U12 – More Strategies for Entrepreneurs — Part I 0:02 All right, so it’s recording now. 0:05 So what we’re going to talk about is ways where you can create more cash flow for yourself. 0:11 I don’t care if you’re already in a business or an activity, or whatever it is that’s maki…

U12 – More Strategies for Entrepreneurs — Part I
All right, so it’s recording now.
So what we’re going to talk about is ways where you can create more cash flow for yourself.
I don’t care if you’re already in a business or an activity, or whatever it is that’s making some money, or you’re just starting cold or want to do something new.
If you’re starting cold, a lot of times.
Not that you have to do it this way, but a lot of times, I show people how to do things without starting with much money.
It’s not the easiest way, and in the long term, it doesn’t turn out to be usually a pretty big enterprise. Now, you could start from nothing and make millions of dollars.
I mean, there’s plenty of examples of that. And I’ve done that.
Most of the time, I’m able to show people just the basics of how to get going and eat, I have an objective, when I’m working with somebody, so it works like this.
My goal is to show someone and help them through a process of a 90 day period, where he or she can make another $2000 a month, and it’s usually about there.
And after that, once you see how it works, you usually can make more money. You’ll see how that works.
So, there’s some tools. I’m going to explain how, how they work.
But it’s a, it’s a really a matter of just thinking about more like creatively. What would appeal to you? Or what you have a proficiency.
And so, the people that are going to come here, probably in about an hour, there, they are already prepped. I told them.
Think of what it is you love to do.
And think about what you’re proficient. And now, hopefully, they’re the same.
And if not, that’s fine.
If, I mean, I remember I talked to 1 person 1 time, and he really, honestly didn’t have any interest in anything, and its proficiency was so varied. It didn’t matter.
So what we’re left with is real estate.
Not to say that real estate is boring but that’s a goto, if you have to, you know, if you have to come up with something.
Um, Tyler, did you want it? Did you want to ask?
Did you want to say something?
OK, I’ll just read it out, but you’re welcome to join in. You can, you can ask me something.
OK, Alright, so, um, I’m speaking generally here.
Go ahead, if you want to ask something.
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If you need to use chat.
So, yeah, if we can’t really come up with something that appeals to you, we can look at real estate, and there’s 20 different ways to get into real estate.
It does, it is easier to start with money, and I’m talking about $2000 to $10000. If you came into me with $200,000, and asked about getting into a new business to make more money, that’s usually not what I deal with. I mean with that, with $200,000, you could do some really amazing things. You don’t need $200,000 to make $5000 a month, or 10000, or $20,000 a month.
You can start with $2000 or one thousand dollars. Sometimes you can start with $50.
It’s not like probably what you get from the movies and things like that.
And anyways.
So real estate is a goto, if you don’t really have anything else, but the other one that I like is, you can even see examples of this. I can show you what I’ve done. And I’ll give you two examples.
I know I’ve discussed this with some of y’all on the phone, but, um, one example of make a ways to make more money would would include writing a book, which sounds daunting.
Now, most people don’t think about writing a book as make a way to make money, but I’ll explain how that works.
And, um, yeah, writing a book.
I’ll give an example. So let’s say I have an area of knowledge. I was talking to someone yesterday and she told me she briefly told me a rundown of her life story. It was quite interesting. And I really, just my first thought, was, wow, she could write a book, Literally, she could write a book on that. People like to read about other people’s lives.
You can write a book as a biography, and sell it and do pretty well.
Books, I think, are good to be used for promotion, not so much to make money in themselves, unless you’re such a super writer, that you know you have a publisher and this sort of thing. You don’t really need a publisher, either, because what you really need is marketing, because a publisher does marketing. So let’s say I wanted to make a little bit of money, and I had an area of expertise that seemed to be popular.
I’ll give an example.
OK, so here’s here’s a really good example A friend of mine was telling me that he Googled subjects on the internet.
There’s a there’s something called Google Google Analytics I believe I don’t think I’m misquoting this but there’s some software that lets you figure out which keywords are getting the most searches on the internet.
So he did that and he found something that he could relate to which was scrapbooking how to create a scrapbook.
So he got an outline together on this. And he gave it to a person in, I think she was in Puerto Rico and this person.
For a small amount of money per page, we’ll actually write a book.
So this may answer a lot of your questions or solve some of your reservations about writing a book and make you realize that maybe everybody should be writing a book.
And yeah, it’s like you would think the market saturated. But look at the exercise equipment market, it’s billions of dollars. And there’s still new equipment coming out.
And each of each piece of equipment that’s branded and marketed is carving out a little niche. And it’s probably worth $100 million or $10 million. So there’s plenty of money out there if you just marketed properly.
So anyways, he had this person write the book, and she wrote it. I don’t know how long it took her, maybe a couple of months.
I don’t know how many pages, but basically paid around $400.
And then he sold it. He put it on the internet to sell, I think, you must have listed on Amazon, which takes about a week to do everything on Amazon. You can get a book on Amazon. You can get a book at Barnes and Noble within a month.
You can get a book on the shelf in about a month.
But anyways, I don’t think he even did that.
So he marketed this thing and from what I understand, he made about $35,000 or maybe a little bit more than that, on this stupid scrapbooking book.
Did he had someone else, right?
And of course he took credit for it. He owned the copyrights and it wasn’t original work.
It’s a popular subject, so that’s just an example.
So I mean, for a lot of people, 35,000 gets you a few months of your living expenses, you know.
And it probably took him maybe, let’s say, 10 hours of his time.
Another example is something I just did recently, which I’ve shared with some of you, which is that the book that I titled, Steak and Whiskey For Breakfast Breakfast, which has to do with salt water fasting, and I, I put together a larger book, but I I wrote a 10 page promotional book so I can get something out.
And I publish it at Meg Cloud.
I like Mag Cloud because it’s very simple to set up a payment system, so I just put my PayPal address in there and and it’s done. It wasn’t very complicated.
McLeod was pretty easy to use. The formatting system is pretty easy to use.
The software is, so I’ll spell it for its M a G C L O U D dot com.
So mccloud allowed me to publish steak and whiskey for breakfast if you Google that. Mag Cloud does a good job of making it place higher in the search engine. So you’ll, you’ll see it. You click on it. And I just put a free PDF version, and if you want the paper version, it’s a few bucks for that.
Um, So what?
I’m, What I have also is a book, the same book, but the same title, but the book I’m working on right now is 120 pages.
And a lot of the content I obtained from just the internet. So right now I can’t publish it, because it’s really plagiarized. All I’ve done is collect information. Some of it’s mine.
But I’m going to need help editing it, and adding my own content. And once I do that, the only thing, I can’t replace some of the research that I’m going to include. So for those, I have to put the correct references.
So, basically, I can have a book pretty fast and if I put some effort into it, I could probably have it by the end of March if I wanted to.
I’ll probably have it by the end of the year.
So, anyways, how much money can this make? I don’t know. It can make a few hundred bucks a month, maybe $50 a month. I don’t know.
It depends on what I do. It depends on marketing.
It depends on, here’s an example.
Let’s say, I take this book, it’s a it’s a book about health.
And if I, if I go to someone where he’s got a platform, for example, a chiropractor and I’m not saying you should do this, but this book is written on saltwater fasting people that go to chiropractors may benefit from saltwater fasting.
Among other things, it’s not a pharmaceutical. It’s a good practice. It’s understood, I mean, people understand what that is, generally.
People that go to chiropractors would probably go to acupuncturists and things like this, so, they’re not just going to the doctor to take opioids.
If I were to partner with a chiropractor, I would have my 120 page book that’s properly written and copyrighted.
And I would deliver, I would make a deal with the the Chiropractor’s office.
And I would possibly deliver 50 copies, or 100 copies, in a display that I would provide, I would pay for.
And I would put that in the Chiropractors Office. So the books can be sold now.
The deal I might make is something like, Let’s use that book to promote the practice. So my whole thinking is, and I’m probably wrong on this, but I’ve done versions of this over the years. So, sometimes it works, Sometimes, it doesn’t. But I would say, I would ask the chiropractor, can I put this in your office and sell it.
You keep the revenue and then you use it to promote your practice, because people are going to talk about it. It’s an unusual subject, and you have a book on it, and he can hand it to somebody else. So in that book, I can actually customize it for his practice. I can put his name on there, I can like co branded almost.
I can even create a bookmark with his practice, has information on there. You can have special promotions in the book. We can put do inserts in a book.
It’s almost like the newspaper that you get special from a Promise. And we don’t get newspapers anymore. But back in the, in the nineties, we got newspapers.
So that’s just an idea of how to promote a book. You don’t need to become famous and, you know, like like Harry Potter and this sort of thing.
So so that’s an idea of how to generate some cash, theirs.
I mean, you’d be surprised if you sit down and think about it.
There’s probably a couple of couple of things that you’re pretty good at or know about or that could write about even if you don’t know better right now, you can actually get the information.
In fact, you could probably put together a book over a period of a year by interviewing experts and professionals in an industry and put together something that carves out a niche.
Or it can be used to promote something else. And then, your income source would be on the backend to that.
So, your book might facilitate someone else, and drawing in more customers, or clients, and on the backend, you might get something out of it.
The backend, meaning, once you’ve acquired that customer, that customer will buy something from the other person. Not yourself, But later on, there’s part of it out, you know, part out the back. There might be something else you could sell, or there might be a joint venture to work out with that professional, or that partner.
So, um, to create new cash flow without getting a second job, your your mindset is That you want a certain amount of money.
I talked to someone the other day and she was saying she was complaining about her job, and she was saying that, um, She, She needed more hours.
So after a few minutes of listening to that, I suggested that.
it wasn’t really the hours, because hours, don’t, Hours of your time aren’t, aren’t going to give you money in the bank. You’re working those hours. Sure, But what you really want is the money.
Right. And, and, and by saying that, she’s looking for more hours. She limits.
She’s limiting herself, to being open to doing anything that’s legal, of course, to make money.
And you should get in your mind that, you don’t need to make $15 an hour. You don’t need to make $5 an hour.
But what you might need is $2000 a month. So the question is, What do I do for $2000 a month? Or, If I’m already making $2000 a month, The question is, what can I do to make another $2000 a month, and then here are my conditions. I don’t want to work more.
I don’t want to create more liability for myself.
I talked to a gentleman yesterday, and he was saying that, um, the first objection he had, and we haven’t even started the conversation really is, Is that you have to bring on more employees, right? And more overhead. Which sure, that would, that would happen if you’re if you’re thinking of it that way, But there are other ways to think of it.
So, and I don’t know what their, there would be for him in his situation yet, but I’m just saying, be aware that when you’re trying to make more money for yourself, you gotta go outside of your old thinking, your old habits, you do have to change some habits.
And, yeah, you might have to work really hard, I mean, sometimes it requires you to put in full-time hours for a month, I’ve done that before, and then after that, I put in two hours a month, I’m not exaggerating. So that that’s what you wanna look for.
So be open to new habits, and new ways of doing things, and be willing to do a little work upfront. It’s not magic, It’s setting up something new, just because I say it’s gonna be a few hours a week to do it doesn’t mean that’s gonna always be the case. Sometimes you gotta put out fires, you get involved with things.
I’ll give an example of there’s a business in my neighborhood.
I know that I know that I could go there right now.
And I could probably work out a deal with this guy and I could bring him more customers. And then I would take a percentage of those of those contracts. So I would provide all the contracts. I may even write them up for him.
And provided that he can deliver the service. I would do the contracts.
I would go market those contracts on his service and then every time I got a customer, I would give him the contract and he would pay me a discount rate on the face value of the contract.
So we’d work that out and then once that works.
If I if my marketing was in place. I could probably do that almost as a hobby and then I would be getting this money.
I mean, that sounds way more fun than buying stock, and maybe it’s not as fun as buying Kryptos, but someday you may want to consider that.
Um, one other thought, and I don’t know if there’s enough of us on here, that there are any questions.
But just another thought is, imagine if you had several million dollars. What do you do with it?
Well, maybe you figured out a way, too, to spend it, right, to invest it.
I would just suggest to you that the stock market would be the last place to go. Commodities is probably the last place to go. You might know better than me, but I personally wouldn’t do that. I would look for private equity.
I would look for companies in my neighborhood or companies in a market that I that I want to get into.
Like, for example, I wouldn’t have a problem buying Disneyworld stock.
Alright, But but that’s probably one of the few stocks I would buy. I would more prefer buying a company that’s in my neighborhood and I’ll give an example. Might My daughter wanted to buy and she hasn’t done this, of course.
She’s 18 and she’s just talking But we’d kind of put put together a plan and she wanted to buy or get a get Because it’s not always by But she wanted to get a chick fil a location a franchise so we looked it up. It turns out that for chick fil a, that restaurant, the fast food restaurant, you can get a location for $10000.
So what’s happening is instead of McDonald’s where you pay over one million dollars or $5 million with chick fil a, you would you would get money. You would pay your royalty on the backend with with McDonald’s. It’s on the front end when you buy it so that that qualifies their their partner or their franchisee a little bit.
When when you have to have so much money with chick fil a, the the restraining factor is going to be your location.
It’s it’s enough to have you know a million dollars But then if you can’t find a location and you want a chick fil a you’re not gonna get a chick fil a franchise.
So what you may want to consider doing and this is why I explain her is in the meantime I said set up a company set up a trading account and buy chick fil a stock either after market or You know through a third party or actually to the broker and own the stock in the company and now that just contradicts what I just said, right?
But not really, because what I’m, what I’m suggesting to her is that or anyone is that you want to be in a position to get some money or have some balance sheet or something, something to work with.
You don’t want to just go to a business seller with nothing, that you’re from nowhere. You’ve never had any experience and say, Hey, I want to buy your business. Can you finance it to me?
He’s not going to talk with you that very easily. So what I was suggesting to her as she puts in $50 a month or something into some stock that is is chick fil a stock or related, maybe even a competitor. And so she develops a balance sheet and maybe the balance sheet is only $2000 in a year.
And then with that, she has a company now with a balance sheet has only $2000, but her stock is in chick fil a, and then she can go to possibly an existing location and partner with that.
That owner instead of getting her own location, which is a little more difficult. It might be easier to partner with somebody who’s already in the business and now, at $2000 is not going to cut it, So she’s probably going to have to go bring in somebody else some capital from somewhere, And that’s another skill in itself is finding capital.
But, anyways, it’s just an idea, and you work really hard. It’s just like real estate, you work really hard. You make that deal and maybe that deals were $25,000 to you, And that’s good money, for, let’s say, it’s just good money for a month, right? So, you just need 12 deals a year, or 10 deals a year to live really well on real estate.
Or you can, you might need one commercial real estate deal to do really well.
OK, let’s see, if anyone wants to ask questions. I saw some more people joining us.
I think you just have to unmute.
Do you want to try that?
Throw something at me that I’m not talking about.
Like I said, it’s easier to have a discussion because I can be specific, so I’m just speaking off the cuff here.
Alright, so I’d give you an example of when, I did, a couple of years ago, it wasn’t much work at all. I basically charged the client $500, so I’m telling you my how I look at things.
So, the work I did was, I provided that there’s these partners with information that they just didn’t have.
And to them, it was worth $500, So that’s what I charge them. Basically, it actually cost me about $700. And what they needed was, they had spent already like $15,000 to get on TV and the radio to promote.
It was a non-profit tennis type service and, um, I don’t know anything about that, but I do know that you can promote it on TV and the radio and I know how to do that. So, what I did, a show them how to create a press kit, and I provided them with one of my suppliers. And we did a press kit, and they paid for it, and they ordered so many copies.
And then I showed them, I wrote the cover letter, and I showed them how to contact program managers and get on the air.
And, and they did that for $700. And now they can do it for almost nothing, because they know how to do it, and they don’t need to spend $15,000 and have someone do that, and not get the results that they really wanted.
So, um, there’s just an example right there.
And so, this raises the next question, who did the press kit?
So, if you all want to try something out, just for, just to experiment, go to a website, it’s called fiver dot com, and there are about 12 of these, by the way, but I like Fiver, it’s F I V E E R R dot com.
If you don’t know, the name fiver comes from the idea that every little gig, the people do for you. It’s five bucks. Sometimes it’s 15. They do three gigs, is what they call it.
So, I’ve had them do all kinds of things for me. So, anyways, I went to …
dot com, and I found a person, 12 people, really, that do press kits, and I picked one.
And I had them do a press kit. I think it was a woman, I think she’s charged like $80 or so, something like that. And then it costs like $3 for each copy.
These are like brochures and video, like DVDs.
And you send it out in the mail, which I recommend to send things old school in that case, because you get the attention you want.
So yeah, so fiber dot com. So who’s this person that did this press kit for the person I was working with?
It’s some person, I think, she was in like, India, and for her, $80 was a huge amount of money, and Fiber Ticket’s cut out.
But basically, if if you’re a person with certain skills, you may want to consider going on fiverr dot com and finding out what kind of services are being offered. And if you are familiar with those types of services, I’m talking about, like editing books, things you can do on the computer. You can even produce a commercial.
You can do an opening of a product, a box opening, where you get something in the mail, and you open the box, and you demonstrate what it looks like when you’re opening the box. So, that could be used for a customer who wants to promote its products. So he’ll ship you the product and you have to go open up the box and you record yourself doing that. And you have to wear what he tells you, you know, if you have to dress up or not. And he’ll give you a script and this sort of thing.
So people actually do that, Their services on there that’ll do it for 3, 2, or $300 or more.
So, um, so I’m showing you, there’s an entrepreneur, someone who’s doing what I’m suggesting already on Fiver, who’s helping me be an entrepreneur, to help someone else be an entrepreneur.
We’re all doing it.
So where do you fit in?
I suggest to you that you want to fit in somewhere that you like, some do something that you love or you like.
I mean, certainly, if you just just want to make more money. I can show you right now, I’m going to take a break, and I’m gonna see if anybody wants to chime in here.
Does anybody want to unmute and ask me anything?
I’m going to show, you, might go to my standard show and tell If you want to try this out. Even if you have already, just check it out, I think I’m going to do that, too.
Hello, John? Yeah, go ahead how I, this is Search.
So I’m Fiver, I use fiber a lot.
Yeah, and they use it for different purposes, but they’ve never actually written anything and what do you think in terms of hiring a ghostwriter like, you know, that would allow me to combine my ideas into something reasonable. Yeah. Absolutely. You have an outline, OK. That’s usually what you’d start with.
You can even grab content from other subjects producers on the internet, just to give your person, whoever is going to do it for you, an idea of what you want to talk about.
And give them a lead into sources, and then it’s a matter of finding people, and I can help you do that, too. Or you can look on the Internet. I don’t think Fiber has the guy who’s gonna write the book.
Um, Because, I mean, don’t edit the book. I don’t think, I mean, you can look.
But, yeah. And you should do that on the side, I mean, that’s kinda, it’ll start out. It’s like a hobby, and maybe you start may start making some cash flow from it, and if you do it right, it might be used to promote something.
It’s, it sounds so easy. How do you find the right niche, the right idea?
What to write about, Well, this lady I talked to yesterday. I mean, the subject didn’t appeal to me, but she told me her life story. She had a really interesting scenario. A little unusual thing is kind of funny.
But it’s actually not in her life. And, I thought, wow, that would be a heck of a novel, or a biography, that would probably take 80 pages, 80 pages.
And yeah, you can literally put that in Barnes Noble.
I don’t know if anybody would buy it, but you could promote it. But even even before then, here’s what I would suggest.
Once you pick a topic that might be popular, how do you know if it’s popular? Go look for it. So, I would go look for a book that’s about someone’s crazy life.
You know, and see if there’s something out there like that and see how that’s being marketed. Like um.
Yeah, I mean, you can just try it for yourself.
If you if you have an idea for a product.
First go shop for it and see what’s out there like for example, here’s here’s another way to do things. Now, here look right here.
There is um, I just got this the other day. You guys can see this my wife got it.
Sealer, yeah, Kookaburra, right.
And it’s got a piece, is a PC GS rating of MS 69, which is a high quality coyne.
It’s issued by the government, I believe.
Australia. Yeah, Australia.
So, um, there’s a person who must have bought these at a certain price and now he’s selling when he’s probably making a little bit of a, you know, commission or whatever.
So, but there’s a lot of people doing that. So, why did, why did she buy here?
Well, I think she bought this one because she also does kinda fun. Everything she does. My wife does is kind of a hobby. So she’s unlisted.
She’s on e-bay, and she buys and sells things. And sometimes she makes money, but I think she always breaks even.
I gave her some products to sell and she doesn’t.
But she could.
I can tell you about that real quick if you want to.
But yeah, I mean, you just go look for the product and see if it’s popular like the scrapbook idea and then see if you can cater to that market.
On e-bay, I know people that will buy in bulk from somewhere else supplier and then ship it.
And maybe there’s a niche out there that no one shipping a product, no one’s selling this type of product.
And you know that once you do it, maybe you might succeed and have no competition for about a year, and then someone’s going to start competing with you. So just be ready for that, which is probably a good thing.
So keep those things in mind. That’s what happened to me with a laptop parts of about seven years where I started assemble them, I couldn’t fix it, so I just completely, I started selling now and it was a good business. I was able to make about the 18 hundreds of dollars every month, But then a lot of people. simply. Yeah, the price goes down, right? Yes, I build. Very strong e-bay page, over 500 positive feedback. And yeah, exactly.
Just just for those folks.
And the hard part is, let’s say you do, let’s say you do a job where you have to show up at a site, and you have to do stuff. like physical work.
How do you, how do you scale that up?
You know, like a person who’s doing electrical engineering or electrical work for homes, you gotta, you gotta show up. And then, how do you, if you scale up, then you’ve got to really bring in more people to do the work. And they’ve got to have licensing and all this.
So there’s, there’s ways of doing it. So, let’s say I can just, here’s a crazy example.
Let’s say I’m a plumber.
I’m making so much money, I’m good at marketing, I’m on the Internet.
I’m with like, what do you call it? that Groupon service, right?
We’re basically, I have to work for free to promote myself as to how that works.
But anyways, I would use Groupon for awhile to promote myself, but what I would more likely look at doing because I’m, I don’t know that I would want to go find people and hire them and train them and do that.
But what I would like to do, I would consider finding other competitors who are wanting to sell, and I would acquire their equipment, their customer list, know, all all their trade secrets.
And by that business, and then all of a sudden, I’ve got another aspect of what I’m doing, and I can scale up that way, because someone’s already doing it. I don’t have to re-invent the wheel.
That’s just one example, it may not work for everybody.
But no, that’s, that’s one thing to consider.
Another thing to consider is this: Like I talked to a gentleman, he was working at a job, he wanted to do something more to make more money. And so, I was looking at what he was proficient at, and he said he liked it.
And he was a person who would calibrate gages.
So he would go into a factory site, and he would go and test all the gages.
So, I asked him if he had a list of all the manufacturers, for all those gages.
The find out the supply chain, of how those gages got to be installed on that site, that he was inspecting, and then, I said, Why don’t you look and see if you could actually be the supplier of those gages? If you could actually be the ones selling it?
Some way?
Like, as an affiliate or partner, or even buy a piece of the company and that’s where you get the needs for cash, But, I mean, I’m just saying, if you don’t have the cash, sales is the way that, that makes the most money.
People talk about professions like attorneys and doctors, If they make a lot of money, but it’s professional income, what makes the most money, which without a limit, is sales?
So if you can find something in sales, which we have so many tools right now, online, we can do that. It’s so easy right now to do that.
What about business? Product? So, let’s say my IDs to build it up in certain way to have leads coming through.
As well as have network of contractors who let’s say, you know what I’m doing. And then peach that, you know, business idea and kinda. Yeah, OK. So, someone else. Yes, OK, great question.
So if you already have an area of expertise and you want to scale up, so what you would do is become very proficient at generating leads, and to a point where you won’t be able to handle that. So What you want to do is make deals with other competitors and say, Look, I’ve got these leads here, and I need your help, and Yeah, you can work out a deal. Like that.
So your lead generation is just a function of, at some point, you’re gonna put money into it.
It’s going to produce so much money, and hopefully it’s going to be a net cash flow And then you don’t do the work. But because you understand the business, you, can market that service, and then let other people do it.
And you have no liability, right, that might be a way to look at it.
Yeah, that’s my idea at this point, because, you know, I’ve been in business for two years and started from zero, pretty much had to learn everything.
Every aspect there.
There’s, um, something you may wanna I wanna look at into, into is the UPS store. Some of them have three-d. printing services. Have you all seen this? Anyone?
Probably not, not three-d., but the wrangler predicts. Or you can print paper and said, yeah, exactly, so you could ask UPS Store for a thing. Or you can bring it a file or an object, it’ll scan it and reproduce it for you. So, if you had something that was broken you wonder make a new one.
They could do it or you can get an image off the Internet and UPS will do it with the same copyright restrictions. Right?
So, imagine if you had a three-d. printer, which is not hard to get, and you, you had the Filament, which you would just ask your supply, your operating costs. And you’re out of your garage at a nice three-d.
printer, and you fabricated things like stroller or wheels, baby gear, even toy’s parts, you can probably even fabricate bolts and nuts that are high density polyethylene. That would serve the same purpose as a metal *****.
And you could, you could provide tools for people and replacement parts and it would take awhile to build that up probably ’cause people are in that, they’re not used to doing things like that.
But you you would have to build up your repertoire of or your library, let’s say, of all your images and you could have a three-d.
printing business out of your garage, and it’s new, you wouldn’t find too much competition for that.
And that that’s a that’s a service where you could, you could have a niche market, several niches.
Oh, yeah, that’s true! Yeah.
I think so, something to consider, of course.
Right? I mean, you could you could even build stuff you could build, like even if your three-d.
printer only made small things, you could actually make something that can be assembled like a shoe rack or something.
I’m, you know, just throwing things out there, or bike parts, you know, anyway, so. So, it’s unlimited, with this.
These new technologies, like drones, There’s, I saw somebody that lets his drones be used on construction sites to do surveys.
So, that was just a niche market, that’s someone’s idea, You know, filling that niche, and it’s actually saves them lots of money, so he could charge, You probably charge a thousand dollars. It probably costs a few thousand dollars to do.
What kind of surveying is being done without that drone.
So, there’s use for it. I had another idea.
Now, the reason why I explain this idea, I’m never going to do this idea that I think, and I’ve shared it with a couple of people.
I’m not sure that they’ve ever done this, follow through with it, but I want to share this with you, because it might help you in thinking of how it might be done another way or with other products.
So, if I went to people that had drones, um, Com.
Yeah, drones of a certain kind. that are just, they’re playing with them and after a while, they don’t, they don’t play with them very much anymore.
They’re not being used very much or whatever and I make and I set up a membership website and the people that have drones could log it to my site. Let’s say for free. Just start out.
They log into my site and they say, Hey, like my drone, I don’t use that drone While I’m at work.
So, from eight o’clock till five o’clock, it’s just not, it’s just sitting in my garage or whatever.
So, if that person’s decides, he’s going to let me use his drone.
Then, here’s the contract.
I can use his drone from eight o’clock in the morning until five o’clock, and he’s going to make his drone available so that all I have to do is login to the website and get control of his drone with software.
Now, I don’t know if the software exists yet for this, maybe, but, maybe I can do it from my phone or any application, and I can access his drone, and I can do something with it.
Then, I pay so much money to use his drone, and, of course, I get money. He gets money. So he’s leasing out his drone while he’s not using it.
Whatever I’m going to do with it, let’s say, I’m, here’s a stupid example of how it might be used.
Let’s say I’m gonna come to Orlando where I live, and I’m from Germany, and I want to, I want to buy some real estate, and I just wanna get a feel for what? you know, what’s going on here. So, I’m not going to travel here first. To do that, I want to have an idea. So, I’m gonna hire a guy with a drone or two guys, that have drones and I’m gonna fly around neighborhoods.
I’m just gonna look around and see what’s, what’s around. Or, I’m gonna go look at a building that I might want to buy for myself. I’m not going to take pictures. I’m gonna, actually, I’m not going to take someone else’s pictures.
I’m going to take this drone and I’m gonna go look at, uh, hotel. I’m going to buy. Right?
So, there are plenty applications that I can use for long distance things and I can lease out my drones but I don’t need the drone.
I can just have a membership where, at some point, maybe, I’m going to have the person who becomes a free member. He’s gonna pay me to use my service, because my service actually is marketing his drone while he’s not using it.
And, then, what I’ll do after that is on market a market to somebody who wants that drone. So, I’ll be the broker, the middleman. And I just provide the medium, right, so I’m getting paid by the person who wants to use the drone. That guy gets paid. I get paid, and then the guy who has the drone is going to pay me also.
So, there’s a cut. I get a cut of everything.
That’s just for drones.
And another lady, I was talking to, a few months ago, she was an artist and she’d like real estate. She already had some real estate or, she was looking for some, I think it was.
And her problem, her dilemma was that she wanted to move and she wanted a house or a place where she could have a room where she could do art like on an easel or have space, or something like that.
So, after we got to talking for awhile, I thought, well, you know, it would work.
It would solve both situations if she were to get into a commercial lease, which there’s really nothing wrong with the commercial lease.
Just do it the right way, but get into a commercial lease where she has a studio and her space to do her art.
But here’s the problem, it doesn’t solve her living situation.
And, now, she’s just got more expenses, right?
They said, Why don’t you lease the space and then sublet it or have customers come in and both learn art, and use your space to teach others and have art classes themselves.
And so you just have to parse out the space enough so she could turn that liability that costs into a business and make money and just do the same thing she likes to do, and she’s just going to be there, you know, and, yeah, there’s some management involved and things like that, but she’s going to be there anyways.
And so, that would be an idea of how to offset a liability, and still make money, and not be the owner of the real estate, and still make money from real estate, and an activity that you like, Know, it kinda solves a lot of problems. And then, now, you’ve got some cash flow from a thing you’d like to do. And that makes it easier to go get the house you want, it.
Jonathan, your opinion. How is it easy nowadays to feature skincare and why?
So, when we, you know, my sister actually developed a skin care line, and she’s, she’s been an institution for over 25 years, so she works with the product, should try many different things with different formulas. So now, she has few very interesting pieces, and I told you, it seemed possible. You need huge amount of money, computation is, yeah, this, you’ve gotta get approved two, but the FDA or something like that.
I mean, it’s mmm hmm. Yeah. I think she, She manufacturers in Canada And it’s already approved.
So they have, yeah. There are ways to distribute it without going through the regulations.
By the way, the reason why it’s easier, because I can, I, can have someone for a few thousand dollars or less, make, my brand label, my labeling, my packaging.
I can, I can hook up that contract in like one afternoon, with probably 12 phone calls.
I can, I can find my supplier for all my packaging and I’ve done this before. So I have all my packaging on my brand, my labels.
I know what my costs are going to be, and now my distribution and marketing, I can actually drop ship it, so I can actually, I can, So, I gotta get my packaging, I’ve gotta get the product in it, and then, I’ve gotta get it in a position where I can place an order and have it shipped. I don’t want to put it in my garage.
So, it’s easier today to do that than it was 10 or 15 or 20 years ago.
It’s just getting easier because we have computers.
And because the software and the suppliers already understand this, and it’s well developed, that’s why it’s easier.
What about in terms of marketing?
Same thing, like, knock on the door and say, Yeah, there’s a million ways to market it. I mean, you can co brand, You can Joint venture you can like, I suggested What? The book and the chiropractor you could do that. You could go to spas.
All right, an Esthetician would definitely be perfect with a spar.
There’s there’s too many places that do nails, you know, cut your nails and wherever they call it.
What do they call out the nail salon or something? Yeah, there’s too many of those places.
So that would be I mean, I would I would go in with somebody who’s got retail space and I will not have retail space. And I will see you guys getting products on the shelf, you can see this right now. You see Paul Mitchell, right?
The product I mean these guys got, this company has got products for everything at the Barbershop Most Barbershops, Paul Mitchell, products on the shelf.
I mean, you can see it every day, you see what people are doing, just ask yourself, How is that person doing it? How’s that company doing it?
You could do that.
You can get your product on the shelf. Space is so tied with the you know, we have so much product so, you know. It’s yeah, the market is flooded, so What is your niche is going to be liquid idea, OK?
Is the market not flooded with stupid attorneys too many of them, right?
We don’t know until we actually face them. Exactly. What do you mean? I was showing 77 today.
and on the web on the corner of the website were attorneys after attorneys trying to sell you stuff and you know, so so my?
Market, I guess is in the law area.
Legal Document.
I mean, if I set up a company who isn’t doing that, I mean, there are many out there, some people do it for free. Some people do it, Well, there’s, you know, there’s cost on the back end, but some people do it for $100.
Why would someone pay me $500 or even one thousand dollars to set it up because of the niche I’m in?
Because what I’m, what I’m helping people with their, they’re solving a specific situation.
I’ve had some people call me and want to do a certain thing, and I’ll say, you know, it’s just as well to go to, and I’ll send them to accompany It, just have those guys do it. It is cheaper and don’t get everything you want, you know?
I mean, unless you really want to spend more money with me, because you’re not gonna get anything special because of what you want, So, there is a niche market, just like with exercise equipment.
So, the niche wouldn’t be the keyword, it’s a niche market, and that is everything, It’s, you’re not going to sell to everybody, some people are gonna hate your product, who cares?
Move on to somebody else.
So, a joint venture with somebody usually involves the other party is going to benefit more. He’s going to make more money. because he’s working with you. So, you’re going to bring something to the table.
Maybe it’s something a new product, or it’s some access that he doesn’t have, you know, in the joint venture, and that makes the partnership work and then everybody makes more money.
Mmm hmm.
We got it, Thanks.
I was gonna mention Grace, I appreciate you saying that because you’re talking about, you know, Disney World, it’s, it’s probably worse than Pedophilia.
It’s, it’s more like trafficking human trafficking and so, like I mentioned before, I don’t own Disney Stock. I would not by Disney Stock right yet.
But once we get past all this and clean up the garbage, And I’m optimistic. I think that it’s going to be discovered. I think I think they’re stocks going to tank. I think the evil doers are going to be removed. Maybe that’s 10 years from, now, I don’t know, but I just think it’s a good company to buy. just because, I mean, I live here and I go to the parks and I see what they’re doing. It’s just a machine, A money making machine.
I haven’t read the balance sheet. I don’t even know what the stock looks like.
But I would probably buy the company. I think it’s going to be around for a long time. I think people are addicted to entertainment, for, you know, for no other reason I would do, I would do it for that.
Likewise, I would also by grocery stores or grocery store chains. I like some grocery stores like here, Publix looks pretty stable.
So anyways. Yeah.
I know, I just didn’t want to mention that, but I would agree with you. I think that’s going on.
Some of the things, I, when I get involved in something, like, I had a partner, comment one time, and we were already making money doing something, and he called me and said, Look, we got this. Um, we had done, we had set up a phone room.
I was like, Telemarketing of some kind, and he said, Hey, we got this other.
Now that we have the facility, we could bring in this other service.
And what he was talking about was promoting. It’s a non-profit or you call people for donations.
And let me check real quick, gotta have an echo. And I said, OK. Well, that sounds pretty good. And I said, Well, how much money can we make? And he was telling me.
I’ve got an echo, I’m gonna, I’m gonna cut that up. Hang on a second.
All right. So maybe that’ll work, OK.
What I was saying is so he wanted me to get involved with him and he didn’t even need me. I didn’t even know why I think I was being used as a scapegoat.
There’s some sort of I don’t know tool.
And he was telling me, Yeah, we can We can solicit donations legally and we can collect all this money. I said, Well, that’s fine, but it’s for a non-profit. How much can you make doing that? And he said, Oh, like 90%?
And I said, OK, so I’m going to solicit someone who thinks he’s donating $100 to a charity and I’m the one my company, my organization is going to keep $90 of his hundred, and he thinks: The 100 is going there, and I might get a few bucks.
Because, yeah, but it doesn’t matter. And I said, yeah. It does matter. That’s not how I want to make money.
So sometimes you gotta look at, you know, what you want to support, because when you buy something, you support it.
Yeah, I think I, I think I unmuted you search.
No, I’m still here, OK.
But yeah, so anyways, yeah, there’s some ideas there. You gotta do some brainstorming.
mm, ideas, are always around.
The main thing is to know act on those ideas and have a plan because you know I Try a few things.
And now I see that actually without the plan, without the actual structure and, you know, forecast it will not be possible in the plan, does help. Most of the things I’ve done over the years were up here, I never wrote it out until I did it and then I wrote it out now. I don’t think my chances of success are better. And I’m not some genius, that’s just how I do things. And I think if you talk to, a lot of entrepreneurs, you’ll find out that a lot of them do not have a written plan. When they start out, it develops, and now I can go back and write plans to make myself look like a genius Because I already did it. But I had to get through 10 or 20 mistakes before I actually succeeded.
So you’re gonna run into that, don’t give up, because you want to get away from the hourly job. And, yeah, it’s going to be a pain.
You’ll work 16 hours sometimes, but not for long, it’ll, it’ll, it’ll play out.
Let me end this session here, because I want to I want to keep this in segments.
And what I’m going to do, if you don’t mind, I know it’s inconvenient.
If you all want to rejoin again, in a few minutes, there’s going to be more people joining us, and they have other material we’re going to cover. So I’m going to cut this off now.
Then I’m going to send out the new link for the next segment.
I appreciate that. Yeah, of course, John, Thanks, someone already. Awesome.


1. The talk was primarily about strategies for entrepreneurs to create more cash flow. The speaker advised people to begin by thinking creatively and identifying areas of proficiency or interest.
2. The speaker advocates starting small and low-cost. They offer to guide entrepreneurs over a 90-day period to make an additional $2000 a month.
3. The speaker brings up the idea of writing and selling a book as an example of creating additional income. The speaker helped someone write a book and sell it online, demonstrating the potential profitability of this path.
4. Another strategy discussed is working with local businesses to promote their products, such as selling a book in a chiropractor’s office and using the revenue to promote the practice.
5. The speaker advises against investing in commodities as a strategy, recommending private equity and local businesses instead.
6. The talk encourages openness to new habits and ways of doing things, highlighting the potential need for hard work upfront.
7. A service called Fiverr is mentioned as a resource for people with particular skills, suggesting they could sell their services on this platform.
8. The speaker talks about the idea of being a middleman for services, setting up a service, marketing it, and then letting others do the actual work.
9. The use of drones is discussed as a potential business idea, with an emphasis on a contract-based approach that lets the entrepreneur rent out drone services without owning a drone.
10. Finally, the speaker discusses the idea of creating a skincare line, highlighting the complexities involved but also suggesting that it is feasible, based on a personal anecdote about their sister.

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