0:02 Right, Thanks for joining me. This video is going to be quite lengthy. 0:06 I'm trying to make it as brief as I can, but it's gonna be a little bit of history here by point in this video, is: this comes from a conversation I had recently with a real estate investor, and I'm not a real estate...

Right, Thanks for joining me. This video is going to be quite lengthy.
I'm trying to make it as brief as I can, but it's gonna be a little bit of history here by point in this video, is: this comes from a conversation I had recently with a real estate investor, and I'm not a real estate investor, that's not my profession, I have invested in real estate, but I'm not an expert or professional in that sense.
I do understand some of the risk factors, many of my clients are real estate investors, so the question was about future possibilities based on what we're seeing. And so I'm going to use in this video, the word drama when I referred to the fake public health emergency and all the measures in, all the garbage. OK?
so I'm gonna call it the drama.
So I wanted to explain about the concept of captive insurance.
This is going to be something that you need to consider when you're re-allocating right after your windfall or when you're running a some sort of operation that's generating cash flow for investment purposes or it's a business.
You want to look at owning the insurance carrier that's going to offset your risk.
And I'm just saying, because I think that we're going to be left with almost no other choice because the insurance companies are going to use this.
In fact, the, the companies that own everything, pretty much everything in the world, Vanguard and Blackrock, let's just say.
They are owning everything, let's just say.
And there is a cabal of individuals, or let's say, family groups, behind them, using them to accomplish that end.
So, what's happening is, the investor is kind of left out in the cold, if he doesn't understand what's going on, where it when he acquires an asset, he's going to have a completely different risk portfolio because he is going to go and try to get insurance, and he won't get it, and then he cannot get lending or in the same way. So it's either going to cost them more or you can't do it, or ESD is cash.
So, to offset that or to change your model, to change your strategy or to augment that in some way, you want to consider captive insurance.
And I'm gonna say some things here, this, this are just my conclusions from over the years, from research I've done, you guys may have a better perspective than me, but let me just go on into this. Sorry about the history, I'm sure you guys have heard versions of this over the years.
I'm just gonna explain this, how I, how I see it factors into what I'm, my, my bottom line here is I want to talk about captive insurance.
We gotta go back a little bit, in my opinion. So.
We need a better way to manage risk that doesn't rely upon the system.
And the system that I think we all agree on is going to be the banking system and everything related to that.
So, your current taxation system or regulation, your regulatory system, taxation, banking, all these things are altogether, OK.
So, let's just say in the United States, OK, we had the Bank of England in 690, and that was, you know, what, quite quite a ways back, right. So, that system developed and it showed to be successful.
And it was brought here as export it over to the United States, and it was brought in surreptitiously in 19 13.
But after the Civil War is when we began trying to, the banking system, tried to push in the central banking function and it didn't succeed.
And with the central banking function, you need a taxation system of direct taxation and they couldn't do it because of the Constitution and they they couldn't get around it.
They kept getting the laws stricken and so it wasn't until they figured out that they could write it in a way that would trick people into complying without actually having a mandatory or compulsory measure.
So, let me just do an overview here. So, what we have is, from 19 13, a World War II, we have the development of the banking system, of what we see today.
The development, meaning that it was implemented, and it was engineered it so that it would find its way into our society and be embedded there forever, OK?
It took a few years, a few decades, a couple of decades to really nail it down.
All right, so the way this works is, you have a system of banking that creates money upon the approval of a loan application. Let's just say.
All right, so when the government wants to borrow money, or people want to borrow money or businesses, so the money is then created at that point.
And it's taken out of circulation, or it's regulated, so that when you inflate the money supply, you have to take it back. Otherwise, it doesn't work. The banking function will not work without taxation, they're the same thing.
So, You have taxation, but you also have taxation through things like inflation, regulation, and misinformation.
This is what, this was the development beyond World War II, OK.
Once they got it working, they got the numbers, they figure out what their risks were, and they dial it in, OK.
They amended the tax code and 54, they did in 39, 54 to 86, I believe, OK. Primarily.
Big big overhaul.
So, part of the reason why this has done, is because there was a big goal discovery, I believe, in Colorado, and you might even find this research on, if you look under the Internet Chocolate Mountain.
Chocolate Mountains will show you that there was so much gold discovered before the creation of the Federal Reserve system.
There was almost, you may even almost agree that it was a good idea to bring in the Federal Reserve it's just that it really, really has been exploiting people. But, anyways, this is just how it is. So it's worth, it's worth looking into that.
So, now, it's become very effective, all right. We created a worldwide economic system, basically. We, then, the banking system evolved from banks actually using money to script.
So, now we have, we took the gold out, we took the precious metal out. We took silver outright and we can, we, in order for our, US, the US banking system to work.
We had to exploit poor nations or make them poorer through the system.
And we used, we replaced the gold and silver with oil and our military, as you all know.
So, this is where it, you know, I know this is big jumps, I'm doing here and I'm not very doing very much detail, but I want you to see kind of how, how the, this is leading into where we are right now, where we have a chance to that we're going off into the future and it's something new.
And I believe it's going to be at least bifurcated.
I think there's a couple of ways this is going to go, and I think people that are going to be prudent and diligent can do well.
In spite of the calamity, the catastrophe that we're witnessing. OK, I believe this is a Holocaust.
Alright, so, what's happened, though, is when the banking system developed over these years, since World War II, the it was able to develop statistics, N-gage risks, to a point where I don't believe it has any risk at all.
And in fact, I think the banking system, including the insurance system, has learned to pass off the risk mostly on poorer nations and large populations of laborers and Americans, OK?
that's what we've, we've seen them do, OK? They, they pretty much have no risk, We've taken on all the risk, I mean, here's a quick example.
a business can write off its expenses of advertising.
How's that fair when I can't unless I'm a business, right?
All right. So then we get into post World War II. And women were were persuaded to believe that they were being cheated because they didn't have a career like men.
And so then you open up, you double the tax base, that way. when women say, yeah, I went to work, too, which is fine. I don't personally have a problem with that. It's just that's what they're doing. They wanted to increase or double the tax base almost.
And they also wanted to the system.
They wanted to make it to where children are going to be taken care of at a daycare center all day long.
So they can be influenced. Right, As we've witnessed, I'm not you can tell I'm not I'm not making this up. You can't just say it's a conspiracy anymore.
All right? It's a theory. It's real. You've seen this.
So, here's where we are so that we got rid of the gold silver, all this. Now, we're using the military the oil. We create wars for conquest. And now it's not about this side versus that side now, it's terrorism. We can never find out who the who the, who the enemy is, right? So they got terrorism. And so now everyone's anatomy, including you and me, that can be an enemy for whatever reason. We can be an enemy of the state because where it can be considered domestic terrorist new concept is kinda like the Salem Witch Hunts.
Right, they create the idea of what a witch's, they demonize it.
Then everybody understands what a witch's, right.
They, they, they watch, like our modern day version of that, as you watch movies and you know what Dracula is because of all the personification of Dracula OK. It's not just from one story, It's all the movies portraying Dracula and all the different personalities and characters and things like that.
So, when we say Dracula, everyone just kinda chimes in, and they know what, they know what, are, they all kind of have the same idea of what dracula's, well, that was the same thing that was done in the sale of witchhunt period.
And so we can do that with terrorists, we can we can we can create demonize the object or idea of a terrorist, and then we could say he's that, and she's that.
Now, in 87, up until 87, there was this, there was this claim that our environment was changing, weather wise, and it was due to human activity and it was getting colder.
That was the claim up until 19 87, in 19 87, the news began claiming that the Earth was warming, and as the story goes, which is completely false, as many of you know that there's too much carbon in the atmosphere, the biosphere, and it's trapping the heat from the sun and its melting polar ice caps and killing the polar bears and stuff like that.
Which is completely not true because whenever you add carbon to the biosphere, it gets absorbed immediately.
There's always parts per million factor measurement in carbon, in the atmosphere, it's always the same. There's a, there's a balance.
So the more carbon, the more life and right now, I believe we actually have a carbon deficiency a deficit in the biosphere. I believe it's a fourth of what is supposed to be, it should be 3 or 4 times higher than what it is Now.
Remember, carbon is like oxygen, and carbon is life.
without it, things don't live, so this is an important thing now, because I'm gonna get into the economics, which is what we're really talking about here.
So, the people behind the drama were not successful at perpetrating the drama they wanted with the Fake Climate Change Agenda.
They got quite far, OK. They developed some economic models or some accounting practices.
And you'll find this, if you look, do research on renewable energy certificates and things like LEED, certification, L E D S, Don't ask me what that means, I forget.
But R E C R E, Cs are units of currency, I should say, or unit of value, that can be used for set offs in accounting practices dealing with renewable energy production.
So there's an accounting function for the climate change agenda, and it's necessary if you want to make it.
In our economy, if you want to bring something into our economy, you have to give it some way to be measured, and then it can, then be adopted into policymaking, and then it can just be part of our normal activity, if you have it its own, if it has its own accounting, terminology, and practices, OK. And this is what was done with the renewable energy certificates.
Now, I would just suggest to you that.
I mean, I'm all for renewable energy, and I think things like wood, that's where renewable energy, OK, I don't think there's any problem with that.
I think gasolines the future, I don't have a problem with solar panels, but I can't suggest this to you, that today's solar panels that you look at that you can buy, you know, online, are, that are available.
Those are old, old technology.
Very old.
There's a lot. There's a big subject on that. I'm not gonna get into it too much.
This climate change and the current drama that we're experiencing for, like the last almost two years now that has been exacerbated, or I should maybe even say, managed.
Maybe they wouldn't have been able to even accomplish it, had they not had to have the surveillance state in place. And the surveillance state is perpetrated by Google.
And Amazon.
and the monopoly of our intellectual capital are smart people, OK?
Google, I believe, owns, let's call it Owns, the intellectual capital, the worldwide, the best intellectual capital that we have worldwide, most of which comes out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT.
I believe Google has it all under contract that you can't access it.
They own all the people.
They're under contract to do work for Google, so they can do surveillance on us, and it makes a lot of money.
Just leave it at that.
So we bring in the cryptocurrency.
So we have a centralized, immutable database that's can be used worldwide, that anybody can update the database. And it's perfectly accurate. And there's no double entries. There's no column.
Double spending, as they say, OK, and among other things, So we bring in cryptographic currency and the blockchain technology at the same time you get Blockchain that comes in.
And the first product of Blockchain is bitcoin, alright?
And it looks like it looks like the geeks develop it, This is by design.
The geeks didn't create it, That technology existed. I mean, we created everything we invented, all these things that are being now being used against us, right? Because we go patent the stuff, and then the next thing you know, the military is using it. And tech companies, corporations are using it now to do surveillance on us and things like that. But we invented this technology. Same thing with blockchain technology people invented it.
So it was made to the development of Bitcoin and Blockchain was made to give the appearance that the geeks developed. The geeks invented it. The geeks developed it. It was undesirable until recently.
It was trashed in the news as we all watch this in amusement, right? Because we know that that was all fake.
When the real creators behind the blockchain technology are Chase Bank, JP morgan Chase, and China, it's to perpetuate the surveillance state, OK?
So they can tax you, your brother, and your dog, and your phone, and your pool, and your car without measuring how much money you earn. But measuring how much carbon you produce.
That is the new point here of what we're doing.
They want the new economic model, based upon the production of carbon, how much money you make.
Because you're going to find out soon enough, that's almost irrelevant. Well, that's what they want, anyways.
They wanted this, the, the fake climate change agenda, and, also, the drama that we see in the last two years.
They want whatever activities involved with that, they wanted to have a huge economic footprint.
So large that investors have to invest in it, and we've been there, we were there last year, I believe we're over.
I think it was $90 billion, we've gotta be close to $1000 billion now in the fake drama and climate change agenda, OK? So, what happens is now, investors have no choice if they want return on capital. They have to go there, and they have to buy.
They have to invest in the fake drama, and fund managers are going to have to do that, or they'll get fired. if they don't invest in something no matter how immoral it is, how much vice's involved. They have to invest in it, to make a return.
So, this is where we are.
It creates a huge amount of momentum behind. Something that's destroying humanity, right? Or it's changing it.
Now I'm gonna get into some weird stuff.
Maybe you have. Maybe you haven't heard this before. But the government's we believed to have existed, or K the monarch's over of the world of history.
The kings, the queens over the years, OK, we thought we got rid of that with the three branch of government democracy, voting, things like that.
And I think, to some extent, we did.
And it has that appearance. But I think now more and more people are realizing that.
Those systems were fictional.
I mean, it looks like it works that way, but really in the background.
What we have is a corporate oligarchy.
Now I've heard that since the eighties, aristocracy.
But I think what we really have is a corporate guardianship system that's worldwide.
That means that people are considered incompetent and mentally ill.
And if you look around, they actually are, I mean, look at how many people are on opioids, likud only people go to doctors and get prescription medicine.
That, I believe, imposes or creates a mental illness in many cases.
And I'm sorry, if a lot of you have family members, or you yourselves are on these opioids, My dad was, and I believe that he was a functioning person with him with a series of mental illnesses that damaged his liver and ultimately led to his death, which I think a lot of us are witnessing now.
Um, so I think what, what we have is a corporate guardianship system that is a world government system. This is the new world order.
It's a corporate guardianship government, and the wards of the state, if you will, or those insane people. Or those mentally ill people. And we can see who they are by looking around at seeing who's complying with the drama.
The dramatic measures, OK, the fake medicines that don't exist in the medical interventions and treatments, OK? The whole thing is fake, it's a, it's a theatrical production.
So combine that structure.
Realize that that may be the case that we are now.
And at corporate guardianship. World government, that's been around for maybe 30 years. We just didn't realize it.
I wouldn't have said this 30 years ago. I just started learning about the 30 years ago.
Blackrock and Vanguard, owned pretty much everything.
But the way they've got this thing structured is that, where they're there pushing their agenda out into the world into businesses, They make it to where Blackrock and Vanguard don't own the businesses. The businesses owned them. So that creates a reverse type of association so that they can work together. They can collaborate in a way that, if you pull the SEC disclosure statements, like the Form 10 K for Blackrock, you're not gonna see what Blackrock owns of any importance.
You're not going to find that unless you go to the business. On the other side of the transaction, you'll find out on its Form 10 K or its SEC disclosure. They did Ellen's Blackrock.
It's a very clever way to hide its ownership, and hide the boss to, to hide the interests, OK? Who's behind all that stuff?
Now, who's really behind all this? It's not the corporation, it's not the government officials, it's those families, that group of families, that run the world, they've been doing it for, probably centuries OK.
All right.
We need away, if I'm being at all optimistic or hopeful, we need a way to re-allocate our windfall.
We need to acquire assets in a way that we can still manage risk. We still need insurance. We still need lending.
So I believe there's going to have to be some form of separation.
We're going to have to look at managing risk by our own set of statistics. Now, we can, we can get the statistics. If we can find them, we can find actuarial. Now, some of those are trade secrets.
What I'm suggesting is that be open minded to when you re-allocate, look at things like captive insurance and hard money lending.
I'm not saying it has to be exactly hard money lant lending, in the traditional sense that you might know that meeting, and the first thought is, oh, my gosh, the interest rate is so high, OK, Fine.
But I'm not saying it has to be that way, but we need capital. Now, here's a suggestion.
What I'm thinking is, we can have a cryptographic currency that originates new currency on the approval of a loan application, based upon the criteria that we can create, based on what we understand the risks are, and things like that, but be very careful, because that's exactly where we're coming from, and I don't think we want to recreate that.
Maybe we can do it and manage it. Maybe that's what the people thought 100 years ago, I don't know.
But I'm just saying probably in the next 10 years or less, we should consider a cryptographic coin that has the ability to originate a coin that can be used.
Like we use the dollar today, and the banking system, to some extent, OK? There's ways to mitigate the risk from that.
Um, so we have, we have, we're going to end up separating because when you separate out of the traditional lending insurance type, services, or availability, you're going to end up creating assets and managing them in a way that's completely separate from the current banking system.
It's going to get quite involved.
This is the beginning stage, I believe.
So, we're going to have to establish regulatory measures.
We're going to have to establish bonding insurance.
We're going to have to establish means of indemnification that we're just taking it for granted. Right now. When you go get car insurance, you just take it for granted. That's how that system works.
But consider this, what I've explained for many, many years, is that the, the investor, the market supplier, OK, of the 401 K's and the IRAs, and the pension Funds, that have been cheating people out of their opportunity to use capital and cheating people in the thinking that it's beneficial to tie up your money for 30, or 40, or even 20 years, so that you can get a tax benefit at the end of it.
If you follow certain rules, even then, that system was fueled by labor.
We fuel that system that cheated ourselves out of using capital in an intelligent way.
And we were tricked into giving up the use of our capital to the money system.
That enslaved us, IRAs, you're not the investor, OK, if you're the account holder.
The investor is the fund manager that takes your money with everybody else's money, every other employee's money.
And that fund manager or corporation invested in what companies like Vanguard Blackrock companies like Citibank.
We were investing and perpetrating our own Debt system, our own enslavement. Do you think it's any different now?
They've already nailed down all the measure that they can use to do this, OK.
They've already they've already established and proven to themselves that it's completely possible and economical and profitable, in fact, they're never using their own money, They're using our money completely, from start to finish.
So when it comes to captive insurance, yeah. You're going to have to put some of your own value there, some of your own money, some of your own assets and capital.
Same thing with lending, OK?
So it's going to have to be captive.
It's going to have to be owned by us, by the investor.
We have to get out of the banking system. We can do that with cryptographic currency.
We can be destroyed by cryptographic currency, but at the same time, I believe we can be saved by it, We can sustain our economy or have a healthy economy.
If we use it properly, just like fire. You've heard me say this before. You can kill people or you can cook their food, OK.
We can develop our own actuarially as I'm getting to.
We already have the statistics. We have the data. We can go get it.
There are people that can help us.
There are custodians of this information. We may not get access to all the trade secrets but we're going to be pretty good.
So just consider that.
So I'm just throwing this out there B aware of this idea when you're re-allocating be open to it, OK?
I don't want to start saying how we should do this. Maybe let me give you some ideas though.
This is a little bit out of my knowledge base, but we're still going to need the same functions of government. We're still going to need I think, rulemaking: We need a way to enforce rules.
Um, no, and we need ways to detect decide if rules are broken.
three branches of government, OK?
I believe our system of government is going to go back to what it began with, which is the family, and your neighborhood.
It also, maye exist between business professionals, and in similar markets, OK, through the association of those businesses, and their own regulatory framework that they would develop themselves.
For example, restaurants in a town, a single town, get together, form the own restaurant association for that town, and they form their own licensing requirements and things like this, OK, They can do that.
I mentioned that the government systems that we believe to exist are pretty much broken down, broken down or dissolved or not. They're not real.
So, let me share this concept with you.
The people, if I want to call them, that, if I can, call them that the creature's, the families that have been running everything for centuries, that are pushing this drama right now.
They operate by making treaties with each other. Even amongst themselves, the treaty is a law, OK?
A contract is a law, sometimes, public notice creates legal obligations.
The way that this drama has developed began with influencing public opinion, and the way that was done is, was, was through Hollywood.
Hollywood is a way where these families have been communicating with us for decades over a century, OK, through literature, and now movies, cinema, things like that.
Why not communicate with those families, in this way, and communicate the following idea.
If you guys, if you creature's, want to consider yourselves the masters of the earth and you wanna monopolize all of Earth's resources, and you want to enslave people, and you want to call the population.
According to your WMS, whether you believe it's noble or not, and we don't agree with you, and we're aware of what you're doing.
We only ask this one thing.
And this is kind of an offer, and I'll tell you what the quid pro quo is here, but the offers, this, go right ahead and call the population, but those of us who object and refuse to participate, leave us alone.
That's it, Just leave us alone and get out of the way. We'll get out of your way. You get out of our way.
As far as earth resources go, you pretty much monopolized everything.
But you can't use everything. In fact, you can't use everything without our knowledge.
So you can monopolize as much as you want.
To the extent you're using the resource that you're controlling outside of that, you will be you, what you do, to monopolize our access to resources, like water, or minerals, or the air, the airspace, OK? If you interfere with our use of those, in a way that doesn't serve your interests, you're just doing it to block us. We're going to consider that an encroachment and an act of war.
So, I'm, I'm explaining something generally here that really, to communicate with the creatures that are behind this drama, that we want to get away from that. We're having a need to get away from.
We need to communicate with them through, a theatrical production, or a screenplay in some way OK?
And I'm not a person to do that.
I'm just going to share with those of you that want to hear this message, the manner in which this should be, likely be carried out.
So we want to tell them, look, you guys do what you want with the stupid people.
If you want to kill the stupid people, shame on you, and we're not going to stop you unless it's my Uncle Bob or my mom. I'm gonna do my best to save him, but the rest of the people can't help them, they're yours.
The rest of the world, you leave us alone. You let us do our thing. We have, we can do whatever we want, we're going to create our own supply chains.
We're going to create our own money system, OK? We're going to use our technology, we're not gonna give it to you anymore.
We're not going to help you build out technology that you've stolen from us through the patent and trademark offices around the world.
We're not going to let you use it for military purposes. We're not gonna give it to you.
We're going to keep it secret amongst ourselves, OK? We'll find other ways of using it.
The alternative is, if you don't accept these terms and we don't need your treaty, we don't need you to sign something.
We just need you to act accordingly.
So this would be the message in whatever production we put together, or screenplay, or story, or book or novel or whatever, OK, the message is.
Um, we're going to oppose. You are going to sabotage all your efforts You get in our way. We're going to sabotage, you are going to hunt you down, We're going to kill you.
OK, and just consider that an act of commerce?
OK, just like in the days of piracy, that was piracy was considered an Act of Commerce?
OK, until it got, I guess, detailed to a point where they There was limits: OK, but I'm just saying, I know that sounds wild.
But I wanted to make the point that this is what's going on in the world today, and we still want to do our thing. We still want to take care of our families. We still want to be prosperous. We still want to advocate or advance. Pretty cool ideas. I've spoken to many of you that have ideas on renewable energy.
They're fantastic, and, you know, other other systems that need to be replaced, OK? We don't need to pipe water across our town, That's ridiculous. We don't need to send electricity across the city that's ridiculous or across the continent. That's ridiculous, we can make it right where we're using it.
We have the technology. The cars we're using should fly by now, and they shouldn't use hardly any energy.
We should be landing and you know rooftops.
OK, we have this technology.
We should have healing, facilities, riggers, lay down in a, in a bed somewhere, and get healed.
And so I think that we need to do those things.
And we need to realize that we need some emancipation from the old system.
So as a person or an investor who has received a windfall of some kind and you want to go into in a meaningful investment, keep in mind that you may not be able to deal with or want to deal with the banking system, that up by that I mean the taxation, lending and insurance, all that's one.
You may have to have your own system and we do have the groundwork for that already. We have captive insurance. We have already the risk factors for investing in captive insurance, there are investors for captive insurance companies.
We can see that, that is part of the banking system that exists today.
But we don't have to be in that system to use those models.
OK, so that's my message for today.
I know we can have more conversations. We're going to have to definitely do that, but I just wanted to share that with y'all. And let me just go back over this.
So I don't miss anything.
Hopefully I didn't lose track of this message.
But to summarize it all consider using captive insurance for re-allocating. When you're acquiring new assets.
You may want to partner with some other investors that may also have Windfalls, OK? And maybe combine a portion of your assets into creating a captive insurance business or business model.
This can be done And you can make a profit at it.
In fact, your insurance company that you own can actually be profitable, and you can then use that insurance company to offset your risk and some other assets, and then, the owner, the other owners, of the captive insurance company, can get into their assets.
Completely different.
Asset portfolios, same with lending.
I would argue that lending has a similar, um, risk profile, then then that captive insurance does insurance and lending, I believe, are almost identical or very, very interchangeable, OK, the risk factor there and then you have taxation through direct taxation, which like an example of that would be using one of the networks on the cryptographic currency, OK, There's like a fee built into the transaction. That's a form of taxation.
We have taxation through regulation.
We have taxation through Producing more units of currency than that. There is value for it. So that creates inflation, and of course, misinformation.
So hopefully we can grow past the inflation, pass the misinformation. We might need a little bit of inflation, but it should match The value that's available, OK. It shouldn't far exceed the value is available, and cause a diminishing effect of the buying power of that. That coin or a unit of currency, so you guys can you guys understand why I'm talking about there?
All right, so long explanation.
Maybe that hopefully, applies, but I'm only talking about the need for captive insurance for re-allocation and future investing.
Alright, thanks a lot.

Does paying off a HELOC have the same provisions as paying off personal credit cards in terms of the IRS not being able to obtain statements for tax purposes?

No, this is public record and paying a lien on real estate in advance is a bad use of capital and constitutes your personal income, no matter who or how it’s paid, it could push you into a higher tax bracket also, and you will always lose “return on capital” value. Instead use a set off to make the payments with an asset.

What would it look like to create an LLC that would act as a debt consolidation repayment service to avoid a personal income taxable-event? This is for the case where debts need to be paid relatively quickly versus using a set-off.

I need more detail. You’re not going to avoid a record of receiving gross income no matter who or how you pay a personal debt. And why would anyone have an urgent need to pay off debt early?

Any tips on intermittently withdrawing cash from windfall account? (Withdrawal limits, timing, non-zero amounts)

There is no need to withdraw money like this, just spend it on the next asset you want and take whatever personal money you want.

Would moving money to a Trust account work better in this scenario? The type of account holder doesn’t matter.

Can have a list of banks we know will allow business accounts for one of your Crypto LLCs? We really need a user forum for your clients to discuss things like this and share info.

PULLING OUT INITIAL CRYPTO INVESTMENT: What is the best way to pull back out the after-tax money I had invested in crypto BEFORE you helped me setup my LLC? That money was moved in BTC to my new LLC exchange account…so when I want to withdraw the original investment to use for living expenses, can I just move USDT back into the original exchange account that’s in my personal name, convert to USD there, and remove with no tax implications (the same amount of USD that I initially deposited)?

Part 2: is it a better/worse/same option to withdraw the money into my LLC bank account from the LLC exchange account, and then repay myself in USD after that?


Do you think we need to limit the amount of bank wires or transactions into our bank accounts, from our windfall money. $750k? $1mill? $20mil?

According to you, asset gets moved into LLC would avoid estate tax on the person who owns it before, correct? Would he have to claim the gift exemption on the value of this asset as he gave away his asset to the entity LLC?

There is no exemption or exemption needed, conveyance is for estate planning and yes, because the new owner doesn’t “die”, it will not be subject to any estate taxation when the previous owner dies.

Hi John I have you setup my llc under the ownership of a PMA. I have the bank account opened. When I ran into opening exchanges, some of them ask me to identify beneficiary of the interest. Some do not accept PMA as the 100% owner of interest. My question is would it be ok for me to just tell the exchange that I am the 100% beneficiary of interest. So basically tell them what they want to know to get the account open. Would there be and risk down the road for me doing it this way?

Yes, this is how I write the banking abstract documents.

USING OUR NEW LLC TO BE THE BENEFICIARY OF LIFE INSURANCE: If I use the LLC (that you created for me, thank you, it’s been great!) to be the beneficiary of my father’s substantial IRA, can I treat this like my other LLC funds and be in control of when/if I distribute those funds to me personally and then pay those taxes, correct?

As long as the beneficiary of the IRA is not under any conditions of the IRA and it’s considered “after tax” money.

(Because If I don’t use the LLC to be the beneficiary, I will HAVE to distribute the money within 10 years to myself and be taxed at my normal income rate, which I do not want to do.)

Right, sometimes you just have to pay the tax, that’s another reason to avoid the IRA. You can do it this way, I have just never done that, but I don’t know of any rules that would prohibit it.

How would you respond to this type of scenario with Coinbase? They put your account “under review” then ask 1. Provide details of your occupation. 2. confirm which countries you are citizen of. 3. confirm sources of funds 4. provide 3 months banks statements 5. confirm your source of wealth 6. outline with explanation and doc when you started trading crypto and how your wealth has grown as a result 7. provide an indication of expected activity on your account 1-20k, 20-50k per year 10. provide details of the nature of incoming and outgoing transactions 11. confirm if you hold digital assets on other platforms. If yes, provide a statement of these holdings –

I would not be willing to make most of these disclosures, or I would make up a plausible story. These questions have nothing to do with the service you are going to pay for, nor are the disclosures legally required.

MOVING RENTAL PROPERTY INTO NEW LLC: I currently have some rental property in a LLC that files tax returns yearly. If I want to move that property into the new LLC you helped me create, what happens to the old LLC? When my CPA dissolves it (and files a “final return”) does it have to be considered a “sale” and the final k-1’s have the depreciation recapture, capital gains, etc (trying to avoid all that obviously).

It does not have to be considered a sale because you have retained the beneficial interest, and you have only changed the tax treatment, and yes you would have to dissolve the older LLC before end of tax period.

(Subquestion: I’m guessing for liability purposes it would be better to actually move the property into a brand-new LLC just for holding title, and then the LLC you helped me create would be the member of THAT LLC so the income flowed through it, right?)

You don’t need to layer LLCs this way, 1 is enough.


Can I avoid opening a coinbase account for my business by having the business pay me in crypto then claim that crypto payment as income?

Yes, you can do that, you can report the dollar value in your tax return, even if you have not realized a gain. It’s not necessary and you’ll pay more in taxes, but yes you can.

NEW LLC TO RECEIVE INCOME FROM ANOTHER COMPANY: I’m assuming it’s best to not use the same LLC I use for crypto, that you helped me create, to be the “public member” of an MLM I earn income for, right? Just for liability purposes? But I could create a “shell LLC” for that purpose, whose sole member would be the LLC you helped me create, so that all income could flow into the same place without needing separate bank accounts?

You can use the same LLC for investing in stock, cryptos and owning a business, as long as beneficial interests are identical. For example, if your business has another equity investor, don’t use the same company to own the business and other investments where the equity partner does not have identical interests to other beneficial interests (yours or yours and your family’s)


If having you setup an LLC/PMA for us, is that business sellable if we so choose later on? Is it any more or less complicated to do so?

It’s very easy to sell, just like any other business or shelf company.

To be able to buy gold and silver over 3k for my LLC from crypto i have to send a picture of my face and my id. would you avoid this?

Yes, use providentmetals.com, I don’t think this company requires that.

Is there a significant “change in beneficial interest” if I was trustee and spouse was successor trustee. Kids were beneficiaries…….and move $/USD to LLC in which I, husband, and one child and family trust are the (4) members?

Beneficial interests are the same because it’s all in the same immediate family/household.

When having an LLC that you’ve setup and hiring employees, do we have to do anything as far as taxes for employees? If we don’t, how do we convey that to the company that does our books?

If you cannot outsource employees, you will need to follow the usual accounting practices of having employees, likely file as an S-Corp and collect W-4s.

If we close (2) operating S Corps, and open (1) LLC to run our businesses from, we pay all the bills with checks from LLC and keep it straight w software like quickbooks? We just can’t have employees. But we can pay all usual business expenses right?

Yes correct.

Can the LLC that is not filing, provide us 1099’s to declare any draws on the $?


What steps need to be taken to stop filing taxes permanently? I have heard that setting up a payment plan can be helpful in this regard and that there is something specific that needs to be done (paraphrasing Jay). If there’s a better way to address this question, please let me know! I’ve taken money out of my IRAs some of which could be replaced post windfall, and am looking to strategize more in this regards for the next few years.

Stay out of the IRAs, you can avoid the filing practice, not willing to discuss that in a call like this now because I don’t know everyone’s situation who will hear this.

Also, is there any problem from an audit or banking standpoint if I were to get a loan from a family member, and which entity should accept that loan, which would be paid back post- windfall. Wanting to avoid any misconceptions of money laundering and money brokering.

Why not just borrow the money and pay it back without involving any LLCs?

If we take a “draw” on the LLC money for personal use, does that mean that all the FICA taxes (15%) when self employed are now eliminated? We just pay state and federal tax on the monies withdrawn?

That involves claiming you’re an employee and you can avoid that since you control how the money is paid and reported. I’d avoid claiming it as wages for this purpose.

Can you clarify that the IRS can not subpoena credit card statements?

The IRS is precluded from issuing a summons for your personal credit card account records. The IRS would not be able to directly see the activity on this type of record.

If they create unrealized capital gains tax laws how do we avoid paying those?

These are not established by laws, but only by accounting practices and I don’t see that this is likely.

I am in the “ultimate” video membership. Where can we get an operating agreement that would be applicable to protecting a home, or a piece of land…..and how do we know what to edit and have it say so we are protected the way you would want us to be?

I believe with “Undivided interest”. It says in some of the video’s the paperwork is below the video but I haven’t found any

Is there ever a time for the kinds of reasons we are setting up LLC’s (crypto windfalls, or putting our home in LLC) that we’d choose manager instead of member?

It doesn’t matter, what makes a difference is what rights and obligations regarding these titles are expressed in the operating agreement that no one but you and the members get to see.

We had (2) S-corps and are dissolving at year end…and opening (1) LLC to now do business through, could you talk about any disadvantages, if there are any, for each of us filing a DBA with the state? So that our customers can keep the familiarity of our business names? I’d like to make sure that using a DBA, linked to the LLC, doesn’t neutralized any of the LLC benefits.

This is a very effective strategy to make this change and keep the same name for brand recognition. Does not diminish any benefits.

Thank you, John. When we spoke one on one, you said their was a way to set up an LLC and trust with Caleb and Brown, who has me registered in Oklahoma (I’m in NY), and what banks in Oklahoma are suitable, or do I have to change states? Is it safe to set up an additional LLC and trust in NYC?

Open your account for the state where the LLC is situated, and do it online or via phone.

I have an LLC in Virginia and in Georgia. I am the only authorized signatory. The articles filed online when creating the LLCs with state are very minimal such as “all legal business related to x” when I created the LLCs. . What language do I use when updating the articles with these states , Virginia and Georgia, in making my PMA (that you set up for me) the owner of the LLC’s?

Amend the articles by filing an amendment with the state, first adding the new member and then removing the previous members.

I have listened to all the videos in the ultimate membership and haven’t quite found a complete answer. I am also not sure who files the PMA paperwork you set up for me or do they need to be filed. What paperwork and filed where? Do I only need to update who owns the LLCs using the states standard forms?

I know you are looking for questions about specific situations to answer to the whole group. But, I was wondering if you can provide an ETA on when the LLC creation and banking documents (operating agreement, articles, etc) will be available as part of the ultimate training program.

By the end of the year.

Question about paying myself: I don’t want my CPA knowing about my LLC and avoid showing income coming from my LLC on my 1040 tax return so would it be better to show just enough stock profits to cover my expenses from the brokerage account opened under personal name or create an e-commerce LLC that produces a small income? Just throwing out ideas to pay minimal taxes and leave most of my money growing under the LLC.

I’m sure you can do that, why not just make a decision to report all personal use of dollars and not the rest?

If you spend cryptos from your LLC directly for a service or product (i.e. the vendor accepts cryptos) does that create a taxable event? Does it depend on what is being purchased?

Depends on whether or not it’s for personal or business.


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