0:02 Well, thanks for joining today's May fourth. 0:05 I appreciate you coming in early. 0:07 I know it was last minute, I just want to, I have one more time, it's evening, but, um. 0:15 I wanted to talk about what Ray was kind enough to put this article, and the biometric data that was colle...

Well, thanks for joining today's May fourth.
I appreciate you coming in early.
I know it was last minute, I just want to, I have one more time, it's evening, but, um.
I wanted to talk about what Ray was kind enough to put this article, and the biometric data that was collected by Google.
It looks like, Tiktok, and in the Illinois law, pertain to that. Before I get into that, though?
I wanted to talk about some message that I'm looking at here in Telegram, and somebody is trying to open an account to just use your LLC, too.
She's opening a new account for stock trading.
And she's taken her holdings from our personal account.
I'm moving it to her LLC account and the brokerage wants to know the KYC information and the beneficial owner interest, which is OK, fun.
Then it was caught with the message in the name of protecting everyone against money laundering in acts of terrorism and national security.
You have to give up your driver's license.
As I said, they're birth.
And so I would think instead of just going along with this stuff and complaining, oh, we need to do.
I mean, obviously, the institution is not going to open the account, write a few reviews, But they do it.
Use the security government. Put a lien also.
We've already talked about it.
I would write a letter to the Department of Justice and to the US. Attorney General's Office and ask what steps are what success is that as the United States experienced in the last 50 years?
Regarding the efforts to prevent risks are threats to national security to. Also for money laundering, human trafficking, these sorts of things that, we're being told, our private data is being collected in order to prevent these things from happening as if we're suspects in these funds.
And ask if the data matches what they're claiming that they're able to do, and ask why they haven't been able to solve the problem.
At some point, I mean, maybe someone should go to the district court, and ask for an injunction against the collection of this data.
Or put a lien on it right.
It's your biographical data.
Some of it is your biometric data.
So Ray was a PowerPoint up to this article, go to the screen share here.
Re read this right.
Yeah, I did read it, and posted a couple more.
I'm sure there's more. Yeah, yeah, I mean, ...
online and Nice, I'm gonna throw my 2% and because I've read this, I actually have read the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. Say that.
Yeah, that's, I read a last year, and it's great.
I mean, I remember, I hired an attorney years ago or something, and she did a great job.
Tasks completed, and all this now, sit in her office one day, and it turns out she had written a thesis in college.
I don't know what it was MBA or something. Yeah.
She wrote a thesis on the Privacy Act in 19 74, when she mentioned, and I said, OK, so, you understand that the Privacy Act explains what privacy don't have. And she's laughing, she goes, yeah, yeah, actually, right, you're right.
The US Privacy Act, United States Law, the Privacy Act, 74 basically says, what rights you don't have, but privacy don't have, you have to take your privacy, you have to take the security layer, it's just another way to do it. I just, I love it, the security agreement is going to do. it's going to be very powerful. But, anyways.
So, this article is talking about the biometric information. Obviously, I've got one in Illinois, and you've got a really good one in California. I don't know, but other states I don't think other states are this far wrong.
But here's the thing.
This was in 2008, and of course, I'll put other Don't put exemptions is exemptions in there.
I kinda don't care about the law, I just want to show you what they're looking at, like, look here.
Under the act of biometric identifier is going to be your retina or iris scan. Fingerprint, voice print, scan of your hand, or face geometry.
I like the language here, you know.
So fine, and they talk about there's a base, they define what biometric information is, and then they tell you what it's not like, page after page after page. That's how, that's how these guys, right?
But here's the thing. So, in Illinois law provides that private entities can't capture, purchase or obtain a person's biometric identifiers, unless they receive written release from the ... do so for a particular purpose.
They have to get your permission.
Well, that sounds a lot, like, using my copyrighted works, Doesn't it?
Intellectual property?
Then it goes on, Private entities also may not disclose or disseminate financial data without obtaining the requisite consent.
Ooooh I didn't make this up.
Then of course they have to have a destruction policy.
If you look at my letter, you'll see that letter I sent, right? then the security agreement, and I haven't published the whole thing, yeah.
No etching out, several provisions of it.
They have to, they have to take care of your data.
You can rest on the cause of action that's created by this privacy act.
I don't like to do that, because what will happen is the lawyers study that stuff, and they'll just iterate your claim under the Act and deny you access to the court is all they do.
Instead, what you want to do is make your own terms on the security agreement.
Ignore them.
This app. Ignore it.
Alright. That's for the shipper.
You do your own terms.
Then you create your own law regarding the use of your biometric identifying your biographical data.
But it's nice to see they have some you know, there's some cognizance here. What's going on?
Private entities may not sell these trade or otherwise. Persons biometric data.
All right, so they're not supposed to be profiting from it. Why the heck are they collecting it?
Well, sir, OK, they do collect it so that they can they can have some sort of identification or plausible deniability to say we took security measures. So therefore, we're not liable for the unauthorized access to your account.
That may be why they're liking it, but, who can resist the value of this data?
Because if you go in further this article, in today's world, when a company success is heavily dependent on targeted advertising, biometrics provide valuable information for which companies are willing to pay a premium, OK. So in that sentence before that, it says, Hey, can you can't sell at least use it in any way to make profit now?
But no, actually we're all that way.
Limitation borrowing company from profiting off the data will impact third parties marketing strategies. Well, we can't have that, that.
Now, can we, I wonder if we can invest in the collection use and storage of the biometric and private data of customers, consumers, across sectors, range of sectors, in all the markets.
Can we invest as if we're buying into a security fund or a commodity?
Why wouldn't data be a commodity? bandwidth is.
So anyways, it's telling you quite a bit in this article.
What did you get out of it, right?
I just got an assertion.
It also gets into talking about how the complaint further alleges that the data comes from the US is being shipped to China.
Then you're further Sure, OK, there's no limit.
There's no limit they're going to have they want.
Are you going to stop them?
Security during it?
Because if you look at the Privacy Act here you're going to find there's all kinds of exceptions of exemption the weasel their way out of it probably and then what do you do.
You change the game.
If you set the terms on the use of your private DIY ****, right here shows Illinois statute carries a thousand for each violation. You can have tens and hundreds of thousands of violations.
Oh, yeah, Well yeah.
Great, so if somebody's read your chats guys yeah.
I see your message here.
You know, if you got, like, if you guys want me to help get security agreement, We probably already did this, and I haven't seen it yet.
You send me your name, and certain details, I will put that in, and you tell me who you want the lien against.
Alright, And so my thinking is, I help you do one, and then you can do on others. Right.
You may have to change some of the provisions here.
You'll see, you'll see what I'm talking about later, but, anyways, mostly, it's working from a tablet.
Don't don't start out on your secured party with the security agreement, Don't start out with the company, make it yourself individually.
That's just how the UCC work later on. You can I mean, you can do it the next moment, but I'm just saying, make your own security agreement with yourself, OK?
Yes, so guys, this is we're coming into a new world here, and I really think someone's about to get an ******* open we just have to use this system that's already there.
Litigation. Class actions are stuff that doesn't, that makes attorneys rich.
The way I like it was like this. If there's going to be a class action, I'll let someone figured out.
I want to take 47 people that have a cause of action and file it.
Then, if somebody wants to consolidate the case's, let him do it.
Because you have to apply to the appellate court. I think you have to play the appellate court for class, action certification. I'm gonna do all that. I don't have to do that.
If somebody else thinks it's in his advantage to do that, let him.
But I'm not going to go and try and build a class action lawsuit that doesn't do any good.
Except it just reduces the footprint of the cost of litigation on the other side.
I want them to spend 47 times 1 X. All right.
Yeah. So, what you do is, OK. Let's say you say that sounds like a good idea. Alright. I want to security here.
So what I would like to see is, give me the exact legal name that you're using.
So there has to be it has to match, uh, that's called the chain of Title II, So shouldn't your legal name like the rest of it, like something that would show up in your driver's license, or a person.
Give me that name.
Then your address or an address you want to use, it could be anything, I'd be a PO box. It could be a friend's address, whatever you decide. Nothing special there.
Then tell me the course.
So we're going to name as a debtor, then give me like a brief description if I don't know already, if I can't figure it out, what kind of data you suspect is being collected and used regarding yourself?
Can only take me, maybe, 45 minutes, and then I'll send it back to you, and then what I'll do is I'll help you register it with your done, of course.
... says we're on it.
Zoom, what do you want to do?
We should probably do my research zoom, and has taken all of biometrics. Oh, yeah, you're right. I mean, the platform we're on right now, that's the platform or I'm sure.
That's not, in my mind, that's not one of the bigger perpetrators, but I think Google if if you, it's like that stereotype, you, know, that the shape you, if you find the toughest guy, you know your tack on your back your bank. And everybody's just that. Right? Yeah.
well, I mean, if we take now Google, well, what do you think everyone else is going to do?
I mean, it's only gonna take a few hundred people, six months.
Did that work?
Thanks for posting that guys. Check it out and look around. Look for more of that.
Look at the keywords, biometric data.
California has a statute for it, and Illinois does.
That's right, that's funny, because those are the states, with the most evil agenda.
Now, one of the ...
were the AG of Texas issue on Amazon.
Biometric data violation. OK, well, that's very interesting. So let's take on Amazon, Google. Let's take on this big player to Apple.
The DMV, if you're paying a tax, why does my photo have to be associated with the payment at the tap?
All it is received during that I paid it.
That's what the driver's licenses for.
It's the evidence of the payload of attacks.
Your driver's license. In case you didn't know This is not the actual card that Has your name mine or the landing anything with the hologram and all that?
That's evidenced That you have a job site, the driver's license is the receipt for the payment of tax.
That's what the SEC is based on the right. papers.
All right, security on Childcare SDK. OK, I mean, you could do that.
I suppose it's a little bit complicated in my mind and I lucked out and used it once and I was fortunate enough to succeed at what I was trying to do, the CPS thing with my school, the school much. Or, yeah, I was able to kind of push them back, and a little bit lucky, they, they were going to arrest me all this stuff.
And we're going to take my kid I put a lien on my children's birth certificates. And then they had this right away.
Maybe maybe they just don't want the paperwork that they looks kinda like, I don't know, but it worked.
Yes, possibly.
Why not? I mean, egler, anytime you can describe property that you have, especially when you have exclusive rights to it, you can describe it, you can make a claim on if you don't make a claim on it, you know, it's like that.
I tried to teach my children lessons to my son when he was like, 14, Well. 14, The younger, I tell you, guys.
Yeah, Morial, Hey, so he was, like 12. 13, or better.
And he had just earn by 10 bucks. Sometimes. Maybe, or something.
Any other $10 sitting on the kitchen table, and he was doing something, and he loved it. There was just doing whatever. So I took it.
Then he discovered that it was gone.
Then, of course, knows I'm the mysterious person in the house.
So of course, he asked me, Did you see my $10? And I said, Oh. I said, Oh, you mean my $10?
Mean, $10 on the table here, it goes into my pocket, and, by the way, it's mine wasn't yours. It never was yours. You abandoned it.
You should see a space you'd like.
And I never gave it back to them.
I want him to remember that if you abandon property, you deserve what you get.
So maybe this is the lesson we should have.
Look what's happening right now, we've abandoned our property, we've abandoned property rights, privacy, privacy as a description of copyright.
We let someone take it, and then we just step in line and do what we're told with it. And then we identify everybody for collecting it.
So, is there anything you guys want to bring up? Because I just want to bring that, bring this up, and let me know that I really wanna help you guys with the security agreements.
And I want to teach you on one of them, and then I want you to show other people. And, certainly, we can always talk about it.
If questions come up, I imagine at some point, you'll get letters from these debtors.
I'm going to poke them and send it to their chief counsel.
I'm gonna serve it off.
I'll do it.
It's kind of like it. We're not at the age of majority on all of us. Yeah.
Really, I mean, we're, adults and myself, the food. That, you have to look at it this way. I mean, I've talked a lot of people, I remember when I was back in the nineties, we used to have clients come onto the houses, one gentleman, he's about 70.
And I think I was like 24, And I was learning, I didn't know my partner was telling me all this stuff, and I'm trying to help assess my partner side view.
This guy's case, I'm finishing up, The State of Oregon is standing behind me, and I'm printing it out.
He started asking these questions that I didn't know the answer to, But it was the kind of questions that I should be asking him.
What people do is they give up their power.
They give up their, I don't know, they gave up the responsibility, and he had been used to doing that, and as a 24 year old, with all due respect, I said to him, No. I think that these are questions I should be asking you.
I don't know the answers to those questions, And that's where we are. I think a lot of us, just because we have a Java class in the fall, 10 40 in the world, are over 30 or 40.
That doesn't mean we don't act like we're seven subtypes.
A lot of us have a seven year old or 12 year olds understanding of money.
Not to chastize y'all, but I just want to help and, uh, this is my time. I mean, I'm one of those people I can admit, it's, it's, it's not taught when you're, you know, growing up.
You just have to be, you have to, like, learn your way into it, which means by suffering the consequences, it would call it tuition. My dad was a, you know, he didn't have never had worse really.
And he had nice stuff, we lived in my, like what we call an upper middle class by Canadians household. That it was because he lived on credit and he had really good credit just because he pays the bills on time.
And he's managed to keep on doing that.
But he didn't really ever have a net worth. He always managed to find good financing deals on liabilities.
No, so that's, that was my no upbringing and my grandfather's Amelia and you didn't really teach me much, but he did get me to think about a few things.
And you got me, He actually got me to be an entrepreneur.
Anyways, that's what we're here for, you know, share of comparing notes down. What do you think?
John, Business related question to LLCs. You know, I just opened up a new LLC business and I have a bank account, but now I got to use a processor so I could get monthly payments from my customer. So, I'm going to use, you know, Emerging Processor account, Yes, And, at the end of the year, they're going to send in that 10, 99 to the IRS. Well, that have any implications with Me, Not file, and on that LLC?
Yeah, you want to make sure that the recording is done to your LLC. So make sure the merchant processor has your LLC as the account holder.
You're the signer, and give the merchant processor like Stripe, or whoever it is, ..., showing the LLC and its ....
That'll, right. It'll come through that it'll come through in the business name at the end of the year. But what I'm saying is, is, they're gonna send that to the IRS though. Is that going to generate any, anything against that LLC that I gotta worry about? No, Nothing. Nothing at all. That's actually what you want all else, is third party payment reports to be made out to the LLC, and you can decide what to do. at that point. I get them all the time. I just scan them and put them in. Folders. My computer not further away.
I don't file returns. I because I explained we just went running around.
Right, So, and you can do that too, Yeah, so if I've got 10 qualities, whatever I'm If I took money out of the company to go to 10 99, then I would include them.
OK, and you just stated income further 10 40, right?
That's what I do, and I only use other income.
Declassify, I never use Schedule C because Schedule C brings that co-operation in every goes, hey, what about the the corporation tax return or why didn't you include all this other stuff?
So just make it other income in the schedule C under 10, 40 OK, thanks.
I don't know if you saw the interview I do you guys see this, I posted it without it would be Jane, I did it discussion.
We're talking about, Like, what's coming up?
Did you guys look at the bankruptcy thing?
Just think about any interview.
Yeah, there's there's a strategy for y'all have an e-bay account or something like that, or Shopify, Iowans, SES or your own site.
You can pick up things in bankruptcy court.
You'd have to make an offer to trustee You're wondering what do I do with my crypto gains or something?
I talk to people, they catch other form, OK, And there was ask and what, what's a good way to do that. I mean, if you're inclined, you don't need to take all the money, but it may take a handful of a time and grand or something.
Look at, look at a chapter, 11 filing bed bath and beyond. Just find out who else were to start seeing like the big name brands. Start following Chapter 11.
So it's going to create an opportunity to just keep in mind that the market is flooded right now with gadgets. You know, what he called it, charges stuff that people don't need.
Fancy toasters and such Can make case. There might be something there for you.
Yeah, you know, hotels ask for ID.
They won't give you the room, OK, so, when I go to a hotel and I, I've been lazy about this.
I have to say, um, I just get my driver's license and then a match, right, Name's on it.
So if I don't want to do that, I can use fake.
Other documents.
Now going to be a problem. In a hotel, OK. I'm not asking, brought up not needing to give out an actual big one. And so I did a credit card that's pretty easy. I get a credit card with a fictitious name on it. I get I can use a debit card with a fictitious name. That's easy to do.
The more the one that takes more effort is going to be the ID.
And so, for those of you who really want to go like Jason Bourne style, you can use a fake ID with hotel. If you really want to do that. For me, I don't see the need for it.
You can take this to whatever level you want.
There are some people that I've done a Jason Bourne typing for because it was a matter of personal safety. It was about money.
You don't need to do that too.
Protect yourself from the tax system, by the way.
I mean, unless you're you're actually involved in committing a crime I hope we're not talking to people who are doing that. You know, I hope I'm not, OK. I know, I know you're not. Just say, you know, I've had people call me and say, hey, I'm going to do this day, I would like now, I'm sorry, I can't help you call the wrong guy.
Johnathon um, I printed the six copies for the FinCEN ladder And should we mail, I'm certified, I put an LLC that I used to have that we, we don't have any business, whether it's still active, but we don't do nothing in it. But do we, should we send them certified or a waste of money? I'm just putting mine on back in front. So it'll be three pages put at first class envelope, and mail it with a second. Yeah, for me, like I'm gonna put my name is. John, said, Just just, because I said, I'm gonna use every effort to get out of it. So, there you go.
So, everybody, this judgement, that's kinda fun, but they can respond, because it will show up in my mailbox, I use my PO box if they, if they're inclined to respond.
What was it, Super simple.
Somebody asked, OK, somebody had brought I'm going to bring this to your attention, so 70 was finishing fishing, oh, his his tax returns use, H&R Block. Just say no, I just want to share this with you, because this is where I'm gonna confirm somebody suspect anyway. So he does his tax returns.
And the 1099 that would go on his tax return was erroneous.
It was the crypto coins and it came from quite recently and it was erroneous. And he understood that, some of the report on the 10 Anonymous? correct. So instead of using the 10 99 and dealing with that, because there is a way to account for, But it's complicated. And most accountants don't know how to do that.
He already figured out you're just going to report correctly. He's gonna correct on the temporary. Because keep this in mind when you file the forties, under penalty of perjury has to be accepted at face value. The 1099, I think, might be. But still you are individually. You're approaching perjury.
He sends it into He has HR do everything. And he sends an HR, because Asian art was supposed to follow. What HR calls them up.
It says, We can't file it because the IRS rejected it.
Because you didn't include the 10 99 for the crypto as well. He did that. He had to wait bigger tax liability and whatnot and proper he didn't have a game, didn't have a taxable gain. But H&R Block is telling him that the IRS did not accept his tax return. That excluded that 10 99 even though we did it correctly now they didn't say that.
So then when we were talking about it occurred to me. The iris is not that fast.
There's no way the IRS said that. Nobody, nobody, the IRS says that, by the way.
That doesn't happen.
I said, If, HR, black person that didn't do it the way, because, you didn't do it the way he wanted you to, then, therefore, he was trying to get you to do it the way he wanted you to, Which is a completely different way of reporting it, using accrual based accounting to just be aware. This whole system is just so polluted with the wrong information that people would think that's the right thing and lie to you and get you to persuade you to do so.
So, it is that bad.
OK, so here's what you do when you give up your, OK, wait, here's what you do.
You go to the hotel, the chiropractor, whatever, they ask you for your ID. And you say, OK, here you go.
I don't let it go right to holding my head. Here you go! You see. You see?
OK, well, you just asked me for it, to make sure that I am, who, I say, That if you have some need for that, is, maybe I want to stay here anonymously giveaway. Or I can do that. because I've asked them that before deciding. No curiosity. Then my wife hates me in the ribs and says, we just stop, tired, right?
And I say, Well, you know?
But if you give them that, ask them what the terms are.
What I like to say, what are your terms for taking custody of my identifying information?
Let's start there. What is your data retention policy? What is your privacy policy? And, of course, they have to bring in the manager and the manager manager on the phone calls, and it's a big thing, so, if you're with a group, it's not going to be fun.
You want to ***** with them and you're by yourself, like, What I'll do it, That's what I'll do. So, we get to the bottom line, which is, we don't know.
So I say, OK, well, here's what we'll do.
I'll let you make a photocopy of this. And I'm going to redact some information and then, I'll let you use it. And then, I want you to show me this tomorrow morning, I want to check it out, and I wanna, I wanna take it back.
I take it, as you get like a verbal arrangement, that's one way to do it.
I mean, if you really want to make a career out of it, you can put a lien on that data and you can ask them, what are you doing with that data? Maybe they have to keep it for three years. I don't know.
But they're supposed to tell you that the legal duty, they have to collect that information, then they're supposed to tell you what they can and cannot do with it.
That, that should be in their data retention policy, and believe it or not, a hotel, you think hotels should have A If you want to search on the internet for this, it should have a data breach procedure, which I believe it does.
But if you look at the internet, I'll bet you anything, you're gonna find that databases of hotels have been hacked, the data has been breached.
But again, it goes back to this tool, I just showed you guys, use this security agreement.
If you have regular business with a hotel, why not use any agreement?
Why not put that security hearing in place and send it to the hotel Chief Counsel, and say, look, I have these conditions on the collection use and storage of my identifying information, and I want to make sure that your, your policy is in compliance.
You'll get an intelligent response.
Yeah, You can't talk to the front end people about this.
OK, the Define the FinCEN, you're OK systems as we change how we set for, now. OK, so I don't know yet on the Financial Crimes Network, reporting the beneficial owner information when you register your LLC or business with the Secretary of State, I don't know.
Other than, for what I've read. It looks like, the way they would implement this. Right now. They are now ready that it's an office is not ready for this.
But assuming they're going to go pull this off.
Remember, you get two different jurisdictions here, you got the United States, and then you got state to the United States, and State has the co-ordinate. I mean, the state can say no, we're not going to do it, I mean, the state can just say, *****, you are not going to do it.
I don't think that's going to happen.
So when you go to restore a company, you'll be presented with some sort of link, you'll be presented with a way to get a certification that you comply.
That's what I'm thinking before the Secretary of State approves your articles, just like how they deal with a registered agent, I think that may be what they're going to do with the, no or the beneficial owner.
I'm not saying it's going to change anything yet, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna suggest to you that you refuse to comply.
So, the way you do that is you would give an obvious big name and the request and fake information.
We're not there yet. I'm suspecting that they're not going to do it.
Is, OK. So you're asking me if somebody gets a jury duty summit. What would happen if he just throws away?
The court system doesn't have time to try it again.
OK, I'm sure that there's something along the boats probably, that says you don't show or whatever. What are they going to do? We probably know your distaste, for all. They know. You gotta adopted by elites for all. They know, they get your name wrong, I don't know.
Nobody's going to do anything.
Same with the census.
No, I love the sentence people that come to the house every 10 years or so, certainly do more frequently. I just don't open the doors, they can see me in the house.
Yeah. And so, I started this conversation on the security good, OK? On the asynchronous discussion on Telegram.
And so, we did talk a little bit about an amount of money that we put on there. I just made those numbers up.
Like you guys know, I think it is something that's reasonable.
So, a reasonable number would be, here's one example, let's say that my identifying information is used by the IRS to say, oh, one thousand dollars, well, then I would say that my, if, they always did not have my identifying information. And couldn't say that, I owe $10000, right?
So my identifying information is worth a thousand dollars about that first standard.
What about Google? I don't have any way of knowing that.
So, you just have to kind of, you know, look at it that way.
Now, OK.
This FinCEN disclosure operation, I believe that you have to file annual reports.
Your LLC charter, or corporate charter, or charts, or whatever won't be able to be renewed until you comply with their disclosure.
And you will have to update with an amended articles or something.
Now, for states like New Mexico, I think, and surveying in a couple of our annual reports, I think they're going to start requiring that, if they can pull it off.
OK, so, you're asking why. So, VJ was saying, on the LPP, we just did.
Why gold and silver eels are not good, they are good, Justice has been, you know, disagree on that?
I think it's just talking like that to be dramatic.
I'll always buy the American Eagle.
It's not, it's not unknown.
I mean, you actually have gold in your hand, by the way, If you want to change the stamp of it, are you going to stamp it using a stamp but you can stamp a new image on there if you want to, You don't have to melt down.
Yeah, sure, I know, it doesn't matter to me.
I buy what's convenient and I buy the best pricing, I, my criteria for shopping for precious metals is the lowest premium and almost no problem is maddux because those require special knowledge.
Yes, they are yellow, 30 million.
OK, so, like, OK, I definitely want to share. You got share with you guys business security, or here's my reservation is that I don't want, it took me a lot of work and knowledge together, and Yeah, I start with a template. But I put a lot of knowledge and work into it. I just don't want to just send it out to everybody.
I want to earn money from doing this, OK.
But there's another part of this: I want to teach people so that you can do it yourself, and you can teach other people correctly.
In my opinion, I think I'm doing the correct way, and I don't want it to just be worthless. If I just distributed everywhere. Let's say you guys are going to go to one thousand people.
But, I've just dana victim of this over the years.
I'm not saying you guys will do this, but, I just wanna make sure that I'm being responsible about this.
Because security agreement is really serious, I mean, imagine if you recorded a mortgage on a property or the attorney, and you wrote it up properly with the wrong numbers or something. That all kinds of all kinds of problems, OK?
This is that, all right, so, that's what, I'm kinda going slow, but I will work with you each, individually.
I'm happy to, I'll walk you through it.
All right. Sorry about that.
The revocation of election.
I'm not sure what that does, but what you wanted to do as far as income taxes, just don't have a gain, but this is an easy version of it.
Just don't have a game, like a game, don't have a gain if you have to have a game.
Like, if I have a deal with somebody that's gonna give me 10 99, I'll just make sure that the company gets paid.
Would you? Yeah, Right.
What would you say about? I have a CDL truck driving license and that's federal.
Would that be a good one to start with? I yeah, you could do that. That's your That's your me is all settled. By the way. They just have franchises in all 50 states. There's no real estate D&B. It's all federal duty. Definitely commercial federal that you would do a security agreement. You record it. I believe it's going to be with the Department of Transportation and or the Secretary of State with the United States have to go check on that one.
I'll say that, Dart, we can start with that one, if you want to start with that one.
Sure, let's do that.
Yeah, yeah, OK, yep. Just give me one and I'll do it and I haven't I'd put an item on my order form. I think it's there.
So my idea is, I try to estimate how much time it would take me to interact with Each of these and weigh that against my schedule. And so I came up with like $497, 500 bucks, OK, to do the security agreement.
But again, I just want to show you to do it. I want you to show other people. You can charge what you want. And if you guys want to learn how to do this really well, you can charge of people want to do it.
So, I just wanted to be responsible with this.
OK, thanks, yeah, just real quick, and this will be the last, I'm going to end here, but, uh, it was, I can't resist though.
I appreciate, I appreciate your support guys, way back.
In the nineties, early two thousands, I used to do the thing. I publish these sample form letters to help people in their initial interaction with debt collectors because I figured, I'll just publish this information, they'll go out fast, because back then, it was, like it is today we check groups, and so forth. Then, people in those special interest groups will start using it, and that way, if they come to me, that will already have done something that's going to help me help that, right?
So, I gave it out, and it did when I went across the internet, like Lightning.
And, uh, within a few watts, sure enough, people that were calling me saying, Hey, could you help me like this situation?
And I'd say, OK, show me what you're working on right now, and what you've done to interact with a debt collector?
You guys hear me? All right.
Awesome outside interference. Yeah, yeah, you're good.
Level, In any case, can you guys hear me?
Yes, yes. Yes.
Anyone? Anyone?
Hello, this way.
Can you guys hear me? all right?
All right.
So what happened was, someone got ahold of it, put a bunch of garbage in there, and said here, do this.
But then they were charging, they were charging money, I gave away for free.
They were charging money, and then the people would come to me, and then their case has already messed up.
I'm not saying you guys are going to do that, but I just want to be careful about how this is a really important document.
I appreciate your support and ..., all right.
Building Code Enforcement, right?
So, Building Code Enforcement Building Code is a linear property.
I mean, I haven't discussed this yet, but any legal duty or any legal encumbrance OK on real estate.
What is Elite?
So, Building Code is a standing lean much like the HLA.
We don't always have control over that stuff on the individual properties.
So the answer is if the Building Code can be used to somehow encumber or disparage or take the title from your property of your property away from you for example, then you can use the HLAA covenant to recover the property.
That is your question, OK. You can do it. There's different points you can do it before, you can prevent it from happening, you can do it later. There's, there's all kinds of things and how this will play out and how the HLAA covenant is going to work.
The way I see it working is, first of all, it's likely going to discourage investors from bidding on your property.
I don't know what happens that that point is that you can't market events in the process.
Then, if someone does transfer, the title, someone does obtain the title record at the moment, is record that you have a huge assessment against that new owner and then workloads.
OK, yeah. I mean, your security agreement, really? Sure, I mean, it's not gonna affect that, you deal with IRS.
OK, I see, thanks guys.
I appreciate it. When I'm like, I said again, I'll keep it at seven, I was just trying to get out a little bit early tonight.
Hope you all enjoy your weekend. Thanks so much for participating. This is recorded. So I'm definitely put it in the members area now posted here, so you're welcome to share it.
Thank you.
Thank you.


1. The team meeting began with discussions regarding a recent article about Google’s collection of biometric data, including implications related to TikTok and Illinois law.
2. Concerns were raised about an account opening request with a brokerage firm asking for Know Your Customer (KYC) information, highlighting the balance between data protection and security against acts like money laundering.
3. The speaker suggested challenging the government’s security measures by writing to the Department of Justice and the US Attorney General’s Office, asking about their success in preventing risks to national security.
4. Discussion moved to the U.S. Privacy Act and the necessity of taking personal measures to ensure privacy and data security.
5. The conversation shifted to the value of biometric data for companies, particularly for targeted advertising, and the importance of personal data security measures.
6. An individual’s attempt to switch her holdings to an LLC account sparked a dialogue on potential legal issues and procedures.
7. The team discussed the complexities of copyright and the importance of clear communication in dealings with legal institutions.
8. Conversations about creating an alias and protecting personal data through using fictitious names were raised.
9. Potential strategies for dealing with cryptocurrency gains were suggested, including purchasing items in bankruptcy court.
10. The meeting concluded with the speaker offering to individually assist each team member with their unique issues and concerns, such as revocation of election regarding income taxes.

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