JJ Singleton is a staunch supporter of entrepreneurs and business proprietors, guiding them through the potential pitfalls inherent in the banking system to steer clear of fraud. His robust methodology has been diligently refined over three decades, ensuring its effectiveness. Are you aware that failure to maintain credit card payments could result in wage garnishment, bank account debits, or even home liens by creditors? This is an unfortunate reality that thousands of Americans face daily. Utilize straightforward, legal strategies to safeguard your financial resources and assets from creditors. JJ Singleton is committed to assisting you in preserving your quality of life, freedom, and ensuring your privacy.

Divorcing The State

Divorcing The State Series $595 $297

Did your wife, her attorney and family court take your property and make you into a debt slave? Were you threatened with jail for refusing to sign a divorce degree and re-allocate your money and resources, home equity and submit to an unfair child custody arrangement? How badly do you want to undo this mess?
The law is on your side, not your wife’s.  Your attorney won’t tell you the truth.  Your attorney helped your wife pillage the family assets and make you look like a chump.
Did you know that your wife used the court to change your marital agreement?  This is illegal but they did it because attorneys are profiting from it all.    READ MORE >>

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Privacy Fight Video Series

Premium Video Series $299

Discover sophisticated methods to organize and safeguard your earnings, assets, and investments. Bulletproof your life against collections and gain control over your tax rates. (Note: We have now integrated the Basic Membership into our Premium tier for an enhanced experience.)  READ MORE >>

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Ultimate Video Series $599

As an Ultimate Member, you gain instant access to our latest videos and posts! Benefit from advanced tactics for the effective management and protection of your income, assets, and investments. Make your life immune to collections, while also having the power to determine your own tax rate. (also includes all content from the Premium Memberships).   READ MORE >>

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The Inner Circle

Cryptos Are Not Taxable $275

Overall, the video series provides valuable information on navigating tax issues related to virtual currencies and offers guidance on obtaining an IRS determination letter to address concerns with backup withholding. It encourages individuals to understand the tax system, take advantage of available resources, and seek clarification from the IRS when necessary.  READ MORE >>

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Operating Agreement $95

Operating Agreement Video Series provides extensive insight into the creation, modification, and practical use of operating agreements for Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). The series emphasizes the crucial role of these agreements in establishing contractual rights, defining member responsibilities, and outlining profit distribution, further advocating for comprehensive written records to prevent misunderstandings. Attention is drawn to potential legal and financial challenges and advises on implementing mechanisms like international law arbitration and non-binding mediation for dispute resolution. The series underscores the need for adaptable and specific operating agreements tailored to each organization’s unique needs and circumstances.  READ MORE >>

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Private Member Association (PMA) $125

The video series discuss the role, benefits, and potential legal implications of Private Membership Associations (PMAs). PMAs are presented as a tool that professionals can leverage for indemnification through captive insurance and for dispute resolution. These associations function under a legal framework that ensures efficient communication, and decisions within a PMA should be documented. Importantly, PMAs don’t necessarily need to follow the established rules of professional associations and can define their own set of regulations.  READ MORE >>

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