P8 – Mailbox Privacy Part 1 0:03 Hi, everybody, today. I went to review something that is quite mundane. We’re going to talk about mailboxes. 0:08 And, I’m going to show you a very basic way to have some privacy. 0:13 I recommend this for people that have a sudden windfall or that feel u…

P8 – Mailbox Privacy Part 1
Hi, everybody, today. I went to review something that is quite mundane. We’re going to talk about mailboxes.
And, I’m going to show you a very basic way to have some privacy.
I recommend this for people that have a sudden windfall or that feel unsafe, I guess. I want to have a little bit of privacy.
Here’s an easy way to do it.
Even though you’ll see, there’s a little bit of loss of privacy, but you’re gonna get effectively the kind of privacy you need, you’re not going to be able to avoid, let’s say for example an FBI investigation, but we don’t really care about that.
We just don’t want someone who’s, you know, trying to harass us or something like that or collect our information or do surveillance or whatever if you’re concerned about that.
So here’s the simpler version.
So, basically, now, I’m just going to share, oh, one process that you can change. There’s many variations on this. I’ve used this one that I’m going to explain right now. It used to be for quite effectively. I had a specific reason for doing it.
I may, I may tell you that at the end of the video, if I remember, you would want to open a mailbox service like a UPS store or service that can forward your mail.
Sometimes you can use a virtual office.
It’s a place where you might pay, instead of 12 or 20 bucks a month, It might be $70 a month, or it might be $100 a month.
And like regus is an example of that, or intelligent office, these are virtual offices.
So these are types of services where you could call him up on the phone and say, hey, I need to rent an hour or two, and I need a desk in a chair, and they will do that for you. And you come in there, and you’d use use that space.
Um, what I used it for is just managing my mail, and I wanted to receive mail at an office location. So I did it that way. It was $70 a month, long time ago. You don’t have to do it that way. You can just do a mailbox service.
That might be 20 bucks a month might be eight bucks a month.
So UPS Store is an example. So you go the UPS store. Now you can do this over the Internet. You can do this over the phone. Sandboxed services will not do this for you over the phone or the Internet, so you have to shop around a little bit.
I prefer to receive mail in a place where I’m not located, where I’m not going to easily get to, it’s not in my town, it’s not even in my county. It’s going to be lots of times in another state.
So get a UPS service and use form. It’s Postal Form 1983. Now, I’m gonna go over that in just a second. I’m gonna, I’m gonna switch over there and share a screen, but let me explain something.
You’re going to use.
It’s going to ask you for a home address.
And I’m going to show you how to get around that.
You’re also going to have to use your arm identification. So you’re gonna have to have a driver’s license and maybe a passport or something that they’ll accept. Maybe it’s going to have to be a water bill. So just realize that, on those documents, you might also have your home address.
So if you don’t want that address to be disclosed, you’re going to have to figure out a way to change that before you open a box like this.
The other way is you can say that you moved and give them another address.
What I always do, because my actual address is not on my driver’s license, and if I use that Friday, I actually get a real residential address in my neighborhood. And I just simply do that by driving around and getting one. It sounds kinda crazy, but you can do it on the Internet to, you can look around. Now, if you’re gonna do this out of state, of course, you can’t just drive around and look around unless you’re visiting.
So, you just go on the Internet, and you can just search for a residential address in whatever county, and all you want is a valid residential address that the Postal Service will verify that it does exist.
So, that’s how you avoid putting your home address on your 1983 now, it is OK to put your home address if you just feel like it, No problem, because here’s, I’ll show you what we’re trying to avoid here. Alright?
Um, Let me do a share screen.
I think this is it, Yeah, This is it, OK, cool.
All right, so.
So, what we have here, I should keep it in there, OK. So what we have, as opposed to form, this is the form 1083.
And you can see, it’s gonna ask you for your eye information, it’s, I’m just going to feel like you’re opening a bank account.
So, you literally can put whatever’s on your identifying documents, your home address. If that’s on your driver’s license, unless you want to go to the trouble of changing it first, which is not hard to do.
So we just answer this information. You can just check out the form and instructions.
It’s, I’m not gonna get into all this, but basically, this is, box five just happens to be, if you want to let them sign for any certified mail, which I do recommend, actually, you’re not going to avoid service.
So there’s no point in rejecting certified mail, especially if you’re not going to be local, then you want them to sign for things.
And this really has to do with business.
So it doesn’t have to be a business, but you can just put NA here in box 11.
No. Just, you just want enough information. So accept it and open the box.
Now, we get down here, and even if you’re going to use a corporation or a limited liability company or some type of business structure, what I recommend is, not saying that on this form.
So if my business is called XYZ Company, LLC, I’m just going to call it XYZ company. So it looks like an alter ego. It looks like a fictitious name.
So instead of box 13, I’m gonna say, it’s a trade name, a business name, OK, Box 14.
Even though it’s truly a corporation, I can use that same name without the LLC designation so that I can call the trade name.
Now, Inbox 14, what I’ll do for, let’s say, a single woman, is I’ll recommend that she used the name, mister and Mrs. Smith. So, it looks like the mail can be received by a couple May, Miss mister Mrs. Smith, Harold Smith, and Jane Smith, OK, for example.
You can call it Charlie Brown. You could do whatever you want, really here because it’s a trade name.
It’s a business name.
Now, I know it says here, it’s a corporation or trade name that’s been registered.
I’ve never had a problem by putting anything I want in here that’s not registered.
So, don’t worry about that.
So, this box 14 allows you to receive mail and a name other than your own legally, and they’ll process the mail.
And now, as time goes on, some places are different, but you can just start adding names if you want. And lots of times, they’ll just process your mail.
So, it’s not such a big deal.
And then, you sign in here and don’t be all concerned about giving false information. I know there’s a little warning down here at the bottom.
Yeah, now, you’re not trying to commit fraud. OK, what you’re trying to do and this is the same thing on the driver’s license.
I don’t have my home address on my driver’s license.
I never have, because I’m responsible for my own personal safety, and I believe that having my home address on my driver’s license is a personal safety risk, and because I’m married and have children and people rely on me, I have that sole responsibility. So, I don’t care what the law says. I don’t care what some statute says if I can get away with it.
I am not putting my home address on my driver’s license ally to anybody who asked me, OK, so that’s the kind of attitude you might want to take up. You’re solely responsible for your own personal safety.
Anyways, That’s the idea. So really it’s all about box 14, OK, you want to be able to receive mail in a fictitious name.
So I’m gonna stop out of here and jump out of here and Go back to my notes here real quick Um?
So you’ve got your UPS Box.
Let me make sure I get that right thing up here.
OK, sorry about that.
I’m trying to locate my notes so I don’t miss anything here.
So here we go.
Anyways, he gets a UPS Box open now that’s in another state.
I’ve used them in other counties that are far away.
Then you want to get a post office box that’s close to, or convenient to where you live or where you’re normally pick up mail.
So the reason for that is the Post Office Box address you’ll never give to anyone except the UPS store.
So when you have your mail forwarded, only the UPS Store has that PO box, you don’t give it to anybody.
And you do the same thing all over again.
You do another 1083, Whatever documents you’re comfortable giving, driver’s license ID, whatever it’s going to take, If you really want to get your home address off of their Change, Your driver’s license address, it’s not hard to do.
You could do it on the Internet, probably.
Then, the benefit here is that, now, mail that you have to receive, because sometimes you have to receive mail, otherwise, I would try to reduce all the mail I’m getting to e-mail, try to avoid getting paper mail.
But sometimes, you have to or want to.
So, what will happen is because the post office photograph’s, every single parcel and letter envelope in part it photographs, it keeps a photographic record of the sender and recipient.
So, you could address an envelope on the back in the front, which is the old way of doing it. And they’ll accept it, they don’t like to, but they’ll accept it, That’s another way to break apart that information. But of course, if the mail is not addressed to you, well, then that’s another level of privacy.
If someone wanted to investigate that trail, of course, he’d have to have the legal authority to do it, and usually the police would have it, or the FBI. So just don’t use it to commit a crime obviously, right. So you’re getting some level of privacy.
All right. And so you can receive mail in a trade name.
What does that does wonders?
Because you can actually do some other things with this type of strategy and make it appear as if you actually did move.
Even if your name is still on a mortgage and you, you own a house, your name’s on the title, in your names and the mortgage, you can actually make it look like you moved.
And you have a renter just by doing this So there’s there’s a bit more to it. I know it’s in my other book, but I’m gonna do more of a video on this.
So you guys can try this out.
But anyways, there’s another element, once you get mail, all reduced, and the mail that you have to get you can avoid. And you want to make it appear as if it’s coming. You actually live somewhere else.
The mail that goes there.
Sometimes mail comes to your house. So what you want to do, like, if you have people, like, maybe there’s a debt collector, or someone sending a mail that you don’t want to get. And you’ve already taken care of all the mail, the way it’s been routed, and you, it’s the way you prefer.
You then go to the US. Post Office website used to be able to do it in the mail. I don’t think they processed these cards anymore.
But if you go look on the internet for USPS change of address notification, you’ll get a website on the Post Office’s website and it’ll give you a form and you’ll it will ask you all the different criteria about how you want your mail forwarded and where you want it forwarded. So it can be forwarded from your residential address.
It can be forwarded from your PO box, It cannot be forwarded from a UPS store, OK, a non USPS location, they will not forward it that way and there’s a reason why but basically they went for it that way.
Um, so, yeah, that’s it.
Simple stuff.
I will do some more on this, because I use this strategy with some other techniques to get you more privacy.
But I just wanna give that little piece of information and let you try that out.
All right, hope that helps.


1. John is discussing privacy in the context of physical mail and mailboxes, sharing tips particularly for those who feel unsafe or wish to protect their privacy.
2. One of the basic strategies is to use a mailbox service or a virtual office service like a UPS store or Regus, that can receive and forward mail.
3. These services provide an alternative address, allowing users to receive mail away from their home address, offering an extra layer of privacy.
4. It’s recommended to open a mailbox in a location that is not easily associated with the user, potentially even in a different state.
5. Postal Form 1983 is used to setup a mailbox service, but it usually requires a home address. The speaker provides tips on how to get around this requirement.
6. Users can use a valid residential address that the Postal Service can verify. The speaker suggests using a random residential address from another area, which can be found by simply searching on the internet.
7. It’s noted that the users should not feel concerned about providing false information, as it is seen as a necessary measure for personal safety.
8. The form also allows the user to receive mail under a fictitious name, adding another level of privacy.
9. The user should open another post office box that is convenient to where they live or where they usually pick up mail. This address should only be given to the UPS store or the virtual office service for mail forwarding.
10. Lastly, the user can set up mail forwarding from their residential address or their PO box via the USPS change of address notification online service.

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