U38 – How to-Escape from Noo York 0:04 Hi, everybody. This is John Jay, I’m going to show you a very simple video. 0:08 A process whereby you can establish residency somewhere. My purpose in showing you this is for people that want to have a … 0:15 Brown account in Australia, who have re…

U38 – How to-Escape from Noo York
Hi, everybody. This is John Jay, I’m going to show you a very simple video.
A process whereby you can establish residency somewhere. My purpose in showing you this is for people that want to have a …
Brown account in Australia, who have residency your driver’s licenses from the state of New York.
For example, you have residency in the State of New York, and you have no other documents to show residency somewhere else.
Even though there’s no legal duty for kill him and brown and do anything, actually for anyone to abide by whatever New York rules there are.
Callebaut Brown just does not wants to avoid any drama with the state.
So it’s going to preclude anyone who has New York residency that is a driver’s license showing a residential address in the state of New York. They’re gonna block you from having an account at Caleb and Brown.
But what they will do is they will open an account when you’ve given them, at least plausible deniability that you’re and New York resident.
So, if you just given these documents, I’m about to show you, you can pick one or more, 1 or 2 and there’s a third one.
I’m not going to cover today, but the third one is establishing wages from employment with a W two form That is a little more complicated. You can do it in about 30 minutes.
And I’m going to show you how to do this right now with just a lease agreement and a declaration of domicile OK, so, let’s go Let’s go into that. I’m going to switch screens here.
I’m going to go over to my am, This is what we start with, OK. This is the search screen, So.
You can see here, I’m using Duck Duck Go as my search engine. You can use whatever you want.
I’m searching on the term, Florida, apartments.
The reason why I’m doing that is because I’m making this video for a couple of people that have New York residency, and one of them intends to live in Florida, and the other one doesn’t. But just as well, you could do this for Pennsylvania, too.
You can do this for any state you want in the 50 states. Now, in other countries, you can do this as well. There is a document you can have. It’s in your government documents, or you can have an attorney or a barrister create. This is a declaration of domicile the moment. It’s recorded in the public records.
It becomes effective.
So that means your residency is established a moment it’s recorded, not when it’s dated, but at the moment, it’s recorded.
In the 50 states, it’s going to be where it’s recorded and registered in your county, uh, and stamped by the clerk of the court, or the County Recorder’s Office, or Bureau of Conveyances, however they call it.
So, see, here, I searched on Florida apartments, right? So I’m gonna go forward to the page I chose.
OK, I just picked like the first listing, right, and I got an apartment complex and I choose an apartment complex because I can do this and never identify a specific residential unit.
It’s just the entire complex, it’s just enough to get me the document I need and the status I need.
So, I picked metropolitan, here’s the address, it’s in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and I click on it, right, and so I’m working, I’m working with this address.
So, what I want to do is establish Florida residency at this residential address, and it’s multi-family, so that means, as long as I don’t identify a particular apartment, it will still be accepted as a residential address, but no one will ever be able to track, trace it to, or track it to a particular residential unit, like an apartment number.
All right, So, once I’ve done that, I then open another browser, and I do another keyword search, And this time, I’m searching for a standard Florida apartment lease agreement.
You can put whatever state you want here, and yes, you can do this in any country, once you guys see how this works, should be a no-brainer. OK?
As you can see, I’ve chosen the first thing that shows up: I am looking for a PDF file.
Most of these, most of the time, are going to be able to be edited online.
So, once the form opens, you can see here, what you want to do is, you populate this form, how you want it to appear.
So, I am using, in this example, this apartment complex called Metropolitan, and this is the address. So this is going to be on this document here.
My new residential address, I’m going to have a lease agreement showing on whatever date, and I would date this for a month before.
Now, your situation might be something different.
I’m just saying generally, I would date this from month before, because I’m assuming you’re going to open an account at Kilbane Brown.
And when you send this to them, there’ll be able to have a document showing that you’re a resident as of whatever date.
If not, in New York, that’s the whole idea, because once you give them that document, the rest is on you.
They can, they can provide the service that you want as a non New York resident, and they’re off the hook, so to speak.
In their eyes, at least, And they are actually, they have no legal duty.
We put all this information here, OK?
The address, the landlord is going to be metropolitan, all right.
If there’s a place here for this, the description of the property is an address, OK? We’ve already got that information, so basically, we just populate this lease agreement.
You can make the lease term for one year. It doesn’t really matter. You can make up whatever dollar amount you want. If you want a dollar amount, I would just use a number down here.
You see, I would use like $2200 a month.
Just think this through, it’s not hard.
You can pretty much put standard terms here, usually the first day of the month, fifth day of the month, it doesn’t matter.
It could be the day of the month that you’ve chosen to date here, OK.
So like if the, if today’s the 12th or whatever, you could put payable on the 12th day of the month, OK, then you can put five days of its late. See here for late rent.
I’m just making up numbers, kay?
Think of you guys know this stuff.
You guys have seen lease agreements, OK, even mortgages have similar terms, What’s your rent going to be? As there’s a late fee of $35, I just make this stuff up.
It could be 1% whatever, OK, so you just fill out a document security deposit is what, one month’s rent?
Half month’s rent.
Et cetera.
OK, so I’m going to do this online, Lots of times I would do it online, because if I download the form over here, it may not let me edit the document, So, I’m just going to do this online first, and then I’m going to download it.
Then I’m going to print out, at least a signature page, scroll down here.
Tenants address.
If you want to get mail for something and you’re using a physical residential address, just add a PO box and make your PO box a place where you can get mail. No, big deal.
Doesn’t matter if it’s out of state, and there we go. Standard lease terms come down here. Landlord signature, tenant signature, you don’t need to sign anything for the landlord.
You can just leave it like that.
So far, we haven’t seen a problem with that.
So, but again, I mean, you’re creating this, this agreement.
Now, let’s just say you have a problem with this, like you think it’s lying. And, yeah, it’s really lying.
But it’s not going to prejudice. Anyone. You’re getting around some stupid regulations for the State of New York.
And you’re not gonna get in trouble for it. There’s no perjury here. No one’s getting injured by it.
You’re not defrauding anybody, you’re not perjuring yourself, you’re not foraging, anyone’s name.
And for all anybody knows, you call the metropolitan police, an apartment, and metropolitan, told you to download their lease agreement, fill out, and send it in, and so here you are, you’re filling it out, whether or not you sent it in.
Who cares?
And this is part of the process, who knows if you’re going to be accepted as a tenant.
Maybe, after you get your account at Kellerman Brown, they’re just not going to, you know, accept you as a tenant.
That doesn’t change anything. Calama Brown still has what it needs to get your, get itself off the hook and and provide you the service. So, you can look at it however you want. If you guys feel uncomfortable doing this than just deal with the consequences, OK? If you want to get around it, this is the way to do it.
I’ve been doing this, things like this for 25, 30 years, OK?
Now, that doesn’t make it right, always.
I’m just saying, No has had a problem with this, so you can name the landlord here.
Like, you can put metropolitan, I wouldn’t sign for somebody, there’s no need for that.
Um, you can leave it blank, I don’t see a problem with that.
We don’t need Oh, this. This is not part of what’s establishing residency.
You can actually exclude this last page, page 11, So you gotta think this stuff through, OK, now.
That’s the Lease agreement method You only need that, or this other method. I’m going to show you.
you don’t need both because once you execute a lease agreement, you establish residency, OK?
But if you want to go this route, you could do a declaration of domicile, you see here. I’ve already opened a new search page.
I searched on this term Florida Declaration of domicile. So, let’s say you I want Texas North Carolina. Well, guess what?
You just simply change this name OK. It’s called a declaration of domicile. I would think it’s the same in pretty much all modern countries.
And, as you can see, I picked the first one that showed up.
Alright, And, again, you populate the form. You add the information. Now, this one is not very friendly.
It’s not letting me edit online. if I really wanted to, I could find one that’ll do that.
No big deal. I mean, how many pages of this one page, you see, it’s just one page.
There is a possibility that you see how, here, there’s this, a small amount of space from the edge of the page to the word declaration of domicile.
There is a chance in the States that the County Recorder’s is going to want like about mm, maybe, an inch and a half or two inches, or maybe even three inches of space at the top of the document.
So, in that case, what you would do is complete this document, and do it on two pages.
You can actually eliminate this section here, see the bottom section for dumb salaries of states other than The State of Florida. I think we can actually get rid of this part.
OK, and then you would complete this document, or actually just copy this onto a blank page with a printer, and then complete the document, and then copy it on the lower section. You know, the lower half of the page.
So you’re going to leave yourself extra space, then fill it out in blue ink, because sometimes they want originals. And then that way, when you go to record it, this is the key thing.
When you complete this document it has to be recorded in the county where you want to have residency.
So, so here we go to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
I’m going to show you how to get figure out what county this is in.
So what we do is, we go open another page and it’s a very simple, you see this in. What?
you ask Duck Duck Go wherever in what county is Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Foy, this is so complicated.
So if my computer will work a little faster, it looks like it’s Broward County, looks that way, yep.
Looks like Broward County.
Normally it’s gonna populate the right side of the screen. It’s gonna give me like a Wikipedia reference, it’ll tell me what county so is looking like from what I’m seeing here.
Fort Lauderdale is in Broward County.
So if I need the county, here we go see, so right here I’m going to put Broward.
See how that works?
It didn’t tell me that over here. I had to go, look that up, no problem.
I case, we did that.
We fill up the declaration.
So you want to go to the Broward County recorder’s office so you can do this by mail.
So go like this, Florida, Broward County Recorder.
This is a division of the Clerk of the Court.
I don’t think it’s a separate office.
So Records.
What I’m looking for here is the address where I can mail a document to be recorded. Now sometimes I need a cover letter, I’m sure you guys can figure that out.
Official records search, certificates, index files, things like that.
You can even do contact us, call them up on the phone and say, hey guys, I need to record a declaration of domicile at what address can I send it and what’s my filing fee? It might be a dollar a page. I don’t know.
But you see how this works?
There you go, right there. It’s implantation floor.
You could do this if you’re in Australia.
Once it’s recorded, the moment it’s stamped, what’s going to happen is at the top right corner of this document right about here in this area.
OK, it’s going to need a lot more space on the top, but right over here, there’s going to be a big rectangle and a stamp with information about the time and date and some sort of recording number when that’s affixed To this document.
What’s going to happen is you want to put over on this side of the document or a cover letter, you want to tell them where to mail the original.
And then you’re going to take that original and scan it and keep it in your computer.
So, that way, when you open up your account at, let’s say, Kilbane Brown, you would e-mail Kelvin Brown, this PDF, a copy of the recorded declaration of domicile, or the lease agreement.
Now, I don’t think that that Caleb Brown needs a recorded version of the lease agreement. You can record a lease agreement in the county just like the declaration of domicile.
In my 30 years of doing this work, I’ve never had to do that. Except in some cases, I will do it to clearly establish that a person may not be a resident if I want to do something like that.
And it may have to be notarized because you’re sending it to a foreign jurisdiction.
Normally if you’re sending a legal document to a foreign jurisdiction, it should usually have an approval from the embassy and it’s called an apostate deal. Now, kill them a round, doesn’t make you do that. Which is kinda cool. They just want an officer of the Court A notary, to witness your signature and the notary doesn’t need to examine these documents. I know a lot of times, they examine the documents, but all they really need to do is witness your signature, and then went to identify with a government document to show your photo and Europe.
You’re your name and so forth like that.
All right.
So, that’s as simple as it is, OK, So, once you get a recorded version or just a signed notarized copy the lease agreement, I don’t think it has to be recorded. The declaration of domicile probably needs to be recorded.
You can try doing it without being recorded first and see what they’ll do.
But, in any case, once you have this set up, um, Caleb Brown at least, will be able to open your account as a non New York resident.
So, I hope that helps. Complete that process. It should not be difficult. I may produce another video showing you how to use a W two. W two or evidence of employment. Is a little bit more complicated and not necessary for opening accounts like Exchange accounts and bank accounts, but it may be necessary if you want to establish residency or move your driver’s license to another state, OK? That would be the purpose there. And in that case, you would need two of these. You would need one of these two.
And you would need the employment W two form.
Thanks for watching.


1. The video provides a guide for establishing residency outside of New York, particularly for those wanting to open a “Brown account” in Australia.
2. This guide aims to circumvent issues with certain firms like Caleb & Brown, which deny services to New York residents due to complications with the state’s regulations.
3. A method for establishing residency is presented involving using a lease agreement and a declaration of domicile.
4. The first step involves choosing an address in a different state, in this case Florida, by searching for apartment complexes online.
5. The presenter demonstrates how to use the address of the chosen apartment complex to establish a plausible residential address, without being tied to a specific unit number.
6. The next step involves downloading a standard lease agreement for the chosen state (Florida in this case) and populating it with the chosen address and a hypothetical rent amount.
7. It is explained that this process does not involve any illegality or perjury as it is merely a workaround for an overbearing regulation and does not harm anyone.
8. Alternatively, the presenter demonstrates how to create a declaration of domicile to establish residency, using Florida as an example.
9. This involves searching for the appropriate document online, filling it out with the chosen address, and then recording it with the relevant county authorities.
10. The guide ends with the presenter emphasizing that this method can be used to establish residency in any state or even in other countries.

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