0:42 Wow. 0:51 Hey, Hey, Hey, good morning, good evening. Good afternoon, folks with one another via the Gorilla economists, coming to you live on this edition of Road News in the morning. We have with us the returning guests, the man who needs no introduction. He is a troublemaker extraordinaire...

Hey, Hey, Hey, good morning, good evening. Good afternoon, folks with one another via the Gorilla economists, coming to you live on this edition of Road News in the morning. We have with us the returning guests, the man who needs no introduction. He is a troublemaker extraordinaire. If you're a corrupt bureaucrat you run into this guy, you better turn around and rather than the other direction is the one and only judge a singleton.
He is the main mischief maker when it comes to getting ahead, showing these out of control, politicians, and bureaucrats who's boss and then teaching you how to do the very same thing? None of that, but also protecting your assets as well as looking for opportunities. Is the brain trust behind ace of coins dot com once again?
His website is eisa coins dot com and if you want to schedule a talk or call a meeting with him. Just go to ... dot com. There is a scheduler there.
You can click on it, and you can link up, and John will be happy to Show You the way And how you can fight back. Well, that being said, John, it's always a pleasure you troublemaker. Wow, man, thanks. Appreciate an intro. Hey, no worries, brother. No worries.
I will confess to corrupting the Yeah, in the good kind of way showing youth what, you know, what can actually be done when you can hack the system to get ahead in life legally.
Well, you know, not being adult debt and all these other things.
Correct. Like we were talking about, before, we got started here, we're going to, we're going to talk about some opportunities as entrepreneurs, but I want to throw a couple of zingers that y'all.
I keep hearing this talk about the collection use and storage of your biometric data, and I think we're gonna get run over if we don't stop, and think about what that is.
Your biometric data is your physical features, mostly it can be other things too, but your physical features that are being collected, like your palm print or your face, your your image, your face, that appears on your driver's license, OK.
The DMV is collecting this. Google is collecting an apple is collecting, and if you'd like to use the authentication on your phone, like your fingerprint or something has been collected, you don't think that that's being used for other purposes.
So I want to suggest to you that if you can describe something of that nature, which happens to be property, by the way, your use of that is, it's yours, it's your property, right?
You can describe it, you can put a lien on it.
Imagine putting a lien on the use and collection and storage of your biometric data.
That's that's evolutionary. Are you working on that right now? Or I've done it it's done.
I just You know, no one's asking me for it. I just want to ask you for it first.
Instrument ideas recorded at the Secretary of State, So then you notice Google even put it, just put them on notice.
Just expect the fact that they already have your data, right? All you're going to do is make a claim on it.
It's not theirs, now, correct. It's not there. It's abandoned property right now, OK, so if you put a lien on it, now fun things start happening because you can impose royalties and all kinds of nonsense and then what are these guys gonna do when we start doing that?
Tom, than any, especially as we, as, you know, the Davos crowd is pushing us into this.
This fantasy of AI, us, you know, hey, it's a live look, look, my friend, AI can be used the other way around to the swap the sword swings Both ways. Like, I know, I know, guys, too.
Case in point, there's a gentleman who moved to a corrupt country thinking that you get bribed his way through life. And he doesn't realize the corruption cuts both ways. We too can use the corruption. We too can use the same tools.
Mechanisms that these idiots use against us and use it right back against that. I love it. Yeah, we're gonna get into that.
And so the other, the other thing I wanted to throw, actually the second And last one, is going to be, you've heard of pre-nuptial agreement, it protects assets and so on and so forth, does more than what you see in the movies. But there's also post nuptial agreements. And sometimes it has to do with, again, managing assets, estate planning. But it also may have to do with parents separating, or the management or custody of children and things of this nature.
But you can also adopt a post snapshot, even pre-nuptial But Post Nuptial agreement in your marriage that would exclude the state. And divest the court of jurisdiction from getting involved in your marriage, your property rights? and the custody of your children.
Yeah. Wow.
Why shouldn't we be doing that? We have the rights to do it, and the court would have no choice but to accept it because there's no discretion on it. If you have the agreement written up properly.
So you can you can get rid of the stake out of your marriage if you want to. And also protect your children from the trafficking Child Protective Services.
Yeah, and all that other craziness that that occurs and happens.
Now you write about that, you're absolutely right.
I mean, I think people do not realize the power they have, you know?
I mean, I have you and I have one other gentleman who was, Uh, And, you know, he's a, he's in our discord as well.
On the larger Home, bill short, people don't understand the power loss. These laws are something you can wield and that's the whole, the whole, you know. There's not like, you know, there's some power, and only they wield it.
Their hope is your ignorance. That's right. I will work in the in the financial sector.
There hope is not only your ignorance, but also your fear.
It's the same thing with this government, bureaucrats, it's that, though, their hope is that you're not only ignorant of these laws, but that you also wielding it.
And with guys, like John, do the, the, demystify it.
They take away this whole, you know, Wizard of Oz thing.
They pull back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz, You not only see them as a frail man but a Naked Stark Mailman. Yes. Definitely week. Yes. You know? And that's basically what it is.
And this is something, well, just somebody who's out here just just running his mouth. He's got some great ideas.
I've spent thousands of my clients to John, some of whom words are serious, serious legal issues. Right?
And John, when John, well, and I always say this when John walks into a courtroom, you could be an attorney from JP Morgan. You could be an attorney from Bank of America. You could be an attorney from PNC Bank. You can be some, sort of bureaucrat from some sort of government agency.
You see this guy's face.
You are running out of the back room. They settle fast.
This guy has saved.
So, many of my clients is rear end, and there's some of you that are probably in this chat right now that probably have the experience of working with John.
You want, you actually want to talk about, is a once John opens up the world, you're like, oh, I have to wake up in the morning and **** my bed anymore. No. You don't have to do that. You can actually change your underwear now.
That's kinda figure two.
But, yeah, there have been some cases where what we filed caused all the attorneys to wake up and fill the jury box with observers. They wanted to hear how our clients were going to present the case, and the judge wanted to hear it. It was, you know, or sometimes, we've literally had judges run out of the room.
This is no joke that we, We've had, we've been waiting for cases and we're not lawyers. So, people I work with, they're not, we're not, but we would go in there and they would actually call the bailiff would call us out.
So, to isolate ourselves and our clients from the other people in the courtroom, so they wouldn't hear what we were going to do, or they would call everybody at the courtroom except us, so that there was nobody to hear how we're going to beat the state. Yeah, Yeah.
Yeah, but in all the cases I've taken, that involved administrative process, every time my client was accused of something or he was being subject to a fine or something, almost every single time I was able to either get the whole thing stopped or mitigate into such a manner that they didn't even matter to him. Only by going and reading the statute, the actual regulation. And the statute that was being used against my client. And sure enough, they were misapplying it almost every case.
Exactly, exactly.
But let's talk about how I immediately you know we're looking at these trends are watching the news regarding the whole thing's collapsing but let's just be calm. Let's just be rational and how, how can we benefit from this as entrepreneurs.
Right, how can we?
one of the things I always say, when you and I both see the same thing or dealing with people, you have two choices folks.
You can even be pitiful or you can be powerful.
Jimmy pitiful crops in the corner think you've got no power.
No ability, I'm, I'm, I'm Shafted Unscrewed it, I might as well head to the, to the, to the bunker and eat cat food, and wait for the SWAT team, It's up to the door Or are you going to say You know what the people you have to first and foremost.
You have to demystify the elites These are not the most brilliant people out there are not right there really are not.
Your local Governor, your senator, your Congressman, your city Council up to your, you know, your Senators to your President these are not smart people.
They're not the best of the best OK, and when the actual vales pullback, you start realizing you don't need to be afraid of these guys. You don't need to be afraid of creditors. You don't be afraid of debt collectors. You don't need to be afraid of any of this garbage But you live in fear in our every single day of life that this is fake.
It literally is like the matrix.
It's what, you realize that, that, that, you know, and you've got, you have morpheus himself right now, talking to you, sitting here with us, and he's going to tell you, that, you know, you can take the red pill.
What do you think the blue pill?
You take the pill, you stay where you are. You take the red pill.
Then John is going to show us how deep the rabbit hole. Let's take the red pill, because alright, so so let's say today, I want to make some money and I'm looking around going, OK, this looks really crazy I can't understand these trends, or maybe I think I do they say I should buy goal, All, right.
I guess I'll do that because you know, They tell me, But here's what you can do, and this is a realistic thing. I've done many times. I've shown many people how to do it to create some cash flow.
It could be a lot of cash flow, or it could be 200 bucks a month, but that's up to you and the circumstances, but here's what you do: You go to lulu dot com ... dot com. Now I'm not promoting any thing, I'm just saying what we're talking about. Lulu dot but not Lulu Lemon. The yoga pants manufacturer. Right, this is.
You'll see, as Joey said, well now, I'm going to show you how do this, just don't don't be turned off by this, I'm gonna show you how to write a book, published a book, and use it to make way more money than the book is worth.
Oh, this is good.
Yeah, there is little dot com Lulu dot com as a vanity publisher, OK, you don't need a literary agent and a publisher, although, they're nice to have.
But anyways, lulu dot com will sell you, and sometimes it's free. They will sell you for $50, and that's the total amount you'd ever have to pay. to do it.
I'm going to tell you right now, oh, shoot $2, to get an ISBN for a book, and on the Lulu site.
If you get a subscription, which is free, it'll help you design the back in front covers.
It'll fix the UPC code, and the ISBN and all these things, to your book, so that loulou can place your book on the shelf, physically on the shelf and your local Barnes and Noble store. If you want, it can also be on Amazon, and 10, or 20 other distribution centers, OK?
You can be your own publisher, wow.
For $50, and a little bit of your time it might take, let's say it might take a full-time effort for a month.
That's overstating it, but let's just say it does that, right? I'm sure we'd be willing to do that. Because the payoff is huge. The path can be lots of money.
So I didn't, I'm not going to gloss over the fact that I just said hey, write a book, you can put a book together, there's 45 pages. You can put a book together with content that's already been published. I'm not saying plagiarize people or Violate copyrights but it can be done. You can put a book together in six days or six weeks depends on God.
You can, I've done it, and I've done it.
I've made, in the very beginning days, where it took me, let's say, a week, to put a book together, and I published it for a certain niche market, and I published it to get a joint venture deal with somebody, right. This is years years ago.
It's generated 10, 20, 30, 40, $50,000 in, like, a quarter.
Like, wow, that's amazing that, Yeah, and that was in the old days. I mean, that was back when I have to, you know, I couldn't print on demand.
Most Loulou publishes your book on demand.
So you don't have inventory. You don't have to buy all your books and cinnamon your garage and hope you got a sheath.
I remember helping know France trying to promote their book, and I don't like boxes of books.
Know, I remember when I was working on my buddy, Brad Brad, Bird Propelled lucifer's Bank, or, you know, copies of Books.
And, we have to, you know, going out there, distributed this person in the organization, and this live, it was a pain, because, yeah, this is a game changer.
Oh, this is, this is this is this will change everything. So, the book is not the moneymaker though, it can be it's the foundation for it.
So, let's say I'm gonna give you guys an example, OK, I'm not saying you all should go do exactly what I'm going to tell you, because You'd flood the market with something that compete with each other.
I'm not saying, Oh, you're gonna do this anyways, but here's the idea, I'm sure you guys probably understand some basic algebra, and you don't have to be an algebra genius, OK? I was a bad student in school and algebra, Algebra two, I have to tell you, guys, I failed it.
In high school, I barely passed, OK, in college, I made up for that, but I'm just saying, I've done this before.
So imagine you take a book that's designed to teach algebra with the very basic concepts of, let's say algebra one.
You don't have to recreate algebra. All you have to do is collect the procedures for algebra, does not copyrighted, is the book itself is copyrighted. So you put those together, and let's say here's what you do, Your niche market is not, the ninth grader, it's the fourth grader.
not, it's not just the fourth grader, it's the fourth Grader's parents, because there are some parents out there that would love to have their children to know that they can actually learn algebra.
Why some parents want their children to do things like that, or fifth grade, sixth grade, whatever. So your park and I'm just making this up, guys. Your niche market is the parent of the fourth, fifth or sixth grader who would be interested in having a child learn algebra and do it very well without himself or herself, the parents. Really being experts in algebra. So, yeah. So you basically have like, chat GVT right up the entire Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Algebra. I just put it up there.
Yeah, OK. So, so, he's right, so you do that, but you can do it that way or the old-school way. But, whatever. So, you put this book to you. Let's say, the book is going to be 85 pages. That's not hard to do. I can do that one day. I've done before. So, you put this book. So, let's say tissue three mine, satellite.
So you put this together, with this niche market in mind.
Then you go to this. Here's another website.
You, debbie dot com, you, D, M Y, dot com. And again, I'm not trying to promote them for anything. I'm just saying that was used dummy. I remember you, Demi. You go to Udemy and you open an account. Now I don't even know the details of doing this because I've used Udemy for homeschooling.
I haven't produced content on Udemy, but you can, So you go to you, Demi.
And you can produce a six part series in basic algebra that gets your customer who bought your book into the course.
Now, It can be a 60 part, absolutely genius, OK, so the book then Typically the book like that is going to sell from 19 99 right or nine Not enough.
Yeah, We don't care about the money for the book I'm gonna show you how to make a lot of money, and you'll never get the 999, and you'll never get the 20 bucks You're gonna. Give your book away, and you can make a ton of money OK, all right. Here's, here's what you're trying to do, you're trying to establish credibility, and you gotta have something to sell some value.
OK, so your lead generator is the book, and You Demy is the upsell.
Let's just say Millimeter, OK. That's the that's the basic mechanism. Now There's all kinds of variations on this.
I'm just laying out all right, I'm following tracks for you guys to follow up now Here's the third level and the final one. The third level and parallel with the others or together, whatever.
You can go to a service. It's a collection of let's call them marketers are salespeople they have large sales organizations many of them Some of them are just like you and me that maybe we don't have a large hill organization. But we want to sell somebody's product And we have a knack for doing that or maybe there's an organization that brings in 12,000 people to this this service now.
It's called Clickbank There are many of clickbank's out there, I'm just using Clickbank as an example. I just know that works so Clickbank has got people on their their professional marketers. And they might have a workshop What's called a down line or they might have a sales organization or an affiliate network that they're part of and that they are always looking for another product, right? So if you come in there with a slightly unique product, an information product. And by the way, an information product has infinite inventory.
It's just information, right? Yeah. Yeah, I'm not selling cars. That's hard to put that in a way for a factor to spool up your Your Your widgets. Exactly. So, that's another way to make a lot of money for a long period of time has have a product that's infinite like audio recordings, video, recordings, entertainment things, educational items informational, and what I'm telling you is an informational infinite product, OK? So Clickbank has people on there that are looking for that little niche market. Who cares about algebra? Everybody's Got algebra books. Oh, but you got something specifically for parents of fourth, fifth, and sixth graders, that's new.
The public schools aren't doing that.
So your book is doing that.
Well, heck, yeah, there you go.
So, now you've got a person that says, I don't want it, so, here's typically would that how that works, that person on clickbank's gonna look at your value That you, that you want to sell. He doesn't care about your Udemy videos. He doesn't need to know about those. You just cares about the book, let's just say.
You can work anywhere you want, but here's what you do.
You're off from a 50% commission Split the net on the sales of that well with him? He's gonna sell Thousands of possibly you know it'll be something like that and He's gonna make a nice paycheck for himself over the next three months and then sales will die out, and that's how these guys operate Or You might even want to pay them 100%.
I've seen people selling material through Clickbank are these organizations that will pay more than 100% Because The backend upsell is so large and so worth it and valuable because there's an upsell, right? and somebody's Clickbank marketers Understand that you have an upsell, and they may contact you and say, hey, I'm on a piece of the backend as they call it a percentage of your upsell. No?
income So there's all kinds of things You can do that, right, But you can leverage other people's talents like they were saying.
We got AI, You know, we got Clickbank with professional marketers if you guys don't like making sales calls or organizing sales, you got people that can do it They just want the thing that has the value, which you can create, OK, now, I would suspect if you did this when I'm telling you these basic steps, just beginning from what I just told you, if you struggled through it, you felt like you were frustrated and you kept on By the end of this year, you would start making money. And I'll bet you anything that you'll make them more than $10000 if you started today.
Hmm, hmm, wow, that's, yeah.
This is genius, man, because No, we're talking about you know, going to you know getting a book out with little But you're offering it for free.
Instead of just selling it sometimes sometimes Depending on the market and you have an affiliate link with you, dummy and then Clickbank To create your affiliate marketing, where now you're all of a sudden, boom, now you're actually creating income on a product that you don't have to spool up in a factory. You gotta wait for production numbers. You gotta wait on though it's readily available and it's infinite.
Yeah, that's just one that we could do that now more more easily than we could in the past. I mean, that's been available for at least the last 10 years.
I'm just saying you probably never heard of that method of generating money.
So that's just that's just one of them.
And so if we could There's there's a few more I wanted to cover. Yeah, what we're trying to think of things that are within your reach. OK, and so that's my angle here. I'm not trying to say go buy a $5 million operation. Nobody needs to do that. Yeah, not not, not not in the age. Of where we are right now with, with how mature and robust, the internet, as it's changing commerce, It's changing business in a major way, man.
Yeah, I mean, they want to, they want to make a day, whoever's running this, these trends, OK, causing these things to happen. They wanna make it to where we have to interact with software, to get access to any aspect of society, OK? Well, let's kinda go with that a little bit, you know, we can use that to our advantage in the meantime.
But just be aware what's going on. But we go back to this: This need, for producing parts in society, we need hardware.
We need appliances. We need things. We need to fix things. We need car parts and this sort of thing.
And I believe that those supply chains are being interrupted or overtaken in some way I mean I think that the end date is coming for a lot of that.
A lot of yeah, yeah.
So the key there is you want to have a facility or access to a facility which requires a joint venture. You don't need to own the thing, but you can joint venture with someone who's not maximizing the facility, OK. Like an auto repair shop. Next time, I have a party of mine on the shop down here and he's working on one of my course has been for the last 18 months to complete race racing, Bill.
Yeah, he's got a massive amount of space, OK. That's available Or, you know, we can go have these on, do a whole three-d. printer. We get some machine tools because he's one of the few guys still machine! That's dying. Oh, yea. Rushing is a dang thing. And it's unbelievable Like I sent out.
My engine block to get machined.
Know there are very, very few places in the country They'll actually machine an engine block Horner Crankshaft no bounds, crank shaft.
You know, hone out the cylinder walls, very, you know, balance out that entire drive, train, very few. places can do that. Now you couple that with three-d. printing, because oftentimes we need to get a part on something and during the whole scan ....
You know?
When something would go, because of the whole, you know, supply chain issues, we're waiting around weeks, right now, for a part, for the car, we could have just three-d. printed the **** thing, right?
You got the part right there. Like I do a scan it and then reproduce it or scan it and augment it and reproduce it.
So, exactly, yeah. So, like you said, because of the machine shop, but if he's got lots of space, you don't even need to have a three-d. printer.
You just need to know who has one, for the thing you need to be done, but you can have one on site too, but the thing is hopefully are around the professionals, the mechanics that are inclined to work with these types of tools. Machining, of course, but three-d. printing as well and that software as a software job, really that then it's a matter of getting the filament. So. so, that means to make the actual shape and the and the material, that won't melt. You know what, 450 degrees and things like that.
Sure, so that's another thing, and some of you may have access to that, maybe you don't have an interest in it, but I'm just saying that there's out there out there.
There are on repair shops that you can drive by right now that it looks like There's no business there, my My Mike mechanic is swamped all the time. So, they like it, I like him, he does a great job. But there are shops out there that don't know how to market themselves are the owners? Maybe he's about ready to retire, and he doesn't care.
And there's a facility out there, and he probably doesn't see the value in it, and it wouldn't be difficult to go there, and work out a deal with them.
Know, you might have to sign them, like a release agreement, right, releasing them, and identifying them of any harm that you may suffer, because is insurance may not cover you for being involved on that property, but that's easy.
Know that you can handle that, I'm just saying machine shops, and making stuff, and the materials, and the skills that is going forward in the future. We're probably going to need to do that on a local basis.
What kind of options are out there?
You know, So, yeah.
Coupled with that is like what I would call a third opportunity here and this may sound like a cliche, but look at what we're doing.
We're buying products at the store then we remove the product like food, for example, remove the product.
Then, we take the packaging material like the jars and the cans or whatever. And we put it in the trash, recycle bin, whatever, which, I don't think the recycling stuff that less than 2% actually get through. So, it's the biggest scam there is stupid, Stupid. So, this is my voice, so So, here's the craziness. We paid for the packaging. We only think about the contents. We pay for the contents, we also paid for the packaging.
I mean, in some cases, it costs more for the packaging and the contents.
OK, you guys know that, but we're putting it in a bin. Then, we're paying a service to come and get it.
We're paying them to take it when we should be keeping it and using it, we should be, we can get equipment D for like two grand.
I can get a piece of equipment that can break down glass safely and I can sell it back into the supply chain, but do nothing else is called cullet.
It's cold call it cold. Call it from waste, glass, and you can make money with it.
It just takes a little labor. Yeah. I mean, so there's that aspect. So, so you've got ... or broken, OK? What color is basically recycled broken?
Waste Glassed used in Glassmaking, yeah, call it is broken up Glass, and they break it up into little pieces that are notch Sharp.
With a Tumbler, OK? You can call it. Heck, yeah, you can sell it back. And it gets piped right back into manufacturing. Heck, yeah, you just have to find the contracts, or, you know, you're going to be a small child Is crying? Yeah, yeah, much fricking monies and yummy. Especially now, since the great event of 2020 businesses, How many sales dates, because a goldmine difficult Just look, oh my, gosh, I could get a call it machine for, like two grand, five grand, I get to use one.
Anyways, so there's glass, OK?
There's different types of glass you can, there's so many markets in glass that you can specialize and brown, glass greenglass, Flint Glass, OK, you can even combine them. But that's another.
Then you've got the metals, OK, I've seen people meltdown aluminum and 10 and whatever else.
I mean, I think even lead, but they're melting down metals and to ingots.
Oh, I don't know, Maybe, like that, but you can sell the ingots, I mean. Or you can store, and you can probably use them as money.
Yeah, I mean, ingots have value, I mean, I think copper lead iron.
No iron ore.
Chemical process to separate these metals, like tin cans, there's only 10% tin, but you can see there's ink in there, and aluminum nickel nicholls in there, right. So you can use that for batteries.
Exactly. You know, there's all kinds of things you can do with this, So you've got the metals and now here's the other thing: plastics. The problem with plastics.
The other is the glass and metal, or mechanical process. It's for the most part, but with plastics. It's it's a combustible chemical. Its oil, right? So, you can shred the plastic and there's a machine right now.
It's a desktop size machine, it looks like a printer.
An old-school printer. You can put shredded, this will shred the plastic and it will produce a filament that you can then use and a three-d. printer.
A minute later We've talked about this before, but you can take plant waste plastic, like, OK, like you're saying they're not recycling the plastics or whether or not they're not recycling check digitally man, Right? But somewhere, there's a big mound, they buried in the ground, OK, and they put grass over and submitting tubes in there. Right? Look, we recycled. Because the stories are told, it's so deep, wouldn't even the way, it's just waiting. But imagine all the waste. But, I mean, think about all the plastic you throw out. All right, People just generally throw out of their household per month. If you took that plastic and put it in a chamber, had a neighbor do it in their neighborhoods? What about all the cell phones that are being thrown out?
Yeah, that, metals in there and stuff, But I'm just saying, if you took just the high density, polyethylene from milk jug, no milk jugs, and the low density density polyethylene And you put in the chamber and melted down, and you can actually make fuel out of it.
Sure. You make diesel out of it. You can make fuels out of it. You know, That's the next. That's not hard.
Yeah, You can sell the raw materials to companies that are innovating an E fuel technology because a lot of people think it's going to be no, luck.
I think the Davos crowd is losing, and, oh, you know, I also think that the American Empire dunaway with, and I think we're gonna go for a more decentralized multipolar world.
If it all works out, Hope to God.
But the whole point is, there's a lot of companies that are innovating E fuels.
And John, I just saw I got an amazing ride upon this on Evil magazine, which is a very high performance automotive.
Magazine out from the UK is one of my favorite car magazines in the world, Evil .... If you get a chance at an airport bookstore, pick it up, Amazing it's great article this month on E fuels.
Well they took a Mazda miata, running on 93 octane, versus this new E field that's made by this company in the UK there. And it's easy to scale up, you feel, because the infrastructure already exist.
What does it show? And it always will be killer, right?
So with E fuels, here's the thing my, my trepidation, when E fuel and I have a car, you know, one of my race cars is it runs on flex fuel, right.
And it's either you can run 93 octane, it's making 900 horsepower on 93 octane.
It makes.
That's managed wheel horse partial about a thousand horsepower at the crack on on pump gas nine throughout a podcast.
But if I put an E fuel on, which in this case it's E 85, right.
If I put E 85 in it, I'm making 6900 horsepower at that point and a thousand taffy to tour.
But even though it's energy dense, the problem with E 85 and a lot of these ethanol based fuels is that you're not getting the mileage, your mileage just hat.
So that's why this whole flex fuel vehicles.
If you remember the middle Aughts, you know, GM was launching Flex Fuel Ford, was launching flex fuel E 85 was a big thing, but yeah your Tahoe those getting 14 miles per gallon.
On 93 octane is all of a sudden is getting 8 or 9 now On E 85 both E fuel's.
Here's the kicker: There anything can be made into any fuel, especially plastics, right?
You refine plastics and you and you so to me feel company, they're able to create a very clean fuel that gets 10% better fuel economy than 93 octane, right? There's number one.
And number two, it burns absolutely clean.
And number three, it's more horsepower.
So it's a way for us.
to see it's like, if you love cars like horsepower, vehicles or motorcycles, this is a constant and this is an E fuels, is going to be the kill shot that kills electric, that you'll still be able to buy electric. Yeah, it'd be the thing to buy, but it's not going to be the only dominant thing out there.
Yeah, this is remarkable. And well, John, like having something to recycle.
These plastics sell it to industry is another big one that no one's thinking about. This kind of stuff meant looking at like this. OK, so everybody hates his ..., typically, because they're a bunch of psychopaths. Well, if you replace the HLAA Board members with people that are entrepreneurs or that they want to use it for, you can use your ... as a business, and you can then create rules in your organization, in your neighborhood. It does.
You can have an infrastructure to collect the plastics from people, and your ... can be the business that does what you just described. You can make this world, and I imagine how much you're awake and make, and what can it do to the neighborhood, or what could you do? I mean, pegging years.
Yeah. I mean, every day. Every Wednesday, I have the waste management.
Garbage truck, come by and pick up my recycling bin, which I know that you're going to do nothing with it, you know, it's a joke.
I mean, we could, you know, if my, if, the way in the neighborhoods that I live in, if they had a brain, they would do what you would do, that's.
Instead of collecting fees and God knows, what the **** they do with those fees, Yeah, right. This is a brilliant, let an HIE be self funded, create money for the neighborhood. Ways you can, you can buy laundry detergent for your entire neighborhood, at 10% the retail price, if your neighbors would get together and make a bulk order from the supplier and have it shipped to somebody's garage on a pallet.
What are we doing that? Because what does Costco, because we need, we need some old freaking.
Know, Karen, idiot, middle-aged moron who barely knows how to work a phone, because you can sit on the H OMB. feel important.
Do you know that h.o.a.s have statutory lien rights over the entire neighborhood, which allows the H A way to eliminate the state and your property taxes, if you use it properly correct?
Anyways, that's another subject, we've talked about that.
But the plastic is correct, and you're right on this, and you guys are starting to see we get into the production of fuels.
So that's the other thing I wanted to mention was the future is producing fuel, but I'm not saying, we need, like this over unity type technology.
We just think of off the shelf technology that we just modify it to make it better, because most of the equipment we're getting our cars, our engines in, our generators, all that's defective, is deliberately made to be inefficient. You think, 30 miles and 30 miles per gallon as a good number, 42. You think that's good. To just put out a new Prius hitting 80.
It was knows Honda, put out a hybrid civic hitting 87 miles per gallon, then you know what? I'm gonna call that 87 miles per gallon a total fraud. And if that's a fraud, what is your 20 mile per hour per gallon?
Yeah, we should be getting 2000 miles per gallon, theoretically possible, just to get the fuel more energy dense, ..., and then some proper to have technology with the computer technology. This is what Toyota said, long time ago to these Western Elite jerk off from Davos, the whole European crowd who think Digital Smart, because they want to sniff methane gas all day.
Toyota says, We have the ability to make a car that could run forever. You'd never need to replace.
And this is the reason why the Toyota land cruiser is probably able that probably, it is the most bulletproof.
Cause it's the one car. you buy a land cruiser.
It will last you and outlive you.
It's indestructible. the way they even poor.
The casting for the engine block is completely different from anybody, any other manufacturer. That truck will run forever, It's indestructible survived the apocalypse.
They have until it has the ability to create that in every single car. But they're they're prevented. Because they want everything to be a tenure combust, consumable, your electric cars or tenure consumable, your fridge, your microwave, your dishwasher, your, your central air system.
It's disgusting, dude.
Yeah. Well, that, and along with a ... are made by Mercedes? Yes, moms are absolutely bulletproof. And the old your neighborhood. Had a unit mark, and, like, 70 attachments that go with it, it can do everything.
It can be an enhanced snowplow, Yep, yeah, they can do everything.
You know, they don't make stuff like that anymore. And the old overseas to mix it, and they still service it. So if I had a buddy of mine, when I was in New York, in an old, one from the old unit, mark from the eighties, I was like, Oh, those are still over 30 to $40,000 B.
Night, ..., $30,000, youth, with like, a million miles on it.
Yup, Absolutely, That's, Yeah, we can, we can talk about that, but the one thing, I want to make them on the fuel, because we can talk about modifying your car engine. There's gentlemen. That does, that. I can tell you guys about how to do that. In fact, it's a business, if you want to get into it. OK.
There's a way to get into That's very cheap, But what I wanted to just just to mention is, if you wanted to get into the energy type area without spending too much money and gain some experience and expertise possibly, and set up relationships with people in your area, you could do what's called net metering consulting.
That just involves. There'll be, like, call up your power company, or Home Depot to come out to your house and look around and see what they can sell you some installation and stuff like that.
That's kind of what you'd be doing, but you would set up, deals with contractors, where you would have, you know, referrals, and all these types of things, or commissions or sell product as an affiliate. Like, for example, you come into a house and you recommend some. Maybe some tinting on the windows, or some new installation, or maybe even new Windows.
and radiant barrier in the attic to be installed. Which only a couple of grand, you know, or new installation, or things of this nature. You can do certain things to your house or even paint on the wall. There's some things you can do to the house that would dramatically reduce the load. And that would be the idea is, net metering with net metering, you could probably, if you do it really well, you could reduce most people's electrical load by about 60%. And this might make you guys sick. You should be angry that you're spending 60% more than you have to.
And that you're thinking, the solution is to buy solar panels, which is insane, because you didn't even reduce the load first. You just put on more production. You're producing energy that you don't need, you know, but the net metering is it is a professional service that you can get into very easily.
Yeah. And for those that don't know, net metering is a billing mechanism that credit solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid, that is, that you don't need a license.
You might need a couple of tools, like, that's why you, what you do first, guys, is, OK, this is how we think as entrepreneurs and I'm going to your net metering starting today, I will first call up whoever does net metering and come into my house and I will observe, and I will ask questions and I will ask, who manufacturers that equipment? You're using this, you're pointing at my ceiling, to tell the temperature.
Right, they're not going to start learning And now I'm gonna go do it, Right? I'm gonna set up a deal with that person, maybe I can be the appointment setter what I'm just saying, this is so easy to get into these things.
No, it really is. It really is.
John, we have covered a gambit of zingers.
This was a power packed episode.
Folks, I hope you have lots of ideas, hope this has inspired you.
I hope this is, you know, created some, some, some, like, like a storm in your head.
And if you have that, Inkling, if you need some execution ideas, you need the consult. You need the man, you need Morpheus, show you how to navigate the matrix.
You need the one and only Jawed, J singleton.
You get re eisa coins dot com ... dot com.
And John, it's on the bottom of the site where they can book the consultations, Right? You can do that, and we do actually have a call, I have one scheduled for two groups, that are worth affiliated with.
We have a conference called kind of like this, but it's going to be a Q&A also, and we're going to talk about these types of opportunities, and that's going to be at 7 0 PM Eastern time on March 14th.
Nice, yeah, so that information, I'm probably gonna put at the top of basic coins. I don't have it yet, but I'm gonna put it up there.
Or, if it's not there, you can ask and we'll send it to you. But yeah, if you want to get on that one, too, and you can subscribe to charge You.
Tube channel right here, privacy fight, right there, as well as joining the Telegram Group, where he's got a lot of people in their interactive group, Amazing place to learn, and to share ideas.
And then, of course, book time with the master himself, show you how to hack this thing called bureaucracy.
Job, Any of the things you want to add or, say, any any final zingers, well, don't be afraid to do, guys, get opportunities are there and do work fast as quickly as you can and get started because, more than likely, you won't succeed the first time. So get that out of the way. Just run through it and try to get it done.
And and if you succeed the first time, awesome, if not, do it again. Yeah. So, yeah.
Remember folks, you gave me pitiful OK, and hide in the corner.
Yeah, Oh. Good. Bad, again.
He pitiful and find all the reasons why you can't or it can be powerful and hit the ground running because let me tell you, folks, it's never lack of resources that keep you back in the financial predicament that you're in.
It's always lack of resourcefulness.
It's always lack of socialists, and we have the men here right now.
Who knows? So, let me just throw them in the last 40 some odd minutes.
Just the idea is like, my head is explored. I'm like, oh my God, Oh my God, I need to do this. Oh my God, I didn't wanted to write a book. I'm gonna go execute that. It's right there. Just. Yeah, it's amazing. There's so many things that, that we need to share, and gentlemen even do another strategic life seminar coming up soon, if, there's some really good things that are really easy to within reach. And I didn't even touch on today, I mean, we only have so much time, John, and I will definitely be going a strategic life seminar in the future.
Make sure you stay locked. And loaded, especially with with the ...
dot com because, over there, we'll show you how, especially on the banking side of things, the, the business side of things, the backend had a really hack and especially with, you know, facing down fears that people are going to go to the debt collectors after. Me and John And, I just just laugh. We just laugh.
Just throwing a fireplace, I remember when I was working with job like John, I got these people, man, I don't know what the **** with them, It sounds like.
So what do you mean, it gets a nonchalant about it.
He's, like, So, what are you, scared, Aren't? You? aren't concerned? He goes, No.
He's like, what is it?
It's a letter from a court. It says, it's a debt collector. It says, I owe them, you know, $5000. Right.
And he just said, we look at it.
What is it, it's just letters on a piece of paper? I guess. Is he told me. He took the power lateral it.
And I'm thinking to myself, holy ****. Why am I OK.
It's just letters, on a piece of paper, it's like being scared of thunder. Yeah.
And that's what the powers that be do, they hope on your ignorance.
They hope in fear that they have real. That's what it comes down to. John, any of the last thing you gotta say?
Mean, he said, Oh, thank you. It's awesome. It's the coins that cart eisa coins dot com. The master mischief maker himself. John, Jay Singleton, is there.
With that being said, we are over now. Thank you all for listening in.


1. The program, U88-Rogue News in the Mornings, welcomes back guest John Singleton, who is known for confronting bureaucratic corruption and educating others on how to do the same.
2. Singleton is also recognized for protecting personal assets and seeking new opportunities; he is the brain trust behind aceofcoins.com, a financial advice and planning website.
3. The conversation shifts to the topic of biometric data, with Singleton warning about the potential misuse of such data, such as facial features and fingerprints, by companies like Google, Apple, and DMV.
4. Singleton suggests a novel idea of putting a lien on the use, collection, and storage of personal biometric data, considering it as personal property.
5. They discuss opportunities for entrepreneurs and highlight the importance of understanding the law, suggesting that many fears about government and debt collectors are due to lack of knowledge.
6. The discussion moves on to the topic of publishing a book using services like Lulu.com, which assists in designing book covers, assigning ISBNs, and helps to place books on the shelf.
7. Singleton emphasizes that the real money-making opportunity lies not in the book itself, but in related online educational content, such as videos on Udemy.
8. They discuss the potential of using underutilized repair shops for ventures like 3D printing or recycling materials like glass and plastic.
9. The conversation touches on the potential of E fuels, an innovative and clean energy source that could revolutionize the automobile industry.
10. Singleton criticizes Homeowners Associations (HOAs) for their inefficiencies and proposes individual homeowners or communities take more responsibility for their utility needs, including electricity and heating.

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