0:06 All right. 0:07 Well again, this is a John Jay's date is June eight. 0:10 And I want to just mention a couple of things that I have a video membership. 0:13 Or if the content is a certain, they include certain things, OK. When I when I do these recordings, I include them in the members a...

All right.
Well again, this is a John Jay's date is June eight.
And I want to just mention a couple of things that I have a video membership.
Or if the content is a certain, they include certain things, OK. When I when I do these recordings, I include them in the members area, mostly it's in the ultimate section on developing some other sections. But sometimes, I do content that is not on the Thursday, because it's just special. And I'm actually creating some classes right now because I want to teach people how to do these lanes.
But, tonight, I just wanted to discuss more about it, because I talked to some people throughout the week, and some people were confused, which is understandable, Knowing Thanks for things like this.
But, anyways, I just want to mention, of course, as you all know, ... dot com is my main site. And then privacy ... dot IO. I didn't come up with privacy by one of my partners. So, that privacy dot IO is a video membership. It has all my content there, and I'm always adding more, and of course, on the YouTube channel, privacy, but I actually still have it, that's striking.
Privacy, as one word styles, content there, I do occasionally publish these videos or parts of them, then we have the Cryptic Accounting Service.
Not that I just set that up instead of trying to tell you how to find a bookkeeper or something. I just want to bound them.
Then, we told what we wanted, what our clients want.
So, if you guys want to connect with them, they might provide a service for you and what's nice is it's all private. They don't harass you doctor Dos. And they understand US. Tax law. No problem.
And they'll never be a witness against your account. It can easily be a witness against you at an IRS audit, so our service doesn't make that available.
Anyways. That's enough.
I mentioned that, And so, what I want to talk about is, so throughout the week and including today, I hope someone called me today and said that he had submitted his documents to crack, and to open up an Exchange CalPERS LLC.
And the person who is for doing the documents looked at the EIN approval letter, where it's the same for everybody.
... assigns your LLC, and that's all I care about. After that, sometimes it says your name, and it says you as a sole member, and then it gives an address and whatnot.
Well, this person track, and whoever that was sends an e-mail to my client, asking about identifying since this is how it's stated on the EIN Approval Letter, asking him just to explain, is relationship to the LLC.
And I think we've been using ... for the Rock. I can't get it.
But of course, the response to that is the EIN Approval letter does not establish ownership and the LLC, This is an important fact, and the longest don't think about these nuances.
But when you have someone who's not trained or educated, you got a person who should not be doing this job, because a person that crack ends ask a dumb question like that should not be handling your money.
Should not be around your money, but you know, I might even be inclined to send them an e-mail to the manager and say, Look with all due respect media. Train your people. If they're going to ask me a stupid question like this.
And Elaine approval letter does not establish ownership and even if it indicated that ownership, right? That doesn't mean that the day after or the hour after I got the EIN assignment to the LLC that I didn't add my grandma and my brother in there.
That's what I'm saying. the EIN approval letter is nothing.
What establishes ownership?
the articles?
So, the articles are public record. And they establish ownership and an LLC period. And so, ...
asks for these these records, the Articles of Association, which we provide it. So my respond to them, as I told the corner select, tell them that EIN approval letter is no established ownership.
Um, yeah, let me let me yeah, I'm sorry.
Somebody's asked me about Johnny can't do it for some reason Australians.
So anyways, I'm like to tell crack, and you asked, for these articles, you asked for them, so why do you not understand what I sent to you athletes?
These articles establish ownership.
If you don't understand, then I'm going to talk to a manager, Unconcern, right?
I'm concerned, I'm sending you guys money.
You're ask him to stop, You know, so, of course, it became funny, because at first it's stressful. You think you did something wrong and all that sort.
Alright. Let me see if I can now.
I'm sorry for the delay, guys. Let me do a invite here.
This is being white. Like, I don't know why there's a problem.
I don't understand that last week was fine.
The links are identical. I checked.
So, put that in here, should be the same.
We miss anybody.
Try that out.
So, anyways, Simple example, and then new and newer clients, you know, they're like the ideas and they're excited, and they go try to open the account and they have difficult time and shut to understand that. There's an agenda to make it difficult for us, That's all.
It's not my documents. They're not really my documents, their documents that are suitable to the banking system from my research.
So, digital, make it a link.
Oh, there's an e-mail reminder, there's different, OK, I'll go check it out. Just go to Asia coins every time or go to Telegram, and click on that link.
Those two are the same, I had to check my e-mail reminder.
I didn't realize there was procedure.
Indebted I think I fixed that last week, the pinned address, so, but anyways, I'll check it out.
That was an invite lake, so hopefully more will join.
So, there's that, now, I think, getting some pulse recently from different kinds of cases, There's another another case that's a federal case.
Someone has direst the DOJ is trying to see somebody take his house.
So we'll give you the progress on that one.
Then, um, somebody was telling me the other day that he was the, let's call it a victim guy was a victim of a divorce and why the x-ray got alimony, child support, taking 75% of his income Just totally unfair.
So, that's all, the more reason why, why I came up with this, I didn't realize it was so pervasive. And so, when I, when I saw that trend about six weeks ago, I decided to create a solution. I think it's a solution, something we can work with. So, here's the problem.
You identify the problem with access to your money. Right. So, the problem with access to this guy's money he's going to pay 75%. Alimony child support. How's that bear?
Well, that came out of the legislature and it was administered by the court or the court.
Its discretion has been whittled away to almost nothing.
Not to say that the judges are innocent because I think they're part of the problem.
And so are the attorneys, they want this system. They want a punishment. I don't know.
And I know that sounds biased, but I'm telling you from truth. OK, well, I appreciate you should probably that. Literally, I'm just looking at it from a perspective of when someone comes to me. It's typically that. I have to admit I do have a K square.
The ex-wife is going to use that app that's rare.
In any case, I just think, if we export that hole system from the marriage, it doesn't matter if you have a marriage license. I don't have a marriage license. I've been married for, like, 23 years or something.
My wife and I don't have a license from the state, but the state would recognize our marriage if we wanted it to. I don't.
But it would and it would do so in voluntarily if that were, that were to happen.
Whether or not you have a living boyfriend, girlfriend arrangement or anything like that, the state would have a tendency to take jurisdiction under different situations.
When you have this arrangement, it's a marriage or living cohabitation.
It makes it sound like we're a bunch of answers.
Nonetheless, if you haven't, that says, toney Figured out, Man.
All right.
So if you have an agreement that says, The court is not the place to resolve future disputes, and today, we don't have any disputes, but we're just gonna say, We have a specific way in which we're going to handle disputes.
So to do that, we're going to use binding arbitration, which includes the Court. There is no way. It's Ironclad.
There is no way the Court can acquire jurisdiction over a civil dispute that does not involve abuse or neglect. So just keep that in mind. OK, I know there's always an exception.
But when you have this binding arbitration clause and what I would call a postdoctoral agreement, it can be pre-nuptial, it doesn't matter. You don't have to call the nuptial, I could just be a contract between two people.
Any disputes writhing arising from that arrangement.
That living arrangement, that code range arrangement can't be resolved in binding arbitration. So that precludes the Court.
This allows you to control custody arrangements and money, and I can go into the details on my agreement, but I almost have a settlement agreement inside that. no.
They took the Post national.
I almost have a divorce decree, but most of my intention in writing, this was not to create terms of divorce. My intention was to simply exclude the state.
So, you could just exclude the state that there can be no mention of separation, OK?
It's just that you could So it depends on who I'm talking to and what his or her situation is as to how I'm going to do this.
But I just think abuse or neglect, you'd have the cops involved, and they could go into the corridor, that would be criminal aspect of sure.
You're on your own that, you know.
And of course, they can be a false criminal complaint.
But, you know, the burden of proof on improving a crime is, is pretty good, And I know there's abuse, there's abuse.
So that's a sticky situation. I'm just saying I can't solve every problem. But I think I can give you a way to manage it just like anything else. Pamela, manage financial risk, not talking about divorce. I'm talking about financial risk.
Let's get something that's fair. Let's get something that serves the family.
So then agreement I'll just read you a real quick. So in that agreement I got a binding arbitration clause. Then I declare the existence of a trust and identify what's in the trust, and so anything that they're looking at it in the household, in the household.
Anything in the household is going to be conveyed two, the trust, inside the post nutshell. Are we gonna call it?
So that gets the Marital status state, so there's nothing to talk about.
It's settled.
It's settled. I had a case recently where this gentleman had reached an arrangement to very well-educated people symbolic eligible for some agent, and they have been divorced by five years.
And they had made arrangements, very amicable arrangements, and the ex-wife.
In fact, they were still business partners. It was amazing, but the ex-wife decided to, you know, maybe she wanted some drama.
So she goes to the court, and she finds a divorce petition, right?
My response to that was to follow the mirror. It was in California.
Because the divorce had already been established, it was already the agreement was already in place. And so we just more memorialize the agreement.
Now, I didn't continue working on that case for whatever reason, But you're saying it gave me the idea.
All right, well, if a matter has already settled, then the court would be precluded from taking jurisdiction, but what's the best way to get the court to acknowledge the fact that matters already settled?
Well, property rights are conveyed outside of the mirror community. Can't touch a court, can't touch a judge.
That's separate from the binding arbitration agreement.
It's they work independently, but I like to have both in the contract.
Then we go on, we go on from there on the standards, for example, the standards of child support or alimony, if that's going to be part of the equation, if there's going to be a separation, for example, would have been established by the cost of living for that individual family. And how it was managed while they were married living in the same household. So you gotta figure out backup some numbers and things of that nature. That the standards should be established by how the family was already living, not by the US. Department of Agriculture.
All right. I'm not by the state legislature, who is a, it's an insane person, OK. The legislature is a corporation.
They just made up some arbitrary numbers. And they don't call it arbitrary. Because it's a matter of law. I call it arbitrary. Because if your family didn't make it out, OK, everybody's family is different.
Anyways, that's what I did. And so it gives you, It gives you power and it makes you if you're so inclined and makes you act diligently, but it gives you a tool to act diligently to do something.
No, you don't need a lawyer Nobody needs a lawyer in that case. That we can, we can exclude them from that equation.
Anyways, So if you, if you want to, if, you know if you have a situation like that, hopefully, you know.
But, it would make sense to do it. If you're going to have a living arrangement with, you know, somebody that, is your girlfriend boyfriend? Or spouse? OK, and I just think you can do it. The best time to do is when that when there's no dispute going on.
Because really what you want to do in the first stage is you want to first the final stage is you want to divorce that the state.
Once you do that, what else do you need to do? Nothing just put it on the shelf.
And it's done that way. If there's anything that comes up, you already know, the state has nothing to say about it.
And you'll have to work it out, you gotta work it out.
All right, so, now, the thing about this, um, does anybody want to ask any questions? I'm going to take a little second here to ask.
I'll just keep on, I have one. Yeah.
Hey, when you get a chance to elaborate on how a married couple with children have to prevent child protection services from the state, you know, from getting involved.
I think you did that once before, they can get they can overstepped the agreement. However. If there's such an agreement, it would put the brakes on that process.
Because there would be a question of jurisdiction, the Court would have to take cognizance of it.
So it would it would give you that breathing room to do. Instead of just running you over now I can't. I can't speak for situation where they don't care and is running over.
It does give you a bit of a Lego.
Mommy I'm getting better at this guys. That's like whack a mole. All right. Yeah, I mean, it just wasn't about it.
I'll give you, I'll tell you guys are funny. A funny scenario, but interrupt me, if you have a question on what I was just talking about, and then I'm gonna go into the oyster.
And the easement by easements in particular.
Way back in the nineties, when my partner and I were just learning a lot of stuff, he was about a year ahead of me in researching, but we hit our own unique way of looking at things, as you can imagine.
one of the, one of the situations, one of the things we never did was we always had disagree that will never help somebody, will help somebody with a speeding ticket, but not somebody with a DUI.
That's on, you know?
But this, one kid came in the door, and he was, I think, Wani, about 20 21 and something like that.
But he was sitting in his dad's car with his friends, and they were in the driveway, this house, and he's still lived at home, and they were playing some music. And I don't know what it was made. Was a small town in the cops want to mess with them?
But they came over and they started, they started harassing them about something. I don't know. Maybe musicals to laugh right.
And so they wanted to make a case out of it and they searched the car without his consent and they in the car was his dad's beer cans.
No, I mean, I don't know what who who puts beer cans in the trunk of the car. I don't know. But anyways, his dad had old beer cans from a long time ago.
So hey, cited him, I don't think they arrested. They cited for drunk driving.
When we heard that, we're like, yeah, we're taking this case.
So it was one of those cases where you could just moved to dismiss and have it, isn't it?
So that's not good enough that again, we don't like to rely on if I can avoid the merits of the case and solve it, now, I'd like to do it.
So this is just an example. The system run, run a while, right.
So my partner goes in there to argue the traffic citation. It wasn't even in traffic.
He was on private property, and the hearing officer was waiting for the cops.
The two cops that did all this nonsense, to come in and so what happened is his license was suspended during the case. So we wanted to get his license reinstatement, that was it.
If the license re-instated after that, he's on his own, we didn't care because after that, when it gets anyways.
The cops weren't there yet.
They were, kind of, it was early, my partners are, so, uh, The hearing officer said, Hey, if you'll just laid out in the hallway, I'm gonna give the cops, the officers, 2 to 15 minutes. And if they're still, here, I'll go ahead and re-instate his license and then we'll continue the hearing or whatever the deal with.
So, my partner goes out in the hallway, he had a briefcase with this guy, like the carry a briefcase with all kinds of books in their papers.
So, it was the second floor. That's really hearing What's right? Crossing elevators. So, he took the briefcase.
Didn't even blink, didn't even pause for a second walks out of the hearing officers.
Rome, over to the elevator and sticks his briefcase in the door.
I just loved it there.
Sorry, jammed the door, just stood there. I mean, this isn't the middle of the court right here. I'm gonna go.
So, you can imagine the first Florida, like pushing the button 15 times, elevators, this stuck on the second floor, or first floor of, I don't know.
So anyways, the 15 minutes take psi and that second, he goes, no, Your Honor, that looks like they're not going to show here you go staff. But he's leaving the building, and he sees the cops, is going down the stairs because you know, there's chaos at the elevated roadway.
And he sees the cops who had it figured out and they were taking the stairs, and they were running this way down the hallway. And he's the client running that way.
So, it's just interesting.
Sometimes You gotta think outside the Box, you know, and it's funny, I just want to share that with you.
So, um, the HLA Covenant, this, this is a bit of a more but involve complex complicated situation unless you have a property whether or not there's a mortgage on it doesn't matter. You have a parcel of land or more I prefer to have a neighborhood because that's normal, but you don't need a whole neighborhood to put an HLAA Cabinet from what I found.
That could be proven incorrect.
But so far on my research says you can put an HIE covenant on land one or more parcells So what that does is it allows you to control the title matter? What happens to it?
So if there's a foreclosure on the property, the way still has this these lien rights, right? So let's say for example And the one I gave you is that in the H O A covenant I can put it there, or I can establish it by notices.
I can I can create a special assessment upon the taking of the title.
So, following a foreclosure, I still get that say, and what happens even though the person who had the title was foreclosed upon?
He's still there because they still have to take possession is still there, even though the foreclosure went through, OK.
But, in the meantime, after 30 days or so, in that period of time, the HLA can give notice on a special assessment and a special assessment can be the value of the property.
So let's say you bought the property for a quarter million dollars at auction, let's just say.
And the special assessment is a quarter million dollars. So she's got to come up with that. Not only that, once you have the special assessments or the assessment or the ... or something as a matter of public record. And you update Realty Track and Zillow because you can do that, anybody can do that, you just update and say, look, there's ... on this property. Who's gonna want that?
Kinda devaluing the property, right, you're discouraging anyone from making a bid on so you're really jamming up that foreclosure process and retaining it so in the end yeah, it might be a little paperwork.
And maybe you have to bring in an attorney because if the HLAA has to foreclose, you didn't do you need a lawyer? But it might cost like $3000, because it's going to be unopposed.
What are you going to do?
Know, how are they going to pose it?
Anyways, it's a special assessment.
The ... Covenant works just like a mortgage.
If you Go ahead and buy that property You had adequate notice, and you're subject to the terms. It's just like a mortgage. That's why, I think, it's so fantastic that this lean cannot be exhausted and it can be used in this way, it's not intended for that thing. But it can be, there's nothing illegal about that.
So, I'll use it if I can. And I will use it in conjunction with an Easement. Now, there's a couple applications here. We ask John what he wants.
Pretty good job.
I can let you go to the Easement.
OK, all right, OK, I'll wait.
OK, so, on the Eastern side, I like this one because I can just apply this to whatever I want, I can just partial partial partial.
So, an Easement is just like a mortgage and I can slap it on my property If I buy a house and I'm on the title or something I control was on the title to trust an LLC or whatever, doesn't matter if there's a mortgage or kiosk or anything like that.
I can establish an easement on that property.
It allows me to continue staying in the property under whatever use conditions I want to have, so they use conditions I want, or the same Use conditions I'm exercising right now.
I go there, I live there, I sleep there, IE there. I entertain my family friends there and so my easement allows me to continue doing that and it allows me to assign those, Right. So I have total control of that property. And I don't care who the title holder is, if I write up such an easement and I can write it in a two page document.
It travels with the property. Who cares what the who the title holder is? You can ignore everybody.
Know? you think this is so powerful.
Everybody should be doing this. We can just just ignore the county and we can have our own rules.
Do we want that? I don't know if we really want that.
Yeah, OK.
Yeah, let me, let me explain Mark on the special assessment.
All right, So co-authors that it's the Homeowners Association who controls the homeowners association. When I just started doing that.
So, what I ask the client is, if you, you want to have, let's say, three people, three people, minimum, or five, an odd number. You want three people. They can fulfill 4 or 5 offices.
So, there's the CEO, the, let's say the president, and maybe the CEO and president, right? So, one person is CEO and president, then there's the secretary.
Then maybe there's Vice President, right? I think you want maybe three people to fill for offices. You have to check your individual states, and that's what I do when I write these up. So.
Those people that the board now establishes what a special assessment can be, and it doesn't have to be established in advance, it could be they can be made out of the authority that already exist. And the covenant is a beautiful thing. It's a governing document.
It's like its own jurisdiction, like its own city.
No one's going to use that terminology though.
The HLA company is extremely powerful.
You can you can you can remove a neighborhood from your city.
Just like the Indian tribes, we can relate to this. You know, the Europeans came here and stole the land from the Indians.
We moved on to, I should say we, but the Europeans moved them on to little, you know, spots of land and call them reservations, right? Well, these are nations.
And they've, they've lost their sovereignty for the most part, but at the same time, they, you know, they have this status, they're nations.
In any case, you don't have to have national status if you have the lien rights, and if you have the last, say, the lien rights.
So, yeah, special assessments come from the authority of the angel aid through its covenant the deed restriction.
What about easement? So I run it an easement. And I specify the rights and duties.
And, if that's it, I recorded it, I can do that in one afternoon. I can write up an easement on my property now. I'll think about it.
If I want, we're heading into a real estate situation where there's going to be opportunity for those who would be willing to real, have some diligence, you don't need a lot of money.
But let's say you go into a, you looking at a distressed property, someone's under foreclosure, right?
And he doesn't know what you're doing.
But you can help his situation out immensely without too much money, without money at all, really, if you were to negotiate an easement from the owner.
Because he's still the owner, until he gets foreclosed upon. His name is still on the title until ordered by the court or something.
He still has the right to issue an easement.
So, all you have to do is right at the easement and happily titleholder execute the easement giving you the rights to use the property. In the way you've already written, you've described it, how you want to use the property, so what do you wanna do? Do you want to, you want to let the guys stay there with his family and then rent from you?
Because you control everything and the easement. You can say, hey, I'll take care of the taxes, I'll take care of the city, whatever.
Did you handle that?
He won't even be involved.
Or, maybe you can have the property?
You can work out anything.
Because you know this one little thing.
If you want to see an example, go look at an easement now. There are easements that are not written.
There are easiness of necessity, there are public utility easements, Many of which are, you're not going to find words.
On my trip back from Georgia you guys may have seen my video where I was explaining, Let's go back way, way back, and figure out, where are these cops, got the right to even follow you on the inter-state and put a declared emergency and stop you?
Did that happen?
Well, people were traveling in certain trails, OK? There's a whole book on trails. How trails are developed by people.
And those trails became popular, and they eventually led to people granting easement rights too, the public, public, right of way, for convenience.
And so once they, once they did that, there became a need for administration of Public Safety Doc.
So we commissioned people to do that and then we had to collect taxes. And here we are.
So the right of the police to police the highways in the name of public safety is unquestionable.
OK, however, it's, it's not about collecting taxes. So if you're just gonna stop me search should tax me.
I have a problem with that.
Now, if I'm, if I'm a risk to other people, OK, I'm like, an arguably, I'm driving fast, and the schools aren't, I deserve what I get, hopefully I didn't hurt anybody.
We've gotta be responsible for this.
So, know the easement rights.
We can, we can establish these and use them as a tool.
I don't mean use your imagination.
What can you do with that idea? Let me, let me throw it out here.
Let's say you got, you don't need this much, but let's say you got 10 acres and it's not about.
So, you come up with a plan. You can use software to do this. You can decide on this part of the property or do that.
On this part of the property and do this, I'm going to have this type of easement ingress and egress over here, whatever.
So, I need money to develop the property right.
Why not create an easement for the development of certain aspects of the property?
Then create another easement or different other aspects of the property then sell those easement rights to somebody who's willing to develop it with his or her own money.
You can overlay those easements on top of each other.
So you create more value in the property. And you create a secure way, a secure way of getting funding.
He didn't have to go to the banking system.
The bank won't like it, so don't try to get a mortgage, you know. This is not a mortgage.
This is a joint venture with somebody having this property and somebody else having this property, the liquidity to develop this property. And I secure that relationship with an easement.
It's totally secure. It's a totally secure investment.
And then it puts it on you to make it work.
Gentlemanly thing.
It just keeps getting better the way you're thinking about it.
All right. Can you point?
The easement generational permission.
Like, of course, our kids and then, like, say, five generations in the future, has access. Here's what I would do.
I would write up, I would write up a trust.
Now, I don't know what kind of trust you would call this, but probably it's going to be an estate trust or some Kavanagh.
It's, maybe it's not revocable or or trusted dissolve after 100 years or something, but I would write up a trust and make that The Serbian state, If you recall from our last discussion, the Serbian state is the one who received the easement rights, not the title holder.
The Titleholders the Dominant state.
So if you made a trust, your family trust, the ... estate, yes, it would span generations.
You can also make these rights expire.
We already have property trusts. so just have that trust to another trust, Whatever the title holder is. It's going to be the other the dominant estate in the easement agreement. The Easement is an agreement.
Then when it's recorded, it becomes Elite.
The lien survives any transfer of title, no matter by what means.
To the e-mail with all my stuff, so we get started. OK, cool, thanks. Yeah, there are a couple of you did that. So I'm anxious to get that going on. But I think what I want to do is come up with like a standard type of residential easement as an example to show you what I'm talking about. Because I want to describe how we're already using the property. If that's what you wanna do.
I mean, I'm not just saying, I have my neighbor and I can share the middle the in-between of our houses to cut the grass. I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about use the entire property for what I'm already using it for, that transfers the use, The use rights of the property from the title to the survey at the state.
Nobody can touch it.
There any way to regain mineral rights or anything that would be the next thing?
And yes, so, so, you'd have to, the title holder, I believe, would have to probably update the land papp probably, because he would have to have the mineral rights before he could create an easement on the mineral rights.
But, yeah. The answer is, yeah. Just like you guys asked me last time on the space, you know the air about the house?
Those are land rights, also.
If the previous owner reserved amount, we bought it from Polk County.
They reserved out alright. mineral rights.
And we, we didn't get them when we bought. that's right. I don't, yeah, I don't know how they did that. Did they do with an easement or some other mechanism? The title, which says that we are interested in the mineral rights.
Got it. Way round.
I would, I would start by looking at the need to see what is what was actually conveyed.
Yeah, because so much of what we're talking about has to do with Status Standing Agency.
There has to be chain of title an uninterrupted chain of Title.
So yeah, I would start with whatever instrument, gave up those mineral rights.
And this is kind of new to me as far as mineral rights. And all these water rights.
This is, I mean, this is a different subject, but I can tell you right now, easements, you can just do an easement.
It does for a long time. But minerals, I don't know how those are established, probably have to involve the bureau of land management.
Elizabeth, what do you think you want it?
Why do you want to just watch it again?
Tell me what question you have.
This might help.
Yeah, now exam.
I think it's definitely just understanding certain terms about easement then just put all these terms.
No mean, so it's OK.
I just am a beginner that's all, I really enjoyed hearing it. Well, think about it like this.
If you live in a small neighborhood where it's just like a two lane Street as county maintain and so we live in like to thank our houses here three bedrooms about a typical.
And so the roadway, the blacktop, with the gutters on the side. That's an easement.
I don't know where that established make it to the development plans or something. And those are a matter of public record.
But this is something we take for granted. So just think of it like that, isn't, it?
also may establish right of ingress and egress, you know till it like if you have two houses on a parcel, and once like in Ohio, I know they do that. My grandmother had this. So you have an easement through the first homeowners property to get to year. So there's one long driveway.
Right, right. yeah, I get that. Then, you know, we're also talking about having, you know, properties and try saying that you know, that all holders of the title. Yeah. I just love to follow it, because I know it's going to be valuable to me.
And I just have to, no, just pick pick up from a little bit earlier and get my motive here about explaining this because I'm seeing Blackrock. Try to scoop up all this property and take it away from our ability to manage it. Because I think real estate investors end up, cleaning up after politicians wreck everything, And I think this is the end game. I don't think we'll be able to do that if we allow this to take place. But as long as we're getting the title any way, we can get it.
We can create easement and proof. Now, we have control over this, and Blackrock does not.
We gotta work at it.
And then somebody as one second thought, It can be used to prevent local jurisdiction for making your house illegal. Such as, Or Yeah, I don't know what. What was the thing in New York City?
Oh, House Illegal, such as was just, what was announced in New York City. Really.
What was that?
Yeah, the mayor just announced that they're doing a lottery, And if you're a housemaid certain conditions, and I don't know what those conditions are.
But you would be put into a lottery, they'll pull 10 addresses, and those addresses have to house up to four illegals for a year.
If this is a nice, new demographic for any of you entrepreneurs out there, these are potential clients. Hey guys. You like the New York City thing?
He wants to be illegal here.
Here's what you do.
Science, paper.
Whatever. I mean, we have the power, we just have to exercise it.
Good evening.
I was wondering, know about the easement rights.
You said their landys not writing and know that they're in the air. Can you claim those rights, and then tell the US.
Air Force to stop flying over it, and, and dropping off cam trials?
Not exactly like that.
You have to think of it like this, first of all, the way in which the air is being used, the air, this land.
So if you look at the perimeter of your property, let's say, and you take that into outer space from the Earth, it is infinite, right?
Or, as we understand, um, it is being used right now, but OK, so our government has taken over easement rights over the use of it.
And what they've done is, leased it back, let's say, this is not the right word, but, they leased it back to the airlines and whoever would use the airspace commercial purposes.
And they made it, you know, they regulated everything, every use of the airspace.
So, it's not, it's not like this. So, yeah, you can claim it.
But the thing is, the easement has been established over time.
And you creating a claim on it.
Just over your property like that, it would be ignored just because the easement is already been established. So, how would you, Here's how you, here's how I think it would work out, but as long time ago.
If so, think of it as the government is become, has become the trustee over this property, it has, has been using it for revenue, and let's say public safety to OK, getting credit, but, it's been using it in that manner.
But, it's the trustee, In fact, the de facto trustee, where the people are the benefit we actually benefit from the way in which the airspace is being used, we actually have benefits, I don't want to police the airspace, I want them to do what they're doing, but why should we?
Why should not?
Why should we not be credited and have our taxes reduced?
Let's just say, for the use of this property.
I mean, it goes on from there.
What about the waterways? And what about the oceans and all these sorts of things, up to a point.
So I think that it should stay like that. It's already established, and maybe it isn't even, I don't know.
But why don't we get credit for it, and get an offset on our taxes with some time? And maybe it shows up, and maybe it's published every year. I don't know.
That's what I was thinking, we don't want to disrupt things.
And as far as the controls go, I'm gonna say that that's an invasion.
because I'm thinking that, among other things, I think the controls are being used to kill the insect population, because it'll, it'll impede the food production, Or it'll allow the production of the poison in some way.
No, it'll allow, it'll create Pestilence, let's call it that.
If you don't have the correct insect population, the insects that shouldn't be there will be there.
So, I think that's what's happening there.
So, there's that aspect going on.
What do you think, Right?
I think what she said about the foreclosure scenario was outstanding. Can you go away again? Different ways that you could rescue someone in a foreclosure situation or how we got there?
You can secure's use of that property regardless of who has the title.
It doesn't matter about the HLA if he doesn't have an H away, you could also use that. But either way isn't it is guaranteed and you can just use it.
So you can actually come in and talk to the person going through foreclosure, set up an arrangement where he agrees to it, which is a lane is going on it, you have a contract.
Then what do you want to do? Check them when they try and for close. You can stop it because you've got that perpetual lease or foreclosure will take place. but it will be irrelevant because it cannot be dispossessed of the property because he has a, an easement right now.
Careful here because the title holder cannot be the survey state. Also, the dominant state has to be different and make sure you do this, don't try to trick the system.
There has to be a true difference in beneficial interests.
So it goes to, let's say, John Smith, its title holder, will put it the Johnson family trust, right?
Or, let's name it something completely different. Just to make sure that it's set. Because, if, if it's determined by court, let's say someone wants to challenge it, he, someone could argue that the, there's no difference between the serving the dominant states. And then the Court would say, OK, well, there's no, isn't that.
So you gotta be careful how you do this. Yeah.
There's gonna be a ton of them coming, just like you said, Black rat snake.
You look, I'm not I'm not saying, OK, no, I'm not trying to exploit people, I started in this work. So, people are not exploited.
I think you can serve and help people doing this, But, I think you can also make a ton of money. And I think he can be very effective as a real estate investor.
And I think you can, you can actually just be a big player in real estate with the existing people have been investing in it.
They don't even think of things like this.
Millimeter hm, hm.
Hm, and let the people stay, and you can cheat and then pay, yeah.
That's going to change everything the way everything works, because people will just wake up and take responsibility for their local neighborhood.
Emergency services. Pay Attention.
Like, pay attention. Here's how you do it. You get a copy the budget for your local fire station.
I'm not saying that anything wrong, but why not? look at the **** budget.
Look at the police budget, all right?
Mean, it's public record, find out, What the heck, how much money is it, costing, you know, and anyways, Then, start being the parent.
Yeah. So you know what? You get too much money.
I'll take it back and we're going to do this now.
I mean, really, everything has happened is the People's Power. Our file is how people are making go look in the mirror. We were post collision.
We're not doing it, that's right.
That's why don't complete this part of the ..., I'm a really big in a perfect fit, because if you read agenda 2030 and you read What's going on with the Who has in mind and the World Economic Forum, they plan on taking everybody's, right. Yes, they do. Smart cities and national pan out.
Yeah, well, it's going to be my dad, Daniel, I'm not going to go well, I think this is a peaceful solution that doesn't require computation.
They all understand what he's in the rights are, how you can escape it, I had the right to have had the right to grantees that rise to the surveillance state.
Now what?
All right?
So, yeah, I appreciate you guys.
You know, participating and definitely, we're gonna, we're gonna get these files. There's a list of you that we're going to work on that we're going to finish up the security agreement. So, here's, here's the path of that. Security agreement. I'm just focusing on biographical data, biometric data. It's very simple. This is, like, 90% of the game.
So, we found the way we pick a pickup or better, right?
Or so Google, we put a lien on Google, maybe your D&B, and some other special people.
Then, we record that when you're counting in your county recorder's office, just the same place you record mortgages and the HLA covenants and easements. This is where you also record the security agreements.
We use a UCC, one filing cover page.
In this example, the UCC, one financing statement, it's just a form that is not believe the security agreement is the link. Yeah, I love Amazon as a better job at Apple.
Any of these data hearts, you know, I did a call a few weeks ago showing you guys, some of the wholesalers, the brokers of all this data you've never heard of before.
They'll watch that call and grab all those names. You can search on the Internet. Who are the data brokers?
There should be debtors to when you guys have done by the end of the year. Ship 20 or 30 these files.
So we file it in the county.
Then we follow up with the Secretary of State's office and I believe we probably will end up recording somebody's in the US. Patent Trademark Office or the Copyright Office.
I'll do more research on that, but we'll see.
Lexis Nexis Heck Yeah. All your credit reporting bureaus. Yeah.
Yeah, business wise it's OK, so I did a couple of calls on this.
So there's no license.
You'd have to tell me what, kind of roughly half the tunnels, what they're doing So was like, if I look at the notice, you've got, I like to deal with things on the merits.
You want to tell me what the deal is there.
Did you ever have a license was with you, was it expired, OK? Well, OK. So here's the thing.
I know that, I've got a whole business model on this one.
The massage thing, it's a, it's a personal service. It's a professional service.
It can be private, It is better if you make it that way.
So if you don't advertize, therapeutic massage, you're good.
You can advertize something that's not licensed, but you run into problems. If you have a license and then it expired, and you're still operating in the same way, then you have, yeah, it's hard. You got to re-instate it. And then you know the jurisdiction.
But yeah, you can have, but you can change the way. you're OK, So here's an example.
You can change the way you're presenting the service through marketing.
In fact, I am actually doing this right now, or massage business to generate new clients privately, to make them a private association.
So that way, they can generate the leads on the website, and then the client is referred to that place that location, 1 by one.
And that makes it private, so that way, sure, you might have walk-in clients after awhile, but you don't need a big fat sign out there that gets the police's attention, right, or the State regulatory authorities.
Yeah. Well, OK. A PMA that's I'm talking about. This is a PMA. You don't need an instrument to create a PMA. You operate as a profit association. Alright?
And it all falls into place.
So those are The thing that gets you stuck, right is the need to bring in new clients, and the easiest way to do that is walk in I'm putting up a big sign.
So, if you get rid of that model and use some other way to generate leads, and we have technology, we can do that, right? Websites and referrals to joint ventures and all these.
We could do Facebook ads, and we can also generate leads that don't identify with a particular location, such as your location.
That would allow you to do it privately without D license. But, again, you gotta clean up the situation.
OK, and.
I looked up something on, I look up something the other day.
It just turns out, in Orlando, there's this resort. And when you go to this resort, OK, it's like, OK, you know, you go to a hotel.
You just go in there and you have the lobby, and you bring your luggage and all that you can't get into the lobby until you pay at the gate.
Here's why.
The moment you pay at the gate, you're not even out of your car yet. You're really not even on the property. You're still on the easement.
You pay. And that makes you a member of their private membership association.
I'm not saying I'm an advocate of this. I'm just telling you what I learned, OK? I've never been there.
This is a place where adults can do anything they want to do.
It's only for adults. Children can't go, you can imagine what that might be.
There's all kinds of tools, and, you know, recreational facilities, and as 24, 7, you can do whatever you want.
This can't hurt each other.
Yeah, So, that's the, there's only like 1 or 2 places here there like that, by the way, We actually have just discovered it in that research. We have here, right in Orlando, that you'll find it in your city if you want to check this out.
There are speakeasies all over the place.
There are bars that operate like speakeasies did during prohibition and some played up, like for marketing purposes. So we've got one here, that every day, there's a new password, and you have to go get it by texting the restaurant into the bottle. It will tend to send you back the password for the day.
Then, it only opens at eight o'clock and it closes at two in the morning and it's far, it looks like it's underground now. Florida, we don't have any underground here. But this one looks like it's underground.
And it's a speakeasy. They will not let you in without that password.
So, again, this is, this is an example in response to what you're talking about. How do I deal with any type of professional service? I can make it private is. Gyms are great about that because the gym technology allows you access the Members Access through a coded keypad entry.
I would say, get one of those for your facility, remove the sign, and do your marketing some other way, and they put the sign that says, my hours of operation, the input, by appointment only.
Then members only, or somewhat better, appointment.
Only that makes it private, that answer your question?
Delaying everything.
Yeah, you have that big side of there so.
Oh, hi.
Sorry, this is a baby question.
Going back to the homeowners associations, can you give an example of what would be the beneficial interest of a dominant party versus asserting parody, OK. The dominant Soviet states, the parties are going to be related to an easement.
The ... covenant has to do with a corporation that has the rule making power over all the parcels in that group.
Regardless of who has the title, there's a little bit different there.
They're both leads, but they're administered a little bit differently.
So, you're saying the title holder is the dominant estate.
No, there are two different things: The title holder has the right to issue or convey easement rights to a third party, which is known as The 30 In the State.
So, the title holder has the right, the title holder, in that case and an Easement is the dominant estate, it has the right, or he has the right to convey certain uses of the property to the survey and the state.
And, in a natural way, the rules are just set up by the community.
And they're administered, according to the rules.
So, um, that defines beneficial interests?
OK, I wouldn't say there's so much beneficial interests. There's always going to be some beneficial something going on there.
I mean, the survey at the State has the benefit of, they haven't given access perpetual access, as long as that lane is valid to the use of that property as described in the easement.
So, yeah, that that would be the beneficial party. Now, the ones who conveyed it may not really enjoy the benefits of the easement because he doesn't need to. He was the one that is the use of the property through the easement.
So, the dominant estate probably has infinitely more uses and rise over the property just because he's know the dominant estate. Maybe he didn't even realize it, right? He had, he forgot to convey it, right? So this is another reason you want to really be thorough when you create the easement.
If you want to convey a whole complete set of use, no rights.
Does that make sense?
Yes. Yeah. The easement would.
The easement would be that perpetual lien over any not so much zoning code, but the penalties imposed for violating a zoning code.
Those would go through, but it would never affect the use rights that are established by the easement. So literally the Serbian state could ignore the zoning code, just like the dominant estate, could ignore the zoning codes. Yes.
That would be the the zoning code is like, let's call it, that the top jurisdiction, but the thing is, if you're the lienholder, that never goes away. You always get the last word.
And after a few rounds of the local municipalities try to enforce whatever code it wants.
It's going to realize, wait a minute, nothing's happened in there.
That's changing. It makes you the rulemaking Yeah.
It makes you the rule maker, They'll, they'll figure it out.
Thank you.
Let me ask Todd real quick, what he was going to.
You gotta know what you're talking about. What do you want to ask?
Yeah, couple of things. one is no.
Maybe, maybe make a flowchart or a PowerPoint, or something. Yeah. So, we can actually go out.
Everybody else probably understands all this stuff really easy, and they can just do it, but I'm kinda neanderthal.
I need one to do that. Yeah. Yeah, actually give you guys an example. Yeah, let me give an example and a step by step, but I just threw a bunch of ideas out at you. Because, I understand, I just wanna give you, like, what I understand, what it can be used for. Just to give you like that, That little boundary, to start with, like, whoa, wait a minute.
This has a lot of power here.
Of course, you know, I mean, I've been following them for a long time. Yeah, great ideas.
And they're very, very applicable, and, yeah, it was just, it was just helped me. It's just a suggestion, it's a good idea.
Yeah. But anyways, and you know what?
And you've expressed a lot of times that you've gone in and you've represented people.
How are you able to do that, without being a bar licensed attorney, OK.
That was in the nineties. They changed the rules, I mean, they will change the rules. They change the way they interact with, people like me to my partner.
And I would go in there, and we would argue right to counsel, Then, the judge to say, well, that's interesting. In that way before, because right to counsel is the private property, right? And it's also the right of association, which is a protected by the Constitution, and it's under which the judges operate, right?
So how can they can they, how can they tell you how to exercise a Right?
I don't understand that, And I brought that up several times. You know the fifth or Sixth Amendment to the Constitution says you have a right to counsel. Well, it gets a little deeper. Because what you have C You don't understand who you're dealing with, what the Court is, a church.
And the Church has every right to boot you out of there if you're not approved by the church.
I'm not going to tell you that, though.
But that they act in the public interest. They can't, they can't act that way, but they're going to act that way until they get called on it. So you have to understand who were dealing with.
So look, the private association, that's a private membership association, is the bar.
Now, the bar that I'm gonna give you for this example, the bar was formed in 19 48 into 49, the Florida bar.
And so this is a labor union.
Now, before then professionals went to law school possibly, or they learn how to practice law like Abraham Lincoln, whatever, and they were doing just fine practicing law.
Now, some may not be so good, OK, Those get Wait it out, you know? Just like, Oh, yeah, yeah.
So that the bar, the bar said, We're going to form this association, and then anyone we're going to make it to.
Or anyone who's not a member, it's not going to be permitted to continue practicing law well, as soon as the association was formed, which they had the right to do.
It did not change my right to either form a similar association or continuing to practice law.
The formation of the Bar. I must know how they did it So they formed a private membership association. And tried to exclude. And they did! They succeeded so far. But, but I'm gonna show you how they can pass them, open up this, and I'm about to do something that's going to bust them open.
It's going to take until next year It's going to bust them. So, they did this association.
Then the exercise of that right?
Freedom of Association did not, did not prevent or withdraw or preclude me from exercising a similar right, I could, I could have, I could have for my own bar, or not, in fact, lawyers were already associated with themselves.
Anyways, yeah, there's all kinds of bars.
I mean, yeah, Hail versus Hinkle says You can contractor, right. Yeah Hill versus handler has to do with an involuntary servitude.
Corporations, I think as corporations. Yeah.
I mean, you can track, you can contract your time, your own labor. Yeah. I mean, so, here's the, here's the funniest part of the bar.
So the bar is organized for what purpose to protect the public, or what?
Because we're stupid, right.
Well, yeah, that's supposed to protect the public from people not being able to practice law, effectively license. It is protecting people from bad, legal advice.
Right, Right, right, right, OK.
So, aside from that, let me just make a note here. There is no such thing as a license to practice law.
Right. They, each created look.
They created their own governing body outside the government, And the Governor has said, sounds good to us.
If if the bar was organized for the sole purpose of protecting people against bad legal advice, how is it that I'm accountable for knowing the law?
And ignorance of the law is not a legal defense?
If that's the case, I'm ultimately liable, right? The board members don't identify me against that legal advice or my own, that legal advice. I'm not protected because I have a bar. They're not taking responsibility for me getting bad legal advice.
Right. So how the heck can they say they're going to protect the public from bad legal advice?
Kanye, it's a great possibility.
Unless you change the foundation of our modern society, for the last 500 years.
The whole dynamics of the borrower is false.
So, then they took it. So once they had the bar members, they infiltrated all the government offices. Right? The legislature, the courts, and all this.
Then, of course, they passed a criminalized, non membership. Now, the bar does not police the legal advice. It police is not a membership.
That bar would never survive. If if, look, I'm going to, I'm going to create a bar.
And I'm going to show people that they can join this bar association.
And they can make this argument, and there's no way around it because it's their same argument.
What are you gonna do? I have a right to Freedom of Association, just like you exercise.
When you form the bar, You can't exclude my organization.
Is a private company, and the Supreme Court says, oh, we have a constitutional duty to regulate the practice of law in our courts, OK, You do. But that doesn't mean that you can do that through a private organization.
It's not even licensed.
No lawyer pays a tax to practice law.
He becomes a member of the bar.
That is not a license.
This is where I was explaining to the physicians the other day that they want to know they want, they're done with the state, you know, disease stuff and they're like, I'm not going to put my life and I'm not going to ask the state for a license anymore, but the problem is that I can't get insurance.
So, I was explaining how they can have their own private association do the same thing as agents are doing but do it competently, and also still have insurance and indemnification and their own regulatory compliance. That will also be recognized by the courts.
So, you can do the same thing.
You can create your own corner bar, €3, and, and, and demand that the data courts.
Follow you and and and are not able to arrest you, because, you guys, because you have your own license. Yeah, Your lot licensing, it'll force them to recognize that we exist, and they can't do anything about it.
The other thing is, Well, so there's that, the Bar Association.
Then I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm creating a jira jury, which is an arbitration forum, but I'm using technology to to create the ability to form a jury of people, to make a decision on disputes.
So that way, you can have an arbitration or dispute arbitration with 20 people, or five, or whatever you want.
There are people, I mean, I don't think we eat 300, but if we have 8 or 12 people, that should be enough to get up their decision.
The more people you have up to a point is more inclined to give you more and more of their decisions.
That's our constitutional right, anyways. Yeah.
Yeah, Yeah.
OK, so.
So anyways, I had my meet and confer with the opposing attorney, OK, just the other day.
I got through all that. Yeah, I mean, I don't know.
I mean, you know how that goes, that was the first time I ever did it seem to go, OK. I'm sure they take advantage of me. From my ignorance confer for what scheduling order.
Yeah, yeah, No, look, if they were going to do that, we would be more involved. I would have a meeting with you before that. We just want them to do all the work and write the time periods now. Can I have my people that, we have a formula we follow.
We make sure that those time periods are certain point apart and then we don't go after that.
So you're good.
Don't worry about that. OK, so I'm asking you, what would you charge to be an expert witness or counsel?
And do ****, I request my head of the chopping block yet. Let me, let me continue working for the background because if I try that now, you're going to barbecue.
Maybe you can give me some ideas of people that could be the expert witnesses, ADA advocates, and maybe advocate. It's unlimited capacity, but let me let me know what, you know, what it is. It's going to be because I only do it if there's going to be an advantage to what you're trying to do.
OK, I want to expose what we're doing because they're not.
OK and then the other question I had is should I request a special master or ask the judge to recuse themselves because they were following the same mitigated measures that I'm fighting against and that I'm showing the company? I'm sure you guys.
It is an idea. OK, so we're already addressing that.
That's already in our Memorandums.
We tried that before, and we found out a more effective way to do it. We're documenting it, will bring it back.
We just filed one of the day to the Supreme Court because the court's gonna have to deal with this because the court itself, up to the Supreme Court has been participating in it. And so we're asking the Court to answer the question, why wasn't this disclosed?
Why would, why weren't your interests disclosed from the very beginning? You pretended like it didn't exist.
How can you be?
So, yeah, we're already dealing with, that's a very important factor.
It is, it contributes to being a case of first impression.
OK, so, So, so what should it show?
so what do I need to do?
I Mean, just to see. Yeah, whatever comes your way.
Let us look at it if they need me to get involved, like we have meetings on a regular basis. So, if I need to get involved, they get involved, And if you and I need to talk, we do that too.
But for right now, I'm sure they got it under control. If you just want to have a meeting and say, look, guys, can we get together to have a meeting, they will book and I'll be in there if you want, and we can record it. So just let them know what you want to do.
But just go along with that, once you get your order.
Now, we're maybe able to do discovery, I don't know.
That's what we try to hope for.
OK, I'm doing this, I'm doing this on my own right now.
Oh, I see, OK. Well, look, why don't you use a coupon code and book a time with me? Let's, let's do it individually, and I want to point to actual case work.
But certainly, you can check in with me on a regular basis.
This isn't OK.
So what do I do, I, How do I check in with you?
Yeah, go to ... dot com and use the coupon code.
And just just look at time.
I mean, it's easier to get me that way.
Is it then I know it's on the calendar?
OK, we execute on code.
I'm not going to give it out right now about it You should already know it.
Yeah, sure.
I didn't learn All right. Thanks.
I'll give you the super secret one, now there's only one. Super. Super.
Super fine, OK, OK, I'm gonna answer the question and answer a couple of questions, and I gotta hit out, but trust ..., all right, so a trust could be an entity.
A trust, again, it's a relationship, but it could be an entity.
It could be recognized by statute or not.
And a PMA can operate like a trust. It doesn't have to be.
It can be an entity, depending on how you're using it, but the PNA again is in East and its association.
It is an association.
So a family is a PMA, would you say it families, an entity? Wouldn't entity be something? that's dead?
I think it will.
I mean, I think, back to what I was saying, the court's a church.
I'm just gonna throw some wacky at you guys.
I think they're practicing necromancy.
I think every party to a case is a dead person.
I think that's how they're looking at it.
Enough of that.
All right, yeah, they're the Mafia Or something like the church.
Then, rules yeah, the rules of civil procedure.
they're very key.
I mean, if you want to, you want to learn some of this stuff. Look at Pleading practice and Rule 56 and the federal rules for summary judgement that just gives you most of the game right there.
This is, in fact, this is our beat, the IRS.
They saw me heading toward this Rule 56, and they withdrew the case.
They were suddenly my clients were like $600,000. Why would they just quit?
We didn't do anything. We just asked for discovery from simple questions.
Sure. Yeah.
So the people, State of Tennessee telling me trust or not, a person, whatever, what makes a person a person is it could be a corporation or trust, OK.
It depends on if you're talking about a particular statutory definition or the manner in which a contract is written, or how a claim is being stated.
Trust can be a person that can also be disregarded the court just talking about. We don't recognize that trust.
I mean, I rarely see that.
So, but it was good question, Joe. I appreciate your participation. I'm gonna, I'll probably publish this and then I'll send you the link. I think I got it. Did the one from last week as well.
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1. John Jay discussed issues regarding his LLC, and fielded questions regarding the relationship between a member and the LLC.
2. John Jay deliberated on legal matters regarding child support and alimony, suggesting that the cost of living for an individual family should be considered in these situations.
3. He talked about a traffic case where his client’s license was suspended and discussed the process for its reinstatement.
4. John Jay introduced the concept of an HOA (Homeowners’ Association) covenant on land parcels, which can be utilized to control the title and its associated properties even in a foreclosure scenario.
5. He explained the concept of easements, how they work like a mortgage, and their potential uses, including creating an easement on a property even if there’s already a mortgage on it.
6. John Jay discussed the power of Homeowners’ Association (HOA) and the potential for an HOA to remove a neighborhood from a city.
7. He covered the rights to airspace and how the government has taken over easement rights and regulated its use.
8. John Jay elaborated on how easements can help in foreclosure scenarios, suggesting they can secure the use of a property regardless of who holds the title.
9. He encouraged listeners to investigate the budgets of local institutions, like police stations and fire stations, in order to understand how public funds are spent.
10. He concluded with discussions on the use of technology for marketing and lead generation, and advice on maintaining privacy in the context of a gym business, using coded keypad entry, and “by appointment only” signage.