0:02 Well, hi, everyone, this is John. Jay. Thanks for joining me today. 0:05 I'm going to talk about why and how Dubai Science Why would you? 0:13 And so, I've got a screen shot here, and I've just this is from an article written a long time ago. 0:18 And I just wanted to this is an introduc...

Well, hi, everyone, this is John. Jay. Thanks for joining me today.
I'm going to talk about why and how Dubai Science Why would you?
And so, I've got a screen shot here, and I've just this is from an article written a long time ago.
And I just wanted to this is an introduction.
I'm not going to go into so much detail, but let me just skim over some things I'm going to share with you the profile I upgraded, and I'll explain that is lipstein no, it says the hardest substance known to man right stormed, the base, volcanoes.
Now we can make it, right?
We have machines that can they can make diamonds that are just as good as the ones defined in nature.
And it goes on there.
Now, I have statistics, as you can see.
Um, this research, I, when I got a 10 year period is data from 2003, 2013.
So the data is 20 years old, let's say.
That was from a 10 year period, 10 years ending 10 years ago.
I would say that the data is still accurate.
You can do some more research on your on your own, but here's what I came up with now. We have to understand a few things. Diamonds are great.
They have, they are graded and so they get a value to be assessed, right?
And so there's, there's rating methods and there's rating organizations that have certain credibility, and I have this here at my article and the criteria under which diamonds are rated are known as the foresees a color clarity. What does it carry, weight and cut?
OK, this I explained and there's a, there's a numbering system that explains all the different aspects, these color clarity, OK.
Now, I'm just going to show you how to find these through a broker.
This is a retailer.
I would suggest that. you don't buy. You're going to do this for holding money somewhere. And the reason why I'm talking about this is because many people have asked for alternatives to storing money outside the banking system, and there are many.
This is just one of them.
So, it's the, it's the clarity, the cut, the what else?
How is the color, color, clarity cut, and the carrot way?
I have two categories of what I suggest to be, the ones you want to look at.
I'm going to suggest that you purchase the round, either called round early.
You're looking right now at mine, my profile.
When I say 8% profile, based on my research, this diamond here would give you an 8% return on your money. So it's kinda like buying precious metals.
Now the 10, the 10 year period that I described here in 20 13, it did produce this type of diamond.
Then I'm highlighting here, did produce 8% return.
Now I like 8% and I like to have, if I'm going to have more diamond diamonds in my, my, let's call it my savings, OK?
My precious metals, like Kryptos and my loose diamonds, let's just say, OK, if I'm honest my cap, so I'm gonna, I'm going to have, my 8% profile is going to be a larger portion of my portfolio.
Are my holdings on my savings? Then it's going to be the 16%, 16%. It sounds attractive, right?
I'm gonna make more money, But, again, like anything else, it's, it's higher risk.
So, you have to decide how you want to do that.
So, what I did is, I figured what's going to get the 8%, and so it's going to be the round brilliant.
They're both brown brilliant, so we can compare apples to apples, right. So, in the 8% profile, the color is going to be a good rating. I'll get to that in a second. And then you have these other abbreviations here now.
The V S one stands for very slightly, occluded, or included. You'll see.
Then V D S is already, not, not very sophisticated.
It's Beriberi, Whiteley, and that's a rating of two, and so forth and so on. OK, this one is internally flawless.
Right, so this is the higher clarity, the highest parity you can get, as I am, and then, of course, the care of weight, I like to have a 1, 1 care, It's just nice to keep track of, OK, now I did put up here between 1 and 2.99, so that's in the 8% profile, something to look at, and the type of code is going to be very good idea or signature idea.
We'll get into these terms a second, then of course, there are 16% profile, the color is going to be better.
It's still E, but this time is not the, right. And then I've got this rating here, but my, my size is twice as big.
Then, here we go.
The service I use is it's a retail website, Luna, ... dot com and I'm gonna go there right now. You see here, and with this I just went to the one part of the site where you can actually find what it has.
Now I'm not suggesting that this is the way to go and go start buying.
What I would, I would suggest is that you look into the supply chain of your diamonds, and what are you going to do is, ideally, you want to go to the cutter that. You're probably not going to be able to do that, because the cutter won't talk to you unless you have a big order, but she's still, probably someone talk to you. He wants to talk to brokers. So, you're gonna have your supply chain before you move outwards.
Blue Nile was like here.
Go dinosaurs, right? Retailer, your local jewelry shop, this happens to be online.
What you want to do is go up the supply chain.
Too close to the cutter, you'll want to get to the top. And the guy that's just after the cutter, the broker this after she got the broker this after the cutter was buying an audible. Larger volumes are many other brokers. And then you've got the next broker and possibly reaching or brokers.
So, this is what you want to do.
You want to get up that supply chain, to get better pricing, and the benefit to the broker to work with you is, because you're going to be a goodbye.
All right, I'll show you what, I'll show you where you're gonna do. So, let's just say, we're looking for, I don't even know the pricing there, but we'll figure it out. But let's just throw some numbers in here. We want to, we want to set up a profile on what we're looking at work.
So let's just say we're looking for the 8% profiler, and I don't know, maybe it's going to be, as it doesn't matter, $2000 to 30, we can just put $2000 to $6000, then the max, let's just put our profile on this protocol together.
Right, now, there knows how to give you a graphic chart, so I can actually do this, right?
So there's all kinds of ways to use this software, So the color, again, on our profile, let's go back, is going to be DNA.
So let's go back to DNA, and I'm gonna dial this over to DNA, That's the range.
Any, right?
And then, we got there and sort of got there. The clarity is going to be S 1 S 2, so let's do it.
It's going to be yes one.
S two, S one, I write Pardonable Gregory and then, very good ideal signatures.
Back here, very good ideal.
We'll pick out good ideal, and they call it Aster.
So that's probably going to be that, right?
So there's a profile.
We scroll down.
Scroll down and look at. They have.
Like, this is the list of eight Diamond's fit that criteria.
Now I'm sure they can get you more.
But sometimes they have like 400. It depends on what you're looking for.
So look at these are all round brilliant.
Here are your prices now, imagine.
Imagine a $5000 bill.
Doesn't exist, right?
But at least, ideally, that's worth $5000 today might be, or $7000.
I'm just saying see here.
So look, if you had, you want to put some cash away and you get these round brilliant.
I will say, if I already have on my network virus that's 10000.
Best, 11,000, 22,000, you're looking at 30, $40,000 right there.
Now, this is very liquid, dimas a very liquid.
I would expect you can break even though, so you just want to get out of the banking system, right?
Me, I've seen orders here where I could I could easily pay $9 per night.
Yeah, it depends on what you have the stomach for.
So, I just want to introduce you to that concept, now, that is how you get, why would I want to do that? Well, a diamond doesn't burn it afire.
A diamond is very small, lightweight fact.
I can cross borders with it in a cup of coffee, I can put my diamonds in a cup of coffee across borders like it, my mouth, I can put my pocket, I get mail at some racket.
No, it's a diet.
There's a lot of things I can do with a diamond that would conceal it.
I can store in my home in a very secure location, which is probably make it so secure. I want you to be able to find it.
So to that extent, diamonds are very easy to secure That are very easy to transport, and they're extremely illiquid. Now I'm not saying that that means you can go spend them at your local grocery store, obviously.
And I'm not saying that you want to go take them to the **** shop or a retail jeweler.
But when you can have a relationship and this is what I'm talking about, you have a relationship with the type of appropriately worked with. They become very, very liquid so that you wouldn't be able to buy and sell.
That's what your Broker's gonna do for you is going to get you the right pricing, but he's also gonna be able to liquidate as you beach Because he probably always has customers and then you could be a supplier and also the customer or something to think about. But this may be something. We want to look into a loose time.
We started, we want to avoid anything that's considered blood diamonds or certifications that they're not used in conflict. We're not going to see that too much earlier stage.
You might see that if you try to get into no exotic pipe stones.
But I just showed you a very simple way to do this.
So you get the idea, that's Lou's Diamonds.
Investigating that, you've learned something to share it with me.
Certainly, we can, we can talk about this more. On all the certifications. In fact, we can probably do some research and find out who the players are in this industry. We want.
And I work out a pretty good deal back. If you want to work with a few other people. I'm sure we can get some pretty good pricing with some brokers.
You wouldn't have a committee or anything, but we have some way that we work together.
But we enjoy that.


1. John Jay discusses investing in loose diamonds as a method of storing wealth outside of the traditional banking system.
2. He explains the ‘Four Cs’ of diamond quality: Color, Clarity, Carat weight, and Cut.
3. He recommends investing in round brilliant diamonds due to their potential return rates and attractive properties.
4. John Jay highlights the importance of understanding the diamond grading system and the supply chain to get better prices.
5. The presenter encourages viewers to establish relationships with diamond brokers for ease of purchase and liquidation.
6. He emphasizes the need to avoid conflict diamonds and ensure ethical sourcing.
7. Diamonds are described as highly liquid assets, meaning they can be easily bought and sold.
8. Despite their liquidity, John Jay clarifies that diamonds are not meant to be used as regular currency.
9. The presentation shows that diamonds are portable and can be stored securely, making them a flexible form of wealth.
10. John Jay concludes by inviting viewers to further discuss and research the possibility of investing in loose diamonds.