0:00 Adam. 0:55 Aye. 0:58 Yeah, this is John Singleton. Fighting 87,000 IRS agents. 1:10 Folks have come into or. John is wiping them all out. 1:27 Yes. 1:31 I don't know what happened. 1:33 Wait, I have an incoming call from him. 1:37 Is that the IRS agent calling you? 1:40 They're...

Yeah, this is John Singleton. Fighting 87,000 IRS agents.
Folks have come into or. John is wiping them all out.
I don't know what happened.
Wait, I have an incoming call from him.
Is that the IRS agent calling you?
They're calling me right now. Yeah, telling me to stop. Don't have you on Azure, or it's right there.
Here's your lead and levy. Your other leaving, lovely? Here's an audit for you, at a Lean Audit B?
Level, now he's gonna get supercharged the power.
Why? John has picked up the Constitution.
I think they never learn. They never learned, John. They never learned at all for. Listening rogue news with that.
We're going to be on YouTube. But again, this is gonna be a 10 minute broadcast. You want to know where we're going to be. You need to follow us over, seed you, the link should be in the description about, right?
Yeah, it should be. It should be.
Should be in the description box, you can follow us over directly to other platforms, rogue news dot com Ragusa, Twitch Road news on D live.
We're only going to be on YouTube for 10 minutes.
John is going to get into the nitty gritty and you don't want to miss it because people have been bombarding John, with 1,000,001 questions in regards to, Hey, man, you have the IRS, which is being armed to the teeth, 87,000 strong.
And 50% of that is going to be fully armed with enforcement capabilities. Now we've seen the training videos, which is applicable. Don't have you seen the training videos for the iris? Yes.
I'm not, oh my god, bro. I got to see those. I know there was such a thing. John, I will pull those up for you, man. I'll pull those up for you.
I was looking at the congressional report, I didn't know there were some videos that's OK, you're gonna love this.
These guys are the ultimate, these are the ultimate tweaks.
These are the bad guys on wheelchairs, You got them. Yeah, one guy looking like Stephen Hawkings.
OK, he does his worst nightmare of purple hair Beaver Bumpers on a unit, this is the training watch, this is pathetic.
That boss comes for you.
Tell me what you're going to do, that's hilarious.
It actually says Police on the IRS, CIT, Criminal Enforcement Division, but you don't get in his way. This is just a way to intimidate people down syndrome.
Is the person like that ever going to be knocking at your door? Come on. Really good. This is why Florida, the CFO of Florida says, Any IRS agents that comes now trying to harass Florida citizens are going to be arrested on site.
And the Sheriff Joe has to meet the IRS.
Oh, yeah! D V, this. If this was my house or my business and they did that to me, my response would be, guys, go back.
It's too early for Halloween, You're too early, early. Voting.
They're teaching us how to act. Put your hands up. That's all it is. So dangerous job. Here's what you do. Put your hands up and give up. Budget and then we give up.
You have to go out of your way to create a situation like that. And if you're not doing that anyways, it doesn't matter if they bring in a million agents or 80,000. It doesn't matter.
The the interesting thing is it's like when we're looking at some of the the Inflation Reduction Act, John, I know you you've heard of this.
It's we're going to legislate inflation away and then they're also willing to join the the sadness. They're also going to write the sadness removal act.
But, all right, OK, they're just going to write a bill called the sadness and remove sadness from everybody's life.
Also, Tuesday will be deleted from the calendar Oh, yes. Cool, it's Tuesday. We don't need Tuesday. It's a bad day anyway, It's slow day for restaurants.
Slow day for business.
Who needs Tuesdays that will be legislated and also rain right? Kind of useless Especially California who needs rain in California. We're gonna light rain yes, yeah, I mean they have beautiful forest fires right now. There's a fire burning out. Bear Lake in California.
Wow, just amazingly who needs rain legislate that and and they're going to legislate the the Inflation rate John and, you know, it's pretty remarkable when you look at the bill and you start reading it.
You start realizing what, OK, first of all, you and I, and CJ, we all know this and anybody who's been falling Robed for awhile knows that this is this is just another wealth extraction scheme. I've been here since 2012 when I broke into the scene. I said, Listen.
When A, An Empire collapses, its Security Apparatus, which looks for enemies from without, begins to start looking for enemies from within.
That's right. Yeah. That's right. We are in, as the Empire collapses As the Uni Polar World comes to an end.
We we are in a resource war, OK. And the resource, your biggest kept that a lot of people that are going to be my next door neighbor know.
The biggest competitor in the resource war is the government. Why?
Because he is trying to accumulate as much resources for the special interests that he that the government serves.
And so this whole Iowa thing, it's pretty interesting.
The biggest backers of this bill is the Union of Treasury workers, because now the Union of Treasury workers was 100% of them vote, Democrat.
They just got, you know, the IRS, 70,000 people, they want to be increased by 87,000 for the next 10 years, right? The hiring is not overnight, for the next 10 years, right, Right, right.
There, more than doubling their union base.
So, again, it's, it's the play for the union.
And then when you look at the simulations, the primary targeting for, this is, people that are making anywhere between, you know, nine, you know, between 70 and $200,000. Small business owners, that's by default. If you try to think this through, you're not, you're not going to go after the richest people. Those people will fight, fight you back, and you're not gonna go anywhere.
But, yeah, you want to get the people that are not going to typically defend themselves or have the willingness to pay $10000 for costs of litigation, Correct. That's easy. Yeah, that's your, that's your income range right there. John, let me ask you this. We got one minute, he had left on YouTube. And folks, you want to, you want to see this broadcast on the other end? We're going to transition right off and about like in the bot, like NaN, right?
But John, what have you've heard in terms of this 80, 7000 and why?
Why is it that Neil, himself, when it comes to handling all sorts of things, in terms of asset protection, you are Neal?
How can you not even sweat and breath?
Nothing's going to change a change, and we're going to tell you some things, OK, within this next segment. Nothing's going to change, and I'll explain why.
In fact, I just did a video on this that the iris is not going away, but, so, what? Oh, that's a great title. This is not going away, but So What?
So this is where people need to, like, really start getting smart, really started getting their their, you know, their, the, the wits, about them, keep their powder dry.
Because CJ, you read a transition buddy. I mean, that's Yeah, I don't want you to transition to the dresses orders. The you know, the I've got every attire thing. You can think of the Whigs. Everything we're going into. The matrix is ready to transition these transitions.
All right, Here we go. So you take it away.
Ah, folks, we are back. We're back. We are officially off ***** Tube. Now you're going to hear John, go unbridled, uncensored, John .... I'm glad for that, because he I was, I was trying to hold my breath during the countdown. So if I pass out the flyers transition. You know, I can't find the proper heels that I like. There's a lot of different still. So we'll see. I love the news about this, 87,000. Why is it 87,000? Who calculated that? That's an interesting question, John. Why is it 87,000?
I don't know, but I wonder who's going to interview other people, because you don't just say, Hey, you come over here. Here's the check. You got to interview him. They gotta qualify, it's, I mean, maybe their qualifications, there's very minimal. Yeah, it's a process, so who's going to interview and bring on $87,000? Let's just say, OK, it's 10 years.
So it's 8700, what? And divide that by 50 states? So, let's say 48 states. It'd be interesting to find out the protocols. It'd be interesting to find out here, because like, on, for example, like Homeland Security, you know, there's several state their state offices, right? So who do they report for and does it benefit?
the Treasury or whoever, by having the IRS agents at state level? you know, you guys are seeing, I'm saying, is I, who does the IRS agent who they report to?
I mean, that Treasury, I don't know.
I mean, is it Homeland Security? I don't know.
Well, you know, it's weird. I mean, did you hear any news in terms of the Criminal enforcement division? I haven't added anything new job because I was scouring the laws of this proposed bill.
There's been nothing new in terms of adding teeth to this monster. It's the same one, right?
No. Right, and I was doing some research, So, I looked on the Internet and I found the Congressional Research Service and they're telling you how the money is allocated.
And there's this, there's a portion that goes into the criminal enforcement, but, again, that doesn't change it for people that we relate to. It doesn't change it for our clients. It doesn't change it for people like us. We're not breaking the law, we're not line of the iris. We're not trying to cheat the system. So, what good is it? I mean, it's good for people that are gonna kinda deserve it. I hate to say, you know, if they're lying to the IRS or things like that, or they think they're going to move their money off shore and escape the IRS. You know, that's going to be a problem for them.
I don't even know if that's even a bigger problem, because you still got, what, 300 million people in the country, and 168 million people now are filing.
Yeah, 116 million people are finally in, but here's the other thing.
We have, the Gig economy is going on, right? You got people that are making money on side hustles and the start of the year.
And what it's looking like, is that, the, that, you know, and here's the funny thing, and I really believe, John, at the end of the day, this is probably, dare I say it, nothing burger.
Yes, and I say it, because, let's be honest, right?
What the proposal here is, is to go out and try to either audit or squeeze or pressure and do these lazy, bureaucrats, what they will love to do is what they've always been doing, which is what write letters.
They didn't even write them, they didn't .... Let me tell you guys some I know the Internal Work as Iris. I study these creatures.
They don't even look at anything until the computer says, hey, look at this. Yeah.
And you can get audited in two different ways. You can be called in for an audit. You can get third party summonses, all that stuff. Or you can just get an examination changes notice.
Let's you don't actually it's just a letter that it's a form 4549. You can check it on the Internet. And basically that some computer at the IRS does a calculation that says Hey, you underreported or something like that. And it just sends you the bill and then you have so many days to object to it. That's an audit. People don't realize that basically an audit, I mean, I look at an audit as a way to get more money from people. So it's like you said, they're trying to squeeze people, right? Yeah.
Can I share with you how to end an audit in that when? one minute.
No stress.
Yeah. You simply file your returns like always. And let's say you're subject to audit. So, the first thing you say to the agent, is you go to the audit.
The first thing you say to them is: what you see is what you get.
On the 10 40, in the four corners of my 10 40, what you see is what you get because all the memoranda and all the notes and documents that I use to prepare my 10 40.
That's under the attorney client privilege and I'm not waving it.
I've had so many clients say that before they even finished the sentence irises. Thank you so much for coming in. Have a nice day, will be in contact, and that is, that's the client, that, hopefully, he's uncollectable, right? So, we're not saying that we're going to create a dispute with the IRS, but what happens is, the iris doesn't get to examiner, investigate you.
They can go around you. They can do a third party summons but if you're prepared and you understand, that's not a problem. But you don't wanna sit there and from the IRS for four hours or eight hours or three days. And answer all the questions, because it always ends up in a situation where you don't want to be, You know, let's talk about Kryptos, right? So, that's how you deal with the audits. If you want to shut them down, use the attorney client privilege.
Now, whether or not you have it is irrelevant, you're not required to disclose it, Yeah, because it's under the attorney client privilege.
They understand that.
Absolutely, absolutely.
So, it's pretty interesting, when I also look at the fact that they're looking at crypto enforcement, which I know that they're working with certain third party companies, like Seifert Trace.
Again, I spoke with the CEO of cipher Trace years ago, and cipher Chase recently got acquired by a larger company.
And Seifert Trace does a, they are the main one that FinCEN uses, or they contract with, to go ahead and scour the blockchain, go after people that are keeping their crypto's on exchanges, which you shouldn't be doing to go after. And now they're, they're trying to do the impossible job, which is not even though it's not gonna work.
They want wallet manufacturers, people that have crypto wallets to KYC themselves. Yes. Well they want the KYC that everybody's scared of the KYC, know your customer, they're afraid of that. But there's no reason to be afraid of that. But check this out. Here's a simple thing.
Let's just, you just put some cash into kryptos, and use an exchange that everybody can see. You went to the Exchange. You, you use your SSN. It's in your name, you put $100,000 into Bitcoin, and then the next day, you transfer the Bitcoin from your wallet on Coinbase to your ledger.
Then you re-allocate it to what you want, or you put it in the stable coin, whatever.
Now, you re-allocate it, no one can see that. Now if someone's looking at the blockchain fine, but that has to do with, you know, your, your VPN and all this stuff, But your exchange, at least, will not have the records. Your exchange is the 1 doing 1099.
So why would you do a transaction that's substantial on the Exchange? When you just go in there for 100,000, It goes in, and then it goes out?
Where's the tax liability, where's the game?
There's nothing I'm going to do it over here. I just use Coinbase to do the exchange mm. So there's 12 Coinbase, a report, that that you put 100 K in and you bought the BTC. They would report that, I wouldn't say, yeah, but let's say they did that. That is not a taxable event and it doesn't trigger the obligation on your 1040. And I'm gonna go over this in a second. And here's the thing, that's how they get you. They create the fear that that is a taxable event and you read on yourself.
Yeah, just buying an acid It's not taxable, selling it might be.
Yeah, so so so now people get the 10 14 that says on there. Did you get, Let me, let me read you.
I'm gonna look at the latest website, OK, on the, on the 10 40 for 2020, 2022 coming up, OK, so it's saying here, taxpayers who merely own currency, virtual currency at any time in 20 21 can check the no box.
Now, people don't know this because they're not analyzing. They're just looking at headlines. They're going, oh, here's the deal.
If you hold for virtual currency in your own wallet or account, that is a no on the 10 40 to the question, did you purchase kryptos?
If you purchase kryptos and you hold it with your own money, the answer is no.
Yeah, it doesn't fit the criteria. The second one is, did you transfer virtual currency between your own wallets?
OK, so if I have Bitcoin in, I transferred to another wallet and then to another wallet, I still own the Bitcoin.
Correct. And even if.
Yeah. So as long as my interests don't change, like I didn't give it to my brother something, sure then it's not a transfer. Exactly. It's not reportable, not taxable. And then there's a question of if someone's reporting on me doing that and or if it's reportable.
So then if it's reportable, the only way they would know is if I told them or if they did an audit and discovered it Or like you said, that the chain analysis, if they're doing that. I haven't seen that yet but I'm sure that that's ramping up. Yeah. That's, that. That's what they're, that's what they're wanting to do.
And, again, that is, if, you know, you know, they have these great pie in the sky ideas, man, and the execution always sucks. It's always half ***.
People are thinking that you're dealing with an efficient, no precise bureaucracy.
You're not You're dealing with low IQ morons who are who are semi retorted OK, They don't want to do any work and you know, they don't want to do They're there to collect a paycheck that, that culture has not changed.
You're not dealing, well, the real, quote, unquote, law enforcement agency.
You're not dealing with, like, your local police department levels of efficiency here.
You're dealing with, with with with an inefficient bureaucracy bloated to the hilt. Their only job is to increase their union roles and to collect more taxpayer income from government budgets. Good, Also, have more people on the payroll. I mean, really, it sounds stupid. But we're not talking about the corporate world, where people actually have to make a profit. We're talking about a way to waste more money, Right, so let's say they bring in 87,000 people over the next 10 years, which is what, 8700 people per year if they do it evenly. There's 52,000 IRS agents that are retiring.
So the net does not know that, man. The net gain is only 35,000 agents, which are still a lot, but that's over a 10 year periods, so we're looking at 3500 per year.
Then we allocate it, it starts to break down to a point where it's like I said. so what?
Wow, That's. Yeah, and you realize that. Now, here's why people don't like the IRS. This is why we have this conversation. so the iris isn't the exclusive accounting firm for the United States.
Millimeter, well, the United States consists of at least, close to 100,000, let's call it cost centers, or balance sheets. It's probably a million, but let's just say 100,000 balance sheets all over the place. Federal, state all collected together. All the money is being moved together.
So some there has to be an accounting function. You can't function properly without an accounting function, because presumably, public funds are accountable to the public.
So we have to have an official accounting service. Whether it's Ernst and Young, or the IRS, or whoever.
The thing we don't like about the IRS is that it was given the police, power by the Congress, in horsman with guns.
That's what we don't like about the IRS because otherwise it does anybody have a problem with Ernst and Young. We don't care.
No matter how many They can't arrest us, Right, right? Suda so so that's why I tell people don't lie to the IRS. Don't file false reports, don't try to make for those returns. don't listen to these tax protesters. Do the right thing.
Like, you know, have you manage your money in a certain way? And you're, you're going to be fine.
I don't care how many more agents they bring in, like you said, you're just increasing more incompetent employees. That's all it is. Because you've got 52,000 that are retiring.
Yeah, they're retiring and there's a lot of people that have quit already because of the fake pandemic. They quit or been fired because they won't go along with the, the experimental vaccines and all that nonsense. That's also Donald Trump for which.
Yeah, I don't even know what number that is.
Yeah, so that you got that. I mean, that and that's why they're saying they're they're, they're attributing their backlog of not people not filing returns. So they're like, I think the number was, like, there's usually 7000 returns behind, but now they're like 21,000 returns behind.
Do they are ready to behind so bad that there are, there are people that still haven't got the returns?
Yes, I wanted to 20, 23.
Yeah, exactly. So so there's that. But yeah, I wouldn't, I wouldn't say that when people ask me is that I was going away join, Everybody's talking about that. And I'm like, no, it's not there. I don't care if you call the IRS or anybody else. It's still going to be an accounting function for the United States, and they're still going to want income taxes. And they're still going to do the same system. I mean, their system works beautifully. And, by the way, they don't need thousands, more employees, because their system is, so push button that, they almost don't even need employees.
The only reason to talk about this is to scare people, I mean, think about it.
People think that they, when they go open a bank account, the irises watching nothing at all. They don't even know what your bank account is. No, they don't care. Here's who cares.
Nobody talks about the Financial Crimes Network that agency is administering about FinCEN. FinCEN is administered through the IRS, yeah, but FinCEN as a standalone agency and Finance software.
Yeah, FinCEN has a software connection interface with all the banks and financial institutions, so that, when you open an account, they're watching all the transactions, and if there's an irregular transaction, let's say, You get a paycheck every two weeks and it's X dollars, and then all of a sudden, you get a nice birthday present, your uncle gives you. You know, three times your paycheck.
Well, that might generate a currency transaction report, yeah, CTR, which will go nowhere, because the software won't flag anybody, because they're going to say, oh, it's probably an inheritance or something. But, if there's certain, and I don't know what it is. If there's a certain pattern that's shown, the software then would send a referral report to a live agent.
In FinCEN, we get involved in a FinCEN fines, anything.
And I can tell you firsthand, because I have these cases it'll get referred to the Department of Justice. So when you're talking about funding for the IRS, we didn't even talk about Department of Justice yet. That's a different creature. We're not even That's your enforcement arm of the tax breaks, yeah, not the IRS, right? Yeah, yeah.
So that's not what they're saying.
So it's pretty, it's pretty when you do this. It's the bureaucratic equivalent of a bridge to nowhere is it is yeah. It's like the Boston Tunneling Project. California, high Speed Rail, very.
Yeah, you know unfortunately people get scared and so it, you know, I'm in the business of helping people in those situations, right?
And I'm when people call me, I mean, I'm not, I don't want to play upon a person's fear. attorneys will do that generally. When someone calls me, I will tell them the truth.
And the many times, when people call me, I'll just say, Look, man, all you gotta do is this 1, 2, 3, cami next month, if you have a question or problem, because I don't want to have clients, because people are afraid, and they lack knowledge. I want them to not be afraid and have knowledge, and if I'd still help them with something, because sometimes it gets complex. Yeah, you can hire me for that.
You know, that. That's the kind of system we're in, right now, that they scare people. And then what happens is, you get you get these news articles.
And so what happens with the CPAs and the accountants, they get more calls, and the CPAs and accountants and tax attorneys. They have a habit of scaring their clients. Yeah, we gotta be.
We let me know if you have any kryptos fill out this extra additional disclosure statement forth, and that begins the whole process. You know, it's fear base.
It's it's a reliant upon fear to coerce you to spill.
The beans don't do anything different.
You ever watch this Columbo Series where, you know, they go into the murder scene in Colombo, Zarin. He looks like a moron. He's got the trends. And then, so, he asked the guy some stupid questions, and then he goes to leave the room. And, you know, he's going to ask that other question is going to turn around with one of the, one more thing.
And he would ask his question, and then, what happens is, it triggers the suspect to go try to conceal the crime he thinks has been discovered. And then that discovers the crime. Yep, yep, exactly. And that's what they're trying to do, right?
Whereas, if you did something wrong. Yeah. Exactly.
The other funny thing is this it's like the other aspect of this bill that people are not looking at is that there is a great deal of momentum right now, especially within the GOP, that as soon as they take back the House and the Senate, this midterm and the new Congress goes into session in January 2023, they're gonna repeal this. Uh? They're going right after the, the inflation.
Because every act of every act of legislation is inflationary. There is no way around it. The purpose of our economy is to inflate the economy. You cannot go backwards. There's no way, so, it's a complete, bold, faced lie, Just like we're here to help you.
That why isn't the fed reducing inflation? We're fighting inflation. No, you're not the only way to create it, correct.
The the only way inflation is created through government. It's not done through the private sector, done through the free market.
It's only the government has the power to create inflation, and they do it time and time and time and time again.
The rumors that I've been hearing is that the GOP is going to go ahead and repeal this IRS thing, bring that under control.
They're looking to gut the DOJ, and do a major revamp and gutting of the FBI.
Those are the three things that I'm looking at in terms of green energy that trashing that green energy part right? OK. So they say, Yeah. So, what's happening is, they're going to uncork hydrocarbons.
Hydrocarbon production is going to start going back through the roof.
These are, these, are what they have, I planned on going into the new, You're setting up for the election.
And this is going to stop inflation, no, it's not. it's going to increase inflation. No.
But in terms of, it's like, it's like this.
You have the, you know, it's like two managerial groups that are at war with each other, yeah.
Right. But it's a show, You're still heading in the same direction. That is, what is, what do you say to this? The, is it possible that the price increases we're seeing and consumer goods right now?
Do you think that's an actual real price that it should have been for years? And we're just been tricked into thinking that, you know, it's supposed to be what it was. Oh, You mean, like when you, when you used to buying exit, like $3, now you go back at $7 or less of it.
Yeah, so. I mean, is that the real price, Because if you go to other countries, we've exported our debt for decades. So maybe we're experienced.
That's a very good, that's a very interesting point you brought up, because you made it very interesting.
Point mint and there are certain staples and goods that we are reaching at parity with other countries that we export our currency to, like the price of wheat people are talking about The price of pork being up, Right? Yeah. What people are playing for pork per pound here in the United States?
It's getting in terms of percentages. The parity is very close to some other countries that we export pork products. We export our debts, too.
So there, there's an interesting aspect to that, that the whole thing is destructive.
because the dollar in and of itself is a toxic hyper inflation asset.
So wherever it goes and every other country that that is reliant upon the dollar as a foreign currency, as a foreign foreign reserves, foreign exchange reserve, they also suffer the inflation with it.
Now pretty interesting countries that are detached from it that are practically action proved that are unplugged from the dollar system You see this in China. You see this especially in Russia?
Yeah, talk to people that are recently been through like saint Petersburg and Moscow.
Supermarkets are fully stacked. tracing is no, a lot of the luxury, good items are still there. I mean, it's incredible.
So, this is, this is the, this is our governments making, and every country that has been accepting of the dollar, or trading with the dollar, or using the dollar as a foreign exchange reserve, us paying for it. I think the way to describe the dollars, there's the medium of theft. Yes. It's a way to steal.
It's like with the remember, the foreclosure mortgage crisis in 2008 and 9 Yeah, which they'd never fixed. Well, no, it wasn't broken. It accomplished exactly what it was intended you. OK, so, So, What they did is, in the eighties, they created they created a market for mortgage backed Securities. I mean, it began in 19 87. Yep. And then it ended up where you saw 20 years later.
Well, I took on about one thousand foreclosure cases because I could do it and I did the research I wanted to see what they were doing. Here's what I conclude. The court system was being used to launder counterfeit, and forged securities.
That's all the time. You want to hear how here's how this works.
Wall Street did it.
So, Wall Street wanted to steal foreign pension funds.
So, you go to the countries where they have the nice juicy Fat pension funds. They already built the States. You mean like the Dutch ABN AMRO which brought which bought a mountain of US. Mortgage backed securities, the 2008 collapse. You can't do it unless you have a partner in crime, so you have to go to the government and the government has to be in on the take.
And here's what the governments of other countries said where they were going to pillage that the pension funds. They said, OK, We'll let you come in here and pillaged the pension funds of our citizens. But you're going to guarantee that you're going to make good on pillaging. You're going to make sure that your securities will be upheld. I don't care what you have to do and they did. they got the court system in the States and all 50 states, They got the court system to go along with it.
They knew they owned the court system and I watch cases where. I'm telling you firsthand.
I've had some cases where we caught them in open court at a hearing where we deliberately surprised them because we already had evidence that they didn't have the note, and that they forged the note that they claim they had.
We had third party verification, and they literally ran out of the courtroom.
Yes, I've seen that occur on more than one occasion. Yeah, they destroyed the note of the House when you get a mortgage.
Your mortgage noticed destroyed within 30 days, and it's put on the mortgage electronic registration system, also known as merge.
Once the merged your mortgage is chopped up, traded on the backend as a security and is exchanged hands several times. That's why in the course of your years of paying your mortgage, your mortgage has changed hands several times.
So, if you had a really cool idea to trick people out of their money, and it's, it's a financial scheme, OK, and it's illegal. It would be illegal throughout history, and you want to make it legal.
You just need the help of the SEC yes. That's the SEC is for. So here's here's a prediction, I have see what you think about this.
So the farmers are being forced to sell because of that.
Environmental conditions.
So droughts and whatnot, They're being forced to sell their cattle in higher, higher numbers than ever in history. And they're closing their farms forever. I mean, our supply chain of beef is being destroyed.
So I think that in the next six months, we're going to see a flood of beef on the market, and the price should probably drop pretty well, Yeah.
And then after that, good luck even finding it at any price after, let's say, March of next year.
What do you think?
I think there's a very strong possibility.
Um, that that could be very, very true there. I mean, we're seeing within the energy markets, right? Yeah. There's, there's been a glut of oil.
Now, there's then, after the glut of oil, you've had the hyperinflation kick in and then there's this this scarcity nonsense, this fear that it's within the market, and yet at the same time, production is being ramped up.
So when you ramp up production, though, it's gotta go somewhere and there's going to be a massive dump within the oil market.
Now, I'm predicting that massive infusion is coming, I'd say, probably going into 2023, going into 2024.
Justin Time.
For a new presidency.
OK, that would make sense. That would make sense. Now, what about, OK.
So, what about the possibility of us being forced to accept electric cars that we cannot own, that are managed through the internet, that you can only order them, and use them, and then you can own them, and what do, what do you think that about that idea?
Sir, you use cars, the idea that you cannot own a car with the new electric technology, the battery powered electric cars.
I think the purpose of that is to make it to where you cannot own such a vehicle, because it will be maintained and managed by the intranet.
So, you can only call the car. It'll come to your house and it'll take you where you want to go. Or that is attainment Kratz. What dreamer thinking that that might be in the next couple of years?
Yeah, the day that's been in so many white papers, the dream of that, and this is the reason why people should be resistant to this dystopic idea of electric cars, because what the way they're going to do is, look, you're going to have this electric car. The first time, this is the way it's going to work.
There, you can put all sorts of telemetry, telemetric data into a car, Especially if it's electric, it's much more easier to manage and internal combustion motor. Internal combustion engine you could.
No, you couldn't manipulate every aspect of an internal combustion engine.
So, you can never get an accurate reading. I could, you can measure the air fuel ratio.
You could sure, you know, anything, right So one of the mission systems, all that, But on an electric car, you can't do any of that.
It's a it's a complete closed operating system now They're going to move it to the OK, You can have electric cars down, but in the few years they're going to be like this, John Well, yeah, electric car you got, listen.
you could only keep it for five years because at the end of five years, that battery that's in the car, We're gonna give you a tax credit, Right? Again, more money printing more inflation, because once you start with lady, you can't stop. Right. That's right. We're gonna give you a tax credit, $7,515,000, whatever, right.
In order to dispose that data and that's $50,000 could be used for you to buy a new or lease a new electric, exactly, right.
Then, and then the buying option goes, then it becomes lease and then eventually it will be we're, now they have ridesharing company because you know we're still several, several decades away from actually having the technology where cars could actually drive by themselves in a very smart way without having some serious impact. We've seen several, several decades, you think. Yeah, Elon Musk is, you know, he's done that, he's on the forefront of this stuff.
And he was like, yeah, we'll probably have self driving cars, but like 20, 40, OK, all right. They're calling it, like, level five drive.
Which is, like, you know, reacting to, let's say, a puppy running into the street, or an accident situation occur Where, it's not like today, where you got people in their Tesla, they go to sleep and arrives at your tractor trailer and then they die off. The roll off the cliff. You know, like, the, related to the lady that bought the new RV, and then she put on cruise control and went in the back to make herself a sandwich enrolled in over the embankment because it kept going straight. Drive itself exactly, actually sued, Winnebago and got a settlement out of them for being stupid jesus's command. So here we are, Yeah, it's, it's crazy. So we're not quite there yet, right?
But when we do get there, it's going to be the whole ride sharing thing. It's going to be the Uber, right? It's gonna be like, you just call a car.
And the car will automatically come pick you up, take you to your location. It will never go over the speed limit and this the technocratic. This is the clash swabian dream. Yeah, there is resistance.
A lot of resistance to all the thank God, but this is what they're hoping for, John. So, this is what? why it becomes part of our conversation, when we started out with the IRS.
Because if you don't have control over the use of a car, your way of transit being, having transportation, if you don't have control over that, well, then maybe some some other party has control over. And if it's all electronic, and maybe it's all managed through a blockchain connected to the Internet or whatever. And you're not good with your taxes.
Hey, you don't get to use the car on the weekend.
You can use the car to go to your job. But you can't use the car for anything else. And we know when you're going to use the car, because we got the data from your smart meter that got up from your router, and we've been talking to your car, and you've been a bad boy. And so, we're going to tax you in real time. Not only are we going to tax you figure income, forget that, we're not going to do that anymore. We're just going to tax you for your remark, carbon footprint. Yeah. Well, that's the ultimate.
So harbor credits are so important, Diseases. There's a whole accounting system, just based on carbon data, OK. So not only can we attacks you on your carbon footprint, you, we could tax your phone.
And we could tax your dog, this is why listen to, John, the only way for us to prevent the climate crisis, because according, I think, right now, we have eight years left, John, We can't right now as it is. Yeah, yeah, Yeah. I mean, I'm stuffy myself here.
But the only way to do it is for us to not own anything and be happy. Number one and number two, John we have to eat insects.
We have already started, just to get ahead of the curve, I've already started CJ. seizures, are we going inside hunting? Like, it's easy, and I started hunting group instead of hunting wild game were hunting, wild, cockroaches, toasted termites are the best farm, I think, having an insect farm. Right? I just logs in my backyard, fill it out and insects.
Yeah, they would, they would. Do I get a tax break into John? Here's a great business model. All right. We go into every ghetto in America and capture cockroaches.
It is a known fact that cockroaches have tripled. the vitamin C of an orange. I'm in. All right, we'll chocolate cockroaches and we'll sell them to local cities.
Came up well, I've already got a recipe for Roche Cockroach, ....
You're in charge, they removed the cockroaches, so it's double dipping. it turns out. Folks, we just gave you a business idea if anybody. There it is.
Go if you're in Chicago head over to Southside, Chicago, Philadelphia, you know, there's a you can get into the South Bronx or when you get to the south Central LA angle, whatever, right?
Find your local ghetto.
And, and talk to the property management companies there. Tell them you're the cockroach removal business. And instead of killing these cockroaches with harmful chemicals, capture them and sell tickets.
Tell them there'll be a 30% reduction of the carbon footprint if they stop if they just consume this cockroach, that's been dipped in organic. Organic! Exactly. The carbon footprint, by 30%.
We just give our business ideas. made this gate, We just gave you guys a billion dollar idea plan. Yeah. Again on this.
Well, I'm going to sell the cockroach collection trey's on Amazon.
So, just go on Amazon and search, brilliant download It. Yeah. You don't have to have charge. You have to charge for the live roaches versus the dead ones, right. You know.
if if you're removing live ones, it takes a little bit more effort to do versus just getting the dead ones off the ground. So, don't forget to keep track of that.
Different brands of cockroaches.
But that's what we gotta do, we got to eat mealworms, cockroaches, and at all nothing be happy and he loves. And you know will reduce our carbon footprint and not have kids. We need to sterilize their children. More Children. Yeah, I mean, you know, it's, it's, it's like, oh, man, that's the same.
Man, Insane.
So yeah, I'm actually, I'm I'm actually going to semi sperm for what? For non vaccinated sperm.
Oh, that's going to be a commodity in the near future that you don't want the monkey pox ravaging, the rainbow community.
You can also sell to them Siege. Yeah, John, I'm gonna need your help though because if I sell my unvaccinated sperm I don't want anybody coming after me for child support.
So I need, Yeah, we need the idea to do that. Oh my god.
Oh my god. That's a crazy world. So, yeah, it's just theater, guys. Come on. It's just theater. It's interesting.
It's not which I think you can be terrified if you want, but I'd just say so. What it is, it's always about the posturing that they do.
And the posturing is to get the scare the **** out of you. So you read on yourself the report itself.
And nothing has changed, as of yet.
And I don't see anything changing, uh, to add there's nothing new There hasn't been any new laws put in most. There's no new latitudes. That's an excellent point, because you know how to get you get 10 99, that the exchange, OK, So you get 10.
So now the latest thing people been asked me about is, I hear about this 10, 99 DA, digital account, or whatever, digital, digital, digital asset, yeah. So what about that, John?
And so I did a video on this, and I explain, look, guys, if you think there's a new formed, too, report transactions, So why it doesn't matter if it's a new form, they're already reporting, but let's just say, you want to verify this. So go look on the Federal Register.
For the form 1099 dash DA, and see if it's been, if they sought approval by the Office of Management and Budget.
So I explain, look, don't just watch Forbes. They're gonna tell you all kinds of nuts. Things and scare. You go look on the Federal Register and search for these phrases. And see if there is actually the IRS asking for approval to use a form 1998. And I think that it does not exist exist. It might, but not, yeah. So how is, how is Bloomberg saying?
We have information that's, they're going to adopt this form, some thinking, OK, where's Bloomberg factoring into what the IRS is going to do? It doesn't, only the Federal Register does.
So who's saying this?
It's incredible. It's, this is really incredible because it has to do with the culture, right?
It's, I did literally fantasizing and and and creating vaporware and all these fantastic ideas.
But, in reality, it doesn't exist. And all they're doing is creating the fear factor. I think that's what it is. Yes, stirred up a bit to keep people afraid and confused, get them to call their CPA, and things like that.
There's the next market right there, John. Yeah, it is. I think it is. Yep.
But I think, I think insects are a bigger market.
You know, I think, you know, it might just be, I mean, there, because people are, I mean, I'm not gonna. I don't want to sound like I'm trashing vegetarians.
People want to be vegetarians fine. But then people want to, they want to adopt this new idea that eating insects is a good idea. And by the way, insects have the best macros if you care.
Not that I'm going to go off and eat some insects. I'm just saying there are countries where you're good, right? Yeah. Yeah. It's part of the normal diet, but but there will be a trend of people doing that, and buying food that's marketed to that niche market. I want to live like John the Baptist in the Bible. I just want to locus and wild honey did. He really do that?
Just in wild honey.
Oh, man, Siege, we're missing the boat.
Alicia were late.
John, you're, you're in Florida, There's giant insects and Florida. Yeah, there are, I had to wrestle one this morning.
I went out to get some things off the lawn and I had to fight my way past one of the insects.
We need to get to, we need to get to Miami Beach, right? We need to get there.
And The, especially the ghettos that are right near there the Roaches I hear are massive. Hey we could probably learn to make them bigger. Like if you farmed him, genetically modify, what do you do like ...? We have a much breeding where we create livestock of all the different. Maybe you saw some Hercules Beetles in their Scorpions.
Black Scorpions were totally, What if we can genetically modify them? So there becomes bigger, biggest dogs, Why not? And then we can hunt them.
That would be the next crickets Thai Curry look at. What is my type? That's delicious?
They look good.
I'll have a little card a little turmeric with that Good for the nation.
Beware of the anything that says plant based food, you buy in the store. Because they're trying to condition, has to accept it as a noble type product, like meat glue, and all this other fake ....
Yeah, so just be cautious, I mean, but some of the food is just normal, like every every day, and it says plant based. So I think they're trying to conditioners to think that it's OK, but ultimately, what they want us to do is no no more farming.
Cattle And accept factory made fake meat. Yup. Exactly.
I think that's a completely If they want to vertically integrate the entire food supply, or It's all done by corporations as disgusting.
It's disgusting.
John, anything else you want to cover? Maybe we should do another seminar, man, a strategic life seminar about this, which should be doing one. So I love to talk about opportunities. Because you don't want to touch base on a few opportunities Gopher brochure. Oh, yeah, I mean, I still am.
I, every time we get a chance to talk about this, I'm always thinking of we need to make stuff locally.
And a three-d. printer is a way to go.
And I just found a, a filament that can be used to replace a metal component.
Like I was telling you guys, high resin, high density resins can be used to replace metal implements, so if I'm if I'm doing it in an HVAC repair and I don't have a part to replace that I need to fix my HVAC or plumbing or whatever. And I can't find the part because of all the GM up in the supply chain I can simply print it.
And if I can't print it, I can go to a printing company like Shapeways, and have it printed, Chatted with shapeways is one, and if they don't have the file, I can ask the manufacturer if he'd be willing or it would be willing to send the file. Now, sometimes, I think they're going to do a license fee on that. But, you can get the product through three-d. printing, and it doesn't have to be metal. That can be the high density of Resin.
And I did find the equipment and I found the supplier and it is a patented product.
So right now, I mean it's available, But we're in the very beginning stages, I think that's the opportunity. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I mean, three-d.
printing opens up a door for, for a lot of things, man, I mean, everything from hardware for your home's replacement part for everything from like your garden hose valves to carpark to, let me show, you the average age of a car right now in the United States is on the road. Right now, it's about 13 years, at this point, is it the high? Well, I just think that was, it used to be 11 years, a few years ago, now. 13.
Because we will keep it on and keeping their stuff longer, and it's not going to change.
And, you know, it's, it's, it's my, my car, my vans 13 only because I'm too cheap to buy a new one, plus, it's a nice vans run forever, and it's a good van. But I mean, my wife went to new and yeah, my wife wants a new one, but I'm like runs. great. It looks nice and comfortable, so but yeah. I'm one of those that will keep a car forever. Yeah, same here. Same here.
John, Jay, the man, the Myth the Legend, John will not do Strategic Life conference, we'll announce soon.
Then we'll turn to you, and I nailed on a date and then we went through the gambit of opportunities and whatnot, so you can get John John, How can people get in contact with you? Well, ... dot com is a great way to see the We have some services over there. There's a membership site, the Membership for Video membership.
What I try to do is, where I have unique strategies that help people with financial risks, IRS Collection's, Debt Collections Management, investing going forward. I have videos at privacy fight dot IO.
Alright, so also I created a SEC a little branch of my regular office to deal with what I call the fake pandemic cases and that website does the zenga ...
you've been you've been like creating havoc ever since March of 2020 You recreating so much make messing with municipalities, man, it was incredible. There's that too, Yeah and just on and on, I mean, it's fun to some extent. Some people are dealing with really harsh will situations. And we're able to help them through it but yeah. So if you go to amazon dot com, ...
dot com, we handle like people get there, employer for not participating in the fake pandemic, et cetera.
I'll give an example.
A person is at a hospital, right, in the hospital, says, we see you have a broken arm, but we can't treat it until you wear a surgical mask.
So, sorry, he calls me up.
Yes, so he calls me up and hear the stories, like, I say, hang on a second, and I put them on hold. I call it the hospital, and I go on the internet, and I find out who the CEO is, or who the chief counsel, as their top attorney, where I find who the risk managers, right? And I copied and say, Hey, I represent one of your patients there. I'm an ADA advocate, an advocate under the bus.
And, I say, Hey, since when is it OK to impose a medical treatment on someone for something he's never been diagnosed for while it's obvious that he has another medical condition, and you're not going to treat him for that? What do you call that?
And then, within NaN, then, Yeah, there was a $20 million, $20 million lawsuit paid out for one company that was denying people for religious exemption from the from the vet jobs. So, yeah, there is No religious exemption, But, I mean, it's just a rule. there is, there is, I use it a state level, so, I use it to stay late for my kids.
It was just a ruse. I'm gonna go go along with it, but really, it's not a school as, well. They don't use it for your school so they don't force them to do it, yeah, we use 88 years. So, they just go, OK. Yeah, we get it, it's negligent. So, we're certainly going to take care of your client. You know, so, you know, there are things we can do on that. But, yeah. So, I set up a whole separate office with different people. And they handle those cases.
So, to answer your question, that I'm getting it to all this type of, you know, trouble, I love it, whatever. You know, Poke the bear as it were folks. Do you want to be a troublemaker?
You want to learn and empower yourself not to be afraid and terrified and live under a rock from the bureaucracy of and competent morons.
Get ahold of John Jay.
Get all the eisa coins dot com ... coins dot com.
There's a little thing that way you can click on. And it'll send out, well, like a service ticket. And you get back to them.
Yeah. There isn't a helpdesk, yep. Yep. There's a helpdesk. There's folks ...
dot com privacy, fight dot IO, privacy, fight dot IO.
A lot of the videos that we've done are posted there, And especially some of the seminar stuff from the Strategic Life Conference is also up there.
Privacy, fight, jot IO.
There's also the Entire Teaching Series that John teaches you how to deal with: collection agencies, how to protect your assets, how to deal with lawsuits, or those other things like that. Really help you in the adult world. So get ahold of John Jay.
He is the man, He's helped out myself, several thousands of my clients, the guy is an absolute absolute Godsend.
John, anything else you want to say before we close out?
Appreciate that for you. Thank you.
You welcome back. Tomorrow, Velez will be on at 11, and she's probably tomorrow, I think, highly, still on Mondays for a minute? Oh, OK. Cool. Yeah. Here's a better. Tomorrow, and then hope you enjoy your day, CJ are heading to our local ghetto to capture some roaches. That being said, we are over now they can only CJ.


1. The economic update discusses John Singleton’s metaphorical battle with IRS agents. Singleton suggests many IRS agents don’t work hard and are part of an inefficient bureaucracy.
2. The update explores how a system that audits people is a tool to squeeze more money from individuals.
3. The video looks at the IRS’s targeting of people making between $70,000 and $200,000, who are less likely to defend themselves.
4. They discuss blockchain surveillance companies like CipherTrace, highlighting how these organizations target people who keep cryptocurrencies on exchanges.
5. The podcast also explores the fear of audits and legal issues caused by IRS misinformation.
6. It discusses the potential legislative repeal of IRS audit rules by the GOP if they retake Congress.
7. The hosts consider inflation and the real price of goods, suggesting the US dollar is a “medium of theft.”
8. Singleton alleges that mortgage notes were intentionally destroyed during the 2008-9 mortgage crisis.
9. They discuss potential future developments in the automotive industry, with a focus on electric cars and a shift towards ride sharing.
10. The hosts humorously discuss the future of food, including the consumption of insects to reduce carbon footprint, as a part of a larger discourse about climate change and its potential impacts.

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