P15 – How to Change Residency & Why 0:00 I want to talk about changing residency and why would someone want to change residency? 0:05 Residency establishes eligibility under the statutes in that state. 0:09 So if you’re, if you have benefits, if you’re eligible for benefits, then you’r…

P15 – How to Change Residency & Why
I want to talk about changing residency and why would someone want to change residency?
Residency establishes eligibility under the statutes in that state.
So if you’re, if you have benefits, if you’re eligible for benefits, then you’re liable for the, the same statutory scheme. So if you’re not a resident, then you’re not eligible for benefits, therefore, you’re not liable for the statute. That’s kind of how it works.
And I figured this out over the years.
Way back in the early nineties, when I was just just trying to learn, and I had, I had tested the idea of driving without a license, and registration.
And I did it, I succeeded, and I won, and trial court. I wouldn’t try it again, but at the time, I want a trial court, because I was able to establish that I wasn’t a resident, therefore, wasn’t required to have the registration.
And since then, I’ve looked at everything in that, through that lens, of establishing residency in a place where you need the benefits, and you don’t reside.
So that you cannot be a resident where you actually reside.
And be subject to particular statutes. This doesn’t protect you from doing stupid things, like committing crimes and whatnot, but it does give you a level of privacy. So that’s, I think, where many people want to be focused.
I think a lot of the, a lot of the planning along the lines of changing residency comes from debt collections and risks, Financial risk.
That’s why, you know, when you register your company and you go to the bank, and the bank wants the company to be domesticated in that state, it’s because of collections. It’s because of liability.
It wants to have it’s account holders resident in that state.
You can do it as a non resident. There, it is, but the banks don’t make it that easy.
So, the way you look at this stuff is, you have to analyze what makes you a resident.
Most people don’t give it much thought, but having a professional license or a license to drive is a matter of residency creates residency.
In fact, the application for a driver’s license requires that you be a resident.
You’ll see if you go look at any DMV website, you’ll see the criteria for establishing, are showing proving residency. Residency is distinguished from being a resident, I’m sorry.
Residency is distinguished, yeah, from being a resident.
Somewhere, so I can reside, I can reside somewhere. Like, if I lived in a hotel for a week, I reside at the hotel.
I’m not a resident in that location.
Now, if I stay there beyond six months, the argument could be made, depending on who I’m talking to, maybe it’s a cop.
Or if it’s post judgement discovery, or some situation, that there’s a cop, his criteria is, if you live more than six months in a particular area, like in a county or a state, then you’re considered a resident, and that’s probably true around the world.
There are ways of establishing that you’re not a resident, and don’t reside in a place for more than six months. You can take it to all kinds of different levels, But I like to keep it simple.
And I’m not trying to occupy all my time with this, but I’ll give you a quick example.
Somebody wanted to switch from his licensing from the state where he was, because he didn’t like the state to Florida.
And, uh, the reason why he wanted to switch driver’s licenses because licensing establishes residency and he had no other connection to the state where he was residing, where he was a resident to establish residency. So, it was very easy for him.
All we had to do was switch residency. So the way you do it is between these two states in particular, it was easy because Florida recognizes the state.
So we just took his regular documents and go and we went into the DMV and we had a show lease agreement, and we had to show an employment, like a W to pay stub or something like that, which we can easily create, which we did, so we created the documents. Sometimes we have to show a residential address or a utility build those, take a little bit more effort. We can get all that, too.
Basically, you want to show that you have a long term presence in a location, and then you can show that you are a resident, and, and do the thing. you want to do, like, get a license.
So, like, for example, let’s say I want to, I want to live in Florida, but I want to make it appear as if I’m a resident in Oklahoma.
Well, the easiest way to do that is to get a driver’s license in Oklahoma, and to do that, I have to look like I’m a resident in Oklahoma. Now, I know, this sounds kind of funny. Like, why would someone do all? that? Sounds like you’re chasing your tail.
But you’ll find out later on, that this whole system is, is geared off of, where are you or a resident.
It’s kind of a broad statement, but we’ll get into more detail.
But I’m just gonna give you the mechanics of how this works, you can, you can then start seeing where it fits into what you want to do. Because sometimes, I only do one aspect of two aspects of this.
I’ll tell you, we did a, um, a test case.
Not a case, but we did, like, usually, it was wrong, Maybe, maybe it was a couple of thousand. Just to see how this works, maybe there’s a few thousand.
What we did was, and these were debt collection cases, So we did a change of address process that I created, and what we did is, we, we, because I know the debt collection process, aye, Provided a path of false information for debt collectors, so that when the debt collector assigned, or the creditor, whomever, assign the collection to a law firm or an attorney in the client’s area, it wasn’t the area where he resided.
And because it was a dead end, and the service, a process couldn’t be perfected, or they couldn’t advanced the case, There was nothing to do. So the case just failed.
And the system is not designed to consider someone doing that, because it’s so outrageous.
No attorney even thinks that way. They’re too busy, anyways.
They’d get a batch of cases, and they go, serves a process. And then some of them don’t get syrup, maybe the person died or something, right?
So that their procedure is to sit on it or send it back to the creditor or something like that.
There’s really no investigate a process that I can see that I’ve seen yet, where someone’s going to reverse engineer unless they’re watching this video.
It’s not even worth it, even if they know it’s such a small segment of the market.
I don’t think too many people are doing this, no, maybe hundreds. That’s about it.
So, anyways, so what we did was we changed the individuals’ residency.
So, that we use certain records that we know the creditors look at, and that caused the process, the collection process, to take place in another state where the person would never live.
Never did live, and that ended the collection, and we picked a lot of states, like, we pick states that don’t allow wage garnishments. So, that was kind of interesting, too.
So, you can be a resident or become a resident somewhere by filing a declaration of domicile, you would want to do this.
If you’re going to college that’s saying you’re going to want to qualify for in-state tuition, you would just simply file a declaration of domicile a year before you go there so that that declaration of Domus, I will date when you became a resident and the tuition you qualify for for in-state will be based on that declaration being filed having been filed a year ago or more.
So, just the fact that you file a declaration of your intent to live somewhere and a declaration of domicile. that makes you a resident of that place, your intent to live somewhere mixture of resident of that place.
All right, So, there are a lot of things that make your resident enrolling your children. In the public school system.
Probably any school system, even private school, probably makes your your whole family resident in that county and state, having a driver’s license, a professional license, owning real estate, having your name on the title, the real estate, well, so let’s see.
Yeah, being employed, like W two.
I’m talking about 10, 99, maybe, like independent contractor, maybe.
It depends on who you’re talking to and what agency you’re dealing with.
A lot of times, your residency is determined by what you do.
Wow, so the statute’s usually define those things. Those criteria that I just listed, those are usually in the statutes there, maybe they’re more than likely it will be a little bit more. But that’s the general idea. Those are the things that establish residency.
So, what I like to do is use those things to establish residency somewhere else, or non residency, depending on what’s going to solve a particular problem. Yeah. If your name is on a utility bill, you know, we do this all the time.
We set up companies in the bank, The bank, we use an address, like a residential address, for a company, for some situations, and then the Bank will ask for a utility bill to prove that. you actually reside there.
So, we actually have a service, it’ll create a utility bill, even if you don’t live there.
So, it’s just software, You know, what I tell people is, you know, a lot of the stuff you can learn.
It can be used for illegal purposes. I’m not trying to promote that. Please don’t use any of these things for illegal purposes. This is to prevent yourself from being exploited.
That’s all I’ve done this for, think it through, right? If you have a suspended driver’s license, you are a resident in the jurisdiction for that driver’s license. The only way out of that situation is to get the suspension off of there. You’re not going to be able to transfer it to another jurisdiction.
You gotta solve that suspension, or whatever caused it, lots of times. You’d be surprised. It’s pretty simple. You can actually have an administrative hearing and get that matter resolved.
Usually, it’s money, but yeah, having a, an expired driver’s license or suspended, that would keep you, that will keep you as a resident.
Now, once your license is a license is in good standing, you can actually turn it in and have it cancel. Just make sure it’s canceled and not suspended. So you can go check the records and make sure once you cancel license, you become a non resident there.
So one easy way to do that is just to go get a license in another state and let the DMV of each state work with each other, and then they’ll they’ll change the record that way.
Let’s see, Bank accounts if you have a bank account.
That also establishes residency. And, of course, like I said, the same things that establish residency can be used to establish Residency. It is a process that takes awhile. Sometimes it takes a year. Sometimes it takes a few months, and sometimes I can do things in about a few weeks to solve a particular problem.
But really it’s your the greater understanding you have of how this works and how what makes us or allows us to be exploited.
Maybe some of you can relate to this. Maybe some of you, to you, it’s new, and you’ve never even considered this before, and why would I want to do it?
You wouldn’t know until you actually experienced a problem, where some of these ideas actually could solve the problem.
I hope you never do experience it, but just, this is the process.
So, let’s go over the Change of address process, the first step.
You want to make them look like you move. You’re going to do the same things you would do if you are moving.
So when the real one is you reduce the type of mail or all the mail you can possibly reduce coming to your house. Let’s say you’re getting mail in your name at your house.
So first, start reducing the mail.
So that means utility bills, friends, and family, and other types of them, relationships you have like with your doctor and so forth.
Try to get those by e-mail.
See if you can organize that by e-mail. See if you can make it all electronic. If not, the next step would be to set up a mailbox.
I try to avoid that, but it is actually pretty useful. You can use a PO box, too.
A PO Box is really easy for this part.
So cheap, a mailbox service has a lot more services.
So some, everyone’s a little different. So just consider what’s gonna work for you.
If you’re gonna do the mailbox and the PO box, I’m gonna go over the post of form that You need to open the account. I’ll explain how that works.
The next step is once you reduce the amount of mail you’re getting, you want to then the mail that you have to receive, receive it in a fictitious name. So if your name is Bill Smith, receive it in George marlene’s name. Why?
Because it’s a good practice, you should not be receiving mail in your name at your, at your place of residence, especially, there’s a lot of reasons, I mean privacy, but also security, we can go into plenty of examples.
You really want to change your home address on your driver’s license. I know, the State law says, you have to have it, in the cops, that you have to have it but the cops aren’t gonna protect you.
If someone mugs, you takes your wallet, sees your home address on your driver’s license because it’s in your wallet and shows up at your house before you have time, even get home.
And I’ve seen that happen.
I’ll give you a quick example.
It was my, my stepmother my dad’s wife.
She used to carry her purse with, I mean, this big bag of everything in there, OK, all her legal documents. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had her birth certificate in there.
And we always told her, don’t do that, There’s too much risk, and sure enough, she left that bag in the little child seat in the shopping cart of the grocery store.
And somebody took the, the purse out, the pocketbook part of it.
And she didn’t notice it until she went to pay for groceries or that had everything in there and had her driver’s license or home address. She couldn’t go home, she had, it should call the police and help them case the house.
Same thing with the, your home address and your GPS in your car.
Don’t put your home address in that, you don’t need that.
You know, where you live, just put it if you have to put it somewhere Outside, you know, at your nearest grocery store.
Make that the home location for your GPS in your car. So you gotta think this step through, C, change your address and your driver’s license.
Use a fictitious name to receive mail at your house. If you’re still going to receive mail at your house or use a mailbox or a PO box to receive mail. And again, use a fictitious name. Numbers, show you how I’m gonna show you how to do this. You can do it unofficially and it’ll work. If you’re in a house, you’ll see try it out, you can send yourself a postcard in a fictitious name, and it’ll get delivered.
And if you do a few of those are the post, the normal postal person will just just accept it. No one really screams out the mail. Especially to a house. Now sometimes apartment complexes.
They get, they get involved a little bit, which is really none of their business, but I don’t know why, I guess, that’s the system we have, but you can work through it, OK. You don’t need to make it a formal thing. You don’t have to do a change of address with the Postal Service.
At that point, we don’t have to change a driver’s license To do this.
As if you’re moving to another state that’s like the last thing you want to do, you want to change how you’re receiving your mail, OK?
Now, when we get when we’ve done those basic things, you reduce the mail, Use e-mail. If you can buy it to reduce the mail.
Get mail in a fictitious name, Change your address and your driver’s license. Get it out of your GPS in your car.
And then what you want to do is, now, this is when you go to the post Office and you you file a change of address form, This is what you would do if you moved.
So the mail you’re getting at your house needs to be. This is where you would get a mailbox or another way to receive important mass.
So if there’s some mail that you you couldn’t reduce and it still has to be sent to your your mailbox or to your house. So what you want to do is have it sent to a mailbox, and I’ll share set that up in a second.
So, when you get to this point, before you do the change of address procedure, you’re not going to be receiving any important mail at your house and you’re going to get mail, maybe it’s going to be in or fictitious name, and it’s a solicitation from the carwash. People are some restaurants or something like that. Right? Is going to be coupons or whatever. It’s going to be just direct mail from advertisers. It’s not going to be important mail, you’re gonna get your important mail at a mailbox, whether it’s a PO box, or it’s a service that you can use a street address with.
Because when I do the change of address, When we file this, all the mail that gets sent to your address that you are using is now going to be routed somewhere.
So, the question is, where am I going to route it? If you want to make it look like you move to another state, you’re going to need an address in another state.
It can be a real address, It could be an address that you don’t care about. It could be an address of a valid postal address, a residential address. It can be a business address. You can find these on the internet.
You can use white pages dot com, you can find any address you want, and you can just direct mail over there. You can use a bogus address.
You just want some someplace where mail is now directed somewhere else.
And the reason being is a debt collector, if this is what you’re dealing with, the debt collector, will ask for a forwarding address correction is a service that first class mail provides, or an ad just correction request will be sent along with the collection letter. For example, this is where we experimented with it.
And so the postal form that you fill out with a different address will make it look like you move to another state, so that debt collector and that creditor will get false information, which is legal to do. You can lie in that case.
Right? It’ll get false information. It’ll redirect the collection process to another jurisdiction In another state. In some cases, you actually want to receive the mail, the other states.
So everything’s a little bit different, but I’m just telling you the core elements of how we do this.
Now we’ve got mail reduced. The important mail is handled. Maybe it’s a mailbox, the DLLs changed through GPS system has changed.
Now we do the poster form. Now.
If someone doesn’t address correction request to the Post office, when it’s going to send you, correspondence, it’s going to get a feedback information to, with just false, about a false address that you don’t live at.
So it’s gonna alter, it’s gonna, it’s gonna interfere, and possibly defeat the collection process.
And I’m most likely, well, I mean, that’s, pretty, that’s pretty clear.
I always recommend, once you do this, do one more time.
In six months, that’s, that’s about all you need to do.
So, we get to that point, we’ve done the poster form, next thing you need to do, is probably about the same time, is an application for, for credit. Here’s the easiest way to do it.
You want to get credit, report it to your credit file.
That has to do with places where you want to live.
So you want to apply for an apartment lease. This is the easiest way to do it.
You can go online, you can go get the application online, and this other place. So, let’s say I pick an address, I’m living in Florida, and I pick an address in New York.
All right, so, I’ve gone through all the all those steps, and I’ve gotten down to the post a form.
I’ve done that, and that was yesterday.
Now, today, I’m gonna go on the Internet, and I’m going to find an apartment complex, somewhere New York, and I’m going to apply for rent.
Hopefully, I get turned down, right, but the application is going to show that I applied for a place to live at this location, and it looks like I moved to the location where the mail was directed.
So, I want my credit inquiry for an apartment complex or any rental lease agreement.
I want that two, be with the same address or in the same town as where I directed my mail on the change of address postal form.
It’s not gonna be the same address.
It’s gotta be in the same town.
So as soon as a credit inquiry, you might need to do two of them.
You can do two dead matter, 23, at least do one.
So, here’s where I, here’s where this comes from.
You could probably stop at the poster form, but the credit inquiry is kind of nice.
Because if there is some kind of dead end, and in a law firm that’s really intent on collecting perfect service, the process, and advance a lawsuit, it’s going to pull your credit.
It’s going to claim to have the right to pull your credit, It’s going to do an inquiry, it’s going to do a verification of your address, and it’s going to see that you applied for residents over this other place. I don’t know if it tells you if it’s approved. It depends.
So, you may want to check your credit and see if it was reported, and sometimes you have to call up and ask if the apartment complex, for example, or the service manager, whoever’s servicing that apartment complex is going to the property manager is going to report on your credit.
You want them to report on your credit.
Now, you can do this even if you have a mortgage, OK? Because lots of people have a mortgage, and they move, and then lease the property out to somebody else. Which is another step we can get into.
We can, even, If you had, If you had that situation.
And you just wanna, like, I tell, people, that have just, earned a lot of money for something, that maybe they got a big windfall and they wanted to just change your lifestyle. And they wanted disappeared somewhat.
And they have this mortgage.
What I tell them is, do these steps. I mean, you want to do it anyways for security.
All right, I don’t care if you have debt collections or not.
If you have a lot of money, it’s also good for security, So you do this. You have a mortgage, you make it look like you go through the steps as if you were moving.
And then you get to this point where you still have this mortgage, but you need to show that you’ve done something with the property that someone with a mortgage would do That doesn’t live there anymore, and that is rented out.
So, the way you do this, you simply get a lease agreement and you write up a lease agreement and you make up Mary Jo and Bill Smith, right?
And you, you record that in the county as if the property is being leased.
That’s the only time I will record a lease agreement is when I want to show public records that something is happening and in this case, I’m going to show something that’s not happening so that I can I can give a false trail for people bitter Without my permission. That are trying to find me OK. That’s the whole idea.
I mean, people do things without a permission all the time. You walk around in the grocery store, under video surveillance, all day long. You do that at work. Probably more than likely.
You do that in traffic, everywhere you go, there’s a camera in your face, or 20 cameras in your facing, and everybody’s watching you.
So, you know, wherever you have the ability, I say defeat that because I hate surveillance and I think it’s, I think it should be stopped.
Or, you know, we should take, we should do something about it, but in any case, this is a way to avoid this, and actually use this surveillance.
Use, what other people are going to do to give Create false information. Summarizing this post.
A notification all mails reduce, rerouted, renamed. He’s opposed to form.
Select an address. Maybe you want to get mail there. Maybe you don’t.
If you do get a mailbox service in the other state.
Doing credit and do a credit inquiry for an apartment leese.
Now, here’s where we get into Form 1983.
You can look this up on the Internet as Form 1, 5, 8, 3, PDF, if you want.
OK, and all that is: most mailbox services they are, or all mailbox services are considered a commercial mail receiving agency, CM RA.
You’ll see this mentioned in the forum.
A C M R A is required to obtain the customer’s identifying information.
It’s almost like opening a bank account, if you’re gonna wanna get, they’re gonna want to forms of ID and this sort of thing.
So, on the 1983, you’re going to provide your identifying information. Now, note, ask for your home address.
I never get my home address. I give an address that is valid in my town, but never my home address, and I can do that just by driving through town and pick some guys address, He’s not gonna care. He’s not gonna get my mail there anyways.
Or I can go to white pages dot com and I can search on Smith or Allen or something, and I can, in my town and I can find a valid residential address and I can use that.
So, that’s what I’ve put under 1883.
And then I think it’s box seven on the right side, right column.
Down up to the second half, there’s a, there’s a spot for a trade name Now, most of most of us are going to be using limited liability companies and and or some will have trade names.
What I recommend doing is using your the name of your LLC on this form as a fictitious name. So, let’s say you have.
Investment Group, LLC, as your company, you’re doing whatever Kryptos or whatever you’re doing with real estate.
Alright. So, on the 1083, you’re gonna listed as investment group.
That’s it.
The reason being you’re allowed to do that you’re allowed to receive male in the in a fictitious name in which you’re choosing it just so happens to be the same name as your LLC but you’re not using your LLC. All the mail address your LLC will get boxed, It’ll get delivered to you, OK. But the reason why you don’t use the LLC designation on the 15 83 is because you’ll have to give up other information.
Just like you’re opening a bank account about your LLC, which is unnecessary, the Postal Service, and the Sim MRI’s don’t need to know this information. So that avoids that inquiry.
I try to avoid, I try to avoid giving the, you know, giving out as much information as possible. That’s the kind of thing you want to do. Those are the forms you want to use, the 15 83 used for the commercial mail receiving agency, you know, the Mailbox Service, or a PO Box. And let’s see. Yeah, so that is most of it. I know I’m going to have a lot more detail I’m going to cover with you. I’m going to open this video up for questions, too. So, when I see your questions, then we can cover those in subsequent videos. All right.


1. Changing residency can provide benefits, and is defined by factors such as receiving benefits or being eligible for them in a particular state.
2. Holding a professional license or driver’s license is usually indicative of residency.
3. If you reside for more than six months in a certain area, you’re generally considered a resident.
4. Residency can be established through a declaration of intent to live somewhere, driver’s license, professional license, school enrollment, property ownership, or having bank accounts.
5. Changing residency can be utilized to avoid certain situations such as debt collection processes by directing these processes to states where a person would never reside.
6. The first steps to change residency include reducing the amount of physical mail received, changing the address on your driver’s license, and using a fictitious name for receiving non-essential mail.
7. A change of address procedure can be initiated once important mail is handled through a PO box or similar service.
8. To further support residency change, a credit inquiry or application for an apartment lease can be made in the new state or location.
9. In cases where an existing property is owned, a lease agreement can be made and reported to credit bureaus to make it appear as if the property has been rented out.
10. To complete the process, Form 1583, required by most mailbox services, must be filled out to establish the new commercial mail receiving agency, marking the final step in the residency change.

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