0:11 Alright, thanks again everyone for joining. We're going to talk about the IRS today. It's less interesting than an algebra, as we know, so I'll try to make this as entertaining as possible. It's not, though. 0:24 But what comes up in a lot of conversations I have with people as they ask the ...

Alright, thanks again everyone for joining. We're going to talk about the IRS today. It's less interesting than an algebra, as we know, so I'll try to make this as entertaining as possible. It's not, though.
But what comes up in a lot of conversations I have with people as they ask the question about, do I believe the IRS is going away, and I've heard this question now for about five years. And I think the answer is that it's not going away.
The IRS is not going to go away because the IRS is the accounting firm for the United States.
I mean, you can call it whatever you want. It can be Ernst and Young. It can be some other accounting firm, but the United States is comprised of probably over 100,000 different cost centers, meaning different balance sheets, not just one balance sheet. It's, it's all these little franchises, OK, That's what the US is, Federal, state, all, wherever federal money goes, US dollars.
They're all consolidate into little balance sheets everywhere.
So there has to be accounting, and, ultimately, it has to be settled through a central accounting organization. And it just so happens to be called the Internal Revenue Service right now. It's not going anywhere. Call it whatever you want.
The thing we don't like about it is that the IRS has been given police powers and so, mmm hmm.
People just misunderstand it, OK, It's an, it's an ugly creature.
And so, we don't want to, we don't want to talk about it because it's an ugly creature.
And we don't understand it, but if you understand it a little bit, it's not that bad.
And I'm not, I'm not encouraging people to do what I do. I'm just saying, I don't have a problem with the IRS. I don't participate in the whole filing and all that stuff.
I don't have a problem with IRAs.
Now, I could, OK, I can create a problem, but I understand the IRS, and I choose not to have any problem with the IRS, because they are pretty nasty if you do.
So, I want to share this with you in that context. And so, it's the police power that we have a problem with.
So, let me just made a list here to kind of a crude list, and I'm gonna go through some things regarding the IRS.
So, if you ever want to dissect the IRS, look at it, figure out how it operates.
It's not, it's not difficult. It's very predictable.
And you can find out its procedures in the Internal Revenue Manual, and it's on the Internet.
So, if you want to find out about examinations, for example, audits, most people want to talk about audits. And so a lot of times, I'll direct them to Section two, or it's Chapter two, or Part two of the Internal Revenue Manual, and it will tell you what causes an audit, it'll tell you what the IRS does. Forget the Constitution. None of that stuff even matters, The Constitution doesn't apply, this is where people get lost.
What I find is, that we're gonna get to this situation where people get a, 1099 from the kryptos, and I'm gonna give you a couple of examples here, but what happens is, people don't like the IRS, and they know that other people don't like the IRS, or they go on the Internet, and they searched for what to do.
And the situation with the IRS, and you, you're getting this flood of people that had these crazy ideas about, how to argue with the IRS.
And then you end up down this path of arguing in frustration and you spend a lot of money and you don't get anywhere. And because you're not understanding what the IRS is in, it's a very predictable organization. It's actually very friendly. It's the friendliest creditor. I usually you hear me say a compared with banks.
I'll get to that.
But it consists of title 26 of the United States Code.
So you have the Internal Revenue Code that was codified in the United States Code under Title 26, as many of you know, and then it's input implemented under two sections of the Code of Federal Regulations.
So you have your statute, and you have your regs. The regs are Title 26 of the Code of Federal Regulations and also title 27. Title 27 sets forth all the different taxable activities, OK?
And typically, they have involved alcohol, tobacco products, and firearms manufacturing of certain things.
That's why we talk about income a lot and how to avoid income tax. But there's really no such thing as an income tax. It's broken apart into different tax bill activities. I'm explaining about about that in just a minute. You can find out how this kind of maps out.
There's actually in the Code of Federal Regulations, and I don't remember the volume, I think it's either at the very beginning or the very end of the Code of Federal Regulations, entitled 26 and 27.
There's an index of Authorities, and it will map out for you the different forms regarding the different activities that are being taxed. So when you see a notice from the IRS, and it says you're being taxed for income or your, your type of taxes are 1040.
This is not true.
All right, so, this is still a trivial matter. It's not gonna really solving your problems, but you just have to understand what you're dealing with.
OK, the only way the IRS can interact with you is unofficial form's approved by the Office of Management and Budget.
Those forms are numbered and most of them start with the number 15, 45 dash, and that's something, like, your tax return is 145 dash and I don't remember what the rest of it is, your 10 40 is. So, this is how you know how you're dealing with an unauthorized interaction with the Internal Revenue Service.
Going on from there.
When you, when a person files a tax return, he does not need a tax number.
Most people use a tax number. Most people use a social security number or whatever. You file a statement, which can be a balance sheet, or it can be a tax return like 1040, or an 11, 10, 65, or some sort of 11, 20, depending on what entity. We're talking about, OK, So most people fall 10 forties. That creates an individual master file. But the first time you file.
a 10, 40, the IRAs creates an account for you, just like the first time you apply for credit, and you don't have credit because you applied for credit.
And there was an inquiry as to your credit, a credit file was created for you. That's how the system works.
So when you file a 1040, for the first time when you're 18, or 17 or whatever, the IRS will happily create a ledger called an individual master file.
And as you get older, you start maybe start doing some things. Maybe you get a 1099, throw out your interactions with other people in business, or whatever the IRS will then add into your individual master file. Something called a business master file now, there are other master files. I'm not gonna get into all the different complex things with Iris does, but essentially you have an IMF and a B M F is what they are what they're called. And the reason I mention that is because this is what answers a lot of questions. When people say, why, why does it that? If my LLC doesn't file a tax return virus, doesn't care and I use that is, I'm not, I guess I have to personify the Iris Iris. Doesn't, even, it, has no procedure to deal with that, put it that way.
But yeah, the Irish does not care, why, Because the thing that got the money didn't file a tax return, so the IRS doesn't see it. Now, you're not tricking the system, you're not doing something illegal. It's just, that's the way it is.
So there is no Business Master file for an LLC That didn't file a tax return. Therefore, there's no need to settle anything. There's no need to resolve anything, OK? So, when you file it 10 40, the presumption is that every year you're gonna follow 10 40 because that's what people do until they die, right?
Well, a business can file and it's expected a file until it is dissolved.
So, there's a kind of a different animal. Now, a business can start operating just like a human being can start making money and, if if either never files a tax return again. No IMF noby, MF IRS Doesn't Care.
OK, but most people I talk to, and I'll tell you, gosh, it's been a lot of people, tens of thousands of people.
Only 5 or 6 people did not file a tax return ever, and they never will have a problem with the IRS. And that's why I tell them, don't file ever.
If you've never filed don't file, if you have filed, be aware that if you have a W two, or 1099 with your name on it, or tax number on it, you're going to, the IRS is going to want it, You know. It's something, because it's trying to settle.
It's trying to sell that IMF.
So, when an IMF is created for somebody who files a tax return, and a report is posted to the individual master file or the business master file, the IRS is going to be waiting for a tax return to settle.
So that's the nature of the beast, OK? And here's another, a trivial fact.
It's impossible.
It's legally impossible for a person to file a tax return.
Only the IRS can file a tax return because the way it works is when the IRS received. And it fixes the document locator number, OK, on the tax return. And only the IRS can do that. The moment your 1040 is received either electronically or on paper. The IRS affixes a document locator number on that. And at that moment, it becomes considered filed. So only an IRS agent can actually follow return. Now, when the return is filed, that is an assessment.
So, it begs the question, if, if the if there's a tax liability, it's because there's an assessment, there is no, there is no tax liability without an assessment.
An assessment is an official document issued by the tax collection agency.
That determines a tax liability.
The only way the IRS operates is when it receives a tax return, so you send a tax return that you sign under penalty of perjury.
The IRS fixes a document locator number to it, and it claims to have assessed the tax, not because it did assess the tax, but because you did. and unless you did something weird, they're going to accept it, OK?
If you did something weird, it might generate an audit or an underreported state and reporting scheme or something like that. This is how the IRS functions.
This is another reason why LLCs that are never filed return or people that never fall to return are not going to are not going to have a problem.
OK, the types of tax, Our Myriad, there's like probably 50. There's probably, maybe, there could be more by now, but back in the nineties, when I was researching this, back then, we didn't have the Internet.
So, we actually had to go to the IRS and get its publications to interpret its own individually master file and documentation that had for every taxpayer, for everybody that files a return. And so, what we've figured out is that the Iris actually has a table in its software internally. You can actually get, this is public record showing how everybody is being cat tax for something they're not doing typically.
I'm not gonna get into too much detail on that. I'm just saying it's kind of an interesting piece of trivia.
We solve problems without talking about that stuff, but I just want to share that with you.
There's a lot of complexity with the IRS.
I happen to believe that Revenue Canada, OK, the Canadian Tax Authority, I believe that's also the IRS. I think it's a franchise, I think it's just one big accounting system.
So a tax assessment is when a tax is due.
The assessment doesn't take place until you file a return and it's filed stamped by the IRS.
The States aren't supposed to do this, but what the States do like California is they piggyback on numbers they obtained from the IRS And they create a number not on the state's taxing statutes.
But upon a percentage of what the Fed says, or what you said, to the Fed on your tax return.
Now, there's a problem there with disclosing information and obtaining your information without authority and all that, and I'm not sure exactly what that is.
I don't wanna get into them just saying, your tax agencies are using a percentage to create a tax liability for you, especially in California.
So, it just turned out that, I started doing this work in the early nineties. So we, as we approach 97, there was a huge flood of abusive cases. And these are cases I never really took. Most of these I never got involved with because they were so horrendous. It wasn't my niche.
My niche was more about people just dealing with collection problems, OK. These people has egregious problems, I mean horrible. I mean, they're even these cases that were brought before Congress were so bad that they involved cases of wrongful death where the IRS was sued for wrongful death because the spouse killed himself or herself because of a tax situation that was fabricated by the IRS, OK? It was so bad that I don't know if you guys watched this, but in 19 97, they took testimony to Congress, took testimony from taxpayers, people like you and me.
And business owners, and even employees of the IRS testifying against the IRS. explaining about all the horrible abuses that the IRS agents perpetrated.
And I've seen some pretty ugly ones, but these were the worst and it was so bad that the Congress didn't even allow the IRS to defend itself or respond or offer any controversy testimony. They just took everybody's testimony. He said, Wow, that's pretty bad, we're gonna do some about it, and the IRS had to shut up and listen.
So there are 98, the IRS came out with the virus, but the Congress came out with the, the Internal Revenue, Restructuring and Reform Act.
OK, so I'm gonna call the Tax Reform Act, OK. It was there was little longer than that, but basically the government, the Congress said, Hey, let's let's create more bureaucracy and let's make it to where if the iris is getting close to abusing somebody in the future, we're going to put a review board or a couple of layers in which, this is what they did.
They put a couple of layers of a bureaucracy between you and the collection process, typically.
So, what you could do then, is it enabled us to go in, not have to sue the IRS, but deal with the IRS administratively, And we could actually go to what's called, the Taxpayer Advocates Office, which is really nuts. But you have a taxpayer advocate that you can actually go to and say, Hey, the IRS agents doing this wrong thing. And there are certain criteria. You can, you can get the advocates office, too.
Be your advocate, or intervene in some way. So, this is what I'm going to share with you, and this is why I want people to understand.
The iris is actually a thing you can work with if you understand a few things about it.
Um, one thing you don't want to do is, for example, if you get a 1099 from a crypto exchange, and go on the internet, and I know people do this, probably those of you listening to this don't do this, but I have seen this, where they go in the ether, and they search on. I get a 1099 from Coinbase, and now what? And then all these tax practitioners come in and they mean, well, but they say, send them this, you know, do a revocation of election and all this nonsense. And so, these people, It sounds good.
And they, and they do it, right? They send all these letters back, and they send a letter to the court, to Coinbase. And they say, it's wrong. You gotta fix this, or whatever they do. And then it just gets to be ugly. And then in the end, what happens is they get all these penalties.
So they ended up filing a frivolous tax return, and then they get worst problems, and they end up spending way more money, and wasting a lot of their time because they just didn't understand the beast, OK? The nature of the beast, and so that's why I wanted to do this caught.
So, the Iris is subject to all kinds of rules. The Administrative Procedures Act and things like this. And this is, once you understand a couple of these things, it's, it's, kind of like, you can play like amuse. you musical instrument, OK? So because the IRS has been so abusive, when there's a levy situation, most of you guys are not in this, but when there is a levy situation.
If you respond a certain way, you can actually stop the levy and get the money back. So like they freeze your bank accounts, right. You've heard this all the time, they freeze my bank accounts and I can't access my funds. There is a one page letter that you can download on the Internet that would stop that and reverse it and actually free up your money and you still have to deal with the IRS and you still owe the money maybe, but at least they will free up your money, OK.
And believe it or not, if you want to check this out, I'll just give you this information now. But the form is called form 911.
And no joke. And the other form that goes along with that is what's called a form 12153.
OK, this is to stop alevi it works the best if it's within 30 days of getting a levy.
And I'm not telling you guys this. So you can go off and do it and hopefully don't have to do this. Do this, but I want to share with you how they can they are. The iris is set up to where you can work with the IRS. If you, if you know how to push the right buttons, it's shocking to think that if you're getting levied by the IRS and your accounts are frozen, that you can actually cause the IRS to unfreeze your accounts.
Yes, you can, with a letter that you fax to them, it takes literally less than two minutes to fill out, OK.
You don't even need an attorney for this then you come in with a lot of my clients. What I'll do is an offer in compromise based on doubt as to collectability.
I don't want to argue liability, I just want to argue the ability of my client to pay and the IRS will consider your ability to pay in determining whether or not it's going to try to collect from you. So, I like to look at my client's situation and try to reduce his income on record. If I can, legally, if I can strip some assets, lean some assets, do some things. It's not fraudulent. You know, that's legitimate, that's explainable.
And if I do that right, It takes me sometimes a few months, Sometimes in bad cases, it's over a year, it takes me, but I do an offer in compromise, and I get the IRS to agree that the person is uncollectible and what that does is it just, it helps bring peace to the family I'm working with.
You know, maybe I'm working with the husband and the wife is the one that's saying, Hey, Fixedness, you know, and so if I can get the IRS to say you're uncollectable, then I've, I've accomplished that and my client now knows and we've got it on record, right?
This is the kind of results that we can get just by knowing a little bit of history about what's happened with the IRS and what's available. Now, I hear on the radio, a lot of times, where, you've heard this ad, Sell started with the IRS for pennies on the dollar, OK.
So what, what they're doing is, they're charging you like, $2000 to fill out a form, and they're gonna ultimately charge you $4500.
OK, an attorney or tax attorney, or CPA, and maybe that's worth it to some of you, but really all you're doing is filling out an offer to the IRS, based on a balance sheet. You're going to disclose, it's almost like a tax return.
And it's, you can follow the irises instruction booklet on doing this.
So, when I do an A form 911 and a 1 to 153, I follow that up with a what's called a Form 656, offer uncompromised based on doubt as to collectability.
And my goal is and I usually get it is to get the IRS to agree that clients on collectible or I can get the IRS to agree to only take a certain amount of money from my client on a regular basis.
And as long as that money comes in, it's paid.
The IRS is not going to surprise, do a surprise levien wipe out everything, OK? That's, that's, that, we're going to, we're going to normalize a collection process, so yeah, you gotta pay them a little bit sometimes, but it's way worse. That OK.
So there are these things that go on with the IRS, so they're not going away, OK, and I'm not sure that we want them to go away, I mean, it's, it's, it's nasty. I mean, here's, here's the worst part of the IRS, It's not the IRS.
It's the Department of Justice there are flat outliers and these people know better these are attorneys, they're educated and it's the IRS agents who are know the Minions And it's really the Department of Justice there that those people I don't like those people to say the least all right.
So that's where the problem is When it comes to audits, uh, you're audited for one reason as we know your IRS is trying to get more money and don't give them a reason to audit and try not to rely upon having to prove a deduction. So within reason, you know, I like to do standard returns.
If I'm, if someone's filing a return, I like to say standard deductions, OK, and if the, if the debts really high, then it makes it easier for me to do an offering compromise. So there's a couple of strategies there.
You make the debt reasonably high, and the IRS will be more friendly with you. If you try to lower your debt as much as possible, and you try to make an offer in compromise, the Iris might say, Well, the debt is low enough to where you should be able to pay it.
But if you make the debt reasonably high with just standard deductions, first of all, you're going to be audited if you haven't filed for awhile, so that doesn't matter. You don't have to prove anything at the audit. And then second of all, it's way easier to make a deal, OK, with the IRS, because they're gonna say, well, based on your annual income, and your demographic. That is where you live, and your profession, and your college education. They actually look, consider all these factors.
We think that you're uncollectible, and we'll check back in six months. And they sometimes do, and they sometimes don't. So, audits lead to that.
Another thing that I'll do with an audit situation is, I try to only give the IRS only what it knows.
So sometimes, I pulled up your individual master file myself, and using IRS form, by the way. It's it's form 4506 dash T, you can get this on the internet. It's an OMB approved forms. You can ask for your transcripts, OK, this is what I do for new clients. I pulled the transcripts, I find out what the IRS knows, and I make sure that during the audit process, this is only This is the only thing discussed.
Because sometimes, you know, the person might have some stuff gold, something We're not gonna talk about that if we don't have to OK. So there's there's a bit of a game there. We don't want a lot of the iris. We don't want to give them false statements under penalty of perjury. So very careful about that, but I'm not going to, you know, give up. something I don't have to right now.
Another thing is, you can get money back from the IRS, but first, in order to do it, you have to make a claim for the refund. You have to make a claim.
So you see end up having to pay, you have to file, and you have to pay, and then you have to ask for a refund.
So a lot of times, when y'all come to me, some of you come to me, you already have money that's been taken, and it's actually satisfied a year or two with the IRS said you owed. A lot of times, what we can do is, if there's a basis for it, we can file a Form 843 and get money back right.
Now, a lot of times, if, if you filed 8, 43 and it's denied, you then have the right to sue the government. Now, this is how you get around sovereign immunity.
This is how what you're doing is, by filing a claim for refund first, you're getting permission to sue the United States, and if your claim is legitimate, according to their staff, their criteria, the IRS will just give your money back. Because it doesn't want you to bring a claim in court so that everybody else in the country can see what you're doing and see that they screwed up, OK. That's typically what happens. So they don't want to have to deal with the Department of Justice, the IRS agents.
So 8, 43, it's a way to get you.
Give yourself permission to sue the government to get your money back.
Not saying you have to do that, hope none of you have to do that. I'm just saying, this is part of the system of how this stuff works.
You pretty much always have a remedy, and I actually have to say because of the Administrative Procedures Act, OK, and Title five, um, that actually gives us more remedy than if we have to sue the IRS.
And going to tax court by the way, is not suing the IRS.
That is just you're going into an administrative forum that you have to claim that you're a taxpayer.
And so, the only question that tax court can resolve is how much money you owe the IRS. That's it.
OK, so, I don't look at that as suing the IRS for a remedy, but yeah, having all these procedures allows us to do a lot of things. I've done so many things like, I'll give an example.
I had a woman who, this client of mine, she, the Iris, and I should say, Iris rightfully took the money out of her trust. Just put it that way.
But I don't care because, the way I look at it the way I see it as if I can get the money back and I can do it legally. I'm gonna do it. I don't care if she owed the money.
And sure enough, so I had her, I had her appoint me as a trustee of K for the trust, that they took the money from the bank, and I felt an 8 43, and I said that the trust is not liable for this woman's tax debt, her individual, 10, 40 tax debt.
The trust has a different liabilities, not hers, and the IRS sent the money back.
So, I didn't have to do anything else, I was hoping that was the case, because I wasn't prepared to do anything else. But luckily, we got the money back, and it was a chunk of change, you know. So then I resigned, and I pointed her back as Trustee and I said, don't do that again, you know. So, but I'm just saying you have some options now. I know that you guys here, I have some videos and things I talk about getting a determination. Later I've only done that in two situations. In the last 30 years, I've only needed to do it that way. Letter rulings.
I don't know that I need to go that route. I can do a letter ruling.
What I've found more effective is asking for determination letter on a particular transaction.
So when you get a 1099 from from an exchange like say Coinbase you get 1099 why did you get 1099 well Coinbase says you move coins from here at coins to their coins there and now they're worth more That's a typical example. So my question to the person I'm helping as did you sell any of those coins are part of them for any dollars and it's it's is it a personal account?
And if the answer is no, or it's yes, but most of the money, no, I did not only take out some dollars, as long as I count for those few dollars, or the client didn't take the dollars out, then I can easily ask the IRS.
I can say this transaction did not involve a taxable gain, and I give them the legal criteria for that.
And so then I'd tell the IRS what I'm going to do.
So for a client situation to get 1099 from Coinbase, he didn't get any dollars. He just got a dollar value, which if he reports it that way, he's going to owe the tax. But until he reports it that way, he does not have the tax. So let's not go there, right?
So instead, what we do is, we want to exclude the 10 99 from this 10, 40, he's gonna follow 10, 40, but the 1099 is not going to be reported. If you do it that way, that's fine.
You do have the update, the chance that comes up, where the IRS would then send you within the next 1 or 2 years send you. A. notice of underreporting, OK, or an examination changes notice. This is in lieu of an audit. So either they're going to do an examination changes. Notice on form 4549.
You can go look this up, or they're just going to do an audit. An examination change is where they did an audit, but you weren't involved. They didn't need your to show up there, OK.
Sometimes they need you there. Sometimes they want you there to intimidate you. They actually do that.
So I gave you these numbers here, so you can look it up online.
You can Google a form 4549, look it up, see what the criteria are, see what they're doing. It's another balance sheet.
OK, so if you were to receive something like that, you could simply write a letter to the IRS or follow my process of getting a determination letter and establish that that 1099 should have been excluded because it was erroneous.
And because you're not subject tobacco withholding, that's the game.
I know I'm giving you some new language, possibly, you can look this stuff up, or we can talk about it. But there's so this is such a big subject I just want to rundown.
The idea here is that dyer's isn't going anywhere.
Yeah, we don't like the fact that it has police power.
Yeah, they're kind of nasty sometimes. But you can play him, you can interact with them, there's procedures, we have protections, and because they've been so abusive over the years, we actually have more remedies. And you possibly know, and they're not expensive, if I don't tell you this stuff, if I'm not around, or people like me aren't around, you're gonna go to a tax attorney. He'll charge you a few thousand dollars to do what I just told you to do, That you can find on the internet, and if you read the instructions, you can literally do it yourself.
It is, is good to get help, but I'm just saying, it's not worth $4000, in my opinion.
I think people are being overcharged so I know I talk fast. I want to cover a lot of this stuff as quickly as I could. It's a very boring subject but I want you I want you to know that the IRS is not going anywhere And it's something that we can deal with. And I'll just leave with this last note.
Um, I have high net worth clients.
Where we can re-organize their assets and their income and their portfolio in a way that's completely legal. It's done for estate planning. Some of it's done under a re-organization plan, not a bankruptcy, but a re-organization, just like any business would do. And we can actually have the client owe the IRS money. I mean, it's, it's not a problem that the IRS money, and it doesn't mean that you have to write them a check today.
The way you deal with the IRS on knowing the IRS money is owe money. If you can't avoid it, OK, but it doesn't mean you have to write them a check today, just make yourself uncollectible, OK, so they have to deal with you, they can't just take your stuff. That's the trick, OK. That's what people don't understand. And that's why I like to teach people, and you can literally run the clock on them.
OK, you can Arm and arm in Arm, and as long as you're filing a return every year, as you hit that 10th year, that amount of money will become zero.
So, I've had a lot of clients that are hundreds of thousands of dollars. And after 10 years, it drops off to zero.
OK, so I'll leave you with that, and we can do some Q and A You guys if you wanted to raise hands or something.
I like we did it last time, I think.
Do I dare publish this video? Here's the IRS watching.
If any of y'all have a question about that, getting a 1099, an exchange.
I'm going to have to listen to this all over again, And that's why I, you know, I talked about, that's my thought, my style, so it is recorded. John, did you know that when you register for this, it limits it to 10 people.
Is that, Yeah. I didn't, I thought that was just a, I didn't know that was a real limitation.
So, I didn't know.
But, yeah, it only allows 10 people, and I couldn't find the link for the Zoom until I went back. and I just, by chance, clicked on the date for this, and it opened up the zoom, so it's not at all clear.
OK, I'll have to fix that up and I'm, I'm very ignorant when it comes to things like that. I'm focusing on other things. And I rely on help, and they're a great help, and I know, it's, it's on me on that one, So Yeah. Thanks for letting me know. Thank you so much, Listen, I desperately need to talk to you about that 656. And I'm doing OK, but I don't want to take up time in the chat here.
Can Yeah. We'll get you on Telegram. I think I saw your you had posted something.
Yeah, but I didn't put my question. It's about how I register.
The amounts from Gemini that are beyond what I'm getting from Social Security and Pension. Because I've used up my IRA.
And, I just, I just don't know what the implications of that are. So, if you want to discuss it here, or we can talk about later, oh, I don't mind talking about here, if people don't mind.
Listening to it probably a good example, IRA, So as a self directed or just you just, it's a self directed IRA. It was a 401 K And when I was deliberately retired, I was very panic about the stock market, and I went and put it all goals, Which is the biggest mistake I could have made. because it didn't nothing but go down from that time. I just have made one bad decision after another, but, what I'm worried about this, 656 form is, let me pull it up here and I can read it exactly from it.
Um hmm, It. What is talks about?
They want you, your household expenses, First of all, they have this ridiculous limit is 785 down on food and clothing. I'm not going to put that in there. That's crazy.
In one month, OK?
And then, they are asking, we're.
I'll keep in mind, if I remember correctly, we were stopping a levy, right?
We're trying to, the levy did already. We're trying to get them to unloving it. They should return it because you are within 30 days. So, this is kind of a follow through. In order to get them to play ball, we gotta kinda play ball. And that's why we're doing this 65 6, often compromised, But really, I mean, once you get that money freed up, we can lock them out so they can't take anything and then doesn't matter if you make an offer with them.
But in the meantime, we gotta try to do that, because I think she gave me so much time to complete that, right?
Well, I was supposed to be in yesterday, but I, I can't complete the assembly to let her know. I left her voicemail. You want to actually make sure you do that. Yeah, but let's, let's try to get that done. So just what I tell people, this sounds really basic. Just tell the truth, I don't tell them stuff They don't. Can't possibly discover, but just tell the truth as to what they're asking.
You know, like if you have cash in your mattress, you have to talk about that.
They don't have a way to discover that, Right. Um, I'm trying to find that that place.
Where they're asking for are there other contributors to the household and like, OK, I have an account at Gemini, there was very, very little in it.
But what I have been doing is getting on money from on getting crypto from Caleb and Brown, transferring it to him, and I, and then cache it, selling it there and transferring it to my.
My Chase account that was Leverage, oh, I'm sorry, we don't do that. Yeah, don't do that. They're going to take it, They'll take it.
Well, they did take it, or Yeah, but, but this, right now, that's the only way I can pay my bills.
Hmm, OK, well you're just risking taking future cash flow, so you want to use the LLC to manage that cash, not your personal account.
Use a separate account, that's an LLC account.
Then I do it.
Do I have to open that account in Oklahoma, the LLC? I mean it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter where it's open.
It doesn't matter because The LLC's in New Mexico. It doesn't matter just open an account anywhere and clear the funds that way, and it's outside of their range.
That'll get you through this situation.
OK, I need to talk to you about that. OK, I feel, I feel like.
I just need a little bit more help filling out this form, and I'm not finding wanting to look as, I don't wanna hold of, somebody's got another question. No problem, we'll go over it. Ladies, I don't wanna bring all that detail on this.
On this call, it just basic, questions are fine, and so, Matt sent me a direct message, I'm trying to figure out how to respond. Sorry, I don't use direct message. But anyway, anyone else.
Bob, adjuncts, pay.
I have a couple of questions about income taxes, so I want to continue to file my 10 40 with income from five job as they currently do with no change.
Also, transfer money from LLC, my LLC bank account, to my personal opinion account, to use your personal expenses and purchases, but, sir, I don't want to report income LLC on 1040, nor do I want to return file return for the LLC.
And I'm not telling my accountant about LLC, can I do all this? Yeah, that's fine. Just account for the money you took out of the LLC for a personal expense.
It's that simple.
Everything else is, fine.
And how do I do that?
It becomes other income, because you're not going to get a 1099 for it. It just becomes other income on your 10 40.
OK, so, so if I'm able to do that, do I need to transfer the same amount of money from the LLC? It's a bank account on a consistent basis, or? No.
You could do it randomly at random amounts, whatever is needed, OK. And if, even if you took money from the LLC, which I wouldn't do it this way, but if you took money from the LLC and you pay off your credit card or major credit card payment, that amount of money is still part of your personal, gross income.
Even if it went from the LLC to your credit card, but in your case you're putting it from the LLC to your personal account, which is fine. I think that's a better way to do it. And then pay your credit card bill.
That's just part of your additional other income.
OK, so I can just transfer any amount without the bank reporting and text suspicious. I don't know. The bank doesn't, no, no, no, no. The bank doesn't care, and the IRS doesn't care. The IRS doesn't look at the bank records only thing. The banks, do they have software that checks for unusual transactions?
And if you're gonna, actually, if you do things on a regular basis, you'll, you'll, you'll sail right through any checks, OK?
But if you do irregular things, like, for example, let's say a relative dies and leaves you $57,000, OK, and then that shows up. You make a deposit. And you don't normally do that, right? So, you just deposit that in your account.
What will happen is the bank software generates a currency transaction report to the Financial Crimes network.
And what will happen is they have a way to verify this.
They will do nothing about it, but just so you know that that's probably happening.
But that's the only thing that's going to happen.
So it doesn't care if it's just not one thing, but if I regularly, any amount, any random time, they won't pick that up. Then, it's not going to be a problem.
Now, if you start starting to do something like it, looks like you're structuring a deposit, and then they might want to hold your account and ask you, like I've done that before, where I took out money, like, they wouldn't let me take up more than, let's say, I think from one account, we had 5000. It was 5000 a day, and I forget why we're doing this work.
We were wiring the money, but we can only wire $5000 a day. It was because of the banks limitation.
After the second wire, the bank didn't let us send another wire for 5000, the third one, until we came in there, and tell them what we're doing.
So, yeah, if that was a regular transaction, but it looked like it was structuring, and once we showed them what we were doing, which I hate to do that, but, you know, you're fine.
Just just do the normal thing. You guys are not going to have any problem. Do the normal thing. Use your money the way you need to use it.
OK, if you're gonna, I just wired a bunch of money the other day, nobody cares.
It was a lot of money. Nobody cared.
I knocked on my door. Nobody frozen minding the transaction.
So, So what I what I decided to quit my 9 to 5 job and continue doing that Like it's possible to not no longer file taxes every year, or OK, you can create a situation like I do.
I don't receive money I don't need to I mu I use money. But I don't have I don't need to pay myself a paycheck. I don't need a W 2 or 1099 If I have a deal going on with something and I need maybe someone wants to give a 1099 to whoever I'm work. So I will then have my company take the tenant and just like you guys do like I have you guys did but yeah, you can actually be in a situation where you actually don't have or realize a taxable reportable gain.
You can do that.
But I'll be, like, if I put my 95, I'll be making money from an LLC.
But you know, normal like with a 95 job, I would put the W two income on the 10 40.
But if I don't have that tempts, W two anymore and I'm just making money from the LLC, then what I do, It's gonna look very normal. Especially in the last couple of years, OK, it's gonna look like either quitter got fired.
Alright, but what what about my source of income that normally wasn't there? I'm, like, all right. So if there's a reason for the Iris to look in, let's say, stop filing returns at that same time, that may generate an audit.
I'm just guessing. I don't really know. I mean, you can look in the Internal Revenue Manual, but let's just say it generates an audit.
So the IRS would just ask, let's say you get audited two years later because you start falling 1040, because you don't have a WTO anymore. And the IRS would want to know why.
They don't do this, by the way. But let's just say.
You answer. You can answer. You could just say, I'm not working there anymore.
If you wanted to, if you wanted to answer them.
Now, if I know more about what's going on, you know, I can give you more, like, suggestions, but you're not going to have that problem, but I will tell you this, to sleep better, at night people that have this quote, I have this conversation with.
I'm telling them people that live in your neighborhood, in your demographic, let's call it.
I'll give you the comparison of people living in the Hamptons compared with people living in Detroit. You already know that's way different demographics.
OK, so, a person living in the Hamptons might have an irregular living expense of $30,000 a month where someone living in Detroit might have a regular living expenses, $950 a month or $1500 a month, OK?
Your numbers, your living expenses are expected to be right about there.
And your 10, 40 reported income should be about there, it should match your demographic for where you're living.
So, for most people, that's going to be the previous year of 10 forties.
So, whatever you reported as your income for the previous year, typically, the IRS is going to expect it to be reported this year unless you lost your job, right?
So, that's what it would look like.
So, if, if someone I'm working with, and it might take me a couple of years to get them to this point where they don't have to file anymore, this can be done.
And it can be done legally, and it can be done without there being an audit, you just have to not create a situation.
I guess it's, there's so many ways of doing this where it, it looks like you did something like you're not going to file anymore. Like, for example, people to send in protest letters, that's a dead giveaway. You're gonna get audited.
You're gonna get all kinds of nastiness from the IRS, but if you just stop filing, you can go for a few years, OK? A lot of people who are not sure. You can go a few years and if the IRS says anything, they'll ask you.
Maybe they'll do an audit or something you have three years before the statute of the fraud issue comes in after three years as a presumption of fraud.
So, within the three years, you can file, you can file every three years.
A lot of people don't know that.
So, not to confuse you, but my recommendation for most people is just file Your 10, 14 should reasonably look like the amount of money it takes to pay your living expenses.
Where people get a benefit is, you did something really smart, and made a bunch of money.
And still, you're 10 40. It looks the same as it did the previous year, but this year, you may $27 million, OK?
That doesn't mean you're 10 40 has to show it, legally.
It just has to show what you can justify for your living expenses, right?
But, like, on the 40, if I quit my job, normally, I would put it on my WTO.
I'll put like, the wage where it says on the line where it says, wait, you'll put OK, money on your W, don't have wages. Yeah, you would have other income, you would have like independent contractor type income.
I don't know what you call, it. It's. It's not going to be a dividend because the dividend has to be matched with 1099 So it's going to be other income.
It'd be like, it'd be like, um, well, almost like a person who literally there are a few people that actually make a living gambling. And so there, I think if you see on the 10 40, I think there's a spot for gambling income.
There's, you know, people actually make their main source of income with gambling like poker or something, but, but if it's not itemized on the 10 40, it's other income.
So, like, a person who has a profession where he's painting houses, and then he's babysitting, and then he's doing landscaping, or whatever odd jobs, that would be other income.
But you don't have to specify what that other income is, because I thought I remember something where you kind of have to, like, you know, look to see, like, what category it is or something like that. You don't. Let us say, there is a category for it. And you don't want to say what it is. What if it's prostitution? And you don't want to say what it is. Well, then you just call it other income. And if you're questioned about it, say, look, you're lucky, I even reported it.
I can tell you anything else is I'm saying in our penalty of perjury.
So there you go.
So you have a little bit of power, Because you are saying you are reporting financial transaction that's presumably taxable.
You're doing it under penalty of perjury, and you're the only one on Earth that can do that.
The IRS can even do that. So in the IRS question to you about what you filed, you actually have the upper hand, in the sense that you filed it under penalty of perjury.
This is what a lot of people don't understand.
Because it's so intimidating to deal with the IRS, but you're the one that has all the risks, you have a five year penalty if you're lying, Right?
So they kinda have to take you at face value unless you said something incorrectly or it's obvious that you lied.
I got it, yeah, Thank you very much. All right.
All right, and I had another question, sir? John, I had a very basic question. I don't, I'm not doing crypto at the moment, but I'm thinking about buying an investment property for short-term rental, possibly midterm rental, and I wanted to see, what were the advantages besides the liability protection of filing an LLC?
Because I considered even just doing a 1099, so I can have the tax write offs, and just maybe loading up on home insurance to protect my personal liability.
So, because I'm, I'm on the fence of buying an LLC, because I read in California, you have to pay the 800 odd something dollars annual fee to the Franchise Tax Board, every year annually.
So I'm worried that it might not justify the cost of setting one up. Alright, yeah, with California, you don't want to use a California Corporation.
if you're going to do that and own California real estate mm, You could own it, but you don't need to own the property.
You could manage the cash flow through a foreign company, like in New Mexico, like a payment processor.
So the rents can be paid to that New Mexico company, that's 50 bucks one-time forever.
And handle it however you want, and the rest of it, because you own it, You have all the deductions, then you just handle the cash flow.
So one way to do it. Yeah. There's other ways of doing it.
So the property would would be under me, but the cash LLC, you could do it that way. You can also make the LLC, the lien holder on the property and strip the equity. You can also make a New Mexico company, the owner of the Californias situated property.
The attorneys in closing ages don't like that, so I do it after we close.
But you can certainly do that. The State of California doesn't like that.
So, we have to be careful how we register the company in New Mexico because we don't wanna identify a California resident doing that, because then you'll, they'll still send you a bill for $800 for not registering in California.
So, you gotta be careful with California mm, Hm, OK. You got a couple items there, yeah.
OK, so, if I bought a property out of state, then I can just file it for that state.
But I'm a resident of California, though, you know, you are so I'm just saying that nothing nothing prevents you from having a foreign company owned the title to the California real estate Millimeter, Although you're you're told at every turn that you can't do that, but you can do that and more easily.
You can just use a foreign company that handles payments, so collects the rent like a pit. like a property manager.
So, the reason why they want you to do that is because you bring in the California Franchise Tax Board.
Millimeter, hm. They have a new customer now.
Yeah. So, you don't have to do that. I remember just closing recently and she was this one and she was refinancing and I had her structure everything and the bank was giving her a hard time about the company because they were using a New Mexico and California. And I said just close in your name and then we'll just deeded over later Problem. Solved.
OK, yeah, so when I, when I buy than the property, I just do it under my name and then we could, we re-organize later, it's easy to re-organize later, so decide if you want to go the deductions route and use it for tax breaks and insurance and all that. Or if you just want to have a complete pass through and only pay tax on your personal enrolled over and just do a balance sheet and see what makes sense to you.
Because there's nothing wrong with either way it's just that not having something in your state prevents someone a creditor from attaching that property.
If he sues you Right, that's the only real benefit?
It cannot have something in your state.
I mean, yes, you can, you can strip the equity, too. So if you're dealing with an IRS collection, you have no choice if you want to avoid that, other than to D the property over to accompany.
You can't you can't use a lien to defeat the IRS claim OK, got it OK, something to think about yeah.
All right. Thank you. I'll definitely rewatch this later. Yeah, OK, And Elaine, you had a question? Yes. Yes. I get my head a little bit more together.
OK, so the space on the The 656 says Additional sources of income in my case it would be additional to social security and a small pension Used to support the household IE none.
liable spouse or anyone else who may contribute to the household income list source and if I have to account for the distribution of the money that I had sent from Gemini to my chase my personal Chase account Would how do I? Because that way, you're not having to talk about that, because it's not an expected payment.
It's not a monthly payment, OK?
It's not it depends on your decision today, what you feel like doing if you feel like selling up some property meaning, coins, That's what you would do? But that is not something that's expected. So It's no, I don't I don't have to put that on their credit, and then and then.
Do I fill out the offer in compromise?
calculate your minimum offer amount at the bottom? Am I supposed to do that?
Or, is there something we do when we discuss with this person, and you think? I would think, because you're going to talk to her for me, right? Yeah. Definitely. And that's nothing I can do. I mean, some people like to do it themselves. I'm more than happy to actually, I can actually speak for you. I'm so grateful. But yes, Just as a general rule, when you're negotiating with anybody, it's a better thing to do in most cases, to get the other person to say, a number first. I don't know why.
I mean, sometimes it works better. So now, you can see what you're starting with, right.
Maybe better than what you had in mind.
All right.
So I don't if it's if it's required that you put a number down there, then maybe you want to put zero.
And so I would ask you this question. If you paid them anything like are you in a hardship situation right now?
If you are, then I would put zero.
If it's obvious to them, if once they look at this, if they see you're close to a hardship situation, I will put zero, and let them consider that OK, yeah.
And, and, how will you reach out to her after I send her all this documentation, should I send this documentation to you, as well, know, well, let's make sure it's complete so we can review it together. I mean, OK, if, let's do this as quick as possible. Like, maybe even after the skull, OK, Oh, that would be wonderful, let's do that, let's do that. But definitely, Senator as soon as possible.
And then she's gonna book a time with you, then usually, it's going to be enough time where I could put it on my calendar, OK, and then we'll co-ordinate that, and let her know that I'm working with you, and then we'll, we'll go from there. I'll just be on the phone, like, we are now, and she'll be there, and we'll do, We'll do it.
OK, if I can listen to it, I appreciate it. I would learn from that. But yeah, you'll be there because I'm going to need you there because I'm going to probably ask you some questions. OK, I'm sure, yeah. Well, I hope you can ask me the questions before I do that. I will because I've been in many of these. I'll show you what we do. And then the other. The other question is, how many accounts can you open with the LLC that?
And did for me like, I mean, I can open one at Calvin Brown, I can open one. Sure. Whatever works for you.
The same thing with sending, I mean, I could of multiple accounts with an LLC.
As long as it's not going into real estate like that, Then it would, I think, yeah, yeah, sure, Ashley, you can more, so that's not combining unlike risks. If you have your LLC for different types of cash flow, that's OK.
That's very liquid, OK, And, um, sure, I just lost my train of thought.
So, if, because I'm in New York killed can't know that, I'm in New York, so that's why I asked if I should try to open an LLC with my New York Chase, as opposed to a new bank? Yeah, Yeah. For that reason. You don't want to have wire sent a wire sent to a New York Bank account. So sorry, OK. All right. Other Than that, it doesn't matter.
That doesn't mean it.
You know, by the way, on that New York thing, I looked that up, and there is no legal duty for Australia to do anything with New York, it's just that they just don't want any question at all. So, they're, they're acting like, There's a legal duty, so we're stuck with it, OK. Yeah. Well, as long as they don't find out, that's all right.
The. So, now, if I transfer, let's say I open an account in Oklahoma Bank Accountable, Oklahoma would've been better to open it in a non chase account.
Since my New York bank is a Chase account, the bank brand wouldn't matter at all. It doesn't matter. No, Just the location. That would be a problem. They would know by the routing number where the bank was located.
OK, but then, so I can open an LLC, it, Caleb, an LLC at Oklahoma, Chase, and then from the Oklahoma Chase, I can send it to my personal account. Sure.
And that, that would be to pay my credit card. You can, but in your case, I wouldn't do that first, I would pay my bill first out of the LLC account because the LLC is not being levied.
Only you are. And if you pay yourself, that money's at risk.
Well, they actually didn't levy any more after after the levy was issued and more money came into the bank, like My social security came in again, means I hope they can go in there and take it again. Yes. They can share.
So, alright, so I'm saying, stop using that account that way.
Go around it, use an LLC account.
Pay your bill directly. That's what I do with the business.
I set up a new account and we pay the operating costs directly from the new company.
Then his tax return shows exactly the same thing it did the previous year.
When you say pay it directly from the LLC. Yeah, Can I pay my credit card directly from the LLC? Yes.
In your case, I would do that for now, yes?
OK for convenience, but I would do it that way for now.
Let's get past this IRS thing, we want to get that money released, so we need to get her that balance sheet quickly, OK?
Let me just let's connect out of this call.
OK, just should we stay on the Zoom here?
Or you know, I'll just call you.
OK, I'll just call you Matt, what did you want to?
I'm sorry about the direct message. I don't know how to respond to that.
OK, can you hear me?
Yes, OK, I have a question about, when, with the blockchain.
So all this, I know the IRS isn't going away but you think that they're bringing in all this blockchain like the CBD sees.
Is that gonna be an easier way to track us? Is that going to create a problem for us with LLCs? Those who don't understand and The LLC's are not the problem. It's not knowing what's going on. Is going to be the problem.
That, yeah, it's a better way to track, is what they want to do, is, they want to tax you in real time, without you having to file a tax return. And they want to tax you for all kinds of things.
Like, they want to tax you for how much carbon you produce, meaning that they could then texture phone and your dog in your pool, and they can tax your car literally.
But what my question is, is, I know they want to do this. It's an ugly world trying to bring it, but I think they want to replace the dollar with the CBD sees. Yes, you got it.
So it'll still be called the dollar, but it'll be on a blockchain, right there, Yep.
Right? So what I'm trying to say is, so.
I have everything running through the LLC, right, But how do you keep that money?
How do you pay yourself?
You would have to, how would you?
How is the LLC not going to be having to file a tax return going forward? Isn't that going to be the all seeing eye? Are we going to get snag? We're already there.
The whole system, let's call IRS, FinCEN, all these creatures, they can see at, all, right.
But what, what they can't get around is that there's no, um, there's no connection to be able to reach over to where that money is to take it for something that's going on over here.
And, and so when I do a re-organization for a small business, the IRS can see what I did, right?
But even if they're using blockchain technology, that's not going to change anything Because you have it's it's a lawless, called a law of the Innocent Party.
So, if there's an innocent party and it's truly separate, which is, how we set it up?
No matter what technology you're using, you're not going to be able to take an innocent partys property for another party's debt, OK.
So, we're still going to be there, it's just that, that's almost gonna go away, I think that we're gonna have other situations to deal with, and I really think that this technology can be used for the opposite of what they intended for it if we use it that way.
OK, because I wanna stay up on that with you on that because it's, it's very tricky.
And I just don't want to get blindsided by there, know, their plans, which, you know, are ugly, I just don't know how that's all going to plan.
So, I have one more question, So, I had me, if I got out of California, move to Florida and I want to buy into homes when for me, when my mom, long story short, she is not moving here.
So, I want to sell one of them, so, I just want to sell it into my LLC, so just click claim the deed to the LLC when it's built and then, yeah, just did it over and then sell it, contract and the names.
Yeah, OK.
And so, there's going to be a pretty big gain on that mm, it just doesn't matter.
Just that's what escrow pay OK and then also I can do that myself, I can do, I can just pull up the form online and then what, do you do it in. You can't you mail it into the the county recorder's office and then Yeah. Yeah.
And you'll get a the original back and they'll have recorded it, they'll, they'll put a stamp on it and they'll send you back the original.
Um, make sure that you do it for estate planning, there's a check box form, so that you don't pay the huge documentary stamp tax.
OK, now, I have a video on this in the members area. There's several videos on how to do this, It's very simple.
Yes. I'm sorry that I say that, somebody was making fun of me today, because I always say, it's very simple. Yeah. If you do it all day long, for 30 years is very simple. Now, it's, I think, it's just one of those things, where we're all just like, we know it all, But we know.
it's just simple things like not checking that box, because you just sure, you can't break stuff. I mean, certainly, if someone says you're gonna have to pay this huge documentary stamp to actually go, Oh, wait a minute.
I'm not selling it. I'm just moving it from my mom's name to my name or something like that, or to an LLC. And so they will have, there's a checkbox form.
And Florida has When, in fact, they're online. You can probably Google it.
Yeah, it's the exemption form for the Florida Documentary Stamp Tax.
OK, and then also, um, so the house is being built, and then when it's finished, because I don't want to hang onto it for a long time, so how long does it take? Can I do that right away? I don't know when new homes are built, how long it takes for the D to get filed, To be able to change it back into the LLC, it's the closing.
I would wait till it closes and then you're concerned about selling it, so you want to deeded over before it itself.
Right, OK, so right after closing, go ahead and fill out the form of Melatonin.
Yeah, You could do that way, if, Yeah, after the closing, when if you take title and your name, then you did it over after that, That's probably the easiest way to do it. Yes, yeah.
Because we tried to get the Lender to just, oh, they won't do that now, that you can, but it's difficult. So, I would say to the closings done, yeah.
OK, so there's no time, I have to wait after it closes.
I can just go ahead and do that pretty quick, pretty quickly. And maybe you want to list it for sale and the name of the company, that's not yet taken the title.
If they'll do it, if the agent won't do it that way. Because, I don't know, you might have in the market for awhile Who knows what this we're wacky market we're in. Right. And then, when you have an, an accepted offer, you have a contract on it, then you record the deed.
So, is it the end of your, you're gonna sell it in that way? If the bank wants to make up a problem for you, deeding it over is going to be too late. You will have already closed on it.
No, and sold it and we'll be done.
Will it go that fast? Like, what I hope it will be for you. I hope it goes, Oh, no, not the house. I just mean like, the deed. Yeah, as soon as the County Recorder's office gets it, it's the next day or a week. I mean, they're not there for you. And literally, I'm not kidding.
Everything takes forever.
OK, I did hear that Georgia has taken forever in some counties so I could be wrong. I don't know, I'd have to, you'd have to call them up in your county. by county.
Yeah. Just ask them.
They'll tell you they'll know OK. Yeah.
All right. Do you have any other question? I answered it about the bank so OK. So put it for sale and the LLC's name. And then as soon as we have an accepted offer then change the title so they didn't know I did that and then the money will go in there.
OK, this is another thing, too, so, um.
Taking money out of the LLC, because, you know, there's a lot in, like I said, that, and, you know, whatever else, crypto, or whatever, you can just give you. You can just pay yourself out of there, and do you claim it as a new claim it as other income?
But you're just saying you don't necessarily have to, well, OK, if you're going to file a 10 40, you should. You should, I would say, you have to. The IRS would say you have to, if you're getting money for something personally it's part of your gross income.
I mean you could probably get away with not reporting it if you're asking me that, OK. Well we're all right. I'll tell you that.
We're recording it, I just didn't know if it would be like a snowball back to the LLC because we're not filing on the LLC, but the LLC is a PMA, so it can pay other members of the P&L. It's still separate, but the fact that you used some of that money and didn't report it would be an underreporting.
And I don't know how the Iris would detect that, unless you, it would be easy for the irises detected.
If you bought a high ticket item, that's clearly not, for the LLC. You know, like, like, you just bought a car and put it in your name like a Lamborghini.
Got it, you know. So, that's an easy one. Not to do so well. I don't wanna buy a Lamborghini, but I have one more question, if that, L, if I want to buy other property with that money in the LLC?
Then, you would create another LLC that borrows that money to buy the property. How would that work? How would you want to buy a house to live in?
Well, we have a house to live in, That's like in our trust that's being finished. I have two homes now. I don't need to home, so I want to sell one of them. You want to sell one, but you just asked me if you want to spend the money on a, on some property? Yeah, like like income property.
OK, so you want to invest to see.
So you take your LLC, that has kryptos or whatever, and you sell some kryptos for dollars, and then you wire the money to the seller, and then you title the property, however you want.
So I would title it in another LLC's name.
That was me, I Yeah, Not in the Crypto LLC.
Yeah, if it's an investment, like, I just did that the other day, so I sent some money to buy some land and it came from my, actually came from my Kryptos and I simply convert it to dollars and I sent it and I told the seller, I gave them my name. And I said, I'm not buying it. It's my organization. He goes, Oh, Well, let me know what name you decide. You know, because he understood. So, I say, I'll get back with you. So. I send them a text I said, OK, we came up with a name, So he's sitting on the money, and I said call it this, and he goes, OK. It's done.
No, and then we closed so some people understand this, OK, great, OK, that's good. And then how do we get ahold of you if we have more questions other than this zoom?
What I found is using telegram seems to work, and sometimes you have to like either call me on telegram, so I can hear the thing ring, or Send me a couple of messages because I'm getting a lot of messages kinda last lecture on the next rung up. You're going to be bombarded. Yeah, and you know, I have help now, but I don't know if that's doing any good, But, um, I have I see people send me e-mail and text and call me and telegram. And so that's fine.
I get it I'm not going to be annoyed and I'll do my best. But that is my answer the best. I can do J Singleton on Telegram. It is yeah at at JJ Singleton. Yell at JJ Single mmm hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm. Hmm, hmm, J: Y J Y R J J.
John, Jay, John J Y I Use my middle name because it's it's such a common name. OK, so I think that John Jay Singleton.
Right? It'll show up as JJ Singleton. I think if you search on my name or Ace of coins, I can't remember how it is.
or it could be a set point. It shows up as JJ Singleton. Telegram.
Oh, it does, yeah.
JJ, JJ Age?
Like, the letter J, The letter J, and then Single, OK, yeah.
Then, I just have one more question on that, Blockchain.
So, I know the IRS isn't going to go away.
So, they've just going to tax us on our income in taxes per transaction, because I mean, eventually, I mean, I think that US DC is going to wind up being dollar. I think they're going to replace the dollar with that US DC.
So, yeah, so my point is, is if they do that and say you went from litecoin and bitcoin and then you went to USD C But you didn't go to the dollar. You went to ... and you just held it there.
But she didn't cash it out into dollars how's that gonna work? Are they going to start taxing it that way as can write? Liquid El Salvador did El Salvador declared that Bitcoin was legal tender in its country?
OK that really created some problems for them but in doing so people probably thought, Yea, that's great, now I can buy my groceries in Bitcoin. Now I can do something with it well.
All they did was make it taxable. Now in El Salvador, Bitcoin became taxable. So that's what the United States would have to do.
It would have to go through the rulemaking process. OK, under the Administrative Procedures Act, It would have to publish the new rule, proposal in the Federal Register, make it up for public comment.
And then it would eventually, more than likely, establish one of the coins as legal tender.
Now, I don't know if they would do all the coins as legal tender. I don't think that's the way it would work, but they would pick some. They would pick it, like bitcoin, probably.
And, yeah, so, we would know, months and months in advance.
So, yeah, so, let's say, they did it to all of them Well, I can guarantee you that Monero wouldn't be in that group just by the nature of Monero, but the others are fair game.
So, just be aware that you wouldn't know months and ahead of time, probably a year and a half ahead of time, that a coin would pop, possibly become legal tender.
And then if you, You would have to look at that the same way today, that we look at the dollar, OK?
Then, if you see that, you'll publish that on your shirt, we're definitely talk about that.
Actually, I would be talking about it now, if something was worth talking about, but I'm still waiting to see how this can play out. I'm, I'm, I'm seeing the trend, and that's what I've been telling people, so, but they're pretty slick, but the thing is, they're messing with technology that we invented.
So, if we keep our brains about us, we can, we can make this technology work for what our needs are for privacy.
And we should use money in a way that is anonymous. We should restore money systems so that you and I can choose to do business with each other.
Anonymously, right? Yeah. I totally agree, I did.
No, I'm not that technologically inclined. So, I just, I'm a part of your members groups. I guess, what, this all kinda figure it out. And, and, many there.
But, I'm working with some people that are, OK, we're developing some things that, uh, I know that's going to be out there, I don't have to do anything. I know someone else is going to come with me, someone who came with Monero. But what I want to do is have a system whereby I can create a corporation, and it basically is an IP address, OK, and the corporation has its own stock, has its own currency, it's its own crypto coin, and so to speak. And?
I can trade with your company on the technology without using the banking system, and outside the purview of the United States.
And all of its agencies said that means forget about taxes, I'm out of that, but I can also then sell stock, and not be regulated by the SEC.
That's the big thing, is to raise capital without the SEC.
OK, and where do you one more question, Where do you see this food thing going? Should that be a concern? I know absolutely it is. Please store food. And be smart about it. Store food that makes sense.
Meat and fruit, and store at least three months to a year depending on your level of knowledge. Or your resources. If you have land, three months should be plenty.
three months should be plenty to decide to start growing food, OK, so serious, We're going to have to start growing and it's very serious. We're out of time not to sound urgent, but we're out of time.
So, yeah, you need to store food and you need to find a place to buy food.
You can still buy cattle, you can buy livestock.
You can buy, you know, processed meat, you can buy a quarter of a cow, a half a cow, you can buy, you know, smaller animals if you can store it.
OK, well, I bought a raised dryer. I figured that's probably the best way that is very good.
That is definitely going to save your life.
Freeze dry.
Right now, I don't use that I use canning but I can. I just by fe guy, I get like all by the whole case of Flame and Yon, and I will candidate.
It'll be like, you know, 30, 40 50 pounds of flaming Neon, and I'll spend all weekend canning it and that'll be good for a few years.
OK, so you're really serious on that. Yeah.
Yeah, and I buy canned fruit that I don't can myself.
I just buy the food that's already canned, OK? And then, Lehman's and ..., or you can also put some motors in with those guys. It's just it'll take you a few months to get it delivered. If you can get it delivered, what's it called?
Lehmans, Lee, H M A N, apostrophe S, lehman's, and also yoder why on Earth.
For beef and beef for food, yeah, chicken beef. I wouldn't bother canning, I mean tuna is good too. But I mean, I would I buy canned chicken and I can my own beef.
I don't can lamb. Maybe, like, Maybe I should, I don't know, but, I mean, I have a freezer. That's good for 3 to 6 months of food, so I keep that stocked.
Um, then I have canned, you know, in big. Quart size, Mason Jars.
Alright, I definitely also look at medical supplies and knowing how to use them. I just had my two sons. Learn CPR. There now certified. They're 16 and 18. I taught my 14 year old when he was 14, 2 years ago, I taught them how to drive the car just because I wanted him to be able to drive the car because he could reach the pedals if we had to.
So, there are things like that you want to be aware of. Also, ask yourself, What would happen if the lights went out? How would I get clean water, and how would I do that for three days?
So, just be aware of where that would happen.
OK, then, um, so I know you're down in Florida, and I'm down in Florida, But do you think it's better to live more near Ranch's, or Or you're just, you're, are you staying in Florida? Like, are you concerned about that?
Or I'm going to stay, I just bought a bunch of land here, I just bought 91 acres.
Yes, and definitely you want to be by ranchers and people with supplies and they are willing to sell them to your trade with you because I can tell you some of the farmers are now keeping all their supplies for themselves.
They're doing that already.
But I just got a lot of acres over in Cedar Key Cedars. I'm gonna, I'm gonna create a bit of a Township over there and let people come out there that want to, you know, have their own place and be in the community and have a greenhouse and clean water and make our own energy and things like that. We have a lot of waste in the. post. That on your on. Yeah. I will, I'm going to talk about it, I'm writing a budget right now and I'm gonna, I'm gonna create some plans for it because right now it's just a wooded lot.
It's two lots.
It's what it and so we're putting some roadways in there right now and then we're gonna start offering Uses for the land.
people want to join OK, Yeah, OK, and then you'll let people on your On your Membership account No. Yeah. We'll talk about this, right? Because that's, Yeah, Exactly. Will have a call about that. I just don't want to bring it up yet, because I'm not really ready to talk about it. But, Well, I just, like, I don't know. I just was like, Do we have eight years till 20, 30?
Or, you know, we might, I doubt it, though, I'm, I'm just thinking this year, and I don't think it's going to be like, the lights go off and then the, the UN shows up, I don't think it's like that.
I think it's going to be a more of a slow grind, like the higher prices, exhausting everybody's money, making them angry and frustrated, making it to where they can't get their supplies that they want. That they're being forced to use Amazon for everything.
Yeah, I think they want that, and just people just become really frustrated.
I think they're gonna, this fall, they're gonna, just before school comes in, they're gonna say everybody, every kid has to get the fake vaccine.
So, that's just more ways to frustrate people.
Yeah, they're just trying to make everyone go bankrupt. So, if you see Going down, then in this I don't know about pricing, It's kinda weird. It's going to be a weird situation. I just.
OK, I guess the natural reaction is if you can't sell it, lower the price, So I guess that's what's going to happen.
Lower the price, but then the market is being flooded with money, But then you can't get financing, so I really don't know.
I'm, I'm thinking that: I looked, I was look at things as like, an entrepreneur.
So I'm thinking, in fact, before this call, five minutes before this call, I'm looking around at where I can buy an auto repair shop, because I think that's a good place, a good thing to have, because of other things. I want to use it for an addition to auto repair. I want to use it for others.
So, you know local fabrication of things, because I think that, um, people that are repairing appliances and equipment are not going to be able to get parts, and I'm going to be able to print those parts right with, with a high density residence.
And so that's, that's my way in to do that, is to get an auto repair shop, because those people would be inclined, if I get them right mechanics in there and I would have the facility to do that. So, that's how I'm thinking right now. I'm seeing huge vacancy rates, and I've been seeing this trend for years, but now it's even way it's way stepped up the pace has right in Orlando.
You asked town, Yeah, I mean, I don't know if you've been out here lately, but February, but it look nice, I guess I didn't like that. There are nice places, But if you look closely, you'll find a high vacancy rate.
I mean, it's used, there's some main streets over here.
I'm in past, Winter Park, more East and huge vacancies, even an icon park right in the middle of the tourist area, Icon Part, Huge Vacancies.
All right.
And then, because China's not shipping us anything anymore, I take it over I suppose, but I think I can still get, get products from through would call it.
Now, it's that my mother Alibaba and Ali Baba express and and, uh, drop shippers or whatever that is. I don't know. I mean, I haven't tried lately to get some products, but I've heard stories and, and I think the ports in California are locked up and same with New York.
Yeah, because you know what?
I have a friend that works in the port and their contract is that, isn't that amazing? Interesting. Yes, The first time since World War II.
Because the courts are shut because our contracts are expired, and that's by design, there's no other reason. Other than that, Let's talk starve out everybody. And that's what I think we're going to witness. It's going to be a starve out, just like you want to take over a castle.
You don't storm the front door, you'll get, you know, hot tar, dumped on your head and stuff. You'll lose half your people. So what you do is you go out into the woods.
And you wait along the highway when they bring in the supplies, and you just take those, because those are the least forest fortified aspect of the for it.
So, That's what we are, We're, they just cut us off on it. They killed the chickens. They kill the cows.
They destroy the obvious but, you know, the cattle and they give some lame reason then they don't ever have to justify it.
We are burned down the food centers. Burn it down. Yeah? All the processing plants. So, yeah, this is award. This is how you take down a castle.
So, we have time, but any we're going to have time.
So, what's going to look like is that price is already going up, So, the way it looks like this, I told my wife, Philemon Yod, no problem, I can get it for one thousand dollars and 30% a pound. It used to be $6 in some places. Not not too long ago. A year and a half ago, with 6, 7, 8, $9 a pound. Now it's 11 30 tomorrow if I didn't even blink. I don't care if it's $25 a pound.
It's almost for free because it's going to be good meat and it's going to be good for a few years And I'm going to feed my family and I don't care what it costs.
If I can afford it, I'm gonna get it. And lately, I just started buying on top round for like $4 a pound, which is just as good.
And I can buy, let's say I bought like £30 the other day in one order, and I can do it in two days. Do, What did you do or did that from like? a farmer around? I go to the in art in our area. The Spanish places have all, the really good meets because in Spanish culture. So, I get huge chunks.
of a top round, I actually have to have them cut it for me in chunks because I can't carry. So, that's the only thing I get, I fill up the whole cart with this top round.
I take it home and I put it in the fridge And I cut, I trim it up and then I chop it up and I put it, you know, in these pictures and I pressure cook it.
So yeah, top round is good also.
So, if you're not spending 10, $11 for Filament yarn top four ground beef is also good.
You can buy it you know, it's way expensive at Costco. It's cheaper at the Publics and bravo.
Yeah, and fancy Fruit. You just put it in the jar. You got the jars on Amazon, and then you score on the lead, and then you. Yeah, I get Mason Jars, and I sterilize them! Lined them up and I cut the meat. And on this huge plates have big chunks of Meat, is biggest I can make it, sometimes they're almost as big as a flaming yacht.
Because they'll fit in the jar. I put them in raw.
Then I put in a teaspoon of salt on each one. And then I put boiling water up to almost the neck.
Seal it, put it in the pressure cooker for 90 minutes.
It's good for a few years, OK. So it's sitting in water, OK? Sitting in water, it doesn't have to be, but I don't I don't like to not put why I'd rather put water, and I'd rather put Salt, you don't have to put salt either. You can just pressure cook it, but it's cooked. I mean, you can eat out of the jar. I wouldn't do that when we take it out of the jar. Like, we're starting to use some of our stock from 20 20.
So when I, when I take it out, we put it with rice, satay it, it's great. Perfect. It's Flame.
And Yon it's great because the right now you pay. Let's say, paid 15 bucks a pound. Now, by the time you go to use it, it'll be 30, 40, $50 a pound, if you can get it. That's a deal. Right. That all in Florida there. What are their cattle ranchers in Florida? Yeah. There are lots of branches.
Florida is a place to have cattle, cattle and horses all over the place.
Cattle ranches all over, and farms to. There's a farm right up here on Ronald Reagan Boulevard called RedHill Farms.
He doesn't have cattle, I don't think, but uh, yes, chickens.
OK, so you're in a good area for all that, I think so. Yeah.
OK, well, I won't keep I don't see more questions, but, so that's always an interesting topic. But yeah. I appreciate you guys tuning in.
I know that's not the most exciting subject, but, uh, yeah. We'll deal with it. I'm not afraid. We shouldn't be afraid. It's just interesting, that we're the people. We think, OK, I would not want to be this menu in government. It's idiots.
They'd have to do what they're told all the time. And then that's how they operate.
We can avoid them.
Just avoider.
Good. You're gonna call me after this, right? ... right now, connect here. So, this is recorded. I don't know, I might edit some of this, things I shouldn't, I don't know.
We're pretty good down here with him for her with disantis. Yeah, with this Governor, I'm happy with what he's done so far. It's helped a lot so that Tampa Judge to missile that. I thought that was great. What she did with the airlines. That helped us a lot to help the whole country. I'm not betting on them in the future.
Because, you know, they could just rig the election.
So I think that's the big problem, right there for the scientists, But I don't care. You know, I'm still looking at, I have to work this problem, and I have to collaborate with people. And I'm working the problem. And who cares about the stupid government employees, and find the santa's did, that he bought us some time.
But I think the problem is still here.
Big problem.
It's huge, Bigger than ever.
But I say bring it, because we we made it this long, people made it this far.
So if we just keep our wits about us, we'll be fine.
Did you hear that they blew up the Georgia Guide stones know, I didn't hear that one. Yeah, yes. There was destroyed. When the explosion in the middle of the night, nobody really knows, but it was a big explosion. Took out one of the force labs, and part of the roof. And then the next day a bulldozer came along and enact the rest of it down. Very nice, I think I did that. It crossed my mind years ago when I heard about it. And I was like, why bother, But I'm glad someone did it. That's awesome. Women, they got cheated out of the election. In Georgia where there's the name, Candace Taylor, she was going to do is if it was going to be one of her number one thing is used and take down those guides stones. Very nice. I think that's, I think that's why they stole it from her.
She got the idea if you give the idea just like what they did with Disney World. That was fantastic. They, just Disney's. No way back in the eighties, I was Because I used to love to. I mean, I really grew up with Disney World. I mean, I hate to say, But back, and didn't know what they were about. No.
I didn't know, but I found myself when I was in high school, I went and I looked up the there's an actual law that gave Disney World, Uh, eminent domain rights over all the swamp lands that are bought.
That's what created, basically.
Disneyworld created its own government and so they made a deal with Orange County to have the police come on the property and things like this.
So, they had to get permission Like, the county had to get permission from Disney World to come on the property, Uh huh? So it was its own nation.
People don't know that And I'm so glad they yanked it out from under because they don't deserve it anymore, but what they've been, they should know and took that hit on the stock.
So, I hope that continues. We need to get rid of this. You know, I mean, let's do another Disney, Let's do some other idea like that. Exactly. Yeah, definitely. I mean, it's just so sad.
Because, I mean, as a child, you know, you look at these things and they look so wonderful and you have no idea. More children have disappeared in Disney than just about any here, I can, remember, it was my, with my parents and grandparents, where we had those types of like interactions. Because you know, when you're little And your grandfather read you a story.
It's amazing, because it's your grandfather reading your story, you know?
And so that's the kind of experience that Disneyworld was supposed to deliver and yeah, maybe it did that, but I think really, the parents should be doing that.
The family should be doing that.
We shouldn't have Disney replacing that.
Yeah, well, that's what they want to do. They want to replace the parents. They want to take the kids and parents. Exactly, all part of that as part of the whole thing. If you guys never studied this, check this out.
You can look up the Cliff Notes version of Plato's Republic, and you'll understand there's a larger scope here, and this is what it helps me understand.
Like, maybe they possibly game what they're doing. Because I read Plato's Republic when I was in high school, and I didn't get it. And then, I read it, again, when I was in college and I started to understand and this was around the time, the Clintons were trying to force in the health care plan. And I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and I and I didn't realize that I could actually go read the proposed legislation, which I did back then. And that's where it got me interested all this stuff.
And, uh, Plato's Republic is what you're witnessing today.
This is the vaccines, the Child Support Services, you know, Child Protective Services, the courts' taking the children.
This is Plato's Republic, where the state is the parent and the parent is not.
The biological parent is not and the children are the property of the state.
This comes from Plato's Republic, and that happens in every, every Communists Fascist ****.
Sure, I mean, every single one same partner. We don't have three branches of government.
We have a system of policymaking that's that's run through an administrative branch, everything's administrative law, which is useful in many cases, But people don't realize that they, they lost their three branches of government.
The only time that it looks like we have it is when there's a criminal trial, they make they give the appearance.
But other than that, this is not this is a gang.
No, we lost John Locke's three branches of government long time ago.
Do you think it's better to have your house paid for at this point?
Yeah, Or have low debt. Like, for me, I just rent, OK, if and I've been doing that for a few years, I got rid of everything, It is better.
But also if you have, if you have some debt, It's not a problem.
Have the ability to come close to paying it off, and I don't know exactly why.
I just feel like it's a good strategy.
Not to paid off, but have the ability to come at least close to paying it off in a short period of time, if there's some need to do that.
And I don't know what that might be. I know, right?
Give me one example because I'm a couple of years ago when the fake pandemic started, where we're looking at, I was talking to some entrepreneurs and that and they were saying that. they had difficulty closing on some deals, because of, insurance, not because of financing.
And the insurance, so that, maybe, another lever, a lever in the system, to preclude people from buying real estate and letting Blackrock get everything.
Vanguard is the insurance. So if that, let's say, how does that translate into residential? So, if you had, if you own in an apartment or any type of residential for rental or your own house. The insurance company could do some wackiness and say, You have to pass this, or not, Or, Or, When I can assure you anymore, or whatever they could do anything they want, and then the bank, and call them a note.
That's, I think, what could be happening in the near future.
Yeah, I was concerned about something like that, because the insurance companies keep counseling people down here, OK, Santa Rosa's, they do. OK? So, I can tell you that's happening more in California. I hear more in California.
I have heard it and other places So that would be the next And that's why I say have some money that you can That you can paid off or Be able to walk away after you Fight them in a foreclosure action, Right like you can you can stay in your house for years and keep it in foreclosure I've done that during the foreclosure crisis. Doesn't that ruin your credit though?
Yeah, but who cares?
All you care about is keep your cash and a place to live You don't need good credit to do those things Especially if everything is destroyed and what what good. Does it matter?
I mean, if you have a credit score of 800, what good is it today?
You're almost like a guy who's got 700.
Oh, because they don't want to give out any loans, Pretty much.
So it's, as time goes on, it's not going to matter as much. I think what's going to matter? I mean, as someone, I was watching on YouTube channel called I Allegedly Himself.
He's telling me some interesting things, I like the way he presents it, but he's saying that AI can be used to assess your creditworthiness, which I think has already been done.
So, yeah, what good is it?
I mean, I've stopped using credit back when I realized it was being used to exploit people so I live my life without credit.
So you just have your businesses have credit?
Sometimes, and I don't use credit through Dun and Bradstreet, I don't use credit the way I show my clients how to use it.
I show them the formal way of doing it, I use credit based on how I interact with people, which is a little bit more, it's more artistic, let's say.
So, you have to kind of work out a deal with somebody in established credit based on what you're doing.
So I don't, I'm not a person that goes off and gets a big loan on a project, which is inhibited me because I could have scaled up something faster with credit, right? Or raised money for a thing.
What I like to do my style of entrepreneurship is joint venturing to raise money.
So, I don't just raise money. What I do is, I use other people's resources.
And for that, it costs me more money, but it's more fun also, because I, I do things like split the. Net on, something on a short-term project, if it works well, or sometimes I gain a resource that I can use in another project.
So it's, it's more fun for me.
As an entrepreneur, I would much rather have fun than try to make more money, because you can always make more money, You can go out and make $50,000 next month, it's not hard.
Now, it's going to select for everybody if the IRS agents are starving to death. No one's gonna work. Yeah, there's going to be. OK, Well, I think that That might be a point where, I mean, if they can't use their phones. Who do they mean?
If they, if they're afraid they're going to stay home, they're going to be IRS agents anymore, then what? I mean, where are we then, as at worst, is that a worse situation? Do we have to deal with the UN.
Can we not get water?
Only on, maybe you might wish for those days where the IRS agent wants to try to save it. I really don't care what comes. I just think it's really fascinating how you have some very small group of people that produce nothing in this world that use all the products that we produce that are exploiting us with these products that we produce exactly. For sure.
For not being green, when they're the ones that Oh my gosh, not. When I was in high school, in Colorado, they make, while they make the trash and blame it on us, Yes, yes, in 87, I graduated high school. So, and it was this.
And the news about the greenhouse effect, now they did, they call it climate change.
But even when I was in high school, I thought greenhouse effect well, that's interesting, so light bounces off the Earth and then reflects back on because there's too much carbon in the atmosphere.
And I thought hmm, hmm, hmm, then how did we survive for hundreds of thousands of years? And how did the dinosaurs make it if the atmosphere wasn't didn't have its own homeostasis?
And I was not a good student in school, but I'm thinking this way.
And so I went and I I talked to my teachers and they said, Oh, yeah. Give me her the bell jar experiment. And I'm like, what's that? And I'm like, yeah. well, you you put a plant in the bell jar and the more carbon that goes in the bell jar, the faster the plant grows because there's always yeah, there's there's homeostasis the atmosphere. It's a natural occurrence.
Slice. I mean, we can't survive. Carbon is just like oxygen. We have to have it. So, what's, what we're seeing is.
there's a war on carbon because it's a war on life that's right? That's right. Yeah, Make is to make people not people. And to make them something that they created so they can own them.
Georgia guide stones That's right.
They they don't want people they want Actors to do They can own Yeah, well, the products in the air turn you into an AI so they can control you Exactly. I mean, why even have people on earth, I guess, to, what, make them do stuff. I don't know. Make them be the ones that, wait on you at the resort's.
I mean, they're building up their billing, a nice, what we call it the high speed rail system in the Central California, and they're using, they're using military weapons to clear the path, burning out homes, and things like that. And people believe they just call it abandoned, so that way they don't have to use eminent domain.
Yeah. It's a much more efficient way of getting the state of its residents.
So, what is going on in California? And what do you think their goal is? Chasing everyone out and doing all this weird, Super rich people that to them money is, is, doesn't mean anything. It's just a thing to get somewhere. They don't care how much, because they can't even count how much money they have, so that they look at themselves as they own the Earth. And that they also, And why shouldn't they?
Because they have taking technology in one way or another, and made themselves the proprietors of that technology to our detriment.
So, why shouldn't they, because they have the means to separate themselves from humanity.
So, I think they look at California as their, um, playground, and they need to get rid of the riffraff, and then turn it into the thing they want. So it becomes a big resort for them.
People pouring over the border, that are, OK, That is to destroy our culture, and our, our foundation for Americans, because Americans are pretty patriotic. But what happens to your, your Mexican family for generations, and you're, you're hearing all this great stuff about Americans.
And so, you might resent Americans, because you're not one, but you live right next door to them, and now you have an opportunity to cross the border, get it on the party.
Even though the party's over, they don't know that they still like the brand of the United States.
And so those people bring their culture here, and that changes the way, the majority of our culture functions, I think, anyways.
It also, I mean, they don't they may not have the same patriotic feelings towards us that we have for ourselves. So of course, they don't, but this is happening worldwide? I mean, yeah. They did it to your ever.
Everything in Europe, You know, the rape gangs and all that stuff going on there?
It's destroying cultures. Yeah. Mexico, though, I know. It's like a lot of Americans have fled down to like Cabo. Right. They're going to have the food shortage, and all the same **** going on down there, as well. Yeah. I don't think you're going to avoid it. I think it's going to be everywhere, and then you're gonna have pockets of places that are prepared. I can tell you right now. I have clients in Italy.
And there, I know people over there that have their own neighborhood of several hundred people. They have all their food and they always will.
And they're not influenced by the fake pandemic and all the not nonsense.
So, you've got the Amish up in Ohio and the northern area by the Great Lakes You got the Amish over there and They're actually looking like more like really cool people, like Roger?
I'm seeing that a lot of years, this one, woman, is teach she's she spent, a year or so, working with the Amish to be very respectful to them, and asked, very humbly if they wouldn't mind sharing some of their canning techniques? And when they started talking about canning, that one woman was so shocked that there was even a thing called the USDA.
She couldn't believe that. we actually had a USDA. And she thought how silly that is? She was Amish and she was saying No, and we can't stop here. We get we get a pickle jar that were done using, OK, that we, like the Amish, they'll go to the grocery store, they'll get pickle jar.
They'll use it the pickles, and then they'll use that jar for canning something.
That pickle jar.
Not a mason jar. Yeah. And they'll boil it.
They don't they don't use pressure cookers, they boil.
They use gas. They use gas for their refrigeration. They have refrigeration. They actually have computers, the Amish do.
They don't have internet like we do. Yeah, they have phones, they have cell phones, but they are restricted and they have to get approved by the local council, the elders, that's what they call them.
But they do use technology, but they use it in a way that, like, they use a spreadsheet in lieu of, they use a computer spreadsheet in lieu of a paper spreadsheet, and there's computer spreadsheet is almost like a paper spreadsheet, except they have a keyboard. It's not like our spreadsheet. So they still have to you know work at things.
You don't think they'll go after them you got that It's it's it's not like no, They don't make any distinction. No, they don't.
They're not going to respect those people I'm sorry to say.
Now, we just mean like the government or the this Evil entity that's trying to take over you. Don't think that they'll go.
And they've already tried what they've done what they've done with the Amish is the back in the seventies. I think it was the the the local governments in those areas went to the Amish New York, Ohio and whatnot, Illinois. And they told them that they have to have their children in the public school system. Otherwise, they'd be considered truant so there was a battle.
You can know here's what happens to the Amish. They're very smart. And they, they try to be peaceful. So, here's what they did. They said the government, the counties there. Now, these people are autonomous. They don't need to go to the public full system, OK. They got their own really goods that you ask them, OK. And I've been followed for awhile. I was told by one of the Amish.
He was saying, we, we can, we can make astronauts. We are, people are. And they're skilled and schooled enough to where they can be astronauts, we can build our own rocket ships and we can go on the moon and they said, why would we do that?
This is the Amish saying this now.
So, they're not dumb.
And so they, they made a deal so that the county would leave them alone.
They said, we will school, our children in a public school but we will be the teachers.
And we will call it the County School and the county said, OK, And that's the way it's been since then the county is, I mean, so I don't know. I think that was the lesser of two evils but no, they're still they still got their culture.
Fortunately, I'm glad to see. they still have skills and we're gonna learn them.
We're going to relearn them just like my grandparents, I think we're going to wind up relearning them.
It's going to be more fun, because we have e-mail me and imagine, Imagine if the people that that founded the country, and, let's say, I think they're going to turn off our electricity, though, so we can't.
Why communicate and join together. So, like, if my husband and I are out here, we couldn't even communicate with our kids, like to separate your families to set, OK, that won't last too long, but let me share something with you so we can, we can have, we can talk on this stuff for, I'm, I'm starting to bring in.
So I just got myself a little USB, it's a radio, it's a, it's a software defined radio.
And you plug it into your computer.
It plugs into an antenna, an aerial, and you can listen to every single broadcast everywhere, no matter what it is, unless that's encrypted.
I can listen to the police, OK? So, I got that, I have my son install it on its computer. Is it? Is it like a shortwave radio? It's everywhere, it's everything. Yeah. It's like a ham radio, but it's everything. So, so, then, you don't have to get a license for any of this stuff. So then, I'm getting a set of radio so that, at least two for right, now, I'm getting one for each car. So we can, we can be talking to each other with were far apart.
But I'm also going to get a home base and there's some technology, there's some brands that I want to get. But I'm starting slow because it's a little intimidating for me, but I'm using a radio technology and ham radios and the ... frequency band.
To stay in communication with my family and friends. And I can do it worldwide, or I can do it locally.
So Ham radio is worldwide. I don't need a license, and I can do it locally. So I would recommend, if you guys want to do something like that, it's very cheap. For like 25 bucks, you can get yourself a radio, that will, you can do almost everything you need.
And that's the Ham radio.
It is a ham radio, um, Yes.
Special type of ham radio. Yeah, let me um, let me just share with you. Here's what you wanna do.
Go on YouTube and search for this channel it's called, the channel is called Not a Rubicon Not the Rubicon NATA Rubicon, and just watch everything that guy says, and he is very entertaining.
I like that guy he's very smart not a Rubicon, and and he talks about the I'm just going to order some.
It's the UV five or something like that, or forget the, but they call it, but it is handheld radio that is ham radio.
And it also gets you access, he'll show you how to unlock it to get access to all the other frequency bands and the FCC can't do anything about it. I mean, they're not going to mess with you.
So let's see here.
I'm surprised they didn't take down his channel. Oh, he's openly on the channel saying, no, I don't have a radio license and yes, I do violate the FCC rules. But I'm not harming anybody and they don't care and they don't care it's kind of like what I deal with the IRS.
Yeah, not Rubicon. So the name of the radio is the.
He's got so many here.
Oh, here it is.
The UV five are UV five are radio V dash five R. Yeah. You'll want to learn about that, and there are lots of tutorials and other videos on YouTube to talk about that, but I'm getting that for my whole family.
We're going to start using it now, just like I had my children learn CPR and I just had my wife get a big first aid kit.
But what I recommend, if you're going to do that, go get yourself all the components of the first aid kit and put it together yourself. Don't buy the pre-packaged ones at Sam's Club because they put a bunch of **** and there they put a bunch of aspirin in there and hand sanitizers and **** you don't need. You need to stop blood. There's emergency kits to stop blood. So, there's a vacuum sealed. I got two of them. There's a vacuum sealed kit that if you cut it open and put it on a wound, it will cause it it will it will cause the wound to seal cauterize.
It's not just a bandage.
It'll actually cauterized the skin. So are you expecting something super horrible that we're going to need this?
Yeah, I hate to say, but I'm thinking, worst-case scenario is, I'm going to have to stop some bleeding. And so that's what I'm thinking about.
Maybe if I have to set a bone, I'm not going to be knowing how to do that but I might do the best I can. I know how to do splints my family, no. We need some more little practice on that, but I'm not going to go overboard with it. But I will have supplies.
Do you think that they're going to send hurricanes our way or tidal waves, or is this any more Yeah, it'll be more of that?
I think they've done it already down here in Florida Unconcern Yeah, I mean, if you see a hurricane hovering over an area for awhile, then you know, it's not it's not desert hurricanes don't do that. That's not how convection works, right? Now. Yeah.
They're forcing it, they're guiding it. So.
But yeah, check out the, um, the, the UV phi or phi bar, and yeah, I'm gonna talk about that, guys, channel. That's, that's good, Yeah.
Yeah, I'm gonna, I'm, there's a person here who, in Orlando, we're talking about doing a in person conference, and we're going to talk about all these things.
Like, for example, if you had to, how would you start a fire without a lighter or a match in, I can show you how to do that. With a knife. I can share to start a fire with a knife. With a knife with a knife, Yes.
Flammable tests, no. Well, yeah, You gotta find, you gotta find something to burn, but I'm just saying, you just need a spark, and so with a knife, you can, you can get that.
You can also use it, you can use a ... lens, you can use your glasses.
It's in the daytime. Yeah. So there's a lot of a lot of skills that I've learned over the last year and a half that we may be talking about.
Bike out bags are kind of a joke.
I don't recommend that, I don't even know what. It's like, yeah, it's a it's a it's a backpack with with gear that where are you going? Are you going? What's what's better than where you are, I mean, unless you're house is on fire. Why do you need to leave somewhere else, because, because the place you're leaving is probably the place someone else wants to go to. So you have to ask, what's the rationale there. You know, unless you're being exterminated or something.
So I got back, is a silly joke. I mean, I was, I called my friend up last year. when I was saying, because I didn't know I didn't even know this about him. He's an Expert Marksman Hunter.
And he's a financial analyst, as, That's all I knew about him. And I said, Hey, what do you think about the possibility of Surviving, if we have to hunt for food? Like, for example, I'm in Florida, I have deer right here, my backyard. I can go get one. If I can shoot one, right? If I could shoot one, and I thought it was like in the movies, where if I just aim and shoot up, close enough, he started laughing at me.
He goes, Jonn, I'm a marksman and let me tell you, Shooting A Deer is not what you think in the movies. You will starve.
No offense. He goes, No offense, but you will starve. And, I said, You know, that's what I thought. I'd say, yeah, because I said, I didn't know you're a marksman. He goes, Oh, yeah, trust me, I've killed the rapport, I'm good at it. He said, but most, people will not be able to survive if they have to kill it there.
And, once you kill the deer, you have to know how to, how to go to them. And, I, don't, I don't have any clue on that. So, yeah, so, I mean, the best you want to do is, if you have to look for food, it's going to be trapping and, And, here's my version of trapping. Fishing that's about as best as it's gonna get.
So, I'm like, sticking with crossing my fingers at canning for meat. And canning fruit is going to be good. And then, you know, having other supplies or knowing how to get the supplies like water.
Alright, how to clean water and things like that.
Yeah, I know some key read, some people are buying property on no, like clean water, rivers, or streams.
Sure, that's a good idea. With the place I God is right next to an Airstrip. It's an airport and also Marina. And it's right on the golf. So if I wanted to, I can have the golf. I can also, it's a small town, so I can I can get around on a bicycle. I mean, everything's, it's not everything that's close but once I get into town, everything's close if I need to. But I also have a whole bunch of acreage I can just go on the deer on there. There's a turkey of hogs.
I can You'll put out more information on that. Yeah. Yeah.
Because what I want to do is, Um, I need to raise money to develop the property in certain ways. And so there's a lot of people that think like we do and they would be more than willing to come on there and build out a thing.
And so, what I want to do is provide the facility by which they can do it like how to clean water, how to install cisterns and rain catchment system water catchment and then process that water and then also process sewage. So we don't need to plug into the county. And at some point, I'll probably take the property, I believe I can take the property off the tax rolls.
So that would be the next thing. Down the road, but for right now, I just want to get things done, and let's just say, how much time. Yeah, I mean, if I had to use it right now, I'd be in a difficult situation, because I'd be out in the woods, but next year, it might be more suited to go and live on there if I have to.
OK, well, let's hope that doesn't happen for Me, too, Yeah.
Maybe it won't mania well maybe maybe turn around OK, now I don't know. Turnaround, I believe sincerely that we'll be able to handle it.
You think I think we'll be able to handle it very sincerely. I don't have a problem with expecting that, we'll be able to handle it.
We will be able to handle it no matter what they throw at us.
Um, yeah, it seems like a lot of people aren't aware and people are getting prepared then other people.
It's all this BS that everyone's being weird talking about, you know, think that you're being rewritten overdramatic. I mean, I've tried to tell my family a million times, but they just think, I'm crazy. It took me awhile to search my children, and, but they see what's going on.
And, know, we've been talking about stuff like that for years, so, I'm lucky that my family is all on board with anything I want to do, because, you know, pretty much everything I told them happens.
I usually have a solution, I have an answer, or I have a path I have a thing to do and they agree with it. They usually go, OK, that makes sense data.
So, we really need to then, you know, that you have answers. I mean, you know, most of the time that you hear an average conversations is complain to blame complaining. Nobody has any idea what to do about anything.
Yeah, there's, I don't complain, because I don't, I don't know, Complaining, of course, doesn't get anywhere, but I do like to discuss the problem once I recognize the problem. And then we come up with, you know, a solution, hopefully, and at least I think I have a solution that could be wrong, and they know that, but at least I'm the one saying, Hey guys, let's try this. And I always confer with them. I mean, they're teenagers, and my wife, and we still confer though I respect their opinions, and so I'd like to bring them in on decision making now.
And also I make them learn how to do the canning tooth. Oh. That's great. They have to Yeah, I mean, at least that much.
Do things like store. If you if you have a look like a cache store, some.
Dish, soap, store, bar soap, the chance I'm ill enough. Yeah, do that. Yeah, I don't normally do this, but I have these gigantic cans of conchita black beans.
There are cases in cases where, yeah, yeah, that's a, can of lentils. you know, Yes, you can use a manual can operate. Yep. And, and you can it'll be good for a day if you don't have, refrigeration is food for a day. And then the other thing that I did invest in was gonna get some more freeze dried, because I'm diabetic.
And the Vegetarians, or I need the beans and he migraines I got Freeze Dried, broccoli and Green Beans in their good. Yeah, OK. Well, that's good wishes, I know are up and grow some, yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm not in a position working girl and I have one tomato grown as a Vine Becky, OK? All right, well you know, you might be able to work at deal with somebody who has some land. If you'll do the work and uses land or whatever, you know, there's all kinds of things you can do. Yeah. There's something called fleet farming, have you ever seen that, for other people's land? And so, you just give permission to go on the land, and they go in your backyard, and they harvest, or whatever, And then you get 20% of it, and they keep the rest or whatever. And they'll do it on a bicycle. It's a very low key type thing.
You know, there's a lot of ways to work with your neighbors in neighborhoods and stopped. So there are some neighborhoods right now where they are kind of no-go zones, where the people have like up in Michigan.
They've created their own township, because they've had to, the police won't respond to anything, so they just took it upon themselves to become the police because they are the police.
So, oh, yeah, they created some details for people in a policy, and so they are law enforcement there.
So I don't know that we have to do that, but we could in the models already there. I mean, we're the ones that created the police in the first place.
Hopefully we'll get that bad. That's why I think auto repair and three-d. printing is going to be a really useful.
We're gonna want to be using our cars longer and make them more efficient and also be able to make stuff.
Like, if I need a part of my AC, um, know, and I can't ship it in, my, if a check back person is not around or can't get the part, I can print it.
I can take a damaged part and I can scan it and print it, you can do this today, by the way.
You could, you could scan a part that doesn't exist like you could.
you could scan a vacuum part, vacuum cleaner part or something there.
And then you can upload the file to Shapeways and then Shapeways can print it and send it to you in the mail.
This is happening now with some suppliers, that they can't get supplies, that the manufacturer is telling the customer, go get it at shapeways and you can download it. You can print it, and they'll ship it to you that way. So that's a just in time. manufacturing.
Not just in time delivery, OK, Yeah, this corner yet, or you're still looking at, oh, no, I have not, because I want to have the facility for it.
And there's a new resident I just discovered that is that high density resident I've been talking about for a couple of years, there actually, it does exist. And I just discovered it yesterday, so I'm going to do some more research on it, because I want to find out where to invest in that. Because I know that, that I believe is going to replace a lot of manufacturing. When we can't ship things in from other countries.
What is safeways, um, shape way?
Oh, shapeways, yeah, Shapeways is a three-d. printing company. There are many of them. There's like 12 of them out there at least.
Oh, yeah, you can actually go on. Go on the website and you can shop for products that they'll print for you like a mug. No stupid coffee mug. They'll print it for you and mail it to you. You can also download the file, modify the mug.
Like, make it an inch taller, an upload it again and they'll make that for you and they'll send it here. You can send them a file and they'll make a thing for probably $50 for a mug. Of, it's that much. But, yeah, the premiums higher, but, like, I would use it for, like, for example, a phone case, right? So, this is, this is the hot thing, a few years ago, 10 years ago with Shapeways, they've been around for awhile.
Some guy went to Shapeways and he, he, he made a phone case and he uploaded it and then he, he was downloading it to manufacture a phone case for people that, you know, is a vanity phone case and he made quite a bit of money on it.
He was in England and I think he made like a million pounds on it. Doing that. Yeah, and then it went away. The fad went away, I'm just saying it just demonstrates the usefulness of that technology.
So my thinking is in the near future, like starting today: auto repair shops, plumbing, HVAC.
Uh, things of that nature.
Repair work trade work is important to have and to know how to do mm carpentry, and then also the ability to manufacture parts, even tools. Imagine not having any tools and you need a 916 wrench, right.
So, you take that coffee cup you got from Shapeways and you throw it back in the grinder and you write it down back to the Resin and you you print out with the resident for the coffee cup. You print out a 916 wrench.
Use the 116th wrench and then you put that back in the bin and it turns into whatever resin you want tomorrow.
You can actually you can repurpose it yes.
You can take the thing you made and then put it back into Resin You can even take there's these College kids came up with this is like 10 years ago, they came up with it looks like a Printer desktop printer, but it hasn't, it hasn't been on it and they took a um some two liter bottles and they stripped them, they made them into strips, and they fed them into this machine, and it's shredded them.
And then it melted it down and out the other side it extruded the resin for a three-d.
printer on the other side of the desk and they put that Resin they put that that resin into the three-d.
printer and they printed another object from the pop bottles.
So they they extracted a component of the plastic, which was Resin. They melted the whole bottle down enough at all.
Label Capp everything, because it's all plastic. It all melted down into a resin, a high density polyethylene in. that case it was a low density polyethylene And they made it into a resident for the three-d.
printer, and they printed out whatever else, the cop, or whatever they wanted to do.
Yeah. So that's an example, yeah. But there's other special mm.
Do you think that, like Italy, so like if you look at that one belt road, I really think that that's why we're going to be screwed is because we're not going to be on the trade route.
They want to exclude the United States, Canada, Mexico. Right, sure. That's right. They want, They want to punish us because we're nuclear power. The people that are running the world right now, they don't they they believe that nuclear power nations should not exist. That the power should be in the control of information. That's what's going on right now.
They believe that total power are those that control the information. And so far, they've proven to be right.
So, the ..., for example, the people in Italy, they shouldn't be so screwed because they'll still have supplies or on the supply route.
I suppose, yeah, it'll just be costly for us then, to here in the States, but, that's where we'll manufacture our own products. I don't think it's gonna work out. that way to our extreme detriment. I don't think it's gonna be a problem. This is not OK.
The 21st century is not the 19th century.
We, even if we're excluded from a trade route, it's not that detrimental.
We have three-d.
printers, we have the Internet, and I don't care if they shut the internet off, We'll still have internet, OK, you can't. Once that, once the internet came into being, you can't get rid of it.
It's, we know it exists now.
You'd have to go around and take away everyone's computer.
Not going to happen, will connect. People are going to resist. There's even Internet connections. You can do yourself and your whole name in your neighborhood.
You can, if you wanted to, you could get everyone to agree to an intranet in your neighborhood.
And it would, It would cost, like 10%, or 30% of what you're not. You're paying right now, and it would be way faster service. And it would be autonomous.
No one could regulate your Internet or censor it mm. If you wanted to, it's called the Mesh Net.
And you can have installed in your neighborhood.
If you wanted to, Like, if you wanted a business, you could become the custodian or the owner of the Mesh Net and you can get all your neighbors on the Mesh Net because, they'll pay a third of what they were paying, and you'll make a bunch of money. And, they'll have way better service. It'll be totally secure.
And they could do whatever and and it could be wireless. Because you could take like a dish. A little plastic dish. It looks like a suction cup and you put it in your window.
And then that broadcast the signal to your neighbor, that broadcast signal to the neighbor. And that's lightning fast and you don't need cables in the ground.
Well, how that technology is old isn't really, it is old and yeah we just haven't seen it. I'm just saying we we have so many things to be optimistic for.
Yeah, it's forcing us to do to learn theta that sounds kind of like the theta.
Have you have you seen that theta, theta for what, OK. So so if you go unclaimed market cap and you plot the theta coin that literally going yeah, it sounds like theta X and theta is for.
Isn't it for videos, movies? Yeah. First, because of the Metaverse, there's just not enough streaming, OK. So they've, they've got a token for bandwidth to the market bandwidth. Yeah, So, that's, that's what people are investing in, for the most part, when they invest in crypto is they're investing in bandwidth.
Millimeter, kryptos are just one way to use bandwidth. Same with communications, is another way to use bandwidth.
Bandwidth is a great thing to invest, and it's an it's like investing in coal or some other natural resource bandwidth OK, In the future.
Yeah, all right, and here's feel comfortable with being an acquaintance stuff where you kind of in and out. I made I made profits and I'm re-allocating right now, but I'm I'm Pro Crypto coins.
It's just that don't have a lot of exposure in it right now, In fact, I'm going to buy some Gold, I bought some land, I'm going to buy some gold, I'm gonna stay out of crypto for awhile. I have some, I have some money kryptos about. And what about. What about silver, as opposed to gold, don't you think Silver Silver can make more money on a higher silicon. Platinum. Platinum made more money than silver, platinum. Platinum made way more stuff back in.
Like, if things aren't good, how are you going to, like, safely, trader, gold, or silver back end, or you just planning on trading it for width things that you want with other people, both ways. I can, right now, I can sell it back to my dealer, or I can trade it for what I want. That's why I don't buy Numismatics Numismatics require an expertise to price it.
So I buy Boolean, right? So I buy killa bars?
You know I buy Silver Eagles, American Eagles, The only numismatic I would buy would be saint Gardens. But other than that, I don't.
Alright, so I got a, I've got to call a lane, it's getting late. You. Thank you. All right. Thanks guys as nice conversation talking to. Likewise, I appreciate it. I appreciate it. I may have to chop off part of the interview. Will see.
There's some things I didn't went out there, but anyways, John, question at this time and enjoyed this side. Discussion that was kinda refreshing. Excellent. I'm glad to hear. I appreciate that.
You guys have a good night, and enjoy your weekend.


1. The speaker believes the IRS will not go away as it is essentially the accounting firm for the United States and manages taxation on various forms of activity.
2. Understanding the nature of IRS documents like tax assessments is important; a tax assessment is an official document determining tax liability.
3. They recommend working with the IRS to resolve issues, rather than avoiding or resisting them, and provide a method of filing a Form 656 to propose a compromise on tax liabilities.
4. They suggest individuals can represent themselves in administrative forums like tax court, where the only question resolved is how much money is owed to the IRS.
5. IRS can trace financial transactions, even those involving cryptocurrencies, highlighting the importance of transparency and truthful reporting to avoid possible legal issues.
6. There are strategies in managing assets, including ownership via foreign companies and transferring deeds of properties to avoid future complications with banks.
7. They advise people on practical skills and preparations for potential crises, like storing food using canning methods or investing in an auto repair shop for local fabrication.
8. They also mention the possibility of property removal by authorities without using eminent domain, referring to certain instances in California.
9. They cite an example of Amish communities as autonomous entities dealing with local governments’ requirement of public education, demonstrating the importance of negotiation and peaceful resistance.
10. Finally, they recommend personal preparedness measures like CPR training, assembling a tailored first aid kit rather than buying pre-packaged ones, focusing on components that would be most essential in emergencies.

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