our 150 acre of land to make stuff we can get 100%. Yeah, 100%. That's going to happen awesome, Hey, I'm gonna schedule that appointment and and call you so we can Yeah, look forward to that out.
Thanks for somebody's asking about if you want a lottery, OK so if you win the lottery the lottery is pegged to a human being. There's no such thing as a corporation winning the lottery as far as I understand.
So if I'm gonna win the lottery, for example, can't argue with this. It's going to be a taxable event.
It's just one of those things. It's taxable.
So what I would do Let's say it's a million dollars I would take my lottery winning ticket and I would trade it four something I would trade it for business.
I mean, I will traded at 50% of its value, or 25% of its value, whatever I. can negotiate, OK, Because the person that's going to trade the ticket for it, I want him to have a lot of the money.
I just want to use a little bit of value of the money.
I don't need all that money, So I would take a lottery winning, and I would probably buy maybe, an auto repair shop in my town, and then the person who I treated with would get the difference.
So, if he sold me as an auto repair shop for one million dollars, you walk away with a cash of about a quarter million dollars.
Let's just say, I'm just saying, that's how I would do it. Using a legal structure that doesn't matter, they, the lottery system doesn't work that way.
You can't shield an L I'm sorry, a lottery winning in a legal structure.
Bottom line, because it is taxable and even if you could shield it in an LLC, it's still going to be taxable.
Can't help you on that one. There's no tax deferred it or anything it is a taxable activity. Lottery winnings gambling is a taxable activity.
Just like making guns to say.
All right, if Coinbase keeps a private key will exchange can I purchase crypto and get the private key?
Well, the business model of third party crypto exchanges is to retain the private key it's just not going to work.
So if you want to retain the private key of your coins, you're going to have to use an application or hardware device that allows you to do that, you're not going to find it.
I mean, these guys are not going to give it up that's just how they operate Cracken, Coinbase, whoever.
That's just the way it is.
I think it's a cool thing.
Mean, I don't put a lot of money in those exchanges, but I'm just saying it's cool.
If those guys want to be the owner of the coins I can trade them all day long, and not have a tax liability, Right.
So that's why, I can't see the Zoom from February event.
Yeah, OK, so I'm not going to be doing this call live on February nine. I might put a video up that I'm not going to do, and I've got nine. That's next week.
You guys gonna protect me at all costs, all right? Well, I'd like to be around. So, there's a lot of cool things we can do. But it makes you think about all the military installations. But yeah, I mean, there's, There's a lot of considerations here, guys. Running into a very interesting scenario. We have the climate change agenda, which is totally fake. There's no climate change.
I don't know if you guys, most of you probably understand this, but it's all fake, OK.
They want us to get rid of stop using traditional resources, natural gas and thing, these things.
But, we're going to find out, I think, a lot of the countries are finding out, is that we have to go back to, um, nuclear power uranium, OK, not solar panels, uranium, things, of that nature, to produce energy. That's the most efficient, actually as uranium.
The train system, those are the most efficient ways to transport goods and produce energy And there is some technology from the sixties not to get out of the subject, but, I mean, we're talking about money and how it's, you know, people are exploited, so this is part of it.
But there's a way to convert nuclear reactors into what's called breeder, reactors.
Breeder reactors, have low pressure, that's what makes nuclear reactors. Dangerous is to have high pressure.
So, if you convert it to a breeder reactor, you're not going to have the high pressure. And so it becomes basically as harmless as a campfire and as efficient as you could possibly imagine uranium. Right?
And it's old school technology, now, of course, there's other things that are more efficient, but I'm just saying, I think that's the future. So, not to get too far off something.
Yeah, alright, so we're, hey, Ray, what are you working on?
I just wanted to make sure You saw my chat with you on telegram: OK.
Oh, look, Yes, Thank you. All right. Yeah, That's interesting. I'm eager to see if they're going to mean at some point they're going to die the motion, right?
And what is for an answer, OK?
They denied it OK, Then we got like 20 days to file a 14 12 now.
Perfect. So typically, what we're gonna do is deny each and every allegation.
So this is a case where the Department of Justice is trying to try to take your house from penalties.
So, and so, we're really on the cusp of filing an H O A covenant, and I think that that covenant we can use to protect your interest in the real estate, so even if they were to succeed and sell your house, if that's what they want to do, they're never going to get it.
Because the ...
do's would compensate you, and it would leave you with the actual lien rights to take the property back. Millimeter hmm.
So, what would the 26 A, the 26 A admissions, willing to come in?
OK? So, the 26 says It is a procedural requirements under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which is where we we disclose certain things, they have to disclose certain things to us.
Also, if we're going to do an answer, We probably have to e-mail them up, and Department of Justice, and ask about maybe a trial scheduling order.
So, when I look at your telegram message, I'll go and I'll let you know, OK. All right, Yeah. That's agile.
Yeah. That's good progress. I think you're looking at probably a year's worth of litigation if you want to call it that.
And I would say by in the next 1 or 2 months, we should put the ...
covenant in place Then it really won't matter what they do.
I don't care, you know, because, you know, people are so afraid of the IRS but what they don't understand is the Department of Justice is the that's the evildoers financial crimes that were FinCEN. That's the evil doers, not the IRS.
Right, right.
I don't default on anything. If they send me an answer. Timely, OK. Exactly. We want to make sure we keep the keep going. I still want to follow a strategy where I'm going to try to challenge jurisdiction, but I'm also going to ask for summary judgement. That's probably gonna get denied, but at least maybe I can create an appeal will issue but in the in the, in the end, even if they are to, when they still can't get your property and I think that's what they want, they want to punish you.
She appears that yeah, it'd be unreliable purchase.
Yeah, I mean, they don't really need your property. They just want to punish you.
You know, I've had a few cases like that last few years.
That's what they do. I mean, they use financial crimes that were talked to rack up, all these fees and penalties as another do, the tax, It's just that they say that you fill out forms correctly.
That's the whole idea, is ridiculous, I've been naughty.
Yeah, exactly. You didn't sound like they were prejudice because they already had the information. No, you didn't fill out the form correctly.
You didn't tell on yourself, so therefore, you always $5000 for every time you didn't do that.
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, I didn't feel anything, They don't like that exactly, I wouldn't do it at all.
OK, All right, thanks, Yeah, Thanks for letting me know.
Alright, so, let us see, what do you, believe? I have a question about the Form 9 1 1 section. That says 12 A Describe your tax issue, described tax issue, you are facing in any difficulties in me created.
So, I put in this answer and then putting it in, uh, the chat, and this this took your answer to the last one that we did, and I expanded on What we've been doing At am I giving them too much information Is what I'm asking you here?
Hmm? Hmm, OK. You put it in the chat.
I've put it. All right.
So, um, if the answer to what issues oh, yeah, OK. Right.
So that's the answer to what the question what issues is this creating for you or make me OK? Yeah, exactly. So the theme is that it's a financial hardship.
That's how I do all of these. That's their language.
OK, I did read OK. So, I said that.
And then I put in that we do the Oh I see from all these years and then, he went and Rehabbed re-evaluated, the 618 and 20 forms in, like, OK, we're already doing this.
Why, do you know, like, how stupid, I know it is and we keep on doing it. It's just, it's a machine. So, we telephone. So, when they do a levy.
notice thoroughly notice, we do a collection, due process hearing that shuts down Lena levy process. So, as I say, an offer in compromise, again.
So am I, and am I saying the correct thing here is what I'm asking you, I'm looking at that, looks fine.
OK, all right, yes, I can do, What do I do? I need to wait for a response for them. But I think didn't Smith say? He wanted the, Oh, I see, and everything, by the 14th, yes.
He did, OK. All right. So, I'll just do that then. Exactly.
And I made an appointment with you for Tuesday afternoon, so it gives me time to, because this is going to be a lot of work for the OSC, but the the 9 1 1 in the the other the JD offer The moody form. The 1 5 1 Oh, my gosh, it's such Go 1 to 1 1 5, 3 due process hearing. Yes, OK, So those are our, I think there are almost done, I've had, I had a lot of problem with Adobe.
So, that's, that's why they're not done by now.
But I'm going to have to, I spent an hour and a half on the phone with him today trying to figure out, I wouldn't like, Wow! it wouldn't let me print. And then it wouldn't save the document.
Did you get the right driver?
Maybe you have an old computer, is one of those computers, we have to crank it.
Like, there's a handle on the side. I know it's only if I'm a computer geek.
I can talk in the back in the 19th century.
Charles Babbage. It was his girlfriend who actually came up with the binary system that we use today in software. I mean, we wouldn't have modern computers if it weren't for his girlfriend, but I'm saying this guy. He was so amazing.
He created a mechanical system, that number, crunch 10 digit numbers, and base 10.
And in fact, it was so complicated that he couldn't build it in his time. And that was only in the 18 hundreds.
And fast forward to, like 90 something, there was some university professor.
He got funding from somebody, and it cost a million dollars, I think.
And so whoever did it funded to, of these machines and it was called Babbage's Analytical Engine. And it was literally a cranking hand cranking device that operate on the base 10 number system. And it literally did algebraic equations and it printed out the answer on a scroll.
So amazing. Oh, my gosh. I mean, how can this guy, this guy did this. And never made it because he didn't even have the tooling to make the precise cuts on all the metal parts.
But once we had that ability, we produced what he put on paper, and it worked perfectly.
Yeah, It just goes to show you, you know, human ingenuity.
And it's still being used today. It works. It actually solves algebraic equations. But anyways. I just, I just thought was so interesting.
So, and so Ray is talking about, no, the, the, the the plasma reactor and I just, I just know that the, the place where your house sits, I don't care if it's an apartment Or if it's an actual, you know, single family, whatever.
The place where your house sits is enough to produce enough energy to run your household.
There is no need to buy the energy from somewhere else, and I'm not taking them out fancy stuff.
Is this the same as zero point energy, when there is that. Yeah, I mean, energy is all around us. The question is, Do we have the ability to capture it, and utilize it? Yeah, we do burying at all the people that they want to make that available. The, the, the very, very dry and kill the people. That's right. And, so, what I'm thinking is, we can produce some of these devices. I mean, I've got like, 20 of them, I'm literally, I'm, I'm talking, like, I told you guys want, I've got like, 20 of these, that I've been researching, And, I know we're all the supplies are.
And, I think, like, a business person, I don't think, like an engineer, I think, like, I can produce this with unskilled labor on demand.
Wow! So, what that looks like is, if I go buy a car, that's a gas engine.
I'm going to buy a car that, has no engine, and the next day, I'm gonna come pick it up, and there's going to be an engine in there, as well. It's going to be the size of a toaster engine.
I'm sorry a toaster oven.
OK, and it's gonna get me a thousand miles per gallon, but it won't exist until I buy it.
That way, I can produce the technology in a way that people can use it, and no one's going to know where it's coming from.
I created distributorship now that technology is already available.
it's been around for at least 20 years.
She's released.
Now, the Russian government has taken it because the guy that produced that particular engine, he has international patents. But of course, if you're a government, you don't have to comply with any laws, you just take stuff.
Because who's going to stop you, right? So the Russian government took his engine and put it in its military.
So they have this engine that's running on, you know, basically it's free fuel.
Has gotten more torque than an air force jet.
Oh, yeah.
And you can, you can manufacture this engine with a stamping machine. You don't need injection molding.
You can literally produces engine with a hand crank, stamping machine and cranked.
You can hand crank something and produce this engine.
That's incredible. And of course, they don't want anybody to know about this now, able to control us. Exactly, and you know, so anyways it goes on and on, but. But the money, OK, the money our money is is private property and it's an intangible private property, right, the use of that money and part of that includes the use of energy.
And so what they want to do is not only do they want to they, the system that we all recognize, OK?
And that the Bar Association, the government system, the government systems, they want to own the law.
They want to be the gatekeepers of the law.
So what they do is they own words like the word trust, like the other day, we're setting up an LLC for our client and he wanted to use the word trust and his LLC name, which is not necessary, but he wanted to do it. Well, the state says, Oh, you have to get permission from the state banking commission.
Yeah. It just, it just makes you realize who the F are these creatures telling me that I cannot use a word without their permission?
Where are we?
This is going to change and it's going to change when we have the power to make the energy.
When we started doing that, it's going to put us back to where we were with the prohibition before prohibition. Right.
The government wanted to stop the farmers from making their own fuel because the government already knew that it was going to go out offshore to the Middle East and it was going to make a deal with the middle Eastern people to produce energy and then we're going to back our currency with it.
Why would they do that with the farmers?
Whenever they wanted, they should, but they wanted to defeat the farmers.
See, they don't want, see farmers represent autonomy, productivity.
They don't want that from us. They want us to be afraid and rely on them.
They represent life.
Yeah, Farmers in the rock star. Yeah, yeah, exactly. They as farmers represent life, and so on, and teachers.
So, does anyone else, you know who's out there promoting enlightenment information and education and things like that?
So that's why the, over the Teacher's Union and turn them into a communist organization that's missing up the kids. I can tell you firsthand, the Teachers Union is doing the bidding of the evil of the world.
But that's gotta change. I mean, you can't keep on doing that.
No. Clinical or waking up, so yeah.
So I mean hopefully I mean I'm showing you all how to manage property and you're being introduced to these concepts of private property and and the tools that you can use to manage it.
That's really what we're doing.
Anybody can set up a bank account with an LLC or a trust. But what are you really doing?
You're managing property rights that do not depend upon statutes or government permission.
She's like what the fate pandemic. The fake pandemic. We've got like I'd say about 35 cases right now. 35 cases in the US District Court of Appeals, and I can tell you that the Federal judges are terrified to rule on these, because we presented the case that is a first impression, it's never been brought before the court.
And we're saying, how can you, how can an employer adopt a policy that ignores the private property rights of its employees?
On the presumption, the speculation, the hypothetical believe that everybody suddenly incurred the same exact illness?
That somehow is deadly that will result in this abomination of people, right? Just wiping them out right is so deadly.
But because it's so deadly, the treatment can only be given by the employer and administered by laymen, without physicians, supervision, or court approval.
How does that make any sense at all?
And so, so I put this question to the appeals court.
No, it's again, it's a private property, right question: when did you get the private property right?
When did you get the power to ignore my private property? Right?
When did it become medically necessary for one person to undertake a medical treatment in order to prevent illness in somebody else?
That's never been true.
That is the whole premise that's the whole premise behind the fake pandemic.
In this the Nuremberg trials is the Nuremberg. Yeah. But, but see, this is the logic of the whole thing.
How can you, how can you base a policy that the covert policy How can you base it on the idea that in order to protect everyone?
You're claiming you, you're going to protect everyone.
First of all, you can't, but let's just say, Let's just say you can't, OK, So you're claiming to protect everyone.
But it's the premises that in order to protect everyone, in order to protect one person, some other person has to undertake a medical procedure, like an experimental vaccine or a clinical trial, or or wear a mask. That's a medical treatment.
That's not even That's a That's an illogical conclusion.
It's not even logical, it's neither logical, I didn't even say the law, and you see how fast? I mean, these judges are so terrified to have to make a ruling. They have no choice now.
We've got like like 35 cases now? I'd say about 12 are fully briefed, maybe six or fully briefed, at least six or fully briefed.
So it's going to be interesting.
You know, and I think people are waking up and they're like, no.
This blockchain technology, yeah, I think it was designed by the Bankers', it was put out into the community to be developed by us, so that it can be used against us, They didn't see this coming.
Guess what, Once we realize that we can write our own Blockchain, and we can separate ourselves from this banking system.
Maybe I'm naive. I think we can do that.
Yeah, I think, I think there's other people that are thinking along the same lines that you're talking about.
Many people I'm talking with are already thinking this way, and we all have our different ways of looking at it.
I have my different ways, so, but yeah, energy is the money and the use of land is money of the future.
The currency is, yeah, we can handle that but, the use of land that's where our problem is, because if you don't have use of your land, mean today we have a feudal system.
We don't know this.
You don't own anything, You cannot own anything. It's a feudal system.
But the feudal system allows us to have exclusive ownership over a parcel of land. So if we lease, at least we have that much. That doesn't mean we have a mineral rights or air rights, right? All those are separate. We're starting to learn all that right now. But it's so crazy. Recover our use of the land, we can then somewhat we regain our society.
Yeah, if the resources are the money. it's not so much the dollars.
I hope this has helped. I mean I didn't really have an agenda for today, but I appreciate your questions.
And yeah, definitely I'm gonna take the call from last week and this week.
I'm gonna give you guys a link on the ace of coins Telegram Listing OK These calls are great in the questions that people ask are great, and it's just amazing.
Yeah, truth had another question would you have thank you so much for this call and I'd like to talk with you more and everybody here because we seem to be manifesting something really, truly honest and moral and worth living toward and giving to our children.
We've had a great call, but I I'll save it for the call after this, but it's about how we're going to use a blockchain to get into a debt free tax free form, Yeah, thank goodness.
That's the future, Yeah, Good point, Thank you.
All right, and, Michael, you had a question?
Yeah, I had a quick question, but it was such a great call.
I hate to ended by go into something functional, because, uh! Yeah.
Just a functional question about protecting assets.
Well, yeah, I've got some vehicles that I want to move into, an LLC, just because they're company vehicles.
I'm wondering, is there any way I can change title, if there's financing on there?
Sure, you can. You should be able to either change title, or put a lien on the on the vehicle title.
The, as long as the beneficial interest, don't change, the lender should not care.
So you'd have to check with a letter, because they're not gonna allow you to do that without the certificate of title. So, you have to check with a lender, just tell them what you're doing. Just say, here's how you do it. You tell the lender, Hey, I want to change the title of this vehicle for estate planning purposes.
And I'm going to retain the beneficial interest that, and you might end up having to talk to a manager.
Now, with that said, it's probably not necessary to do that. Vehicles are OK to be in your name Individually.
There's really not much benefit, in most cases, to put them into an LLC.
OK, but if I had employees driving them around when they're in the company name, should I? Yeah, It makes sense, like I would. OK, so in that case, vehicles, I would separate the vehicle from my business because you know, that's a huge liability.
And then I'll at least some back, So it would be for tax planning purposes, right? And risk management that you want a title of vehicles and a different company name. So, what I would do first is contact the lender and let them know what you want to do, and just be prepared.
Because that first person who talked to who's gonna give you feedback and say, now, I can't do that, so, you just go up the chain, right? You talk to the manager, and eventually they're gonna say, Yeah, OK, we can do that. Here's what you have to do.
You just want to change the title, so that the company that's making the money and it has the brand recognition, does not add the liability of the vehicles.
OK, so, if I open an LLC, I start an LLC and title, do I even have to register that LLC?
In that case, yeah, they just didn't want to registered. If you're gonna take total vehicles. Yeah, sometimes you don't have to register.
I've done the real estate.
Yeah, OK Yeah I'm working on doing that changes In real estate to unregistered ... because Yeah.
Sometimes you don't need to register the LLC for real estate. It just depends.
Because yeah, that's pretty easy to manage.
I mean, and by the way, you know an LLC that's not registered is still valid because an LLC is a contract, that's all, OK. Yeah. I got that. I got that part. But that's something that just makes me so happy. I'm wondering, do you know anything about a surety bond?
Surety bonds.
Yeah. Well, I mean, I got a, I got somebody who's trying to take over guardianship for Infirmed basically brain dead person and they said, Well, you don't have a credit rating. So you can't get a surety bond.
And I'm wondering if there's any way to the way you kind of issue your own, Um, you can issue your own car insurance.
Well, yeah, I can do that, but it sounds to me like, OK, someone says you don't have a credit rating.
Who doesn't have the credit, right?
The bonding companies want a credit rating of at least 650, OK? This person is my brother.
He doesn't have any credit, good or bad.
I said, All right, can I buy the bomb? They said, no, you have to be the one named by the temporary.
The temporary guardian of the state, OK, so I'm thinking, OK, the way you kind of have your own insurance company commission, your own car insurance, can I just started burning companies? OK, I'll give you the bomb, you can. You can, but I would not recommend that. What I would recommend is just sort of a credit file.
It's very easy to do that.
OK, this can be done to fairly quickly Yeah, You can do this year.
We'll take a few months Set up a credit file give them a nine digit number uh Physical address apply for credit get denied data create the file then build out the file just like you would build it for yourself.
I don't because I don't know what the bonding is being used for so I can't really recommend No, yeah, do it yourself.
I mean, I have my own car insurance, I understand that.
But I don't know what I would do in your situation. like, I don't know where the risks are and I know what the risks are and car insurance, but not with what you're talking about. So for that reason I would just say hey, go get a credit, file 650 is nothing.
OK and by the way, when I set up my LLC owned by a PMA, you don't have the two different operating agreement at Bank of America. It was a bit of a hassle, but luckily I knew the girl there from other transactions. Did she just said we asked these questions? It just goes on a piece of paper. We don't care.
I went to another small bank. You know, they only have four branches, small regional bank.
Millimeter hmm, and I inquired about it and I knew some of the people there said hi to me, and I walked in my company account there, and they are excited to have it. And they were like, OK. And they said, I think an open for my LLCs as well. She said, Yeah, but we check the state website. We do check that.
Yeah, and I wanted today Open Accounts, I didn't check anything. She just felt I was like, Yeah, I'll say, OK, Hey, go. Yeah. they're like like robots.
Yeah, we can always navigate through them. And I mean, worst-case scenario is you just say that you're the 100% out of the PMA.
If you want to do it that way, or just amend it later, mean she well yeah, they don't care. We were bonded. She hated math. She hated. She hated the jab. She hated all that stuff. We got into that. She just didn't know. She. Helps these banker all, they're all different flavors and different.
It's all different. because, you know, people are people think differently. It's not like a bigger system, Yeah?
OK, that's what I'm saying.
I mean, you know, just shop around You might get turned down by a bank. It keeps you up on my wife's account just got close the other day She had it for 20 some years And there was no SSN on the account. Because she had a foreign passport. Well, their passports expired.
It's hard for us to travel because of the thick pandemics So they wouldn't open close your account and but she had already opened another corporate account.
It doesn't matter, you know. Millimeter.
Yeah, Anyway, so, it's just fun, seeing Yeah. Just just a house of cards. This whole thing is, so thank you for all your hard work at it amuses me every day. Yeah. Yeah, We are amused. There's no I know. I'd also been abused. Yeah, Anyway. All right. Thanks so much. Enjoy your weekend already. Take. care.


1. John Jay led a discussion about a variety of topics, focusing on private property rights and strategies to protect these rights from exploitative systems, such as tax and court systems.
2. Jay stressed the importance of alleviating people’s fear of these systems, arguing that understanding can help eliminate fear and enable people to function pragmatically.
3. Jay explained his history in the ’90s of using corporate structures and trusts to restructure property rights, which can protect individuals from exploitation.
4. He discussed the idea of succession planning and the importance of setting up systems that will benefit society even after the original owner’s tenure.
5. Jay addressed the use of cryptocurrency, explaining the potential tax implications and strategies to navigate them, such as buying real estate with cryptocurrency.
6. He detailed how to manage income and associated tax liabilities using an LLC, and stressed the importance of providing a W-9 form to clients or partners to prevent issues with incorrect reporting on 1099 forms.
7. Jay also touched on the subject of keeping beneficial interest in properties, even when they are physically stored elsewhere.
8. A question about registering a company led to Jay explaining the privacy benefits of registering in certain states, such as Nevada.
9. Addressing the issue of winning a lottery, Jay stated that such winnings are always a taxable event, pegged to an individual and not a corporation.
10. Jay also touched on energy production, suggesting a return to nuclear power, specifically uranium, as the most efficient way to produce energy. He further discussed a case about an efficient engine produced by a Russian inventor that was co-opted by the Russian government.

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