0:05 Alright. So I’m here with my friend Marissa and we’re going to form a Florida limited liability company. 0:10 All right, so, let’s share screen him. I’ll walk you guys through this. 0:16 Sure, so, we’re looking at just a browser, and we happen to know that the, the registration website for…

Alright. So I’m here with my friend Marissa and we’re going to form a Florida limited liability company.
All right, so, let’s share screen him. I’ll walk you guys through this.
Sure, so, we’re looking at just a browser, and we happen to know that the, the registration website for the Secretary of State for the State of Florida is sun biz dot org.
So, I’m just gonna go to sunbathe dot org.
All right.
And so, this is what it looks like in Florida.
And you have all these options. Now. I never really remember all this stuff, so I have to kind of figured out. Here’s a new Florida LLC, so we’re going to choose filing services. It’s a New Florida, LLC.
And it gives us an option here. We can file a new company, or we can correct something. So, we’re gonna go ahead and file a new company.
And start a new filing. I don’t need to read these terms. You’re going to take it or leave it right?
So a new filing, and we already have the information about the company, so we have the name that we’re going to use.
What does that going to be? Virtuous?
OK, living, Venture’s, OK, oh, that’s it, right? OK, so I spell that right, Virtuous living?
Venture’s, Yes, OK, OK, and what address are we going to use for the Principal?
OK, North!
Kings Avenue, OK.
All right.
3, 3, 5, 1 0, Alright, so this will come up again and again. So I’ll probably end up memorizing this by the time we’re done here.
Florida just gave this photo, will give you a long sheet of just one page of all the different positions in the company and so forth, so that’s sometimes convenient, so there we go with the principal, place of business. That can be anywhere. It can be any actual address. And whatever address you put here, it does not determine where the company is going to receive mail.
What determines where the company receives mail is, where you tell someone to send male, OK, and the company name, But just for record keeping purposes, a lot of people will use the principal place of business as it’s actual place to receive mail.
So, as we’re doing mailing address, again, it can be the same, but he doesn’t care, right? He just right, OK, so that’s nice. We just check this and poof. There’s the same thing there, you can put a PO box here. Some people will do that, You can use a home address. And this is where you might put in for the mailing, address your point where you want to get the mail or the company.
You could do that because, like I said, no one’s ever going to look up your company and say, I’ll send mail there. And let’s say when you’re talking to them and communicating, let me say to me here, yeah, sure, that’s the official. No address. Sure. Whatever you put here is the official information for the company. So then we come down to the registered agent. And it’s just as well that whoever is going to sign for the company at the bank can be the agent. It doesn’t have to be.
It could be a fake name. It could be a fictitious name.
It just cannot be someone else’s name that you deliberately are using, someone else’s name, who didn’t give you permission, that’s actually a crime. So just be aware that. But we can use the name Charlie Brown or we can use John Smith.
No, but just the same, we can use the client’s name, so what’s his last name?
Home that H O M U T H Alright and his first name is Charles.
All right.
No name is Alan.
Got it. I’m just gonna put the initial OK, now we don’t need a registered agent like if you had a professional like the reason why you’re putting the client’s name or your name as the agent is because if you’re your own agent, then you don’t need to pay somebody else obviously, right?
Yeah, you can have, like, what was it called CT Corporation City Corporation? Is there everywhere there everyone’s agent? So Right that would go here if we wanted to use a company or we go in this field.
So then, for his address, I mean, I’m sure he doesn’t care. We’re gonna use the same address, right? Yeah.
Question on this one. Would you want it to be where you would really get mail for? Sure, because if anyone needs to send documents to legal proceeding, they would look at the registered agent. That’s a good question. All, right? That’s very important.
So yeah, the wretched agents address, OK.
It can be any address but realize that whatever address you put here, if your company has ever sued and you want to know about it, it’s important. That you know that you’re being sued your company’s being sued in some cases.
If, if you tell the world that that’s its official age address and it has to be in the state where the company is being registered and and service a process is perfect. It. Where a processor comes to that address and hand delivers the summons and complaint.
And because you gave the wrong address and you don’t get it, you can default on the case and you’re you’re responsible for that. There’s no way to recover from that.
But most of the time, you’re going to know, months and months ahead.
If someone’s going to sue you, you’re gonna know it very easily, and you can always wave service, and you can always look to see on the court records.
If you’ve been sued or your company has been sued, it’s public records so you can see before you get served, if you’ve been sued, and you can even go get an attorney or respond to the complaint without even getting served. So, there’s all kinds of considerations with this.
But, Marist asked a really good question because just if you don’t understand all those things, I just said: Realize that whatever address you put here is it. That’s the game.
If someone’s search process there and you don’t get it, it’s your fault, OK. So, yeah. And also the state wants to make sure that it is actually a physical address. So it cannot be a mailbox OK, for the registered agent. It can be your home address.
It can be an industrial location. It can be a pharm location Commercial business office.
No, anything but it just has to be a valid address, OK. All right.
So now the agent signature, we’re just going to put his name.
That’s how they do it.
That should work.
And then other provisions: this is optional, but I’m just going to do this for demonstration purposes.
I’m going to say that the individual members are not liable for the debts or obligations of the company.
That’s another way to sever any liability, even though we’re already doing that. But it’s kind of nice to have that turman there.
If somebody wants to pick apart the articles and this, this shows up, then there’s a clear separation of the individual members and the ownership of the company. Truly standalone company. Yeah, That’s great.
Some states is required, but, Florida, it’s not, but I’d like to put it anyways.
And then the e-mail address. Let’s just put, I’m going to put my e-mail address.
I’m going to put the client’s name.
This is how I normally do it, so you guys know how to change it.
Hmm, helmets H O M, OK?
Just mm, that way, if I get something, all know who it for who it’s for, right, OK?
And we can always change it.
You always come back here later and change it.
And then, again, we’ll put his name.
All right.
So in Florida, they have the Manager or the Managing Member Assistant Press, whatever. They have all these titles, I don’t even know what that all means, but it doesn’t matter. What we’re going to use.
Is the A member, meaning it’s the managing member, OK? That’s what we’re doing. We’re writing. This has a managing member, a single member, right? Marissa, so remember yes.
This would be the PMA in this case. Yeah, let’s do that.
Let’s use the PMA, so just going to the the PMA is a private membership association. It’s an unincorporated association. It works just like a trust. There is no Trust document for it.
There doesn’t need to be, this is in my tutorial, so it can also be a literal trust.
It can be pretty much anything, but we’re going to put this a member here NBR And then we’re gonna we’re not gonna use an individual, right? We’re going to use an ephah now, PMA is regarded as a business, even a trust as regard as a business entity.
So what Nanda, we call it virtuous?
Living ventures. Alright, let’s call it something else. Let’s give it a, yeah, like it would be something like this.
You guys can do whatever you want, but let’s call it like the Charles and the Charles Homos Society, OK.
We can call it anything, but I’d like to make a distinction so that it’s a different name. Now, the fact that there’s a PMA at the end here, is the designation of the company. That means it indicates what type of organization it is. A PMA is definitely not an LLC, so yeah, that distinguishes the two.
But just the same. I like to do it this way so.
It’s consistent with how the client actually lives how we actually live because if somebody asked me, what’s the Charles?
Homeless society, I’m going to say, well, it’s his family Millimeter or it’s his fan club, or it’s his e-mail list, or, you know, whatever So and then we could do his same address again, right?
North was at north something See how fast I forget North King’s Avenue? North Kings Avenue.
And then that’s going to be in Brandon Florida, 3, 5, something was at 323335, what was a zip code on that 1? 3, 3, 3, 3, 5, 10.
All right, sir.
When we’re done with that, we don’t need that digit there.
So, since it’s a single member, right?
This is asking, again, what’s the next member?
So, we don’t need that. We just, it’s, it’s going to be a single member, LLC. And we’re accomplishing the same thing as a multiple member, because the PM is innocent it.
It never has any liability anywhere and it’s separate from the actual authorized signer, and the no, From Charles, really. And from the company for that matter.
So again, then it gives us another, we could have another member, like, if you guys wanted, you could have a person who would be managing member, and then here would be a person that would be maybe another managing member or member. And then maybe a third member.
And you can give them titles, like CEO, vice President, Secretary, or not, It’s an LLC saying, do kind of what you want, then we have another one, and another one. So that kinda stops there. You can always add more. I mean, I’ve never needed to do that.
Probably, if you get into a situation where I need to add 10 members, you probably needed to do a C corp.
So, anyways, we’re going to go to the next page.
And then it’s giving us a review. It’s a good idea, I mean, don’t think that you don’t make mistakes. Go through this and look it over. Did I spell that correctly? I’ve done so many where I I caught myself here.
So sometimes you want to check and make sure this is right, don’t do that right. Is that virtuous? D I R T U O U S? Right? Millimeter hmm.
My fifth grade spelling teacher would laugh at me if I asked that.
All right.
So it looks like everything’s good.
All right.
Yeah, and again, you can review it again. It’s telling you, make sure you do that.
Yeah, it can’t be refunded so, there’s the fee and they’re gonna, they’re gonna assign a document number. This is not the registration number. This is just for them to track it. And the way Florida works is it send you some video, or some link, and then you click on the link, and then you type in two numbers to access the filing to approve it. So we handle that in the background. You guys will experience that. If you do a Florida company, you’ll see something like that. Just kinda go with it. That’s why you want to put your valid e-mail address in there. In this case, we’re doing it for someone else, so we’re going to take care of reform.
So we continue, and then it’s all about the money here. And so what I do, in my case, I’m just going to do a credit card payment.
And I don’t, I don’t have an account with them, even though I do frequently, I do those. But here, we just go ahead and enter the credit card information.
So that’s everything mm hmm. Habitat was that?
Yeah, it’s super simple, And then you can then, the next thing you haven’t, you get the e-mail saying payment that’s happened, and these two numbers to choose, just finish it off.
That’s right, You said, All right.


1. A discussion takes place on how to form a Florida Limited Liability Company (LLC) using the Secretary of State’s registration website.
2. The chosen company name is Virtuous Living Ventures, with a principal place of business address at 114 North Kings Avenue, Brandon, Florida.
3. It is explained that the company’s mailing address doesn’t need to be the same as its principal address, but could be any valid address where the company wishes to receive mail.
4. The registered agent of the company, important for legal proceedings, can be any individual or company, but not someone else’s name without their permission. Here, it’s Charles Homuth.
5. It’s noted that the registered agent’s address needs to be a physical address, as this is where any legal summons would be delivered.
6. Additional company provisions are added, clarifying that individual members are not liable for the company’s debts or obligations.
7. A Private Membership Association (PMA) called the Charles Homuth Society is designated as a member of the LLC. This sets a clear distinction between the LLC and the PMA.
8. The new company, Virtuous Living Ventures, is formed as a single-member LLC, with the PMA acting as the sole member.
9. It’s explained that additional members could be added if needed, with various potential titles such as CEO or Vice President.
10. After reviewing the details, a non-refundable fee is paid to complete the LLC registration process, which will be followed up with a link to approve the filing.

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