0:09 Alright, folks who want to work and welcome you all to the Strategic Life Conference. John and I run this, we run a gambit of a bevy, of different topics things that have to deal with real solutions. The proper way to handle everything from running your business to properly setting up with you...

Alright, folks who want to work and welcome you all to the Strategic Life Conference. John and I run this, we run a gambit of a bevy, of different topics things that have to deal with real solutions. The proper way to handle everything from running your business to properly setting up with your bank accounts to opportunities on the horizon, then we're gonna do a quick Q&A.
So without further ado, I want to introduce John Jay Singleton. He's the man the myth the legend. He needs, no introduction of my book. He's worked with thousands of my clients at this point.
John is the, the, the man, he's the mister Fix it himself!
You can find his work over at privacy, fight dot IO, privacy fight dot IO as as well as the privacy fight, YouTube channel, The links will be there, this video will be uploaded to both sites, so this way you'll have it.
So I want to thank all of you for joining.
with that being said, John, what's up, buddy, Hawaii? Well, yeah, great, thanks. Like I was saying earlier, I think you're my psychic twin because you wanted to talk about stuff I was going to talk about next year, So we talk so much for years. I've been talking about how does basically set up?
Very basic business structure how to manage risk what that is how to recognize it, all these things right setting up companies?
Whatever you guys, you guys heard this before what we're talking about here is how to use that now how do I use it as a vehicle? Means to make money? How to make change I'm the kind of entrepreneur and V is probably the same way that I don't care about. I'm not just trying to be an entrepreneur. I'm gonna go buy the car wash down the street or something like that.
I know, I say I use that as an example, but my idea of being an entrepreneur is changing the way people do stuff, and there's so many things to change. There's so many stupid ways we're doing things right. So I hope that we can talk about that today.
What do you think B?
Absolutely, man, let's get into it.
I think one of the things that people need to understand as we're living in the new co V reality, right, the whole global reality that we're living in, one of the things that people want to do is, is find opportunities for cash flow. And, and, and being able to to how to properly go about either?
Creating cash flow for themselves or finding businesses that they can take over and run. John, you're an expert on that.
So would you break that down then we'll go down the list of what you have and then get into some of the opportunities that are out there and the legalities and things of that sort mm. We'll start with what you'd like to do, what you love to do.
What do you want to do?
What, for me, what drives me is changing the way the stupid ways people do things, but you gotta find out what that is for yourself, So, for me, here's what I see that's coming, and we've talked about this before, but really, it's making things locally, but making things that you don't need to go through. You can do a prototyping process to make things that people want. And you can do that on a small scale in your garage. Where before you need injection molding or something like that. The fabricated or manufacturing process or go to a tool and die shop, right?
Or, would you call it a machine shop? And have them build it for $200,000 right, or something like that.
We can do that now with three-d. printing. We can even make things that are comparable to metal objects or metal objects with three-d. printing, And we can make one.
Yeah, we can, we can even customize it.
No, it was pretty crazy, man.
It's my kid's birthday coming up soon, next month and I was thinking to myself, Well, except, you know, shows like it and toys.
I saw online a three-d.
printing device with the loom and everything, that helps create toys.
Now, I was thinking myself, Holy ****, imagine getting a three-d. printer.
You can start making toys, you stress element flea markets, at whatever dollar stores, independent mom, and pop retailers.
This thing was making this this particular printer was creating, like, the Justice League Action Figures.
I wouldn't want that you have adventures, your justice superheroes. You know, Superman Wonder Woman, it was creating these trinkets, and I'll also dealt and also does like Teddy bears, this, that, and the other it's a brilliant thing. The printer was $299, Black Cyber Monday. The right is incredible.
And you can see, you can make that's an example, just make stuff and sell it. But what about tools?
I can make a wrench with a resin that I can use on my car. I don't need steel.
And then when I'm done with the tool, I can throw it back in the bin and grind it down. And make something else with like make coffee cup tomorrow with it.
Yeah, so So three-d. printing is worth looking into now, That is the future now.
The end, it's not for manufacturing. If I have, if I come up with a product, right, let's say, I take a three-d. printer. I make a thing.
And then my neighbors want it, and then my my friends one and the people call me and say my friend said, You got this thing, and, and I sent it to them, and I made 15 already, and then people like it. But they come, and they say, Make this change, and make that change. So I make the change, and I send it to them. Right. So now, I know I've done my market research so somewhat, I know what people want.
And now I go to a company that has a facility that I can then manufacturer in large scale. I think, I don't think three-d. printing is for large scale. But like I'm saying, how much would it cost?
This prevents the one, the single guy from making a product with, without incurring all these front loading expenses, right, to get into the manufacturing process.
The prototyping, three-d. printing can be used for that. And if you only need a couple of things on a Saturday afternoon, well, there you go.
Yeah, and I don't, I don't, I'm done with it, right, but if I want to go into a business and make something, or I see a product that's working but I can make it better, and everybody wants it well, then I've got, I've got my way of doing that. It's three-d. printing, I have control, like you said, three hundred bucks?
That's crazy. It's $3 and you make a kid's toys. You want, it's, it's pretty insane. It's pretty insane toys, toys, and tools, toys, and tools or tools are useful. I mean, what could you could you have a three-d. printer in your mechanic shop?
That makes tools that you don't have.
Oh, yeah. Absolutely.
John, what else have you seen as as opportunities on the horizon? We weren't, you know, before before the, we went live.
you and I were talking about fuel and, you know, a lot of people right are duped into this whole electric vehicles or if you know that all entire thing. And I'll tell you guys this and those that don't know my background a little bit.
I've spent years in strategic metals cobalt, vanadium molybdenum ..., gallium, SVM, hafnium, .... Those are some, some of the metals I traded.
And I'll tell you, right now, the, in terms of what is needed to create a a electric car, it requires much more barrels of oil to Creat eight, an electric car number one than a regular card. number two.
It takes more barrels of oil to support an electric grid that will have, you know, millions of charging stations, you know, that are thrown thrown around the country.
It all sounds like a wonderful, you know, Flash Gordon type Future for a lot of people, but in reality, is, it's a very unreliable means of transportation in terms of the charging grid.
Lot of them are even working well. I mean.
I had friends of mine that allow Val Drive a Tesla, they're always late, right, and they're always late because they're they're always, you know, If they have to go, if they have to travel, you know, cross country, they're traveling with the range anxiety. So what would it take another 15, our car ride winds up being in 36 hours, Right, right.
Depending on the the charging port they go to the hotel, they find out of the hotel charger only works for certain hours of the day or charging it like a very low wattage. So a quick eight hour top up is wandering up being 16 hours.
So there's all sorts of issues, and the fact that the United States does not control any of the needed strategic and rare earth minerals, in order to make these things, right? That's right. So the manufacturers, where are they were always minerals all controlled by China. When I was when I worked Korea, North, Korea, correct, Yes. When I was brokering strategic metals. Right.
We have the same.
You know, and and I was working for a subsidiary for, for a company called ..., and which was set up by the guy who was the former head of Glencore Trading Desk. He was my mentor. his name is Isaac Levy.
And Isaac will always told me he's loved that. There's no should the, the, the whole strategic metals and rare earth minerals market is this.
It's 97% run and owned by China.
Right? So it leads to China. That's it. That's the whole thing is, is, it's like, they're the only ones with the actual machinery and the capability. And the mining, know, how to extract just the US cannot even compete at us at any real scale in that regard. So first of all, all electric, Oh, my God, it's like turning China to Saudi Arabia on steroids. China, has the technology, the equipment, and they have the labor. And they have the brainpower man where they're breaking 500,000 engineers and scientists per year. We're breaking 50,000 social justice warriors. So there's no comparison.
When I was in college, I looked at the entrance exam for Japanese University, not Chinese, Japanese, the entrance exam.
No, I would have to finish College first, before I even got the entrance exam to even have a chance of getting into no Japanese university yet.
So, yeah, those guys, they, they come here. And they do what's called clipping the calc one, Calc two, all the Engineering Level Math. Yep, they clip it.
That means they skip two years of math and engineering by taking one test, and they go right on to their, the program that they're going to do. Then they get their qualifications, and they go back to their home country.
They've been doing that for 40 years. Yep.
We've been, we've been minting Social Justice Warriors. There's no way I work.
Yeah, yeah, and then you've got Google that owns all the intellectual capital of the world Through MIT.
Yeah, they've commandeered all of it, they may not have the right.
Yeah, so this is the reality of it. And and Wall Street and the media and this is why I'm breaking this down. It's important you guys get this narrative because the narrative You're hearing is bullshit. The narrative that that's being spoon fed to you is bullshit. It's all what we call in the mining industry.
Downstream We call this in the gold procurement industry downstream So an upstream were the source of all this stuff as well the source of all the materials We know What the deal is we know there's no way the US could ever even make something of a Of a smart grid and and and have all these electric cars.
So there has to be a solution, right, and John and I were talking about E Fuel's. Go ahead, John.
Well, you're the one that said, he feels, I had not heard that term until you said it, but I asked V this, Do you think gas is the future gas, methane and things like that and that's what led us into E fuels. What is E fuels? What does that like?
I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make energy as I need it. It's gonna be liquid form, right? Yep, its liquid form, you can put it into it.
Any current internal combustion engine vehicle, OK?
If you guys Google this, Porsche is working on an E fuels factory.
Because here's the deal if you're if, you know, I've told people years ago, if you want to, you know, it will ask you, hey, what are great investments besides, you know, stocks or crypto or gold and silver? I always tell people this Rolex is a 911. Rho X is a 911.
So energy is the new gold .... exactly right, man.
So what we done is this.
So Portia, what they did is they went out to Chile And they started an E Fuel's research.
Because they understand that there are many, you know, hundreds of thousands of owners out there of Porsche 911 that are vintage that are rare that are worth a ridiculous amount of money, right?
They want these people to continue to utilize their cars. So they're creating E fuels in order to power internal combustion engine it. And so how are they deriving it?
Whether it's new, equal to acknowledge where they're literally extracting hydrogen From the ground, right?
And then liquefying it using a chemical process and then creating a clean, burning E fuel which allows the internal combustion engine to operate as if it was on a 93 or even a 95 octane level.
You know, all the while burning practically zero hydrocarbons, dash.
That's one of the futures, The other future is creating different catalytic converters and things of that sort, which are absolutely reducing greenhouse gasses to, next to nothing.
You know, in terms of ..., while still utilizing this nationally.
That's a way to waste fuel, OK Catalytic converters, you want to consume the field completely, OK. And this is what I want to get into because gas, methane, future liquid fuels are the future. They'd been in the past or the future. Even if you have electric or electric systems in your car, you're going to use liquid fuels to charge those systems. Just like right now, with the electric cars were using coal to charge the battery in your electric car.
So, the plasma reactor, OK, that was developed by Paul Pantone that technology you can use that you can make that off the shelf. You can put that together yourself, and you can combust the energy.
So when you say Kellock Converter, what you want to do is eliminate a need for that system, because you want the exhaust to be converted back into the fuel mm, And that's what a plugin reactor does. And that technology is another way to use gas. So for example, we should not be getting 20 miles per gallon. We should be getting 2000 miles per gallon, Should be using Carburetors, Carburetors were perfect technology. The reason why they were replaced with fuel injectors is because people started figuring out how to create carburetors that would get a thousand miles per gallon.
And now with three-d.
printers, guys, think about this: three-d. printer, old carburetor. I can keep rebuilding it every day, it till I get it the most efficiently, right, the most efficient.
So this type of technology, gas, methane.
How do you produce it, and where, where are you consuming it? What does your engine look like?
So, I would look at plasma reactors.
Now, it's not a thing you go by.
You can make one.
It's a process mm, you can develop. You can create the process by modifying a generator, for example.
You can create a reactor out of it.
Now, on car engines, I think you can do it for a car engine. I don't know about the applications for that.
But I do know that generating energy is the way to go, and I'll just I'm gonna make fun of my neighbor here, because Photovoltaic guys, that is the last thing you want.
Photovoltaic on your house is a joke and what you can buy right now, John, what a photo. Voltaic for the layman solar. It's it's the solar panels, OK.
That is old technology.
Anything that you can find as a consumer is 20 years old, the new technology is waiting until they saturate the market with the stupid consumers that by PV photovoltaic OK.
So here quick example, my neighbor puts in photovoltaic, he probably spent 20, 30 grand for a system on one side of his roof.
And they installed all this gadgetry another broke breaker box, all this on the side, in the garage, all this.
And he probably pay 20, 30. So he's paying for is fuel in advance, right. Yeah. He'd get a tax break. So what?
Don't let that be a decision making maker for you.
But when the power went out last year, I don't know what it was. We have lightning here in Florida a lot.
So, the power went out.
So, I think to myself, well, great.
The neighbor has got his own, Yeah.
So I go outside to look at his house, and he's outside of the lights are off here because everybody comes outside of the lights. Go out here in Florida, right? Skills like your house out is your house out. You know, we all come out in the street then, because we can't use the computer anymore. All right. Sounds like, Hey, Simon, What's wrong with your house, man?
Why? The lights off? He's, like, well, ahead of time, the PV system into the grid.
County regs.
What was the point? Exactly, the way. So, when the grid goes down, his system goes down. Wow.
There's no battery. It gets what is used as a battery, the grid.
She's So think this through, OK, And I want to mention a couple things here.
So the plasma reactors, liquid fuel, OK, there are systems of storing energy.
There are things like a gravity rail mechanical system.
I don't know if you guys heard this before, but Greg, gravity, rale's you produce energy.
Let's say let's say I take energy from the grid. Let's say I just, I have my gravity rail system you guys don't know what this looks like, but let's just say it's a thing. Let's say it looks like my AC unit outside, right?
So, I'm like gravity rail system, and I plug it into my house, and my house powers the gravity rail system, and in the system, It's causing a huge weight to be pushed up a column like this, OK?
All day long, the energy is being stored in pushing this weight up, and when it gets dark, and I need energy, I let the weight begin to fall back down, and I pull that energy back out.
Hmm, hmm, hmm, now that's a gravity rail system. I can do it on the side of a hill. I could do it on my side of my house. I can do in a column.
I can do it where you can't see it.
I can also, there's another system that spins and I forget what it's called tickets, call them centric centrifugal force.
Yeah, but it's, it's a, it's a tube, or it's a, um, I guess, it's a tube.
It's a solid metal device and it's an, it's in a box and it spins at very high speeds.
And, as power is generated, this thing spins faster and faster and faster.
There's like zero friction because it's suspended in a magnetic field and this thing spins and it's probably over 90% efficient. If you're one, Yeah, Yeah, gravity rails, likewise, over 90% efficient, So, when you need the power you use, you put it into the system, it starts spinning, and then you need to put a load on it, and then, of course, it just slows down.
Then, the next cycle comes in, daylight, Daylight, things like that. Or, Whatever you're producing. You can even produce this energy from waste material.
So, anyways, that there's plenty of systems out there where we can power our houses, we don't even need You know, PV photovoltaic solar panels. mm. Hmm.
But I will suggest this, If you guys are thinking about PV, and we're talking about these, these things here, because these are opportunities right.
So, one of the low hanging fruits is going to be, what I call net metering.
Net metering is making up person's house first, by reducing the load, so you reduce the amount of consumption, and he still lives with all whatever devices he likes.
He still has all that stuff, but the load is reduced by different methods, and to a point where he can then start adding things to his house, to produce energy, where he's, he's producing it at a profit.
You can sell it back to the grid.
Now, if you're a person or a contractor, or know that you can sell that type of service for a contractor, you can make a business out of it where you do net metering for house, you do an analysis, and you bring it down to where, I'm gonna reduce his electric bill by half. This is not a hard thing to do, guys.
You just never heard how to do it before.
Hmm, Hmm, hmm, hmm, Net metering, and all these other systems, these are things you can get with at Home Depot.
You can make it Wow, Wow.
Wow, that's, that's crazy.
And John, it is People need to reach out for further questions on some of the products, you, you know, some of the solutions and opportunities you've met, you've mentioned they can reach out to you for for a little more detailed analysis of how to execute and how to create a business around it, which is the most important thing just to cash flow. This is finding the exploit folks. There's very few exploits out there for us, Americans. Yeah.
Well, gosh, but yeah, they can reach me during normal, you know, Ways of doing that. I'm going to set up a different website to do this, because like I said, we're in the pre-launch type type of nice. I'm not, yeah, so you ve got me a, you know, a year early reading my mind, because literally this weekend, I was actually writing out what I'm going to be doing next year.
So, he's already looking over my shoulder somehow.
But anyways, yeah, so there's a great opportunity out there, it's, it's energy, it's energy, OK. It's it's changing the stupid ways we've been doing things, OK. So look at look at what they mean. Why the heck are we sending our sewage across the city? And then buying it back, it's still not even clean.
It's so stupid.
Yeah. It's loaded with chemicals.
No, Unbelievable.
There's there's all sorts of exploits that if people take the time to research it and figure out, They can, you know, go ahead and and and really find those real solutions for it It's going to be local.
So, it's going to be you don't need to make the Henry Ford It's going to be local. It's going to be decentralized. It's going to be distributed manufacturing The way I like to look at it just in time delivery, right, right. What about just in time manufacturing.
Yeah, yeah, OK.
Yeah, yeah.
So I mean, anyways, we can, we can go through all kinds of things will get, well let's save some material or much here for the call, but you guys get the idea. We can get into also micro farming.
Micro farming can be huge business.
I'll give an example, there's some right now at some examples, right now where a farmer, we would be making $600 an acre, OK, this measure it OK $600 an acre. This is what they've been living on. first century, right, it turns into $100,000 an acre.
Vertical farming?
New technology, new ways of doing things, just new ways of distributing the end product, the farm product, you can make a lot more money just by new ways of doing things, So, you'd be surprised pharming really, you know, farmers should be, farmers, should be the, the rock stars.
They should be the super rich people, and the rock stars.
It sounds the opposite of what, you know what you think.
I mean, there are a lot of them are dealing with very advanced equipment, tractors with GPS positioning systems, with computer models that that track weather, and the growth cycles, the whole nine yards.
It's why idiots, idiot elitist like Michael Bloomberg was like, well, what's the big deal about farmers? They dig a hole that they put a fleet in the world. What's the big deal is a frickin moron. You know, they don't get it.
But food supply is everything and I think like I think you hit the nail on the head, meant decentralized manufacturing. Yeah! Local, local, That's the way to go, right?
Right, Centralized ..., why do you think prohibition came into being and then, they had, they had to repeal it Prohibition hundred years ago. Yeah.
The farmers were going to make their own fuel.
Imagine that, That would have changed the whole economic landscape.
Forget Middle East, forget these foreign wars.
If the farmers who are making their own fuel, which they should be doing right now, should have been doing for 100 years, and we don't need a lot of fuel, by the way. We don't need the fuel We've been consuming.
That's far less.
So, John, I'm reminded of in Tennessee, there's a 1.6 liter. This was years ago, there's like 10 years ago, right?
Almost 10 years ago, there was a 1.6 liter.
Diesel motor was, I think it was a di, hydro, hybrid diesel motor that Volkswagen would make right, OK.
And Volkswagen would make that in, in Tennessee.
Hold on, Yeah.
It's got to meet someone to regroup.
So, Volkswagen, to make this engine in Tennessee and this engine at that time 10 years ago, was getting 77 close to 80 miles per gallon.
Yeah, OK, back then, 10 years ago, or so, hybrid, still working on all technology.
It not, not working on the most highest efficiency model, but then volks, I want to do is the pile reg users.
And because of the US.
Regulations here, they would take that engine, ship it back to Europe, to be used in the Europe, Middle East, and in Asia, Never in the US.
It's amazing to me that some of the most efficient energy conserving anti military, industrial, complex, anti big oil.
energy discoveries were done right here and they are either kept or there or the, or the inventor, winds up committing suicide like one guy who drowned in three inches of water and things of that sort, right, right, right. So, this is the kind of thing we've been dealing with. These are legacy systems. We have a chance now to get out of that. We have a new money system, a new monetary system.
And, yeah, it is designed to be our slave master, but it can free us if we use it correctly.
But, yeah, we have these things off the shelf and we have resources to, we don't have to go make a deal with North Korea. We have a lot of these products we've been buying for 100 years. They're in the biosphere right now they're in our landfills with the right here. We can, in fact, they're already contracts for this. We can get these. We can get raw materials, in other words without mining.
For the most part, you hit the nail on the head, you know, when you go to the shopping mall, folks, John, you've seen this, we buy gold, right?
You see those carts right, we buy gold and then they want to, you know, buy your your, your jewelry and it's like 18 or 24 karat. They'll talk they'll give you junk gold prices so they can make a killing and then they sell it back to refine it.
Why don't you just put up a stand, we recycle electronics, right?
And it's amazing, like you can put, will buy electronics, right to your old i-phones, your old Smartphones, you pay them pennies on the dollar, people just wanna get rid of them.
I'll get you a cracked screen, no screen, whatever, right? 20 bucks here, 15 bucks it.
You, the amount of, of, of mineral and strategic metals that are in a smartphone Is astound There are people that are literally build massive businesses off of recycling electronics, in fact, right now, you know, there's a silver shortage OK, you you go to, let's say a place like at max, right, I contacted at Max just, you know kicks and giggles are a competitor of mine.
They're like, Yeah, we only have 958 ounces of silver.
This is one of the largest largest silver dealers in the country, and where I'm looking for, like, you know, one out, Canadian maple, they only have 958, right?
Another big one, Mod X, right? Another big, boy, right?
They have They won't even tell me they're like, we don't have any.
I'm like, how long do you wait, maybe a couple of weeks?
So what's happening right now because we're consuming so much industrial silver, people are building business of extracting silver out of your old laptops, VCR's, old television sets, Smartphones, You name it, I'm getting the silver out of there.
So yeah, that's, that's just one more.
one more thing. Gosh, I didn't realize it was that that sparse, it's, it's getting bad.
I mean, there are some experts Who I follow and these are guys who've been in the mining industry for ever.
They're like, yeah, there's a possibility, like, in the next, you know, 20, 30 years, silver could completely disappear from the periodic shape.
Whoa. Is that that would be the first time ever. I can't even imagine that. it'd be like, well, what about helium two? That's another story.
But, um, if you guys are wondering, OK, you're thinking to yourself, Gosh, I don't wanna start a whole new business, and I just wanna put some money somewhere and make some money, Well, there is something in what we're talking about, OK, we're talking about energy.
So if you dislike buying paper, look at renewable energy certificates.
This is a way to monetize the production of energy that is done in a renewable way.
So there's an entire accounting practice on renewable energy certificates, They go.
It goes by slightly different name in the UK, but you can invest in these things, and it's almost like, well, it is like, you're buying securities and you can buy them and sell. Just like you could buy paper gold.
So, if you do, if you don't get your hands dirty, you want to have some money somewhere.
In fact, if I'm gonna, do I'm gonna launch a business in renewable energy somewhere, I would also supplement my portfolio, or the balance sheet, the balance sheet with ....
So, that way, I have something that's producing cash flow from day one until I develop the product that I'm getting into and my Balance sheet looks better.
That way, I'm not into a banking product, I'm actually Banking on energy.
Got it. OK, so, as I'm sure it's similar to some, sort of Like a Financial Certificate that you can, that you can share data and trade. It's literally a currency.
I mean, it's a way to if I produce if I produce energy in a renewable way, I get I can get certificates for that and then I can trade those certificates for other things. I can buy raw materials.
I can buy different kinds of energy.
I can also get tax credits.
There's all kinds of things you can do with our seeds, but check that out.
So, John, if people want are interested in RHCS, they can contact you directly correct? Yeah. I'd love to have that conversation. I do it in the, in the context of developing something you want to get into. So don't just call me and say, hey, what do you think about? You know, it's fun to talk about it, but let me help solve a problem or build something.
You know, kinda like a partner.
That's how I work.
And your e-mail I'm putting it in the chat for everybody, It's singleton press at proton mail dot com. Millimeter hmm.
All right.
So up, John, what else is on that radar screen of yours? You mad scientist? OK, well, one thing, I have a business plan for this, too, by the way, and I don't mind sharing it, because there's so much money out there that doesn't matter, is drones.
Oh, OK, drones. How to use drones. Well, gosh, there's too many ways. I use it to spy on my neighbors. There's that way. I mean, I'm not even talking about moving people. I'm just talking about moving stuff, and I'm also talking about collecting information like your example. They're great example, but there's another way, like say, for example, Let's say I want to go to Germany, and, and I want to vacation over there, and I want to get the lay of the land, and I've never been there before.
I should be able to use someone's drone who's in Germany, and fly around the town and check it out before I go live.
Or, if I wanted to do a survey on some acreage, right, I can use a helicopter. That's really expensive.
Or I can hire a drone.
way less money, same result.
So drone technology, I mean, you can use it for delivering pizzas too, but, you know, and goods, but drone technology is really untapped.
I don't even think we're even tapping the, the surface of what draws you capable of doing.
I mean, think about not just a drone. Like, you guys have heard this before. Right, this drone that flies around. Yeah, yeah, I can do. What about what about a fleet of drones that are the size of mosquitoes or maybe they're a little bit bigger, and they do something. They did. They fly somewhere and they, they're in the network. It's a flying network. Yeah, The swarm.
It's a swarm, right? Yeah. There is that technology, we have that work then. Yeah. Well we've seen that at the at one of the things was a Chinese Olympics or something like that, where they had a couple of thousand drones in the sky and making all sorts of wild patterns and stuff like that was pretty incredible.
Yeah. They could project things, too, But, Yeah, so, collecting information surveillance, and I'm not talking illegal surveillance, but, yeah, sure, you can do stuff like that to get it. So, what about like, Oh, yeah, you could be part of a security company.
Millimeter, where are you, Natalie, I have a personnel, but you also have drones. That fly. You can go ahead and invest in lunch and DJI drone or whatever and have them fly on a circuit around a facility that you're Garvey.
You could do, I mean, my God Drone, you know, Drone, travel videos where you know, yeah, you could, yeah, Drone shuffle data. That's a great idea. And surveying is another thing. I mean, land surveying, right, connect with your local municipality.
If you're a civil engineer, you are civil engineer by trade and know the how to survey land and whatnot for development and you could probably contract yourself out to the town The cartridge yourself out to contractors, the whole nine yards.
There are some limitations, though, You've got, maybe, the duty.
You have to deal with the department, transportation, the FAA, and maybe the FCC.
Maybe, I don't know, but I believe we can get through that, or around it.
But just know that there are some regulatory issues there, but you can deliver, like, Imagine a company like doorstep, right?
I'm just going driving in my car. during this time of the day, I'm going to be delivering pizzas right? So I put the sign in my car and all that stuff. Well, that's an outsourced delivery service. So you take the Pizza Hut idea of home delivered for pizza, which was back in the seventies, and you've now expanded to every restaurant.
That doesn't need to have a driver, they don't have all that liability, right?
Well, let's take it a step further and make that delivery thing. That vehicle, a drone.
And you control it on your phone or computer or whatever.
And it picks up the food from the restaurant, it delivers it to the person, and it flies as the crow flies over there, all the traffic.
There you go.
That's definitely 30 minutes of what you did that today, you'd be a billionaire in a very short time.
If you could do that and and Ward off any competitors, because somebody would come in there and tried to buy you out right away, because that, that I think is a goldmine and start small you know, maybe it's a little hard to read. Like anybody. Hey, look, here's the deal: I got this, test it out really advanced drone.
Let's deliver some pizza and a and in one mile radius.
Exactly. Yeah, start small.
Start small, one mile radius, you know, A two mile radius things of that sort. You know, Yeah.
We have an addressing system, you know, this, guys, we have a GPS. Right. But the GPS is mapped onto something.
Maybe I should, I don't know if I should tell me, This might be too much, man. Go ahead, just really good for us to tell them, I'm telling you, OK, there's, there's a database is being developed for at least the last decade, it's called the natural area code.
This OK. It's supposed to replace. Maybe the home address, that residential business.
Postal Address, OK. Correct. And natural area code. It's there. Now, UPS can use it.
UPS has this, the Postal Service has this, if you talk to the front end people, they're not going to know what you're talking about, but they do know what it is.
It's a 10 digit code for a location that's a GPS co-ordinate that replaces You can actually convert your, your physical address, your Postal address into this, and a, C, OK. Now, it's a it's a latitude and longitude, but it's also an altitude.
Oh, wow.
It already exists, It does. Oh, you got an image, you get the software, you put it in your drone and you deliver that pizza to the third floor condo. The guy that's standing out, the terrorists like this.
Chris, OGE for Chris key in our chat, Chris, she said, design home, drone landing pads, GPS co-ordinates.
That's a nice, yeah, there you go. A supply, or supply chain, right, there you go. You will do in drones and you got your supply chain.
See how that all comes together?
So, that might be the most valuable thing we explain here with drones.
But, uh, Joe's a three-d. printing. Oh, that's a dangerous combination.
So get a couple of people together, They can do stuff like that. What can you do? You can decentralize. You're drawing all the GPS guidance technologies. I got a buddy of mine who's a former Blackhawk pilot. You know, Food Blackhawks in Afghanistan.
And he was telling me, man, like the GPS stuff you could buy off the shelf in like a Best Buy.
Is far more advanced than what they're using in the in the Blackhawk helicopters. Yeah, OK, so these things are ubiquitous.
At this point you can go on like alibaba dot com, you can literally between Alibaba and e-bay, build yourself all the component tree, that you need to create a drone, and then three-d. print the **** drone.
Petz right, absolutely.
Instead, you can get replacement parts.
Yeah, I mean, if I, if I got to join, if I'm running a business like this, I would get the drone and I would scan all the parts.
It put it my three-d. printer catalog. So if ever need a part, it's just part.
So anyways, I mean, you guys have some ideas there. We gave, we gave you a bunch of stuff.
Absolutely, Absolutely. Yeah.
John, what's next on the, on the items of, of other amazing ideas and opportunities, what else you want to discuss?
Well, energy, doing things differently, drones, three-d. printing, which we covered.
Probably the next thing would be, well, we did talk about battery a bit, probably.
Yeah, we talk about battery, OK, let's talk about where it's storage, the gravity rail, the cylinder, you know, how can we build a gravity rail, yeah, Yeah. Yeah, that's easier to build than the spinning one.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, you can buy an off the shelf, too.
The future battery, though, It's not lithium lithium, and you can correct me if I'm wrong in this, you probably know about this than I do.
But in Afghanistan, they have other lithium ions, right, which I think is why we're still there.
So, we're exhausting the lithium more there for the heroin than the lithium heroine of lithium. Oh, gosh. So, yeah, So that's why you see all this talk about lithium batteries because that is literally old technology. Everything you're seeing today is pretty much old stuff.
The new technology is graphene, which you would probably know as carbon.
Yeah, scene is the New Battery Technology.
It's not new, by the way, but it's going to become mainstream. Hopefully.
But graphene Samsung is already experimenting. They have been for the last few years with the graphene batteries, to be utilizing their phones.
I mean, you can go from zero to 100% charge in a matter of like, a few minutes.
Some patents on this stuff. I, I follow a guy on YouTube and he has this graphene.
Technology, It's a plate, he made a plate, it's an eight inch plate. Any sandwiches them together. I forget. I think he put silicone in-between. And he's got, like, 4 or 5 or 6 in a sandwich. And he puts his crew's them together. He does this himself and his own workshop.
And when he puts them together, it produces a current.
Oh, wow.
Just the Graphene plates.
So graphene Technology is something that you want to look into for investment for where does one get graphene?
Well, I don't know who the suppliers are. I do the research on that, but the question is, I wouldn't even look at that.
I would look at what, who's going to produce something for me?
If I'm going to make a product mm so and I don't want to re-invent the wheel, so I still have to find out, you know, where it's kinda early. So if you want to look into it, guys, it's early.
This is a great time to get into it. OK, yeah, but but Graphene who's who's making? Because it's carbon.
Where are you getting carbon from everywhere?
So how do we, how do we get a product out of carbon?
Well, I would pressure, pressure, I would look at waste materials. Like, where can I buy waste? Carbon, waste.
That's what people want to, they want to scrub it, right? Yeah. So how do I get that? Because maybe I can get it for free. Almost.
Yeah, that's what I would start with. And then, like you said, how do I make it into something because I can make graphene with it.
There's some other things, too.
But, but the one thing we should probably mention, if we're going to talk about energy, is water, Charles Savoie, water, water, I mean, where's the most water? Where's the most clean water? How much of the Earth's water is? As clean potable water.
It's 3%. 3%, yeah. Yeah.
I've been protected precipitously.
And I think most of us and Canada, if I'm not mistaken, and I think a lot of it is owned by the Bush family among others, probably Dan Garten, Blackrock owning water rights. Those are different than land rights and mineral rights. Right?
So be aware of what's going on with the property rights, OK?
If you have land, make sure you get the mineral rights. And make sure you also get the water rights nevada's, very good about this. If you want to look at Nevada legislation.
I was, I was talking with someone who has done this before, and he was saying that he had to do special documentation and titling on his water rights in Nevada, and that vary, Nevada will take away your water rights, if you're not using the water, So you've gotta have a use for it. So, water is really probably the new oil.
I mean, I mean, we've we've I mean, there's countless of people that I've said that, know, the watercourse, You know, they they want to make water the next scarcity.
And then also, there's a there's the there's a lot of wastewater people that's wasted and it's not an article utilized.
And there's, of course, the whole, you know, new World Order, Green Agenda morons who are trying to create the next artificial scarcity.
So they can justify their tyranny, they could justify, you know, foreign interventions and wars, and but you take away all that The end of the day is having a read, ready.
Drinkable water, supplies, is very key, and you can get water from the air.
You can get it from the goal, Yeah. There's actually machines that do that extra water drug from there. You can, like, you know, a couple of clean, filtered water directly from the air, which is amazing. You can see all your household.
Oh, yeah, yeah. You could, instead of digging a well in your yard, you could put up a device that pulls it out of the air. Yes, So you have plenty of plenty of water. I mean, hundreds of gallons of water, clean water.
So anyways, yeah, we are using it.
Wastefully, the water, the water that we use. Let's say I live on it like a little fatigue, I rent a house. That's a real small space. So on my fifth acre, I know that I can have and store enough water for my entire family that I don't need water outside of my fifth acre.
I can keep on re-using the water and I'm still going to have a loss of water.
So I have to replace a little bit of it, but I don't, once I get the initial use that I'm needing. Yeah, I don't need to keep adding more water to that. That's the key. If you understand that, then you realize, well, heck, we don't have a water shortage. We have a water. use problem.
Correct, that's exactly what it is, yeah. Atmospheric water generators, absolutely, or if you guys, yeah. Atmospheric water generators, There's thousands of manufacturers out there.
Not many people even know about it, but they're there, and you could start drinking the air you breathe. And if you guys have some cash to work with, I'm talking to you in the millions, hundreds of millions or you have to, you know, groups of people.
You might want to look at the new version, which is old, but it hasn't been used. It was developed in the sixties. It was nuclear technology.
But it's, it's, um, that the problem with nuclear energy is that where we were operating at very high pressures, and it's basically a steam engine, OK?
And then we're operating at high pressures, which requires unique equipment and training. Because if you don't have it, you can end up with a meltdown right, and kill lots of people for years and destroy land for years, OK, that's what we have now. What the heck are we still allowing them to do this?
When we have the technology, which is known as, And I'm gonna give you the phrase here.
It's breder: reactors, B R E E, D R breeder reactors.
This is a way to use nuclear energy to heat water, make your steam engine, without the risk of a nuclear meltdown.
It's completely 100% safe. It's probably safer than a coal factory.
Oh, wow.
Yeah, But basically, our technology to make energy is steam engine technology.
Were either using coal, wood, or nuclear. To make a steam engine to, to produce motion and turbines and then gather, gather the kinetic energy from that.
There's nothing we've had we have no new energy technology that we're using. We have it. We're just not using it.
Yeah, but breeder reactors that means you would, you would get you'd have to deal with the governments and things like that. But the existing technology and inventory and resources and suppliers that the nuclear power plants are using can be converted into a breeder reactors what I'm telling you.
So the nuclear power plants are, I think, are kind of like a gun to her head.
And they can use it whenever they want.
Just like Saddam Hussein built a heat dammed up all the rivers there in Iraq so that he can just kill his people. Whenever they protested, he could just blow it, **** and just flood them.
And then you can blame it on, you know, nature or something. We have these nuclear reactors all over the place, there's so many in Florida. Oh, my gosh, we're surrounded by them?
Any one of them can be used or could kill us? You know, the whole state.
And so if you wanted to get into something that's real and make a big change if you can do it look at breeder reactor technology to retrofit the dangerous ones.
Absolutely, John, were, I guess we're gonna. Move into, I guess we'll move it into some of the Q and A, that people have, or if you want to cover any of the anything with the business structure, before we do anything else you want to get into.
OK, yeah, and I like talking about these subjects, because I assume that everyone listening already gets the fact that we can set up businesses in a way that it gives us every bit of privacy we want, or it doesn't bring us into the regulatory framework or environment, or allows us to stay out of it legally.
OK, this is how I create structures.
If you're not there yet, let me know. We can talk about that.
But, certainly, we assume that you're already already off and running or something like that.
By the way, I was talking to somebody this morning, and she had this complete nightmare with IRS, OK? She did not know, and I'm, I'm bad at marketing. I don't sometimes, I just talk about stuff I do, right?
So, I'm doing this other thing for her, and structuring, and now when I structure something for somebody, it's, it's to handle problems that person will never have, and I don't tell him, because he doesn't care. I'm just solving, the one thing he asked me to solve, right? Well, she's tell me about the IRS And I said, well, you know what, we're setting up, we'll eliminate this problem, All you have to do in addition to that as 1, 2, 3. And just like, oh my gosh, that was a world changer for her. I didn't even realize, you know.
So, so there's, there's, there's a lot of versatility and what we're setting up, so a lot of you guys may have investment vehicles that we set up that I set up, that are for kryptos and whatnot, but those are hardcore things, if you want to call it that way, to manage enterprises.
You can do some of these things, and you can do it in a way that you can avoid or escape some of the regulatory environments that we are facing.
OK, a lot of the stuff we're talking about here, that V and I are talking about, puts us into some regulatory environments. So these, these structures can help us with that.
Absolutely. I think, I think Cliff is right about creating precious metals, what do you think? I think that's possible. No.
I mean, the, the, the cost effectively, not cause of ugly requires you take keyless amount of energy.
Yeah. That's beyond anybody's capacity to do, I mean, you had a large scale, which was, it was a company in Switzerland.
I don't know how many megawatts of power they've used ah, but they they pumped in so many megawatts and they were able to create like a couple of grams of gold.
No, OK. Yeah, what does it cost two point seven million dollars? Exactly. Exactly, zero point seven million dollars. We, know, it can be done. We just, it's not. it's not even talk about it, right? Yeah. Exactly. It's not something you're ever going to do, you know, it's not going to happen.
That's just one of those things. Somebody's asked about Graphene. Of course graphene is being used against this. Just like cryptography is being used against us. OK, Graphene is used to attract people who are stupid enough to take the injections.
All right, but just like fire, OK, like I use this analogy, fire can be used to destroy village but I can also build a village with it.
Yeah, so be aware of that. Yeah, and then someone's asking about, OK, so desalination, of course, desalination.
You can, you can clean water, you can clean sewage and clean saltwater, you can clean Lake water or whatever.
Sure. We can pull it out of the air. The ground. Whatever.
Yeah, waste garbage, yeah.
If anybody have any questions, you can put it right into the chat, and we can answer those questions. You have questions either for John or for myself.
I'm really anxious to see what people come up with.
There's going to be people call me and ask me questions like, so John, I can take profits. I'm taking profits now into if I put some money over here in this account in this account and this account this thing. I'm not going to be good, and I say, OK. Well, you can do that, But then what? what have you done?
You've, you've, you've succeeded at avoiding a tax liability legally And you put cash over here here The first of all, why the heck? Are you putting all this cash everywhere?
And then what are you going to do with it?
Then I hear the silence on the phone.
I'm like well. Yeah, OK You didn't think that far.
This is like a once in 100 year windfall that you're getting and you not have not thought about what you're gonna do with it. Yeah, OK, here. Buy a car.
You gotta buy a house, yeah, But what about the other $37 million, right?
How much do you need to live? You know, come on, do something that's going to change what people do, you know.
So have an allocation plan.
Yeah, yeah. Find some big projects. That's why I mentioned the breeder reactor. That could be a big project.
There's another one called an energy tower.
What's the tower an energy tower?
It creates a fifth a physical phenomenon whereby the tower so large that it causes air flow downward.
Then it's like a huge wind flow, high volume, high velocity, wind, that by the time the air comes to the bottom of the tower, the turbine's at the bottom collect the energy.
So it's basically, it's a windmill, but it's a giant tower.
And there's some, there's some technical, you know, hurdles to overcome, but it could work in remote areas like deserts or oceans or things like that.
Yeah, so but that's labor, and it's, it's a land intensive, it's enter, its materials intensive, and it's cash intensive, but it could, it could solve a lot of problems.
Exactly, right, Exactly, right. Any, any questions? Do you still use a settlement trust, yet?
I use a settlement trust. It's always a quick fix, always have used it that way. A settlement trust is an irrevocable trust that does one thing. It settles funds just like a PMA does, one thing, and only owns your LLC. It doesn't deal with anybody else. So an Innocent party owns your company.
The Settlement Trust is where I'm talking to a person on the phone and he's getting levied. And so, while I'm talking to him, I'm writing up the trust. I'm just filling out the document. I e-mail it to them while I'm talking to them, and I say, I just sent you something printed out at six pages, Get it notarized open, a new bank account, and you'll avoid the levy And then let's talk again because I'm going to share to solve this problem. on the long term. So, yeah, I still use that settlement. Trust because it's so easy to set it up. In fact, we just did one in Canada.
Oh, wow.
Yeah, I mean, it's like I tell everybody that the laws are not special Levine. It's property rights that we're dealing with. I don't care what the laws are, right? Everybody understands property rights?
How should I reach you to get my LLC set up, I guess a richards? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, well, ace of coins dot com is becoming a place where you can go to ... dot com and there is a ticketing system on the bottom right corner. It's a helpdesk.
If you can open that up, there's an order form right next to it. There's even a video that tells you about the order form. You can download the order form, It is a PDF file. That's just how I do things. It keeps things private.
I don't use a shopping cart or a merchant account, so use the PDF order form an ace of coins dot com, tell us what you want. It's in there, OK? It's for LLCs.
Open a ticket. If it's not what you want, it's something else. Open a ticket and tell us what you need.
Then, I've got an assistant. Her name is, and I call her Andy, because her last name starts with the color, Andy. So she helps me out a lot, so just Yeah, post something over there.
Well said.
Any other questions, folks, I have checks still coming in my name. I have an LLC bank account, but I need to clear these funds as I may have a judgement coming.
OK. So If the checks are coming your name, I always ask what, where they're coming from.
If it's from a company you're doing work for as a 1099 type independent contractor, all you would do there is you would simply tell whoever's remitting those funds, like maybe it's some sort of office or the accountant, or maybe it's your actual partner.
Just tell them how you want the checks in the future. Just say from now on, make the checks out to this LLC. If it's an organization, sometimes you have to go to the accounting function. So for that, you would give them a W nine for the LLC.
And you would say, Here's the new, I'm assigning my rights to the LLC.
Pay the LLC instead of me, and that way, the 1099 will get issued to the LLC.
Make sure you give them a correct W nine for the LLC using its EIN.
That will avoid any future personal tax liability.
Mark, I don't understand your Second part of your question says, No, it's checks, I can't change anymore.
He name kinda changing.
Anyone, OK, if the check is already issued, OK, here's another way.
OK, you can change it, whoever's paying you the money, You can change it, just because they tell you, You can't.
It doesn't mean you can't, but let's say you don't want to.
So, set up a company account, like, I always recommend, do an LLC, pass through, use it as a pass, or don't follow return for it, Do an LLC.
Once it's set up, contact the bank, or even while you're sending it up, ask the bank, say, here's my company, and I wanna, I wanna use it, use it with a fictitious name, this is what you tell the bank.
The people at the bank are going to say, OK, if you want us to process payments made to a fictitious name, a DBA doing business, as for this company, then publish the newspaper, or get it registered with the state. Usually the registered with the state is easier, OK?
Make the LLC, the owner of the fictitious name, the checks are made out to John Smith, right?
Your companies, whatever.
So that whatever company is doing business or using the fictitious name, John Smith.
So now the checks that are made out to John Smith are getting deposited in the company account.
And you don't have to argue with the person sending you the money. That's another way to do it.
What's your opinion on 508 C ministries as a protective structure with sincerely held beliefs? It's a tax treatment. It's not necessary.
It's completely not necessary. Why would you tell the IRS that you're not going to have a tax liability?
When you would just simply do something and not tell the IRS, just do the thing you're going to do and not tell the IRS. That's what we use an LLC for. It's a pass through holding company.
It's a pass through, so a 508 C, all you're doing is saying, Hey, IRS, can I have permission to do the thing I was going to do anyways, that I have the right to do?
Because you're gonna pay somebody a lot of money to do that. Here's the only reason to have a non-profit organization. So that if someone's donating money, he gets a tax break.
It's for marketing.
Yeah, J Control asks a question, Is there any must read books that cover the breadth of this knowledge of books? Thanks, now, it's called ... dot com.
There's that, but there's nothing useful that you're going to find in books, OK, unless you want to study physics and chemistry, please do that. But other than that, I would look at just the new technology and all the documentation going with it and the processes to, not just the products, but the idea of what you can do.
Then, I would just, you really have to have a brainstorming session with people that do stuff like me, and V, we do stuff like this. There's also a group of entrepreneurs, I refer a lot of people here to the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association, because that's one of the largest organizations of entrepreneurs in the country, Georgia, Real Estate Investors Association, Georgia Real, and they're mostly real estate investors, but they also the supply chain of real estate investors.
So there's a lot of that.
Yeah. You got it. You gotta do some brainstorming.
Greg, Normal X doesn't matter if an LLC or trust account page interest or not advantage either way. It doesn't matter if it can receive interest or pay interest.
So, if I'm, if I'm earning interest on something, I would want my LLC to have the interest.
If I want to pay interest to somebody, well, I can do that, too.
No, no, no?
Do you guys recommend a dual citizenship, if so, what country?
I recommend it if you're going to travel for ease of travel. It does not change your tax situation, OK, guys.
But what, what it will do, is, you don't need citizenship for this, by the way, for what I'm going to describe.
You can have residency in another country besides the United States, have residency for banking purposes, so that you can identify yourself as not a US citizen.
If you can do that, That avoids the country having to report on you with Financial Crimes Network and the IRS here in the states.
You know, if you're going to be off shore for a business venture, and you have to sign for something, I would recommend that, for either traveling, or I'd recommend residency, dual residency, or a second residency just for banking purposes.
And, by the way, I would even change my legal name in that country, So, that's if I am, assuming you're going to ask me for that type of reason.
Is there a way to get a loyal title or deed to avoid eminent domain? That's going to be tough for loading of eminent domain? That no, you're not going to get that because, OK?
You're OK.
It's a big subject, but, there is a legal right, that a government has to take property.
So, what you can do your, your best defense in that situation, is to understand your eminent domain rights, and the government's obligations, there's some disclosure, There's some they have to offer you just compensation.
So, you must use eminent domain rules and laws. That is your best way to deal with a situation like that.
Not, you're not gonna at that moment. when you're going to need that, you're not going to be able to take that property out of the jurisdiction, and succeed, it won't work. They will just ignore you and just bulldoze it, OK, like you see in the movies.
Is the Dual Citizenship a service you offer?
No, I don't do that. I talk about that and talk about strategies, you're using it, but to actually go through the process now, you gotta do that yourself. Oh, my gosh, I've got people that could do that and in DevTools, I mean, if you got the capital for it, I mean, I can hook you up with a ...
citizenship I could hook you up with. That's like 300 K, Yeah.
Yeah, it's expensive. I mean, if you got the capital for Yeah, that's it.
Right? Yeah, if you want, yeah, if you wanna buy your way into it, and I would buy into something that I can sell later, like Dubai in a real estate, I would do it, then. I would sell later.
So anyways, yeah.
Any other questions, folks?
Hey, if you don't have the stomach for some of this stuff, I would just say, connect with people that might and buy into their deal.
Yeah, so, and V is awesome to don't forget the we're good team.
He and I are. He has his area and I have mine, yep.
Well, thank you very much for both the hackers in this room. I'm gonna, yeah, I sort of call myself a hack because I actually realized I'm a hack because people ask me, are you, are you an attorney? or your CPA and our affiliates? And, you know, I don't have any letters after my name.
But if you want to qualify me, I'm a hack.
And what that means is that I'm unqualified to do everything that I'm doing right now.
Yeah, I have been for 30 years, and I'm still unqualified.
And you walk into a courtroom, and like Lawyers for major banks, run out the back door tariff, basis based stock, the jury box, and the courtroom with lawyers, to find out what we're doing, Yeah. Yeah, Yeah.
It has caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage, has a billion dollars worth, one billion dollar, one billion dollars, yeah. Yeah. It's about one billion dollars worth of damage, the large banks.
To talk about that, yeah, oh my God, this story's, oh yeah, sorry, Yeah, this story people only knew.
Jonathan, that if you're a banker, this gives this man right here, is your worst nightmare. And I can tell you from the thousands of clients that he has saved their *****, out of the fire, OK. It's, Yeah, it's a lot of those are fun. I know it's not fun for the client at the beginning, but I swear the clients are laughing with me after it. They're like, I can't believe that happened. Exactly. Right.
Folks, that's gonna be the end of the Strategic Life seminar. We've given you a lot of ideas. Now.
A lot of the things that John talked about earlier in the program and this program is recorded for your sakes, OK?
So a lot of the stuff that's, that's in this program, you can contact John about setting it up and that's going to be an ... dot com. And John tell them about the, the ticker on the bottom where they can get the ticketing system. So you submit a question and it gets routed to whomever. Now, mostly, it's me. If you asked me someone, this is going to go to me and that's, that's another way to get ahold of me and said, I mean just e-mail me if you e-mail me.
You're in this avalanche of ongoing e-mail that just keeps coming in, so sometimes I get it. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes you have to send it for five times. I hate to have you do that. So if you use the ticketing system at ACF coins, it might be easier to get ahold of me.
Last question by Jay Control, and I'm going to do you want to tackle this one? How does one as an individual cleanup, bad credit? Here's my 32nd thing on it, and I have a deal. I can send you by e-mail if you asked me. But 32nd is, what you do, is pull your credit.
Look at the item that's outdated dispute that any items reported by debt collectors dispute those. They didn't have the right to report them, OK.
Items that are reported, not by the creditor, but by lexis nexis. Those can be removed because they're reported without permission.
So that's what I do.
Now, you can also, you can also get rid of a lot of items that you, you'd be surprised that you can't do. The other thing I do is OK, so that's kinda easy. You just pull your file dispute items. Some have to be disputed twice. The other thing I do is I ask what you need credit for, because you'd be surprised.
A lot of times you can buy things without good credit, good personal credit, including a house.
A house is one of the more easy things you can buy, without good credit.
A cell phone is one of the more difficult things to get without good credit, so that I look at it two ways Doing the thing you want to do without good credit and then fixing your credit.
Absolutely. All right. All right, folks. So again, the website is ... dot com ... dot com. The ticketing system is on the bottom.
This broadcast is recorded so you guys can go back and listen to it. Once it's done processing, I'll send it over to John. John could upload it directly to the East coins.
Privacy fight dot IO as well as privacy fight dot com.
If you want to get ahold of John services, you can go to privacy phi dot IO or you can contact him directly at singleton press dot calm I'm sorry.
Single depressed at proton mail dot com single branch at proton mail dot com or just got a coin ace acquaints is your destination.
John, any last minute words?
Thank you so much V. It was awesome, Lot of fun as always.
Always my friend. Thank you all for listening in and have yourselves a wonderful day.
Also. That's it. Enjoy week.
Enjoy your holidays, guys.


1. The Strategic Life Conference, run by V the Guerilla Economist and John Jay, explores a range of topics for problem-solving in various areas, including business and cash flow creation.
2. 3D printing is presented as a worthwhile future-forward technology, with its potential for repurposing used materials highlighted.
3. They discuss the environmental costs of electric cars and electric grids, arguing they require more barrels of oil to create and support than traditional cars.
4. The hosts argue for diversification in investments beyond traditional assets like stocks, crypto, or gold and silver, suggesting that energy is the new gold.
5. They discuss the potential of 3D printing in automotive maintenance, suggesting it can be used to rebuild car parts for improved efficiency.
6. The concept of net metering is introduced as a way for homeowners to produce their own energy, thereby reducing consumption and potentially profiting.
7. Drone technology is recognized as an untapped resource, with potential uses from land surveying to delivery services.
8. The hosts debate the future of battery technology, suggesting graphene (carbon) as the new advanced technology, superseding lithium.
9. Water usage is discussed, with the hosts arguing the real issue is water misuse rather than a shortage, and suggesting ways to recycle and reuse water efficiently.
10. They address potential legal and regulatory hurdles in establishing new businesses in these areas, recommending certain structures to mitigate these issues.

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